monday – mARCH 10, 1959


The Board of County Commissioners met in called session in the County Commissioners’ room in the Courthouse at Tavares on Tuesday, March 10, at 10 o’clock AM., for the purpose of designating Primary and Secondary roads for the 1959-1960 budget and such other matters as may be brought before the Board, with the following present:  Chairman Simpson; Commissioners Theus, Cowart, Hooten and Cross; Attorney Duncan and Deputy Clerk Robertson.  (Mr. Owens attending court.)

The Board called to order by Chairman Simpson.

A delegation of County citizens was present.  Mr. Duncan stated the Board will hear their requests in alphabetical order.

Astatula not represented, but mailed in a Resolution requesting SR 561 to be placed on the list.

Astor, Altoona, Clermont, Dona Vista.  No one present from these towns.

Eustis delegation as follows:  Don Porter, Barney E. Dillard, Mr. Jacobs, Everett Huskey, Carl Ferran.  Resolutions from the City of Eustis and Eustis Chamber of Commerce with road requests filed.

Ferndale – Carl Henderson re:  Clay road from Ferndale to Shepherd Lake.  Mr. Duncan advised the Board is going ahead with this road.

Fruitland Park – George E. Kratt presented a Petition signed by 16 citizens petitioning that Gray’s Airport Road be paved eastward from Route 27-441.

Groveland – Follow up letter and Resolution From J. E. Fairchild re: Appearance of Mr. L. D. Edge, Mr. Clayton J. Weir and Mr. Fairchild before the Board on February 9.  Filed.

Leesburg – Several persons present, all interested in Dixie Avenue

Lady Lake – No one present

Mount Dora – Had the largest delegation, namely Messrs. Christopher, Patton, White, Sr., Shiply, Kennedy, Rabaum Levils and Mrs. Seiss.  Mr. Christopher filed 4 requests for the delegation.

Mascotte – No one present.

Tavares – E. I. Burleigh, Mayor, presented request to Town of Tavares to designate for the business route from SR 19 over Sinclair Avenue to Summerall Park.  Also called attention to the road from Eustis to Tavares via Lake Saunders.

Umatilla – No one present.  Mr. Cross read the request of Town Council and filed same.  Senator Boyd and Rep. Daniel were present.

state civil defense

Karl Lehmann appeared before the Board and stated he has a letter from Jacksonville State Civil Defense re:  Mr. Lauben making a survey.  The State Civil Defense thinks we should put in full time employee to do the job.  Mr. Simpson stated the Mount Dora local Post asked that something be done immediately.   Mr. Lehmann said he has not spent all of the $500.00 the Board has set up in the budget for Civil Defense.  Have spent about $210.00.  Dr. Hall was called into the meeting and stated one 200-bed Unit has arrived and is stored in Umatilla.  Not to be used until an emergency arises.  Dr. Hall recommended putting Mr. Lauben on for the rest of this month and make it plain that there is no money after this is gone.  WHEREUPON, on motion of Commr. Cowart seconded by Commr. Hooten and carried, Mr. Lauben was employed for continuing the survey for the rest of this month.  (Commr. Cross voted “no.”)

Clayton Weir appeared before the Board and requested the Commissioners to do all they can to help get the road (50) widened through Groveland to intersection of SR 33 in Mascotte and a survey of SR 19 S. of Groveland and extended into Zephyrhills.  Mr. Goodson said it would cost between 12 to 14 thousand dollars for a survey and Mr. Cowart said he would pledge that amount from secondary money for the survey for the road.

Mr. Weir stated the salaries of the County Commissioners should be raised as this is a full time job and I do know they are far under paid for the work they do.  At this time, it was brought up that the Auditing Department has criticized the use of credit cards for the Commissioners and it would have to be a special act to raise the salaries.  Mr. Boyd suggested a $50.00 per month expense account.  This was discussed.  Mr. Duncan said that might not be adequate.  Will need a law to correct criticism of Auditors on administrative expense.  Could put it in one act as administrative and travel expense.  Various other bills were discussed.

Mr. Goodson gave a report on Bonds.  Mr. Boyd and Mr. Daniel said they will vote against the 5 and 6 cent gas tax.

The Board agreed to pay the phone bills of the Senator and Representative.  Should have a phone in the Representatives’ room and one in Boyd’s Senate room.

Motion by Commr. Cowart seconded by Commr. Hooten and carried, that the application of Mrs. Lucy B. Hall for admission to the T. B. Hospital be approved.

Motion by Commr. Theus seconded by Commr. Cowart and carried that the following Resolution be adopted:  (Primary Roads)


WHEREAS, the Board of County Commissioners of Lake County, Florida, has been requested by the State Road Department of the State of Florida to designate and request for the budget for the year beginning July 1, 1959 through June 30, 1960, PRIMARY ROADS to be constructed within said County during said period; and

WHEREAS, at a regular meeting on March 10, 1959, the County Commissioners in said meeting designated the Primary Roads for construction in Lake County in preferential order;

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED BY THE BOARD OF COUNTY COMMISSIONERS OF LAKE COUNTY, FLORIDA, that the State Road Department of the State of Florida be requested to construct in Lake County, Florida, the following Primary Roads in the following order:

1.     Construct State Road 500 from Orange County line via Mount Dora Northerly and Westerly through Tavares and Leesburg to the Lake-Sumter County line.

2.     Construct municipal section type of road on State Road 50 from East City Limits of Groveland to intersect with State Road 33.

3.     Construct an underpass for State Road 19 to pass under State Road 25 at the intersection of said roads, Southwesterly of Howey-in-the-Hills, Florida.

4.     Widen and resurface State Road 46 from Highland Avenue in Mount Dora to Wekiwa River and provide interchange with State Road 500.

5.     Four lane State Road 19 from city limits of Eustis to South city limits of Umatilla with municipal section type of road.

6.     Four Lane State Road 25 from North City Limits of Minneola to a point South of Road 50.

7.     Survey and determine a route and construct an extension of State Road 459 from the Town of Groveland (toward Zephyrhills in Pasco County) to the Lake-Pasco County line and redesignate said road as State Road 19.  (The State Road Department is urged to survey and determine a route for said road in Pasco County to intersect U.S. 301 at Zephyrhills.)

8.     Complete survey on State Road 19 from South city limits of Umatilla through Umatilla and Altoona to North of Pittman.

9.     Resurface State Road 44 from Cassia to intersect S-44-A East of Eustis and from State Road 19 North of Eustis to intersect State Road 500 at Silver Lake.

10.  Survey, determine and construct a bypass from intersection of State Road 44 and S-44-A East of Eustis to intersection of State Road 19 and State Road 44 North of Eustis.

11.  Locate and construct a road from the intersection of State Road 19 and State Road 44 North of Eustis.

12.  Resurface State Road 33 from State Road 25 at Helena Run to intersect State Road 50 at Mascotte.

13.  Resurface State Road 561 from intersection with State Road 19 South of Tavares to North City Limits of Minneola, and from 12th Street in Clermont South to intersect with State Road 33.

14.  Designate present U.S. 441 (SR 500) at its intersection with proposed SR 500 in Orange County and continue through Mount Dora and Tavares along the present route to intersect proposed SR 500 in Tavares as a scenic route, and provide four-lane approaches at both intersections for a distance of at least one-fourth mile.  (SEE Florida State, Chapter ____).

15.  Reconstruct into municipal section type road State Road 19 from South Street in Eustis to intersect with proposed State Road 500 South of Eustis.

Motion by Commr. Cross seconded by Commr. Hooten and carried that the following Resolution be adopted:







Year 1959-1960                                                                                  COUNTY    LAKE  


WHEREAS, under Chapter 26.321 of the Extraordinary Session of 1949, known as the “Secondary Road Assistance Act of 1949” and Section 339.08 Florida Statutes of 1957, the State Road Department will receive 80% of the proceeds of this county’s pro-rata share of the Seventh Cent gasoline tax, to be used as prescribed by regulations of the said Department within this County, as requested by Resolution of this Board of County Commissioners and approved by the Department for one or more of the following purposes:  Construction, reconstruction, maintenance and repair of State roads and bridges, the lease or purchase of bridges connecting State roads, the acquisition of rights-of-way for State roads and the reduction of road and bridge indebtedness; and

WHEREAS, the State Road Department has requested this County Board to recommend the purpose for which, and the roads on which, this County’s 80% surplus gas tax and Federal Aid Secondary allocations should be spent for construction and improvement; and

WHEREAS, the State Road Department requires this information so that it may be considered in the preparation of the Annual Budget of the State Road Department; and

WHEREAS, this Board conferred with the State Road Department concerning the projects to be selected and the specifications with respect thereto,

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED THAT the State Road Department is hereby requested to use such funds for construction (including rights-of-way acquisition surveys, maintenance, etc.) of the following roads:

1.     Locate and construct S-565-A, Job 1160, known as the Monte Vista Road.  Resurface SR 19 from the North city limits of Umatilla to Altoona.  Old SR 19 Lake Dora Canal Bridge Tavares.  Reconstruct Road S-445 Alexander Springs Road between SR 19 and SR 40.  Locate and construct a road beginning approximately 1.25 miles East of the intersection of S-44-A and SR 437 and run Southeasterly to intersect SR 46 Northeast of the intersection of SR 46 with the ACL Railroad.  Four-lane Dixie Avenue in Leesburg extended easterly beginning at Canal Street and run East to connect with Est Main Street (SR 44).

2.     Resurface SR 450 from SR 19 in Umatilla Westerly for a distance of 1.50 miles.  Also resurface Assembly Road commencing at SR 19 in Umatilla running East and Northeasterly to intersection of SR 42.

3.     Locate and construct a road beginning at SR 19 South of Umatilla and run Easterly to intersect S-44-A (Eldorado Road) (See Resolution).

4.     Relocate and construct road commencing at SR 459 North of Groveland and run Easterly along the Cherry Lake Road to intersect SR 25.

5.     Reconstruct Irma Street in Tavares to Lake Avenue, and Lake Avenue to Dora Canal Bridge (now under contract) and from said Bridge to SR 19.

6.     Construct municipal section type of road beginning at the intersection of proposed SR 500 with Donnelly Avenue extended and run South to Fifth Avenue in the City of Mount Dora.

7.     Locate and construct a road beginning at the Southeast corner of Section 34, Tp. 17 S. R. 27 East (from SR 42) and run South approximately 5.75 miles to intersect SR 44.

8.     Relocate and construct S-466, Job 1156, from Sumter County line to SR 25 at Lady Lake.

9.     Locate and construct a road commencing at Road S-44-A, Section 1168 approximately 1.8 miles East of Eustis, and run South (East of Lake Joanna) to intersect Donnelly Avenue extended.

10.  Locate and construct S-561-A, Section 1166, from Lake Shepherd Easterly to SR 455 at Ferndale.

11.  Locate and construct a road commencing at approximately the intersection of Road SR 46 at ACL Railroad East of Mount Plymouth and run Southerly approximately 1.75 miles to Orange County line.

This request is made with the express understanding that said road is to be built in conjunction with continuation of said road Southerly through portions of Orange and Seminole Counties.

12.  Locate and construct road beginning at Road 33 in Okahumpka and run Westerly to the Sumter County lines.

13.  Locate and construct a road beginning at SR 50 (near Killarney) and run Southerly and Easterly to and through Suburban Shores a distance of approximately 1.50 miles.

14.  Resurface a road beginning at the South city limits of Clermont and run Southerly and Westerly along East and South Boundaries of Lake Minnehaha to intersect new SR 50; also North and West along old SR 50 to intersect new SR 50.  (See Resolution).

15.  Resurface a road beginning at the North city limits of Minneola run South along 561 to Minneola Avenue in Clermont, thence West to old SR 50 South to intersect new SR 50; also North and West along old SR 50 to intersect new SR 50.  (See Resolution).

16.  Construct approximately 500 feet beginning at intersection of Sinclair Avenue with SR 29 Tavares, run South to present pavement.  Resurface pavement South to Ruby Street.

17.  Locate and construct a road from Cassia Station North to Cassia.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the methods and standards employed by the State Road Department for determination of major improvement features, including the types and widths of pavement, and the Department’s standard specifications for construction are concurred in and approved by this Board.  It is requested:  That the Department will consider the projects in the order listed above insofar as practicable but not to the extent of retarding the whole program; that the termini of the projects as descried in the Resolution an shown on the accompanying map, rather than any estimate of funds therefor, shall control the Department’s allocation of funds; that this resolution shall remain in effect throughout the year; and that after the current year the recommendations of this Resolution shall constitute a continuing improvement program for the County, unless changed by a subsequent annual Resolution.


MEETING ADJOURNED at 1:00 o’clock PM Thursday, March 12.



/s/ Frank E. Owens                                                                 /s/ O. M. Simpson

CLERK                                                                                   CHAIRMAN