monday – mARCH 2, 1959


The Board of County Commissioners met in regular session in the County Commissioners’ room in the Courthouse at Tavares on Monday, March 2, 1959, with the following present:  Chairman Simpson; Commissioners Theus, Cowart, Hooten and Cross; Clerk Owens and Attorney Mort Aulls sitting in for Attorney Duncan.

Meeting called to order by Chairman Simpson.

The minutes of the meetings of February 2 and 9 were adopted as read on motion of Commr. Hooten seconded by Commr. Cross.

Clerk Owens reported he has approved the following Notary Public Bonds since the first meeting in February:

With American Surety Company of New York:

            Imogene Haney 2-4-59; Alan H. Hamlin 2-13-59; William Wanton Wheeler 2-13-59; Elma H. Kibler 2-16-59; J. R. Ashmore 2-18-59; Ranston E. Davis 2-19-                                   59; and Mary E. Wood 2-27-59

With U. S. Fidelity & Guaranty Company:

            R. K. Evans 2-5-59; and Gertrude Shearer 2-24-59

With American Fire & Casualty Company:

            Jewell Swift 2-6-59; Jennie P. Jackson 2-18-59; Roy E. Winn 2-27-59; and Helen B. Fitzsimmons 2-27-59

Mr. Joe Murphey, Dutch Murphey and Mr. and Mrs. Stary Williams appeared before the Board re:  a road in the Bayview, Saltsdale Section.  They presented a petition signed by N. H. Edenfield and 45 others re this road.  Dutch Murphey stated several years ago a similar petition was filed, but we still do not have a rod.  Mr. Cross asked if they can get the right-of-way, but Mr. Murphey did not know.            He stated the road would be beneficial to the school and the public.  Mr. Cross informed him if he would get the rights of way, he would put the rod through.  Mr. Murphey stated there is no use to talk to Hugh Geiger about giving a right of way.  Mr. Cross stated, if you can trade with Mr. Geiger, I will build the road.  Mr. Simpson suggested that the delegation talk to Mr. Geiger and see if they can get the right of way.  Dutch Murphey said he would not to see him.  It was suggested that Mr. Williams go as he is a new comer and might be able to get the right of way.  The petition was given to Dutch Murphey and he said he would bring it back.

Rangers Smith and Chellman appeared before the Board and presented to each member of the Board a six months report on the Farm Forester Service Activities for the period Sept 1, 1959 through February 28, 1959.  The Report was discussed and the Chairman thanked the gentlemen for appearing before the Board.

D. W. Brooklyn appeared before the Board re:  Road into his property.  Said he bought some land on Road 19 about a mile North of Altoona and thought the property was on the highway, but now finds out the Government owns a strip 50 feet wide (.3 of an acre) between him and the road.  The Forester wants to charge $5.00 per year for Mr. Brooklyn to travel over the property.  The prior owner had access across the property without any charge.  Mr. Theus suggested that Mr. Brooklyn have a survey made and see if he has an outlet. 

Doug Igou and W. M. Rhodes appeared before the Board re:  Hick’s Cana North of Eustis being stopped up.  Mr. Igou said if Umatilla’s water was let out, we would not have any problem at all.  Discussion as to getting a permanent easement to maintain the ditch followed.  Mr. Igou stated if Mr. Goodson will get the description of the properties, I will go with him and see if we can get deeds from the property owners.

Mr. Luton again appeared before the Board re a road in Suburban Shores Subdivision.  Mr. Goodson said he went with Mr. Luton to look at the road and thinks the most economical way would be to use the road now in use. 

The cost for paving 14,455 yards would be                                        $8,573.00

Regrade in Suburban Shores & at SR 50                                                 318.00

Remove and reset 101 trees @ $8.00 per tree (orange trees)                  808.00

10’x800’ R/W on Washington St., Edgewater Beach

8000 sq. ft.@ $3,000.00                                                                           558.00


Drainage, Edgewater Beach Area                                                            260.00


Mr. Goodson recommended that this road should be included as a secondary road project.  Mr. Luton said the trees are on the County right of way.  Mr. Luton asked if they can be given some immediate relief by removal of trees.  The fruit has been picked.  The trees have been there 20 years.  Mr. Simpson asked Mr. Duncan (who was present for a short time) what the County can do and Mr. Duncan stated the County can, of course, condemn.  Would not recommend that the County go out and remove the trees.  Mr. Hooten said that a Mr. Sadler owns the land and he thinks if Mr. Sadler was asked to remove the trees he would do so without any expense to the County.  Mr. Simpson suggested that Mr. Duncan write Mr. Sadler and ask him to remove the trees.  Mr. Duncan said he would like to put in the letter that the County plans in the near future to make the road.  Mr. Goodson was instructed to give Mr. Duncan the necessary information.

            H. L. Pringle appeared before the Board and stated some months ago he filed a Petition to close a certain road in District No. One, after which there has been a change in the ownership of the land.  I wish to withdraw this petition and file new ones.  All I want at this time is authority to publish Notice for hearing on April 6th at 10:00 A.M. this was agreeable with the Board.

            Mr. Cowart gave Mr. Duncan drainage easement off of Highway 50 at Mascotte.

Clerk Owens read a Petition signed by B. V. Johnson, E. L. Smith, C. E. Matteson and Mrs. C. E. Matteson re:  Bert Getch closing road.  Clerk Owens also read a letter to Sheriff McCall which he wrote as Clerk and Sheriff’s reply to same with report of Doug Swell, D. D.  Motion by Commr. Cross seconded by Commr. Cowart and carried, that the action of Clerk Owens in attending to this matter be approved.

Clerk Owens reported to the Board that Fred Owles called and said he is holding checks of various contractors interested in plans and specifications for Old Folks Home, awaiting the Board’s decision as to whether or not they are going to advertise for construction of an Old Folks Home.

Motion by Commr. Cross seconded by Commr. Cowart and carried, that the Clerk be instructed to notify Fred Owles that at the present the Board is not ready to make a final decision on authorizing Notice for Bids.

Clerk Owens presented a bill from Shoup Voting Machine in the amount of $19,119.00.    Motion by Commr. Cowart seconded by Commr. Cross and carried, that the bill of Shoup Voting Machine be approved at the next meeting.

Clerk read a letter from Ned Vick Inc. re air conditioning cooling tower repairs.  The letter stated the cooling tower is beyond repair and it will cost $420.00 to replace it.  No action taken on this.  Bring to next meeting.

Letter from Sheriff McCall re:  Carrying out the Board’s instructions with reference to the prescriptive road near Umatilla (Dona Vista) read and filed.

Motion by Commr. Theus seconded by Commr. Cross and carried, that the action of the Chairman and Clerk in approving the following applications for admittance to the T. B. Hospital – G. C. Battle and Lilla Brown O’Steen – be approved.

Motion by Commr. Theus seconded by Commr. Cross and carried, that the General Fund Warrant #739 dated January 12, 1959 in the amount of $12.50 to Matthew Bender & Company, Inc., drawn on First national Bank of Eustis be cancelled as this bill was paid by Judge Hall out of excess fees.

Letter from Bannerman Company, Inc. and The Texas Company re:  Change of prices on asphalt were read by Clerk Owens who was instructed to write the other companies bidding to ascertain if this price controls their prices also.

Clerk Owens reported to the Board that Mrs. Susie Hatcher has an air conditioner unit for sale and thought the Board might be interested in it for the Juvenile Home.  Price $200.00.

Clerk Owens read a letter from Judge Futch re:  salaries of Circuit Court Judges in the State and requesting that the salaries of the Judges in the Fifth Judicial Circuit be raised $3,000.00 to be in line with the other judges in the State.  This would raise the salaries in the Fifth Circuit to approximately $16,500.00 annually.  Mr. Duncan is to prepare the House Bill on this request.

Clerk Owens filed executed copy of Railroad Agreement of Atlantic Coast Line and Lake County re:  Railroad crossing North of Okahumpka.

Mr. Duncan reported he received a letter from State Road Department re:  Invoice for work done by Mr. Vogel and Mr. Wilson for acquiring rights-of-way.

Motion by Commr. Theus seconded by Commr. Cross and carried, that the payroll for the month of February be approved.

Clerk Owens read a letter from Central Florida Well Drillers re:  Contract on well at Astatula which stated as follows:  Well has been drilled, turbine pump, tank and accessories will be delivered to Goodson’s Office per his instructions.  Company will install the pump upon 10 days’ notice at no additional cost to County within a 4 months period.  Final bill will be sent when material delivered to Goodson.

Mr. Hooten stated the Grand Jury criticized him for using county clay on the Roper road.  Mr. Roper paid for the road himself which is a County road and benefitted the County.  Clerk Owens was instructed to check on this road into Clay Island as to ownership.

Engineer Goodson reported he prepared Notice to Bidders for Reconditioning of the exiting base and surfacing approximately 13,800 square yds. of Lake Shore Drive and connection to Old SR 27 in Minneola, but was advised by Clerk Owens there is no money available in the budget for this job; therefore, this Notice was not published.


Letters from Chas. A. Dillard and G. E. Gerding objecting to streets in Oleander Court Subdivision being closed.

Letter from United Farm Agency re:  Sale of property previously offered to County.

B. W. Huntley Realty Company – offering for $25,000.00 location in Eustis for Old Folks Home

W. A. Gray, Bonnie Breeze – offering 2-1/3 acres of land at Bonnie Breeze for Old Folks Home

F. R. Morrison, Leesburg – offering El-Ray Motel for sale for Old Folks Home

Memorandum of John C. Dickerson, Executive Director Asphalt Contractors Assn. of Fla.

Docket Nos. 5597-5678-XP

Resolution from Women of First Baptist Church, Astatula, re:  Juvenile Home

SRD re:  Dora Canal bid for work

SRD re:  Umatilla SR 42

Copy of letter from Dr. Hall re:  Leroy Harris

Mount Dora Boat Club – thanks for boat ramp

W. F. Robinson – acknowledging letter and stating he will confer with Mr. Duncan

Survival Plan Fallout filed

following reports filed with the board

J. C. Hunter, Service Officer

R. E. Norris, County Agent and 2 assistant agents

Marian B. Valentine, County Home Demo. Agent, and 2 assistant agents

primary and secondary roads

The Board agreed to meet on March 5th to consider requests for Primary and Secondary Roads.



/s/ Frank E. Owens                                                                 /s/ O. M. Simpson           

CLERK                                                                                   CHAIRMAN