monday, MAY 5, 1958


The Board of County Commissioners met in regular session in the County Commissioners Room in the Courthouse at Tavares on Monday, May 5, with the following present:  Chairman Simpson; Commissioners Theus, Cowart, Hooten, and Cross; Attorney Duncan; and Clerk Owens.

The Board was called to order by Chairman Simpson.

Motion by Commr. Theus seconded by Commr. Hooten and carried, that the minutes of April 7 and 14 be adopted as read.

Clerk Owens reported he has approved since the first meeting in April the following Notary Public Bonds with:

American Fire & Casualty Company

Mrs. Grace H. Butler 4-12-58; Margaret M. Hickman 4-15-58; & A. Lee French 4-16-58.

Fidelity & Guaranty Company

Memory Martin 4-9-58

American Surety Company of N. Y.

Joseph H. McGonigle 4-22-58

Mrs. Katherine Baker appeared before the Board re:  Securing operators for the Voting Machines.  She stated there are 13 precincts in which Voting Machines will be used and she asked that the Commissioners give her as soon as possible a list of Clerks and Inspectors to serve on the Boards, and suggested the Commissioners select 5 members for the Boards instead of the usual four.  Two people, at least, would be trained to operate the machines in each precinct.  Mr. Quayle from Tampa will come up sometime in August to train the men.  The Voting Machines will be placed in 9 banks in the County to instruct the voters how to use them.  Mrs. Baker stated she will conduct a school of instruction during the summer.

Motion by Commr. Cross seconded by Commr. Cowart and carried, that the Chairman and Clerk be authorized to execute County Deed to Vincent Fechtel, Jr. for certain property located in Leesburg and Tavares.

A delegation from Treasure Island appeared before the Board and requested the road to be paved.  The spokesman for the group stated they have $6,000.00 for this project. Commr. Cross advised he would do this just as soon as possible.

J. C. Schlauder appeared before the Board and presented Plat of Second Addition to Three Lake Subdivision East of Dona Vista.  Title Insurance of Title and Trust Company of Fla. #FE 14819 was presented to the Board.  Letter from Lake County Health Department re this Plat filed.  Motion by Commr. Cross seconded by Commr. Theus and carried that the Plat of Second addition to Three Lake Subdivision be approved.

Mr. Oldham, Mr. McCormick and Judge Hall appeared before the Board in behalf of the Commissioners continuing to furnish office space for the Florida Parole Commission.  Mr. Oldham thinks the County should continue furnishing office space.  Judge Hall stated he received a copy of the letter from Raymond B. Marsh, Chairman Florida Parole Commission to Mr. Owens, which he read.  Said letter requested continuance of office space for the Commission.  Commr. Theus suggested that Commr. Hooten and County Engineer Goodson work this matter out.  Commr. Hooten thinks there may be room in the Pioneer Building for this office, and it was not the intention of the Board to move the Probation Officer out of the County.  Chairman Simpson appointed Commr. Hooten and Mr. Goodson, and Mr. Simpson will work with them to find space in the Pioneer Building for the Parole Commission office.  Mr. David, Supervisor, to be requested to inspect the office space with the committee after this meeting.

Mr. Oldham stated there will be in August a week’s instruction course held at Northwestern University to better equip the prosecuting attorneys in their work, and requested the Board to send him and his two assistants to this meeting.  The registration fee is $100.00 each making the total cost about $350.00 per person.  Commr. Hooten stated it is a good idea to send the State Attorney and his Assistant from Lake County.  Commr. Theus thinks should ask Marion County to pay half of the expense of State Attorney, and Commr. Cross concurred.

Motion by Commr. Cross, seconded by Commr. Cowart and carried, that Lake County authorize expense of State Attorney Oldham and Assistant State Attorney McCormick for trip to Chicago in August to attend the School of Instruction at Northwestern University.

Paul Reed appeared before the Board and stated the Microfilm people can arrange for demonstration next Monday at 2 p.m. The Board agreed to give time for the demonstration.

Mr. Kuhlman and Mr. Allen, Architects, submitted plans for proposed Old Folks Home.  Limit $65,000.00 for cost of building.  Mr. Goodson stated the Palatka plans requested have not been received.  The Architects and Mr. Goodson are to decide on the location on the County land at Astatula for the Home.  Attorney Duncan also to study and approve the plans.

Mr. Duncan stated that close to two years ago Mrs. McLean of Miami had an accident in the Courtroom and he received a letter later on from an Attorney in Miami stating she would sue the County.  This week he received a letter re:  the accident which occurred on December 14, 1956, stating the bill for doctors amounted to approximately $950.00.  Would the Board approve payment of $7500 in settlement?  Judge Hall does not think the lady could have sustained such injuries that would amount to that amount.  Mr. Duncan also stated he wants to answer the letter re this claim bill.  The Board stated would not approve a claim for $7500.00.  Mr. Duncan stated the County cannot be sued under the law for tort.

Application of Doris Brantley for issuance of duplicate Tax Sale Certificate of 1955 covering Government Lot 5 N E of hwy, Gov Lot 6 W of a line extending W to lake from nail in hwy was approved by the Board.

Clerk Owens filed Requisition for the sum of $___ for paying State Trial Witnesses before the Court at the Spring Term of court 1958, which was approved by the Board.

Letter from Columbia Casualty Company re:  Accident control for employees was read by Clerk Owens and referred to County Engineer.


Notice having been advertised for the purchase of a car for the County Engineer, the following bids were received:


               One 1958 Chevrolet Model 1249 4-door sedan

               V8 185 HP, 7 cyl                                                               $1,755.00



               One NEW 1958 Studebaker President 4-door sedan

               V-8 cyl eng 225 Hp                                                             2,198.00


               One new 1958 Studebaker Marshall Severe

               Service, 4-door sedan, Model 58H-W-1

               With V-8 engine 210 HP                                                    1,895.00




               One new 1958 Ford Custom 300 Four-door

               Sedan V-8 motor 205 HP                                                   1,895.00



               One new 1958 Ford Custom 300 Four-door

               Sedan with V-8 engine                                                       1,833.85




               One 1958 Plymouth Plaza 8 cylinder

               4-door sedan, 225 HP engine                                            1,669.00


Motion by Commr. Cowart seconded by Commr. Cross and carried that the bid of Eustis Auto Inn, Inc., be accepted to furnish Lake County One 1958 Plasa 8 cylinder 4-door sedan, 225 HP engine for the sum of $1669.00.

Letter from State Road Department, H. L. Edwards, District Land Agent, requesting that the approval of Mr. Cromwell’s Plat of a Subdivision in Section 21-18-24 be withheld until State Road Dept. can acquire a ditch and water storage area was read and filed.

Proposed Typical Section of Job #1166-250, SR S-561-A from SR 561 (Sheppard Lake) to SR 455 (Ferndale) 3.3 miles at a cost of $150,000.00 was approved by the Board on motion of Commr. Hooten seconded by Commr. Cross and carried.

Clerk Owens filed original title search from Lake Abstract & Guaranty Company on Job 1168-150 SR 448 Lake Jem Road and Mr. Duncan stated two copies of the title search have been forwarded to State Road Department with bill attached.

Clerk Owens read a letter from Town of Tavares requesting that signs be placed along Dora Canal at County Park as the canal has been deepened and a dangerous situation exists.  County Engineer Goodson was instructed to prepare and erect the proper signs on this location (Summerall Park).

Commr. Hooten reported that the property in Ferndale which was discussed at the last meeting is the property on which the Community Building is built, therefore is exempt from taxes.

Clerk Owens read a letter from Secretary of State re:  Set of 1957 Special Acts for each County Official, county to pay cost of shipment.  Clerk Owens was instructed to have the books shipped at County expense.

Motion by Commr. Cowart seconded by Commr. Hooten and carried, that the payroll for the month of April be approved.

Request for Mrs. Valentine, Home Demonstration Agent for $360.40 to cover expenses of 4-H girls to Short Course in Tallahassee on Monday June 9, and $150.00 for supplies for 4-H girls Camp, was approved by the Board, on motion of Commr. Cowart seconded by Commr. Theus and carried.

Quotations on equipment for County Engineer’s office from the following companies were received: 

Leesburg Typewriter Service

            Smith Corona 11” Secretarial typewriter                              $175.00

                        Also price on cabinets

W. J. Rumley

            Royal 11” typewriter (also a typewriter stand for $30)          215.00

Bowen Supply Company

            Various prices on cabinets and typewriter stand

Southern Printing Company

            Prices on files

            Motion by Commr. Theus seconded by Commr. Hooten and carried that the bid of Leesburg Typewriter Service to furnish Lake County a Smith Corona 11” Secretarial typewriter for the sum of $175.00 be accepted; and that the bid of W. J. Rumley to furnish a typewriter stand for $30.00 be accepted; that the bid of Southern Printing Company to furnish Lake County two 3-drawer filing cabinets for the sum of $81.50 each ($163.00) be accepted.

Clerk Owens presented quotations from The Lanier Company to Mrs. Pearl Cullen, Tax Collector, on a Thermo-Fax machine in the amount of $281.00.

Motion by Commr. Hooten seconded by Commr. Cowart and carried, that Mrs. Pearl L. Cullen, Tax Collector, be authorized to purchase from the Lanier Company a Thermo-Fax machine for the sum of $281.00 and pay for same out of her Excess fees.

Clerk Owens presented quotations on – 3-drawer legal filing cabinets with counter top to fit as follows:


            3 cabinets at $90.00 each                                           $270.00

                        Counter top                                                         83.00



            Net total on cabinets and counter top                        $702.40


            Net total on cabinets and counter top                        $429.31


Motion by Commr. Theus seconded by Commr. Hooten and carried, that the bid of Leesburg Typewriter Service to furnish Lake County three 3-drawer filing cabinets with counter top for five 3-drawer filing cabinets for the sum of $353.00 be accepted.

Clerk Owens presented quotations of Pitney-Bowes, Inc., of Stamford, Connecticut, on electric machine Model 4100 to be used in operating documentary stamps and postage stamps, with separate meter for each operation, at a price of $684.19, WHEREUPON, on motion of Commr. Theus seconded by Commr. Cross and carried, the Clerk was instructed to purchase the above described machine from Pitney Bowes, Inc. for the sum of $684.19.

Clerk Owens brought to the attention of each Commissioner the balance of revenue on hand in his District.

Clerk Owens advised the Board that the Lake County Health Department did not approve the Frisch Subdivision Plat due to high water on lots 1 to 8 inclusive, therefore none of the Plat is approved.  Mr. Frisch has been advised if he will prepare a new plat and exclude lots 1 to 8 inclusive, the Board can approve such a plat, but have received no reply.

C. E. Duncan presented for approval, bill for services rendered in the work necessary for the first appraisal of State Road 500, Section 1101-208, being that portion of Road 500, extending from the Eastern edge of Leesburg, Easterly toward Tavares; for the work done in securing fourteen deeds prior to the institution of condemnation proceedings, and the conferences incidental thereto; the work done in compiling information for the preparation of Eminent Domain proceedings; and work done in conferences, adjustments and securing of deeds after institution of suit, and prior to trial; and the Trial of Eminent Domain proceedings; all involving the total cost of $252,281.03; said bill being for the sum of $8500.00  He stated he had discussed this figure with the Attorney for the State Road Department and the Attorney stated that upon approval of the bill by the Board of County Commissioners of Lake County, Florida, he would present it to the State Road Department, and recommended payment thereof.

Upon motion made by Commr. Theus seconded by Commr. Cross, the Board of County Commissioners approved the bill for services rendered by C. E. Duncan, for preliminary work and trial of Eminent Domain proceedings for State Road 500, Section 1101-208, in the sum of $8500.00, with the recommendation and request that the same be paid by the State Road Department from appropriate funds.  Motion was unanimously carried.

Motion by Commr. Theus seconded by Commr. Cross and carried, that the Clerk be authorized to advertise in the Leesburg Daily Commercial for bids for reconstruction and resurfacing road in vicinity of Fruitland Park, bids to be taken on May 26 at ten A.M.

Motion by Commr. Theus seconded by Commr. Hooten and carried, that the bill of Lakeland Cement Company for culvert in the amount of $5,047.98 be approved.

The following checks were filed with the Board:

District No. 1  Town of Fruitland Park for pipe                                $51.22

                         Andrew P. Miller for pipe                                           12.00

District No. 4 – L. R. Huffstetler, Inc. for pipe                                 203.36

District No. 5 – Warren J. Crane, for pipe                                           98.00

E. T. Hall, Surveyor, appeared before the Board and presented Plat of Oakhill Park within the City of Leesburg with letter from Inland Abstract & Title Company showing state and county taxes paid.  Motion by Commr. Theus seconded by Commr. Cross and carried, that the Plat of Oakhill Park within the City of Leesburg be approved.

The following letters were filed with the Board:

·       Florida State University – re:  Delinquency Control Institute June 22 to July 19;

·       Gov. Collins re:  Albert Cole, Administrator of Federal Housing & Home Finance Agency, will be in Orlando On May 9 for conference;

·       W. E. Lee, Chairman of Board South Lake Memorial Hospital, request for $15,000.00 – Ordered held until May 12 meeting;

·       Lake County Health Department re:  Licenses for Andreu Home for the Aged and Joiner Rest Home;

·       Telegram from Edward L. Meadows – re:  Contract on Health Center Leesburg;

·       Julian Rice re:  Safety drive and clipping from Ft. Lauderdale paper;

·       Fla. T. B. Hospital re:  Warren N. Kirby discharged; and

·       Welfare Board – thanks re Child Welfare Unit.

The following reports were filed with the Board:

·       R. E. Norris, County Agent, and Assistants;

·       Marian Valentine and assistants (Home Demo Agent);

·       J. C. Hunter, Service Officer; and

·       Comptroller’s Report; and Minutes SRB April 17, 1958.




/s/ Frank E. Owens                                                                 /s/ O. M. Simpson

CLERK                                                                                   CHAIRMAN