FRIday – JULY 17, 1959


The Board of County Commissioners met in called session in the County Commissioners’ room in the Courthouse at Tavares on Friday, July 17, at 9:00 o’clock for the purpose of discussion of adopting the necessary Resolution relative to financing and assessing the necessary millage for the construction of a jail and repairs to the present courthouse and other governmental buildings and such other matters as may be brought before the Board, with the following present:  Commissioners Theus, Cowart, Bishop, and Cross; Chairman Simpson, Clerk Owens and Attorney Duncan.

The Board was called to order by Chairman Simpson.

Mr. Duncan read the Resolution, which he had prepared and stated it would have to be published 30 days before final action can be taken on it, and this action would have to be taken at a regular meeting.  Could adjourn the regular meeting in August to a special meeting 30 days after the adoption of the Resolution.  Mr. Cross suggested that the Board contact Reynolds, Smith and Hill, Architects, to be associated with Howell Hopson, Architect.  Other members of the Board agreed with this suggestion.  Mr. Duncan said the millage should be determined and said millage was determined to be 2-˝ mill, WHEREUPON, on motion of Commr. Cross seconded by Commr. Theus and unanimously carried, the following Resolution was adopted:

WHEREAS, it has been brought to the attention of the Board of County Commissioners by the Grand Jury of Lake County, the Courts of Lake County, and other sources, that the present jail facilities, constructed in the early 1920’s, was intended to house 50 prisoners; and that because of the phenomenal growth of Lake County and the accompanying increase in prisoners, the present jail facilities have been required to house in excess of 100 prisoners at a time, creating an unhealthy condition, and thus making it mandatory that new jail facilities be provided in order to properly house prisoners; and

WHEREAS, it has also been brought to the attention of the Board of County Commissioners that the Courthouse building is in immediate need of repair and reconditioning in order to make said building a safe place for the County Officials and their employees and the public; and

WHEREAS, the requirements of the various functions of County Government and service have made it necessary to seek housing and office facilities outside of the Court House, either by rental or by construction and the requirements of the public upon the various public offices and services of the County are creating increasing demands for more space; that the present facilities are now crowded and the very rapid growth of Lake County will make further demands upon the public offices of Lake County and will require expanded facilities in the very near future; and

WHEREAS, Lake County does not own within the City Limits of Tavares, available space for the proper construction of a jail and other County facilities required by Law, and the County Commissioners now find it essential and necessary to acquire other lands for such purposes;

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED by the Board of County Commissioners of Lake County, Florida, that because of the condition of the facilities of the various governmental agencies of Lake County, as above set forth, the County Commissioners deem it necessary to erect a jail which shall be a portion of expended facilities for the various County Offices, and that it is necessary to repair the Court House to correct certain defects and repair and replace worn out facilities.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that for the purpose of erecting a jail and acquiring suitable property for that purpose and other constitutionally required County purposes, and to make immediate repairs to the Court House, a Building Tax in an amount not to exceed 2-1/2 mills shall be levied upon the taxable property in Lake County for a period not to exceed ten (10) years, to be assessed and collected at the same time and in the same manner as other State and County Taxes are levied and collected at the same time and in the same manner as other State and County Taxes re levied and collected, and allocated for said purposes and funding and retirement of Revenue Certificates issued for such purposes.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that a public hearing be held in the Offices of the County Commissioners in Tavares, Florida, on the 24th day of August, 1959, at 10 o’clock in the forenoon to consider the necessity of erecting a County jail and the acquisition of property for that purpose and repairs to other County property and levying a tax for such purposes.

Authority was given Mr. Duncan by the Board to go to West Palm Beach to see the County Attorney, Mr. Harry Johnston, re issuing building certificates, and report back to the Board.

Mr. Theus stated that Mr. French said he felt like they could not proceeded any further with the Zoning Regulations until he has a letter from Mr. Duncan stating what their next move is and what their position is.  Mr. Duncan was instructed to write a letter to Mr. French and explain this matter.

The appraisals of Howard Mathews and E. T. Holland on land in Section 13-21-25 belonging to the Blitch Company, Inc., was presented to the Board.  Said appraisals stated a fair value for said property is One Thousand ($1,000.00) Dollars.

Motion by Commr. Bishop seconded by Commr. Cowart and carried, that the Board of County Commissioners purchase from Blitch Company, Inc., the following described land adjoining County owned land, for the sum of $1,000.00.

Begin 30 feet South and 320 feet East of the northwest corner of Northeast Quarter of Section 13, Township 21 South, Range 25 East, run East to the clay road, thence run South 7° 56’ West 131.4 feet, thence south 23° 30’ West 50 feet, thence South 29° West 50 feet, thence South 34° 30’ West 50 feet, thence South 40° West 315 feet, thence North 50° West 160.87 feet, thence Northeasterly 405 feet, more or less, to the point of beginning, consisting of 3.03 acres of unimproved property.


Motion by Commr. Bishop seconded by Commr. Theus and carried, that Clerk Owens be instructed to advertise in the Daily Commercial Notice for bids on two trucks for District One.

The Appraisal of Emery Dillard, Robert Eichelberger, and A. E. Mundy on Section 11010-2111 State Road No. 500, from Orange County Line to Dream Boat Corner was submitted to the Board of County Commissioners, showing a total appraisal of $793,334.00.

Commr. Theus filed the checks as listed below for reimbursement for paving on East Griffin Road and North Shore Drive.

A. B. Gangwen                       $30.00             L. P. Howland                         $22.50

Patty M. Nelson                        18.75             Justison’s Worm Farm            35.10

Ralph J. Manier                        22.50             Beverly Grizzard                    145.50

Harry D. Hatfield                     34.50             Irwin Cauthen             258.90

Emma Jean Lovin                     18.00             Irwin Cauthen             382.10


                                                                                                                        TOTAL $967.85




/s/ Frank E. Owens                                                                 /s/ O. M. Simpson

CLERK                                                                                   CHAIRMAN