WEDNESDAY, FEBRUary 27, 1957


The Board of County Commissioners met with State Road Board Member Dial, Engineer from State Road Department; and delegations of officials from Tavares and Mount Dora and the Lake County Legislative delegation, in the County Commissioners’ room in the Courthouse at Tavares at 9:30 o’clock AM Wednesday, February 27, for the purpose of discussing the proposed route for Road 500 (U.S. 441) through Mount Dora and Tavares, with the following Commissioners present:  Mr. Singletary, Mr. Cowart, Mr. Hooten, Mr. Simpson and Mr. Cross, Attorney Duncan and Clerk Owens and the following from the State Road Department:  Mr. Dial, Member Road Board Fifth District, Mr. Richey Green, District Engineer, Mr. Hugh Hanna, Location Engineer, and Mr. Parker, Engineer; and Senator J. A. Boyd and Representative C. Welborn Daniel, of the Legislative Delegation.

The Board was called to order by Chairman Cowart.

A delegation of about 75 citizens of Lake County was present.

Mr. Duncan, Attorney for the Board, stated this delegation is here at the suggestion of Mr. Dial of the Road Board.  He also stated that there seemed to be some misunderstanding with reference to whether or not the meeting was to be an open meeting; the request for the meeting did not specify a closed meeting; that in addition to the County Commissioners, delegations of City Officials from Tavares and Mount Dora, the Legislative delegation from Lake County, and representatives of the Press, were invited to be present.

Mr. Duncan introduced Mr. Dial.  Mr. Dial stated the State Road Department has had some controversy about trying to find a route for Road 500 through Mount Dora and Tavares, and has been working on this program in excess of a year trying to locate the best way to serve the area and traveling public, but also it was necessary to watch our money.  None of the suggested routes will be cheap.  The Engineers have recommended a route which I have not seen on paper until this morning.  A lot of man-hours have been put on this program.  One route suggested as the cheapest is on the South side of Lake Dora, but this one has been abandoned as it would not serve the public in this triangle of towns.  A route through Mt. Dora; also a route over Lake Gertrude; and also a route to the North of Lake Gertrude, have been studied.  The right of way cost on the route North of Lake Gertrude would be less expensive to Lake County and the most feasible from a standpoint of serving the public – a difference in distance of one-half mile more than either of the other two routes.  The Road Board recommends the route North of Lake Gertrude as the most logical route to adopt.

Mr. Green was introduced and outlined the route North of Lake Gertrude – Beginning at the Orange County line South of Mount Dora, run North, east of the Mount Dora city limits, and cuts through prime orange groves between East Crooked Lake and Lake Gertrude, running roughly parallel to the Old Eustis-Mount Dora road, across Lake Woodward and joins New State Road 19 at Dreamboat corners South of Eustis.  Between this point and Tavares, the route follows State Road 19 and will hit the present highway 500 near Dora Canal.  From Dora Canal to Silver Lake fork, the existing right of way will be utilized.

Mr. Dial and Mr. Green stated the right of way costs are going to be high and will cost Lake County a lot of money.  The State Road Department will require 200 foot right of way in the rural areas and in towns or cities 106 foot right of way.

Mr. Hugh Hanna was introduced and asked the delegation to view the aerial maps of the proposed route to the North of Lake Gertrude as displayed on the table, which the delegation did, and Mr. Hanna stated that he thinks this is the most feasible route of any surveyed.

Map of proposed route for Road 500 (U.S. 441) North of Lake Gertrude filed with the Board.

Letter from Judge Futch with copy to each Commissioner – re:  The taking of Rights of Way by eminent domain before the money is available for construction, etc. was filed with the Board.



/s/ Frank E. Owens                                                                 /s/ O. M. Simpson

CLERK                                                                                   CHAIRMAN