monday, march 4, 1957


The Board of County Commissioners met in regular session in the County Commissioners’ room in the Courthouse at Tavares on Monday, March 4, at 9:00 o’clock AM with the following present:  Chairman Cowart, Commissioners Singeltary, Hooten, Simpson and Cross, Attorney Duncan and Clerk Owens.  The Board was called to order by Chairman Cowart.

Minutes of the meetings of February 4th  and 27th were adopted as read, on motion of Commr. Singeltary seconded by Commr. Simpson and carried.


DISTRICT #1  -           Motion by Commr. Singeltary seconded by Commr. Hooten and carried, that Mrs. Corrine Fletcher, Leesburg, for the care of Bethany Gregory be dropped from the list.

DISTRICT #2  -           That Mrs. Jessie Whitney, Clermont, for care of Mrs. Fred Thomas, be granted $50.00 per month.

DISTRICT #3 -           That no changes be made.

DISTRICT #4  -           That Clyde Walker, General Delivery, Mount Dora, be granted $10.00 a month for 3 months – March, April and May

DISTRICT #5  -           That no changes be made.

Clerk Owens reported he has approved since the last regular meeting the following Notary Public Bonds with:

American Fire & Casualty Co. – Elizabeth R. Liston 2-8-57; Shirley R. Schultz 2-8-57; Rose R. Parapiglia 2-14-57; Gladys R. Bosse 2-19-57; Evelyn R. Burchinal 2-21-57; and

American Surety Company of New York – H. James Brett 2-23-57 and Lawrence L. Hughes 2-17-57; and

Glen Falls Insurance Company – Pauline Kirkpatrick 2-15-57.

Leila B. Vincent (did not get the insurance company)

The Viewers on the Mansfield Road – Frank Gause, H. L. Alexander and Albert Ballash – filed their Report.  Mr. Hooten stated that Frank Gause has agreed to give right of way for access road to the lake, and he thinks Joe Priest will also give a right of way to the lake.  Mr. Hooten will build a boat landing.  Mr. Duncan stated that as far as he knows everybody will give the right of way without cost to the County.  The Board thinks the Gause and Priest land should be surveyed, and the Viewers’ Report was Ordered held in abeyance until get a survey.

Mr. A. O. Roberts, Mr. Charlie Jones and Mr. Campbell appeared before the Board re:  Water control problem on their property on U. S. Highway 27 about 6 miles North of Clermont – approximately 3,000 acres.  Mr. Jones stated the natural drainage was all right as it was, but a dike has been built by someone and has flooded our property.  Mr. Hooten stated Mr. McClure owns property through which this drains and he has blocked the ditch.  If some method to control this water could be made, it would be satisfactory to all.  Mr. Duncan asked what was the average water level before this took place and he thinks would have to have engineers to go over the situation.  Water level not given, but Mr. Jones stated that Engineers Gee and Jenson have surveyed this property.  Mr. Cowart stated this main ditch was dug by WPA.  Mr. Jones stated whatever water table was before would be satisfactory now.  Mr. Duncan stated Gee & Jenson should know what this level was and know what the water levels should be now.  Mr. Duncan stated Gee & Jenson should know what this level was and know what the water levels should be now.  Mr. Campbell stated people claim we have drained the water off, but we have not done this, but have had to dig water holes for my cows.  We have an agreement with Nimnich to go across his 40 acres but Mr. McClure is going to wait and see what his attorney does.  Mr. Cowart thinks Mr. McClure will give an easement over his land.  Mr. Duncan stated if you take water off or flood other land, you are in trouble.  Mr. Hooten and Mr. Cowart agreed to go with the three gentlemen present and look over the situation.

A delegation of property owners living around Lake Woodward, namely Mrs. Harry Codding, Mrs. King Dillow, Mr. & Mrs. Lewis Lamaroux, Mrs. L. Aldrich, Mr. & Mrs. Glen Mainard, Mr. George Wetzel and Mr. Van Heterguard – appeared before the Board and Mrs. Codding, as the speaker for the group, stated they have organized a Citizens’ Council Association of property owners on Lake Woodward to fight the establishment of Road 500 (US 441) across Lake Woodward, have hired attorneys Hamlin and McCormick, and had a meeting Saturday evening of grove owners and property owners around Lake Woodward, and some were present from Villa Lagoon.  Dr. Tyre was made President of the Board.  Mrs. Codding stated she talked to Mr. Richey Green of the State Road Department in Deland, about the residents at the south end of the lake being cut off.  There is a subdivision for 40 homesites and have sold one of them and the lake is drawing point for the sale of the lots.  They will be doing a great injustice to the people around the lake to cut it in two.  This group is certainly going to hold out for an opening under the road for boat passage if you decide on this route.  Attorney Duncan assured the delegation the County will go along with them on this.  The grove owners are under the impression that the road will be limited access road, with only two ways to get on, possibly three with the one at the Dreamboat.  The group asked that this limited access road be given more publicity.  Mr. Simpson stated he asked Mr. Green about limited access road, and he stated it was his opinion that it would be a limited access from Dreamboat to Rudo Club.  Mr. Duncan stated he thought the road would have access.  Mrs. Codding stated “We do not want this road through our lake and we are going to fight it as there are other places for the road.”  The delegation was in accord with Mrs. Codding.

Mr. Roy Caldwell and Mr. H. L. Trenham, Mayor and Clerk of the Town of Tavares, appeared before the Board re:  Preserving the beauty of the Dora Canal, which is one of the most scenic attractions in Lake County.  They suggested that the County by condemnation could take a number of feet on each side of the canal so that the beauty of the canal can be preserved, and prevent the digging of canals from the Dora Canal.  Mr. Duncan and Mr. Singeltary were in accord with this suggestion.  Mr. Duncan was instructed to check into this and see if the County had power to condemn this property, not to exceed 200 feet for park purposes.

Motion by Commr. Cross seconded by Commr. Simpson and carried that Attorney Duncan and Commr. Hooten be instructed to negotiate for this property for Park purposes.

Truman Moorhead, Surveyor, presented to the Board a Plat of Venetian Village, with Title Insurance Policy #A92972 of Title & Trust Company of Florida, and letter from Lake Co. Health Department approving the Plat as the soil being suitable for septic tanks, disposal tanks and sufficient natural drainage.  WHEREUPON, on motion of Commr. Hooten seconded by Commr. Singeltary and carried, the Plat of Venetian Village was approved by the Board.

D. M. Pearce, Juvenile Counselor, appeared before the Board and stated a 14-year old Lake County delinquent child is in Ozark, Alabama in jail being held by police for someone to come for her.  She ran away from home in Groveland as both her parents are in jail here.  Mr. Pearce wanted to know if the Commissioners will authorize payment of expenses for him to go after the child.  After discussion of this matter, on motion of Commr. Hooten seconded by Commr. Singeltary and carried, D. M. Pearce, Juvenile Counselor, was authorized to bring the child back and have her supervised.

Mr. Parrish, Mr. Murphey and Mr. Jones appeared before the Board re:  Right of way on Saw Grass Road, after discussion of this right of way, it was moved by Commr. Simpson seconded by Commr. Hooten and carried, that this Board go on record as approving the opening of this road, as it is an old prescriptive road, and the Attorney be instructed to notify the people to open up the road to serve the people along the route.

Motion by Commr. Singeltary seconded by Commr. Simpson and carried, that the Clerk be authorized to advertise for sale the houses that have been purchased in obtaining rights of way.

Mr. Simpson filed check in the amount of $53.00 from Mrs. Kenneth H. Maglathlin for purchase of culvert.  Same ordered deposited to Road and Bridge Fund.

Fred Tanner appeared before the Board and stated the Town of Tavares has requested the use of mosquito control lowboy for hauling heavy equipment as they wish to take their old garage truck to Miami and obtain a new one.  Lansing Taylor will drive the lowboy.  Mr. Tanner was advised to get a letter from the Attorney of the Town of Tavares that the Town will assume full responsibility for any damage that may arise by some accident by the use of this machine going to and from Miami.  Also get a letter from the Insurance Agent who has insurance on this piece of equipment to the effect that the County will continue to be fully covered, although the is loaned to the Town of Tavares and driven by its agent.  Attorney Duncan to approve this.

Motion by Commr. Cross seconded by Commr. Singeltary and carried, that Fred Tanner, Director of the Mosquito Control Program of Lake County Health Department be authorized to loan the lowboy, referred to in the above paragraph, to the Town of Tavares for a trip to and from Miami when the letters referred to above have been received and approved by Attorney Duncan.

NOTICE to bidders for the purchase of a Road Shaper having been advertised, the following bid was received and read.

A. E. Finley and Associates, Inc.

            One Gledhill Deluxe 10’ Road Shaper, meeting

            Specifications as advertised, Price F. O. B. Tavares                         $1,610.00


Motion by Commr. Hooten seconded by Commr. Singeltary and carried, that the bid of A. E. Finley and Associates, Inc., in the amount of $1,610.00, to furnish Lake County a Gledhill Deluxe 10’ Road Shaper, be accepted.

NOTICE to bidders for service contract for quarterly servicing of typewriters and adding machines in the courthouse having been advertised the following bids were received and read.

William J. Rumley – Leesburg

Price per unit on 37 typewriters $15.00                                             $555.00


Price per unit on 13 electric Sunstrand adding

Machines    $18.50                                                                               234.00


One hand Victor adding machine      $7.50                                             7.50

                                                Total                                                   $796.50


Above does not include bookkeeping machine


Leesburg Typewriter Service – Leesburg


38 typewriters, 15 add machines 1 bookkeeping machine                $849.00


George Stuart, Inc. – Orlando


Total Annual Service Cost                 $1,251.18

 Less 15% maximum discount                187.68                            $1,063.50


Motion by Commr. Singeltary seconded by Commr. Hooten and carried, that the bid of Leesburg Typewriter Service to service the typewriters, adding machines and bookkeeping machine in the Courthouse for one year for the sum of $849.00 be accepted.

Clerk Owens read a letter from Richey Green of State Road Department re:  Traffic and Planning, Section 1107, Intersection of State Road 50 and 25 and was instructed to find out what the signal – different types – will cost.

Clerk Owens read a letter from Charles Hopkins, Engineer of Federal Aid, acknowledging receipt of copy of Resolution regarding the Atlantic Coast Line Railroad crossing on State Road 19, between Tavares and Eustis, and stating this item will be recommended, at the proper time, for inclusion in the 1957-58 construction budget.

Notice having been advertised for sale of certain property in Clermont, the following bids were received:

Mrs. Orin S. Fraser, 1521 Lake Avenue, Clermont, Florida

Bid in the sum of $8,025.00 for Tract B:   described as follows:

Begin on the East side of Clermont and Monte Vista public road, at a point where said road crosses the North line of Lot 5, according to the Plat of Herring Hooks Estate; run thence East along said line 70 yards; thence South 35 yards; to the point of beginning for this tract; thence run West 70 yards to the East line of the above mentioned public road; begin again at the point of beginning; run thence South 35 yards; thence West to the East line of the above described public road; thence North along said public road to intersect the North boundary for this tract.


Check in the sum of $100.00 as binder enclosed with above bid.

Millican and Beseke, Inc., Clermont, Florida

Bid of $5,255.00 for the combined tracts A & B as described in the Notice.

Motion by Commr. Hooten seconded by Commr. Singeltary and carried, that the bid of Mrs. Orin S. Fraser in the sum of $8,025.00 for the purchase of tract B as described above, with the house thereon, be accepted; that title insurance policy be furnished by Lake County; that the Chairman and Clerk be authorized to execute the deed to Mrs. Fraser upon receipt of payment for same.

Commr. Hooten was authorized to get appraisals on the other tract of land (Tract A) and the Clerk instructed to advertise the land for sale upon receipt of the appraisals.  If get real estate agent to sell the land, pay 5%.

Euclid Parker appeared before the Board re:  getting the County to assist him in obtaining a right of way into his subdivision about 300 feet from State Road 42 near Crows Bluff Bridge.  Mr. Parker was advised that the County has no jurisdiction over securing such a road, and was advised to contact Mr. L. S. Newcomb, Forest Supervisor, Tallahassee, and see if he could assist him in getting a right of way.

Mrs. Williams and Mr. Wise appeared before the Board re:  Road into their property.  Clerk Owens read a Petition signed by Ben P. Rebel and 9 others requesting the road about which Mrs. Williams and Mr. Wise are interested, WHEREUPON, on motion of Commr. Cross seconded by Commr. Singeltary and carried, the Petition was accepted and the following Viewers appointed:  E. M. Brady, Paul Wise, Route #2, Box 232, Leesburg and Chas. Z Osborne, Umatilla.

Mr. Walter Warren, attorney, and Mr. Merritt, Manager of the Labor Camp north of Road 441 and east of Leesburg, appeared before the Board re:  peddlers blocking the County road leading off of road 441 to this Camp.  Stating the road is blocked and people cannot get over same.  The Labor Camp does not want the peddlers out there.  Someone is driving a taxi out there without a license.  Mr. Merritt said if the Board would grant authority to put up signs prohibiting parking on the County road, he would paint them.  WHEREUPON, on motion of Commr. Singeltary seconded by Commr. Simpson and carried, the following Resolution was adopted:

BE IT RESOLVED by the Board of County Commissioners of Lake County, Florida, that parking of vehicles of every description upon the right of way of that certain road commencing at U. S. Highway 441 East of Leesburg and leading northerly to the Lake County Labor Camp at the Atlantic Coast Line Railroad and more particularly described as follows:  A strip of land 35 ft. wide running from State Highway Number 2 to the South right of way line of the Atlantic Coast Line R. R. off the West side of the following described land, to wit:  Starting at a point in the center line of the Atlantic Coast Line R.R. (formerly the St. John’s and Lake Eustis R.R. two chains West of the East line of Gov. Lot 4 Section 19,Tp. 19, Range 25 E. run due South 515.72 feet to the northern right of way boundary of State Highway Number 2 for  point of beginning for this description:  run thence Due North 490.6 ft. to Southern right of way line of said Atlantic Coast Line R.R. (formerly the St. John’s and Eustis R.R. ):  Turn thence to the left at an angle of 84 degrees and twenty minutes, Southwesterly along the South right of way line of said A.C.L.R.R. 663.2 ft. to the Northeast corner of Howard H. Dillaway’s lot:  turn thence to the left at an angle of 95 degrees and 80 minutes and run due South 891.4 feet to the northern right of way boundary of State Highway Number 2, turn thence to the left and run Northeasterly along said right of way boundary 770.9 ft. to a point of beginning; all of said land lying and being in Gov. Lot 4, Section 19, Tp. 29 S., Range 23 E., Lake County, Florida; is hereby prohibited.

Dr. Hall appeared before the Board re:  Report on New Merit System Law, stating the $35,000.00 set up by the Legislature has been spent on the survey.  Dr. Hall feels that the System that is to go into effect July first will do irreparable damage to the local Health Department.  It is a system if put into effect, will make it most difficult to secure personnel in the 50 or 60 small counties.  WHEREUPON, on motion of Commr. Hooten, seconded by Commr. Cross and carried, Mr. Duncan, attorney for the Board, was instructed to confer with Senator Boyd, representative Daniel and Dr. Hall and study this program and report to the Board.

Welborn Daniel appeared before the Board re the title to the property purchased for a county barn site in District No. 3.  Commr. Hooten was instructed to ask the parties bring the abstract up to date.  Clerk was instructed to hold the deed from Ralph Miller, et al to the County until the abstract is completed.  Mr. Daniel presented to the Board deed from Marvin Boykin and wife to Ralph L. Miller, et al, covering Lots 2, 5, 6 and 7 of Block 20, Minneola, and stated the consideration for this deed was $5,000.00.  Mr. Daniel also filed Satisfaction of Mortgage covering Lots 5 & 6 Block 20, Minneola, and other property, which he asked the Clerk to record and mail him a bill for both instruments.  Attorney Duncan advised the Board to hold up the recording of the deed from Ralph L. Miller, et al to Lake County covering Lots 5 and 6 Block 20 Minneola, until the title opinion brought down to date is furnished by Mr. Daniel for the grantor and Mr. Duncan has an opportunity to pass on same.  Commr. Hooten presented to the Board a letter from Willis Realty Company signed by Bert J. Willis RE:  Lots 2, 7, 5 and 6 Block 20 Minneola – in which he states:  “We have looked at the above property and we believe the value of it is approximately $10,000.00 according to present market values.”  Commr. Hooten stated he has an additional letter of appraisal he will file with the Board.

Clerk Owens presented the program of County Commissioners meeting in Tampa on Thursday, Friday and Saturday of this week.  Mr. Duncan was authorized to attend the Legislative program of this meeting.  Board to defray expenses of the trip.

Motion by Commr. Singeltary seconded by Commr. Hooten and carried the following Resolution was adopted:

Petition having been filed by MINA L. HAUSER, FRANCIS L. ZOLLER and EMILY R. ZOLLER, his wife, for the closing and abandonment of a street or alley described as:

The South 18 feet of Lot 8, according to the plat of Fairview recorded in Plat Book 5, page 14 of the Public Records of Lake County, Florida,


be, and the same is hereby closed, abandoned and vacated.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that notice of the passing of this Resolution be published according to law.

DONE AND ORDERED this 4th day of March, 1957 at Tavares, Lake County, Florida.

Clerk Owens read a letter from R. E. Norris, County Agent, re:  Office space for State Plant Board and the Board advised him to notify Mr. Norris that no space available for office space for State Plant Board.

Clerk Owens read two letters opposing the Zoning Bill – William E. Crews and Town of Tavares.  Seven letters approving the Zoning bill were read – Clermont Woman’s Club, Clermont Junior Woman’s Club, Tavares Kiwanis Club, Clermont Kiwanis Club, Clermont Garden Club, H. C. Brown, Lake County Board of Realtors, Umatilla Chamber of Commerce.  Two resolutions approving the Zoning bill were filed – Clermont City Council and South Lake Waterways Club.  Mr. Singeltary stated that in the present form of the Zoning Bill he is against it, and thinks Attorney Duncan and others should iron out the “loopholes.”

Deed from Murray Parker, et al to Lake County for use as a public road – property in Pfahl’s Addition to City of Leesburg – was referred to Attorney Pringle to discuss with Attorney Duncan before the Board takes action.

Deed to Overton from Lake County, drawn by John May to perfect title was referred to Attorney Duncan.

Clerk Owens reported that John May presented title Insurance Policy #Z409, 000 Lawyers Title Insurance Corp on First Addition Hillcrest Park Subdivision.

Judge Hall filed request for

            3 – 3 drawer filing cabinets with locks                                  $370.00

            1 – 3 drawer filing cabinet                                                         90.00

            1 – 5 drawer filing cabinet for marriage license

            applications                                                                              174.75


Above request approved by the Board.


James C. Hunter, County Service Office filed Bids as follows:

For new Victor 8 column adding machine

F & R Office Supply Inc.                                                                               $136.50

                        Less old machine                                                                        50.00

                                    Net price                                                                     $  86.50


Bishop Office Supply                                                                                     $136.50

                        Less old machine                                                                        35.00

                                    Net price                                                                     $101.50


Victor Office Equipment Exc.                                                                       $136.50

                        Less old machine                                                                        32.50

                        Net price                                                                     $104.00


Motion by Commr. Simpson seconded by Commr. Cross and carried that J. C. Hunter, County Service Officer, be authorized to accept the bid of F & H Office Supply Inc. for one new Victor column adding machines, less trade in old machine, for the sum of $86.50.

R. E. Norris, County Agent, filed request for 1 steel master 4-drawer, with thumb latch, filing cabinet

Bid of Leesburg Typewriter Service                                                              $  71.80

            Less10% delivered net                       $64.52


Approved by the Board.


Frank E. Owens, Clerk, Circuit filed request for 30 drawer cabinet – drawer size 19-1/2 x 27-1/2 x 3” inside measurements.

Quotation from Tavares Woodworking                                                         $126.00


Approved by the Board.

Motion by Commr. Singeltary seconded by Commr. Hooten and carried that the request of Karl Lehmann for $2,000.00 for the Lake County Chamber of Commerce be approved.

Request of Karl Lehmann for $300.00 appropriation for census re:  an additional Judge for the 5th Judicial Circuit was presented to the Board.  Clerk Owens was requested to find out from Marion County what it is paying and Lake County pay the same.  Motion by Commr. Simpson seconded by Commr. Singeltary and carried, that Lake County pay to Fifth Judicial Circuit Population Committee for taking census re an additional Judge for the Fifth Judicial Circuit, the same sum that Marion County is paying.

Clerk Owens reported that it is necessary that the Board amend the budget to take care of the sale of County property at Minneola and increase County sources whatever amount that the property will bring, WHEREUPON, on motion of Commr. Hooten seconded by Commr. Singeltary and carried, the Clerk was authorized to amend the Road and Bridge Budget in the amount of $12,000.00.

Clerk Owens read a letter from Clerk of Circuit Court to the Board listing amounts in excess of Tax Sale Certificates plus cost as $858.23 covering unclaimed monies due owners of land sold on applications for Tax Deeds.  Check in the amount of $858.23 has been deposited to General Fund Lake County.

Letter from Governor Collins re:  State Office of Civil Defense surveying the status of current disaster planning and to assist Lake County planning staff.  Said letter ordered referred to Mr. Karl Lehmann.

Clerk Owens filed Time Deposit Agreement between Bank of Tavares and Lake County General Fund, Frank E. Owens, Clerk re - $23,472.44 to be held on Time Deposit for six months from January 1, 1957 with interest at the rate of 2%.

Motion by Commr. Singeltary seconded by Commr. Hooten and carried, that the action of the Clerk and Chairman in approving the application of Edwin John Pugh for admission to the T. B. Hospital be approved.  (Letter from Hospital stating Mr. Pugh was discharged from the Institution on February 27, 1957 condition non-tuberculous.)

Letter from T. B. Hospital stating Edgar W. Stroud was discharged from the Institution on February 27, 1957, condition inactive, read and filed.

Mr. Sparks of Rod ‘n Reel Camp appeared before the Board and presented Plat of Sparks’ Village with title insurance policy #A-92974 Title & Trust Company, with letter from Lake County Health Department re the Subdivision, WHEREUPON, on motion of Commr. Singeltary, seconded by Commr. Cross and carried, the Plat of Sparks’ Village was approved.

Clerk Owens advised the Board that he had written for copies of the minutes of the Mid-Year Conference of the State Association of County Commissioners and was advised they had only one copy to send.  Mr. Cowart took this copy and is to pass it on to the Commissioners.

Commr. Hooten filed bid of Temperature Engineering Corporation for heating and air conditioning the Home Demonstration Building in the amount of $3961.00 – if cooling and heating desired at this time; plus necessary electric wiring.  One Model OPC-100H Delco Oil fired furnace:  One 287 gallon underground oil storage tank.  All necessary duct work, duct insulation, registers and grills.  This duct work is sized and insulated so that cooling can be added at any time.  The above work to be done for $1,065.57.  If hearing only is desired, the price would be $975.00.  Mr. Hooten stated he asked two other companies for reports, but they did not report.  After discussion of obtaining the services of an architect for the survey of the Home Demonstration Building, Commr. Cross suggested that the Board contact Francis H. Emerson and Fred Kuhlman of Eustis re this matter.

Clerk Owens read a letter from R. E. Norris, County Agent, stating that J. R. Connell Assistant County Agent, started to work on February 15, WHEREUPON, on motion of Commr. Hooten seconded by Commr. Singeltary and carried, the Clerk was authorized to pay J. R. Connell, Assistant County Agent, for a half month’s salary.

Mr. Cowart stated he does not think that Joe Jenkins, Superintendent of Public Instruction, is in favor of continuing the agreement re:  the County using the school garage.  Therefore, the Clerk was instructed to send the School Board a letter of appreciation for the past use of the garage.

Commr. Hooten displayed plans for the county barn to be built in Minneola, which will be similar to the barn in Mascotte.  Mr. Hooten was instructed to get a list of materials required in order that the Board may advertise for bids to furnish same, as Mr. Hooten stated he is going to employ a supervisor and hire the necessary labor and construct the building himself.

Motion by Commr. Singeltary seconded by Commr. Simpson and carried, the following vouchers were approved for payment:

General fund                           No. 535 through 638

Road & Bridge Fund              No. 484 through 586

Fine & Forfeiture Fund          No. 68 through 89

South Lake Hospital Fund      No. 5

The following letters were filed with the Board:

·       L. S. Newcomb, Forest Supervisor, re:  Reconstructing Road 445 from Pitman to Astor Park

·       Stewart Buildings – Request to bid on buildings to buy move or wreck

·       State Road Department – acknowledging receipt of Resolution re:  Construction of an underpass for State Road 19 to pass under State Road 25 at the intersection of said roads, near Howey.  Also re:  Overpass Rd. 50-25 East of Clermont.

·       State Road Department Richey Green – same as above

·       Copy of letter Richey Green to Charles R. Gastfield re:  Request for speed zoning

·       Washington Report

·       Copy of letter from A. D. Mims to Game & Fresh Water Fish Commission re:  Joint meeting with Lake Co. Commrs. & eradication program gizzard shad, request bill be presented to Legislature, and reply from Fish Commission

·       Board of Co. Commrs. Hillsborough County – invitation to Annual meeting of State Assn Col. Commrs.

·       Chamber of Commerce Lake Co – enclosing copy of Resolution re completion of SR 19

·       Natl Assn Co. Recorders and Clerks – re:  Convention in Atlanta

·       Fort Pierce Beach Erosion District

·       Fla. Utilities & RR Commission Docket No. 4967-GU – Docket No. 4845 CCT


·       R. E. Norris, County Agent; Assistants Billy O. Bass and J. R. Connell

·       Marian B. Valentine, Home Demo Agent; Assistant Mary Jane Rowley

·       J. C. Hunter, County Service Officer

·       Report of Licenses issued by Tax Collector, duplicates of which have been filed with County Judge

·       Fred Tanner, Activity Report, Mosquito Control Jan 26; Feb 25, 1957 & expenditures

·       Fred Tanner to Mayors of Clermont & Groveland re:  garbage disposal

·       Welfare worker’s report

·       Comptroller Green – special fuel tax report and gas tax distribution

·       State Board of Administration





/s/ Frank E. Owens                                                                 /s/ O. M. Simpson

CLERK                                                                                   CHAIRMAN