monday, september 8, 1958


The Board of County Commissioners met in regular session in the County Commissioners Room in the Courthouse at Tavares on Monday, September 8, with the following present:  Chairman Simpson; Commissioners Theus, Cowart, Hooten, and Cross; Attorney Duncan; and Clerk Owens.

The Board was called to order by Chairman Simpson.

pauper list

On a motion by Commr. Cross, seconded by Commr. Cowart and carried:

District 1 – Dewey Collins for $30 be dropped from the list.

District 2 – No changes be made.

District 3 - No changes be made.

District 4 – Mrs. Agnes Truesdell for care of Hattie Clap for $40 be dropped from the list.

District 5 - No changes be made.

notary and firearm bonds

A bond for carrying a firearm for E. L. Puryear, Groveland, Florida, with L. G. Thomas and W. A. Slake, as bondsmen, for carrying a pistol made by Smith and Wesson of 38 calibre and numbered 4438 was approved by the Board.

The Notary Public Bond of Imogene P. Whitcomb with American Fire & Casualty Company as surety was approved by the Board.

Commr. Hooten filed checks for paving on Mansfield Road as follows:

Mrs. H. L. Alexander, as part payment (will pay rest on or before Jan 1959)            $80.00

John Kroeger                                                                                                               $43.88

Helmuth Kroeger                                                                                                        $43.88

Conner’s                                                                                                                      $42.58

C. E. Duncan                                                                                                              $81.25

Wylie W. Gillespie                                                                                                      $81.25

W. H. Gable                                                                                                                $67.25

Mobile Home Estates (Charlie Squibb)                                                                      554.78

Joe Priest, Inc.                                                                                                             392.27

Executors Est. H. C. Duncan (W. L Duncan, W. J. Rogers and C. E. Duncan)        160.88

Frank E. Owens                                                                                                          121.23

Leonard Duncan                                                                                                         $53.63

Pearl L. Cullen                                                                                                            107.26

Lake Region Packing Association                                                                              140.40


Town of Tavares                                                                                                         400.00

Commr. Simpson filed checks as follows:

E. Everett Huskey for culvert                        $ 67.80

Larde’s Shop for scrap iron                            $61.49

Town of Mt. Dora for street asphalt          $2,752.51

Commr. Theus filed the following check:

Town of Lady Lake for paving done within the town                                          $2,642.86

bids for sale of land located in section 19-22-26

Notice having been advertised for the sale of certain land located in Section 19-22-26, the following bids were received:

F. D. Colegrove, Clermont                                                     $500

W. C. Elliott, Clermont (check for total amount attached)    $350

On a motion by Commr. Hooten, seconded by Commr. Cowart and carried, all bids on the land were rejected, and the check in the amount of $350 from Mr. Elliott was returned to him. (The check delivered to him.)

Ben Reaves appeared before the Board regarding the garbage disposal pit near Astatula at the south end of the property for the proposed old folks home and said this location is suitable for disposal and far enough away from the home.  WHEREUPON, on a motion by Commr. Hooten, seconded by Commr. Cowart and carried, the following resolution was adopted:

WHEREAS, the Town of Astatula has requested the Board of County Commissioners of Lake County to provide a location for the disposal of garbage and trash near said Town and

WHEREAS, Lake County owns the following tract of land in Lake County, which is located just north of the limits of the Town of Astatula:

That part of the Southeast Quarter of Section 20, Township 20 South, Range 26, lying easterly of the right of way of State Road 561 and Westerly of the right of way of the Tavares and Gulf Railroad,

a portion of which is suitable for a garbage disposal.

NOW THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED by the Board of County Commissioners of Lake County, Florida, that an area of one half acre in the Northeast corner of the above-described property be designated as a garbage disposal pit and that the Town of Astatula through its proper officials and the Lake County Health Department be, and they are hereby authorized to deposit on said tract garbage and trash, provided that all times said tract shall be properly treated with chemicals or otherwise taken care of so as to prevent the inception or spreading of disease infestations.

Clerk Owens brought to the attention of the Board the bridge across Spring Creek at Alexander Springs.  One span of the present bridge is 20 feet wide, and the rest is 15 feet wide; vertical clearance at wide span 8 ½ feet from high water; WHEREUPON, on a motion by Commr. Cross, seconded by Commr. Theus and carried, the following resolution was adopted:

WHEREAS, the State Road Department of the State of Florida is preparing plans for the reconstruction and resurfacing of State Road 445, beginning at a point approximately 3 miles north of the Town of Pitman and extending northeasterly from State Road 19 and northerly crossing the Alexander Springs Creek and connecting with State Road 40 at Astor Park, and

WHEREAS, as a part of said Highway, there is a bridge crossing Alexander Springs Creek which will be rebuilt, and

WHEREAS, the Board of County Commissioners of Lake County, taking into consideration the rapidly increasing traffic of small boats on the waterways in Lake County and the necessity for reasonable clearance between the bridge and the water to permit the passage of boats having a height of 11 feet.

NOW THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED by the Board of County Commissioners of Lake County that the State Road Department be requested to prepare plans for such bridge which will leave a clearance of 12 feet between the bottom of the bridge and the mean high waters of Alexander Springs Creek.  (See amended resolution, Page 263.)

Clerk Owens brought to the attention of the Board the poll watchers for the precincts during the election.  Mr. Duncan reported he checked the law, and the law says any candidate who wants a poll watcher must register the name 14 days prior to the election.  He has checked with Mrs. Baker, and no one has registered as a poll watcher.  The Sheriff’s office was called, and Mr. Duncan referred the Deputy to Section 101.53 to advise Sheriff McCall.

On a motion by Commr. Cowart, seconded by Commr. Theus and carried, Clerk Owens was authorized to request bids for printing of the ballots for the Second Primary Election, if necessary; accept the lowest bid; and have a sample ballot printed one time in the paper; and that the Chairman and the Clerk prepare the ballot for the Second Primary Election.

Clerk Owens filed a certified copy made by Mrs. Baker, Supervisor of Registration, of a list of Voting Machines for the First Primary Election.

The bill of Fred G. Owles, Jr., AIA, on the Home for the Aged in the amount of $1,840 was ordered held in abeyance until Mr. Owles could appear before the Board.

 On a motion by Commr. Hooten, seconded by Commr. Cowart and carried, the rental for office space of the Agricultural Stabilization & Conservation USDA in the Duncan-Hamlin Building was to be paid monthly to Alan Hamlin, Executor of the Estate of R. P. Hamlin, Deceased, without rendering a statement and that monthly rental of $50 be approved by the Board and be paid this date retroactive to July 1, 1958.

On a motion by Commr. Hooten, seconded by Commr. Cross and carried, Clerk Owens was authorized to transfer in the 1957-1958 General Fund budget $150 to Item 249 – Rental of Administrative Buildings.

Dr. Hall appeared before the Board and reported that the Clinic in Leesburg will be ready for occupancy by October first and asked if the Board has a name for the Clinic.  Commr. Theus suggested that the Clinic be named for Mr. Singeltary but would like to contact his wife first.  Therefore, the naming of the Clinic was postponed for Commr. Theus to talk to Mrs. Singeltary.

Clerk Owens presented 3 applications for the position of custodian of the Lake County Courthouse, adjacent buildings, and grounds.  The applications were ordered held in abeyance until the meeting on October 6th.

Commr. Simpson filed an application from Rev. J. Max Cook for the resident manager of the proposed home for the aged.

Commr. Hooten asked that Clerk Owens read the portion of the minutes of August 11th regarding exchange of land in the Clermont area; whereupon, the Clerk read that portion of said minutes.  Commr. Hooten then asked that the resolution adopted at the meeting of September 2 setting up land as a park and bird sanctuary be stricken from the minutes.  Mr. Duncan stated he has not received the report yet.  Commr. Hooten thinks they should put a notice in the paper when this matter is going to be brought up again.  Mr. Duncan stated he will get from the Tax Assessor today the descriptions and will make a report on the conditions under which the County acquired title.  He thinks they can have this ready by the special meeting this month.  Mr. Owens said he could check the minutes regarding the purchase of the land but suggested that they wait for Mr. Duncan to report before they set the time for the meeting.  Commr. Simpson said it should be put in all the papers the date for the hearing on this matter.  Commr. Hooten agreed with this suggestion.  Commr. Cross suggested the Commissioners look at the property.

Dr. Hall appeared before the Board and said he could get the advertisement for equipment for the Leesburg Health Center ready to take bids on September 25, 1958.  Therefore, the Board agreed to have a special meeting on September 25th.

Foresters Smith and Chellman appeared before the Board and presented the Annual Report on Farm Forestry dated September 6, 1958 and presented a bill in the amount of $932.97 covering the Farm Forestry Project for Lake County 1958-1959.  This payment may be made as a lump sum or as 2 payments due on or before January 1 and July 1, 1959.

Mr. Duncan advised the Board that the State Road Department wants to let the contract on Road 25-500 North of Fruitland Park to the north city limits of Lady Lake, Job 11040-2206, and the appraisers should be appointed.  WHEREUPON, Commr. Theus appointed the following appraisers:  L. W. Huey, Leesburg; H. B. Harrell, Jr., Leesburg; and Lee Howard, Leesburg.

Mr. Selsor and Miss Geraldine Fell, representing the Child Welfare Unit, appeared before the Board to meet the members and stated their office is equipped and staffed, and they have started working.

Mr. Goodson, County Engineer, reported to the Board that he, Mr. Lehmann, and Mr. Treadway had attended a meeting in Tavares at the invitation of Mr. Charles H. Youman, Zoning Commissioner for West Volusia County, regarding opening up new developments on the western side of the St. Johns River and the need of a road going west to Mount Dora and Leesburg.  A new road and bridge will shorten the distance between Deland, Orange City, Debary, and all small towns to get to Mount Dora and Leesburg.  Mr. Goodson stated he does not think the project would be worthwhile to Lake County.

On a motion by Commr. Theus, seconded by Commr. Cross and carried, the following named persons were designated as Clerks and Inspectors to serve in the Second Primary Election to be held September 30, 1958 and that the names be published one time in the Eustis Lake Region News 11 days before the Election.

astor – precinct #1

VOTING PLACE – Usual Place

Russell Mattox - Clerk

Inspectors: Mrs. Lucile Davis, Otis Lee, Margaret Saul


altoona – precinct #2


C. E. Matteson - Clerk

Inspectors:  L. M. Stewart, Paul Guenther, Aden E. Everts


Paisley – precinct #3

VOTING PLACE – Usual Place

Reed Hollinger – Clerk

Inspectors: Mrs. Maggie Jones, Mrs. Lorene Shockley, Ottie Brown


cassia – precinct #4

VOTING PLACE – Usual Place

Clerk:  Phyllis Freeman

Inspectors:  Mrs. Ernestine R. Gnann, J. F. Huff, Carl T. Carlson


sorrento – precinct #5

VOTING PLACE – Usual Place

Major Joseph Story - Clerk

Inspectors: Louis Fister, James E. Geddes, May Mathews


eustis – precinct #6

VOTING PLACE – - Usual Place

R. J. Schneider - Clerk

Inspectors: Barbara S. Cash, Clayton P. Bishop, R. J. Hancock, J.A. Livingston, Roger A. Getford


umatilla – PRECINCT #7


Clerk:  Adelia K. Owens

Inspectors:  Clyde Vaughn, E. G. Hall, Sam Trew, Lillian S. Kimball


grand island – precinct #8

VOTING PLACE – Usual Voting Place

Clerk:  Marie Persons

Inspectors:  Kathlyn Stephens, Wilma Jones, Roslyn R. Day


lisbon – precinct #9

VOTING PLACE – usual voting place

Clerk:  Thelma Gastfield

Inspectors:  J. S. Gwaltney, C. W. Curry, and J. O. Grigsby (R)


leesburg – precinct #10

VOTING PLACE – Leesburg Motor Co, E. Main & Canal St.)

Clerk:  C. J. Willis

Inspectors:  Walter Kessler, Max Ammons, Harold Galt, T. N. Webb, and Leslie Burdine


lady lake – precinct #11

VOTING PLACE – Community Bldg.

Clerk:  Tessie Seyler

Inspectors:  Louise Reaves, William Alfred Nowers, Bert Lewis


okahumpka – precinct #12

VOTING PLACE – Hall’s Garage

Clerk: R. D. Merritt

Inspectors:  Edna N. Hall, Ellie P. Fussell, and Pauline Deal (R)


yalaha – precinct #13

VOTING PLACE – Bloomfield

Clerk:  Stanley James

Inspectors:  Elgie V. Fowler, Lucy W. Crow, and Pearl Jones


mascotte – precinct #14

VOTING PLACE – Community Building

Clerk:  R. E. Nash

Inspectors:  V. J. Overmiller, C. W. Porterfield, T. H. Knight, J. A. Hooks


clermont – precinct #15


Clerk:  Glenn Y. Middleton

Inspectors:  F. H. Higby, Norris Hutchingson, John McCown, Thelma Jarvis, D. G. Rambo, and Travis Cork


montverde – precinct #16

VOTING PLACE – Community Building

Clerk:  P. H. Nash

Inspectors:  Annie Lou McQuaig, May McCarley, and Gladys Pauline Sheppard


astatula – precinct #17


Clerk:  Olive Ingram

Inspectors:  Ina Ruth Swaffar, Lillie Mae Lee, Ralph Alberding


lake gem – precinct #18

VOTING PLACE – Usual voting place

Clerk:  J. B. Norris

Inspectors:  W. A. Keen, Harry J. Hutchins, and James Saunders


tavares – precinct #19


Clerk:  H. T. Dykes

Inspectors:  F. J. Banning, L. L. Coven, J. M. Hudson, Richard Hunter, and L. W. Conner

mount dora – precinct #20

VOTING PLACE – Chamber of Commerce Building

Clerk:  Angus McDonald

Inspectors:  Edward Vincent, Alfred Berry, Gulya Bissell, Sarah Leatherbury, and Mrs. Doris Morse

howey – precinct #21


Clerk:  Minnie s. Sarver

Inspectors:  Henrietta K. Bahl, Mrs. C. T. Hill, and Ernestine A. Wolf

minneola – precinct #22

VOTING PLACE – Community Building

Clerk:  C. H. Edwards

Inspectors:  Violet E. Meeker, Mae R. Weaver, Elmer Smith

groveland – precinct #23


Clerk:  John Arnold

Inspectors:  A. S. Brooks, George Mays, Clyde Plowden, and J. D. Ogden

Ferndale – precinct #24

VOTING PLACE – Community Bldg.

Clerk:  C. O. Zittrower

Inspectors:  Carl Henderson, E. L. Starr, and Elizabeth Haury


fruitland park – precinct #25


Clerk:  Nina Hall

Inspectors:  Carrie B. Lee, Elsie Everback, and Minnie McKnight

leesburg – precinct #26

VOTING PLACE – Armory Building

Clerk:  R. P. Butler

Inspectors:  Ted C. Prosser, Frank Plate, W. B. Clements, and J. Lamar Tompkins

leesburg – Precinct #27

VOTING PLACE – Smith’s Furniture Store

Clerk:  L. W. Huey

Inspectors:  Claude Moore, Frank Lukens, C. B. Garland, Sr., H. R. Carpenter, and Merle Nelson

leesburg – Precinct #28

VOTING PLACE – Commander’s Penn-Dixie Grocery

Clerk:  J. R. Fussell

Inspectors:  Louis Charles Kitchen, Elsie L. Commander, and Mary Lou Brooke

leesburg – Precinct #29

VOTING PLACE – Casteen’s Grocery Store

Clerk:  Edgar Ward

Inspectors:  Mrs. Olivia Ellen Courtoy, Anna L. Brunson, and Frances Trumm

leesburg – Precinct #30

VOTING PLACE – Fred Johnson’s Garage

Clerk:  Glyn Faircloth

Inspectors: Charles J. Peper, Raymond Krueger, and Harry Thorniley

mount dora – Precinct #31


Clerk:  Ray Blanchard

Inspectors:  Flavilla Blanchard, Lillian Christie, Henry Beims, Mel Wagner, J. P. Martelock

eustis – Precinct #32


Clerk:  Ruth Wirth

Inspectors:  Ruby Partridge, Edythe Andres, Verna Baker, Arthur Polk, Robert Tolbert, and Dayton Monroe

dona vista – Precinct #33

VOTING PLACE – usual place

Clerk:  Kathlyn C. Cadwell

Inspectors:  H. L. Cadwell, W. C. Broadway, and Mrs. Florence Holt

airport – Precinct #34

VOTING PLACE – Airport Building

Clerk:  Mrs. Martha Glidewell

Inspectors:  Samuel Love, Doris White, and Ina Huchingson

golden triangle – Precinct #35

VOTING PLACE – Riley’s Trailer Park

Clerk:  Grady Simpson

Inspectors:  Elizabeth Penn, Annie Jane Green, and Mary C. Nix

Clerk Owens reported to the Board that the State Comptroller has approved the budget as to form for the fiscal year beginning October 1, 1958 and ending September 30, 1959, as adopted by the Board of County Commissioners on the 28th day of July 1958, fixing the millages as follows:

FUND                                                                                                 MILLS

General                                                                                                7.8

Road & Bridge                                                                                   2.3

Fine & Forfeiture                                                                                1.6

South Lake Memorial Hospital (special district)                                1.0

Bond Interest & Sinking (Courthouse Bonds Ser. A&B)                   .2

County Health Unit                                                                              .9

Water Conservation                                                                          1.25

Clerk Owens filed the budget for the fiscal year beginning October 1, 1958 and ending September 30, 1959, which said budget is copied in and made a part of the minutes as follows:


ESTIMATE OF RECEIPTS:                                                                         THIS YEAR

STATE SOURCES:  (Received as distributions)

114 Railroad and Telegraph Licenses                                                             1150.00

116 Insurance Agents County License Tax                                                    1800.00

121 State Board of Health, State No. 1                                                         4480.00

122 State Board of Health, State No. 2                                                       17612.75

123 Hospital Aid to Indigent                                                                       21929.00

COUNTY SOURCES (Revenue Receipts)

130 Taxes 7.8 mills on assessed valuation of 59,183,680                           461632.70

132 Sale of Tax Delinquent Lands                                                                     25.00

133 Tax Deed Surplus                                                                                      400.00

137 Occupational Licenses                                                                             4500.00

138 Beverage Licenses                                                                                 12500.00

139 Building Permits and Zoning Fees                                                        11000.00

148 Interest on Bank Account                                                                          400.00


151 Estimated Excess Fees, Tax Assessor                                                    16000.00

152 Estimated Excess Fees, Tax Collector                                                   20000.00

153 Estimated Excess Fees, Clerk Circuit Court                                            1000.00

155 Estimated Excess Fees, County Judge                                                    3000.00

160 Fees, Sheriff                                                                                             4000.00


174 Grants and Donations                                                                              9595.00

COUNTY SOURCES: (Non-Revenue Receipts)

186 Miscellaneous                                                                                            100.00

188 Refunds of Advertising Delinquent Lands                                                600.00

TOTAL ESTIMATED RECEIPTS                                                             591724.45

LESS 5%                                                                                                       29586.22

95% OF ESTIMATED RECEIPTS                                                            562138.23

BALANCES TO BE BROUGHT FORWARD:  CASH                           166000.00

TOTAL ESTIMATED RECEIPTS AND BALANCES                            728138.23

(MILLAGE LEVIED LAST YEAR 7.5       Estimated this year 7.8)




211 Salaried County Commissioners                                      19000.00

212 Salaries of Clerk of the Board and Deputies                   11500.00

216 Salary of Supervisor of Registration                                  3600.00

219 Other Administrative Salaries                                            9660.00

Commissions and Fees

221 Clerk of Circuit Court                                                          350.00

224 Tax Assessor                                                                    41000.00

225 Tax Collector                                                                   40000.00

227 Inquests                                                                             1000.00

Maintenance and Rent

241 Courthouse                                                                       36700.00

242 Other Administrative Buildings                                        4000.00

Other Administrative Expenses

261 Elections and Registrations                                             27940.00

262 Legal Advertising and Expenses                                      1350.00

263 Advertising Delinquent Taxes                                           1200.00

269 Supplies and Expenses County Commissioners                1000.00

270 Supplies and Expenses Other County Officers               39000.00

271 Discharge Fees                                                                     300.00


311 Salary Secretary, Judge Circuit Court                              4170.75

315 Salary Prosecuting Attorney                                                600.00

316 Salaries of Sheriff, deputies and assistants                      88000.00



411 County Engineer and Clerk                                             10500.00


542 Tubercular Hospitals                                                        12000.00

562 Insanity Inquiries                                                               3500.00

563 Relief Allowances                                                            36150.00

564 Welfare Administration                                                     7880.00

565 Hospital Service for the Indigent                                    45829.00


671 County Service Officer                                                      9700.00

672 Civil Defense                                                                       500.00

675 Mosquito Control                                                             57317.75

676 Zoning Department                                                          10835.00

681 Agriculture                                                                       32120.00

682 Fire Control                                                                      12033.60

683 Recreation                                                                          7600.00

684 Education (Historical Society)                                           1500.00

684 Publicity                                                                           16000.00

687 Fish and Game Conservation                                             6500.00

689 Hyacinth Control and Forestry                                          9850.00


General Government

811 Courthouse – Furniture and Equipment                          22500.00

812 Other Administrative Buildings – Furniture/Equipment   2000.00

TOTAL APPROPRIATIONS                                            634,686.10

951 Reserve for Contingencies – County                               8,119.13

952 Reserve for Contingencies – Sheriff                                5,333.00

Reserve for cash balance to be carried forward                     80,000.00

TOTAL BUDGET                                                               728,138.23

This is a true and correct copy of the Budget as adopted by this Board of County Commissioners of Lake County on July 28, 1958

Frank E. Owens, Clerk Circuit Court    (Official Seal)          O. M. Simpson, Chairman

APPROVED AS TO FORM AUG 13, 1958   Ray E. Green, Comptroller

(For estimates of revenues and receipts and estimated expenses for the Fine & Forfeiture Fund, Road & Bridge Fund, Capital Outlay Reserve (County Home) Fund, South Lake Memorial Hospital Fund, Capital Outlay Reserve (Armories) Fund, and Capital Outlay Reserve (Health Clinic) Fund for the Fiscal Year ending September 30, 1959, please see pages 251-254.)


On a motion by Commr. Hooten, seconded by Commr. Cowart and carried, the following vouchers were approved for payment:

General Fund                                                  #1458 through #1607

Road & Bridge Fund                                      #1426 through #1527

Fine & Forfeiture Fund                                   #156 through #177

South Lake Memorial Hospital Fund             none

Health Clinic                                                   #6

following filed with the board:

Letter from Florida TB Hospital regarding discharge of Mamie Lou Jones and Elvish Handsborough

Comptroller’s Report regarding special fuel tax and gas gallonage tax collected in August

Lake County Welfare Worker’s Report for August





/s/ Frank E. Owens                                                                  /s/ O. M. Simpson           

CLERK                                                                                   CHAIRMAN