FRIDAY - JULY 24, 1959


The Board of County Commissioners met in called session in the County Commissioners’ room in the Courthouse at Tavares on Friday, July 24, at 10:00 o’clock A.M. for the purpose of hearing requests and complaints from the public regarding the tentative budget of Lake County for the fiscal year beginning October 1, 1959 and ending September 30, 1960, and such other matters as may be brought before the Board, with the following present:  Chairman Simpson; Commissioners Theus, Cowart, Bishop, and Cross; and Clerk Owens.  (Attorney Duncan absent – gone to West Palm Beach)

The Board was called to order by Chairman Simpson.

Commr. Bishop filed check from Noah Rister in the amount of $32.90 for culvert.

Commr. Cross filed check from John Wetzig, Sr., in the amount of $36.00 for road materials.

Mr. John Downer, Mt. Dora, appeared before the Board and requested to hear a breakdown of the Sheriff’s budget for the 1959-1960 year, stating he had read in a county newspaper that the Sheriff’s budget was $312,568.15 and he wanted to know what all the money was to be spent for.  Clerk Owens advised Mr. Downer that the newspaper was in error, as the correct figure for the Sheriff’s budget for the year 19569-1960 is only $187,900.00, making an increase over his budget for the year 1958-1959 in the amount of $12,900.00.

Mr. Dick Eddy appeared before the Board and wanted to know if any provision was made in the 1959-1960 budget for Civil Defense.  Mr. Cross, Dr. Hall and Mr. Lehmann explained what steps the County has taken concerning the Civil Defense Program.

Don Kemp, Guilford Sims and Doug Igou, a committee on the proposed construction of an Agricultural Building, appeared before the Board in the interest of the proposed building.  The Committee was advised that the Board would contact it when services are further needed.

Motion by Commr. Cowart seconded by Commr. Cross and carried, that the budgets as advertised be adopted tentatively; and that Clerk Owens be instructed to transmit two certified copies of each of the tentative budgets as adopted to the Comptroller – Ray E. Green, Tallahassee – for his approval.

Motion by Commr. Theus seconded by Commr. Cowart and carried, that the State Road Department be requested to include in the construction plans for Dixie Avenue Extension in the City of Leesburg sidewalks on both sides of the Avenue as follows:  From center line station 10+00 to station 44+90.63, also from center line station 71+60 to end of project – all approximately one mile.

Mr. Thomas Blitch appeared before the Board and stated he will take $1,500.00 for the 3.03 acres of land which has been damaged by the County digging thereon through error. Mr. Duncan advised the Board that he discussed the matter with the State Auditor as to the damage to the land owned by Mr. Blitch and the Auditor advised that under the circumstances the County would be justified in going ahead and purchasing the land at $1,500.00 to avoid any possible litigation, WHEREUPON, on motion of Commr. Cowart seconded by Commr. Bishop and carried, the County Commissioners were authorized to purchase from Blitch Company Inc., for the sum of $1,500.00 the following described land, and that Clerk Owens be authorized to issue warrant for said amount on July 31, 1959.

Begin 30 feet South and 320 feet East of the northwest corner of Northeast Quarter of Section 13, Township 21 South, Range 25 East, run East to the clay road, thence run South 7° 56’ West 131.4 feet, thence South 23° 30’ West 50 feet, thence South 29° West 50 feet, thence South 34° 30’ West 50 feet, thence South 40° West 315 feet, thence North 50° West 160.87 feet, thence Northeasterly 405 feet more or less, to the point of beginning, consisting of 3.03 acres of unimproved property.


Commr. Bishop submitted Appraisal of Dwight Gaines and Wm. W. Boyd on the SE ¼ of NE ¼ of NW ¼ of Section 18, Township 23 South Range 27 East, Orange County, Florida, containing ten acres more or less, in the amount of $7,500.00; also bill of appraisers in the amount of $50.00 each, totaling $150.00.  (Appraisers appointed on July 13, 1959)

Commr. Bishop presented a letter from Irving F. Morse, Attorney, together with sketch of preliminary survey of land located in Section 1-23-25 showing proposed county road and requesting that the County accept this road in lieu of an old road which has been permitted to be closed some time ago while a canal was being constructed.  The letter and sketch were given to Mr. Duncan for study and report back to the Board at the first regular meeting in August.

Attorney Duncan was requested to secure rights of way as soon as possible on Road 44 from Road 437 to Cassia Post Office, as the State Road Department has the plans and specifications ready on old Road 44 for resurfacing and rebuilding from the Post Office at Cassia to Road 437.

There being no further business, the meeting adjourned.


/s/ Frank E. Owens                                                                 /s/ O. M. Simpson

CLERK                                                                                   CHAIRMAN