friday, october 18, 1957


The Board of County Commissioners met in called session in the County Commissioners’ Room in the Courthouse at Tavares on Friday, October 18, for the purpose of receiving bids on lumber for building a bridge from Crescent Lake to Lake Minnehaha, and such other matters as may be brought before the Board, with the following present:  Chairman Cowart; Commissioners Hooten, and Cross; Attorney Duncan and Clerk Owens. 

The Board was called to order by Chairman Cowart.

Attorney Duncan presented SRD Deed No. 66, Section 1164-150, Leesburg By-Pass West and North of City Limits of Leesburg, also Resolution.

Motion by Commr. Cross seconded by Commr. Hooten that the following Resolution be adopted:

WHEREAS, the State Road Department has located and proposes to construct and/or improve a portion of State Road Leesburg By-Pass, Section 1164 in Lake County, Florida; and

WHEREAS, in order for the State Road Department to further and complete said project, it is necessary that certain lands now owned by Lake County be acquired by the State of Florida for the use and benefit of the State Road Department of Florida; and

WHEREAS, the State Road Department having requested Lake County to execute and deliver to the State Road Department a deed in favor of the State of Florida conveying all right, title and interest that Lake County has in and to said lands required for said road right of way and said request having been duly considered;

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED by the Board of County Commissioners of Lake County, Florida, that the Chairman and Clerk of said Board be, and they are hereby authorized and directed to make, execute and deliver to the State Road Department a deed in favor of the State of Florida conveying all right, title and interest of Lake County in and to the following described lands in Lake County, Florida, to-wit:

That part of:

Begin 360 feet East of Southwest corner of Section 15, Township 19 South, Range 24 East, thence North 660 feet, East 330 feet, South 660 feet, West 330 feet to point of beginning, lying North of and within 33 feet of the centerline of Leesburg By-Pass State Road, Section 1164, said centerline being described with reference to the SW ¼ of said Section 15 as follows:


Beginning on the West line of Section 22 of said Township and Range at a point 573.19 feet South from the Northwest corner of said Section 22 (Southwest corner of said Section 15), said point being the beginning of a curve concave to the Southeasterly and having a radius of 573.69 feet; thence Northeasterly along the arc of said curve, through a central angle of 89° 57’ a distance of 899.50 feet to the North line of said Section 22 (South line of said Section 15) at a point 573.19 feet East from the Southwest corner of said Section 15; thence South 89° 46’15” East along South line of said Section 15 a distance of 2075.80 feet to the Southeast corner of SW ¼ of said Section 15, containing .05 acres, more or less, exclusive of area in existing road.


BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that a certified copy of this Resolution be forwarded forthwith to the State Road Department at Tallahassee, Florida.

Attorney Duncan presented appraisal on Leesburg By-Pass and asked the Board to accept and approve same; WHEREUPON, on motion of Commr. Hooten seconded by Commr. Cross, the appraisal on Leesburg By-Pass was accepted and approved.

Motion by Commr. Hooten seconded by Commr. Cross that the attorney for the Board be authorized to proceed with the legal steps necessary to dispose of the Borrow (Bar) and clay pits, which were specifically reserved in a certain deed dated the 25th of November 1946 and recorded in Deed Book 260, page 87 Public Records of Lake County, Florida, in favor of A. B. Merritt.

Commr. Hooten stated that Everett Huskey called him this morning in the interest of an approach to Bay Street from Road 441 with a view of widening Bay Street.  Attorney Duncan was instructed to take this matter up with the State Road Department.

Commr. Cross suggested that the Board get a set of construction plans on roads before the Contracts are let.


Clermont Builders Supply, Inc. – Clermont

            Lumber as advertised for a total amount of                          $2,971.64

            Immediate shipment


Lake County Supply – Clermont


            Lumber as advertised (delivery 10-23-57) total amount      $3,929.75

            Delivery in approximately 6 weeks total amount                 $3,069.57


Motion by Commr. Hooten seconded by Commr. Cross, that the bid of Clermont Builders Supply Inc., - low bidder – to deliver immediately – lumber as advertised for a total amount of $2,971.64, be accepted.

Attorney Duncan discussed the legality of the proposed exchange of land in Clermont.  Commr. Hooten stated he is getting 3 appraisers to appraise the land back of the cypress trees as some of the people who came before the Board on October 7th to object to the exchange have decided it is OK to exchange the property less the cypress trees.  Mr. Duncan stated while he was in Tallahassee he asked the Attorney General about this exchange, and his opinion on an exchange is that the property should be approximately the same value.  Mr. Duncan stated the Board should have a deed from Mrs. Bowman to release this part of the land from park purposes.  Mr. Hooten suggested that the Commissioners go look at the land in question.

Commr. Cross stated there should be a survey of some of the roads in Astor which were dedicated in the old Astor Plat and go down to the river, but he does not know what it will cost.  Commr. Cowart stated he will help out with the cost of this survey. Commr. Cross was authorized to go ahead with this survey and pay out of the Road and Bridge Fund.

Discussion as to ownership of bottom of lakes.  Mr. Duncan stated the bottom of the lakes belongs to the Trustee of the Internal Improvement Fund.

The exchange of land with Spiller was discussed and Attorney Duncan stated the Board had authorized him to condemn the land unless the exchange is consummated.  Mr. Duncan said he has discussed with Mr. Spiller what the land in Clermont is like.  Commr. Hooten was instructed to negotiate with Spiller to buy the land on Dora Canal, but if he will not sell, then will have to condemn.



/s/ Frank E. Owens                                                                 /s/ J. C. Cowart

CLERK                                                                                   CHAIRMAN