THE BOARD OF COUNTY commissioners

monday – OCTOBER 17, 1960


The Board of County Commissioners met in called session in the County Commissioners’ room in the Courthouse at Tavares on Monday October 17, 1960, for the purpose of receiving bids for the construction of the Lake County Agricultural Center, and such other matters as may be brought before the Board, with the following present:  Chairman Cross; Commissioners Cowart, Bishop and Simpson; Clerk Owens, County Engineer Goodson and Commissioner-Elect Herbert Babb, also Mr. Robert Ford, Architect.  (Mr. Theus and Mr. Duncan absent)

The Board was called to order by Chairman Cross.

The hour of ten o’clock having arrived and Notice having been published for bids to be received at this time for the construction of an Agricultural Center, Clerk Owens read the Notice to Bidders, and the following bids were received and read:


Furnish all labor and materials necessary as called for in

the specifications and as shown on the drawings                           $113,600.00


Alternate A-1 – for furnishing & installing materials

Described in Section 16000, add                                                          2,682.00


120 number of calendar days after award of contract.


Bid surety in amount of $5,680.00 enclosed and also list

of sub-contractors                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         


GILES & ASSOCIATES, INC. – P. O. Box 10386, Tampa, Florida


BID                                                                                                  $105,340.00


List of sub-contractors enclosed


Alternate                                                                                                2,692.00

110 days.  Bid surety – 5% of amount of base bid enclosed


WALTER HANSEN – 5922 Forest City Road, Orlando, Florida


Bid                                                                                                   $132,565.64


Alternate                                                                                                1,615.00

130 days - Bid surety in amount of 5% of bid enclosed

List of sub-contractors enclosed



644 West Colonial Drive, Orlando


Bid                                                                                                   $119,970.00

Alternate                                                                                                4,320.00

  130 days.  Bid surety in amount of 5% of bid enclosed

List of sub-contractors enclosed




Durham, N.C.


Bid                                                                                                   $105,870.00

Alternate                                                                                                1,767.00

  List of sub-contractors enclosed - 200 days

  Bid surety in amount of 5% of bid enclosed



Cocoa Beach, Florida


Bid                                                                                                   $107,522.00


Alternate                                                                                                1,426.00

  120 days.  Bid surety 5% of bid enclosed and list of



P & L CONSTRUCTION, INC. – P. O. Box 5394

Orlando, Florida


Bid                                                                                                   $105,680.00

Alternate                                                                                                2,949.00

  List of Sub-Contractors enclosed.  120 days

  Bid Surety 5% of bid enclosed


A. W. SMITH & SON, Leesburg


Bid                                                                                                   $101,200.00

Alternate                                                                                                4,000.00

150 days.  Bid surety 5% of bid and list of

  Sub-contractors enclosed


ROY A. THOMPSON & SONS, INC., Box 679, Leesburg


Bid                                                                                                     $98,776.00

Alternate                                                                                                3,700.00

150 days.  Bid surety 5% of bid and list of

   Sub-contractors enclosed



645 E. Colonial, Orlando


Bid                                                                                                   $110,478.00

Alternate                                                                                                3,423.00

150 days.  Bid surety 5% of bid, and list of

  Sub-contractors enclosed



1313 W. 28TH St., Orlando


Bid                                                                                                   $116,925.00

Alternate                                                                                                1,640.00

150 days.  Bid surety5% of bid, and list of

  Sub-contractors enclosed



P. O. Box 502, Leesburg


Bid                                                                                                     $98,886.00

Alternate                                                                                                2,850.00

100 days.  Bid surety 5% of bid, and list of

  Sub-contractors enclosed


Mr. Ford announced that GREGG, GIBSON & GREGG are the low bidders if accept the alternate, but if not, ROY A. THOMPSON & SONS are low.  Mr. Ford asked for permission to study the bids for a few days and make a recommendation at that time.  He suggested retaining the three low bids and return to the others.

Mr. Cross, Chairman, stated would award the contract for the Agricultural Center on Monday, October 24, 1960, if so recommended by the Architect – Robert V. Ford.


Mr. Goodson stated we have been negotiating for pipe and pumps and bids were submitted on Friday, October 14th and were not taken under consideration until today.  Some of the bidders are here now.

Farm & Home Machinery Company of Orlando represented  by Thos. E. Yandre who is present.  Their bid for three pumps and 12-inch steel pipe is $63,457.00.

IGOU Farm Store Eustis represented by D. R. Igou who is present.  Mr. Igou stated he can furnish dual 8-inch line.

Boozer Supply of Winter Haven and Race & Race of Winter Haven have representatives present - Earl O. Boozer and Austin T. Race – their bid is as follows:

1.  Two pumps, etc.                                                                           $16,000.00

2.  18,540 feet – L L 10-30” 094 wall pipe                                         55,063.80

3.  Suction line and fittings                                                              ____500.00


4.     (Installation and service to train your crew to operate unit)                N.C.

County Commissioners to supply crossings, ditches & etc.

to make pipe installation.


5.     Boozer Service & Equipment and Race & Race Inc. will furnish

two pumping units and will endeavor to secure 18,530 feet of

8” pipe immediately.  Boozer & Race will supply crew to

install pumping units and pipe on the following basis until

complete delivery of 10” pipe as quoted above is delivered. 

Boozer & Race reserve the right to supply 2 – 8” lines 1100

feet long in lieu of 1100 feet of 10” pipe, at the same price

($2.97 per ft. of 8” 0 D, 072 Wall x 40 foot lengths)


a)     Boozer & Race to supply supervision for

installing pumping units and laying pipe.

Boozer & Race to be responsible for

unloading, installing and removing 8” pipe

on loan for this job.


b)     Boozer & Race estimate the following costs

to be involved and Lake County Commissioners

to pay Boozer & Race for time and materials

as follows:


c)     Lake County Commissioners to pay for fuel and

supervision.  Fuel is estimated at 3.00 per hour

for both units.  Pumping Units on loan will be

used about 10 days @ 3.00 hour                                            720.00


d)     Labor 21 days – 3 men @ 35.00 per day                               735.00

e)     Transportation of 8” pipe on loan                                          400.00

f)      Estimated total cost @ 3.70 hour                                      $1,855.00

g)     Damage to pipe or equipment on loan to be paid for by

Lake County Commissioners.


                                                                                                             Earl O. Boozer

                                                                                                          Austin T. Race, Jr.


Motion by Commr. Bishop seconded by Commr. Simpson and unanimously carried, that the bid of Boozer Service & Equipment and Race & Race, Inc., be accepted in the amount of $71,563.80 to furnish Lake County 2 pumps; 18,540 feet – L L 10-30” 094” wall pipe and suction line and fittings; plus certain other items set out in the Contract above amounting to $3,710.00.

Motion by Commr. Simpson seconded by Commr. Cowart and carried, that Chairman Cross and Clerk Owens be authorized to execute the contract.

Motion by Commr. Cowart seconded by Commr. Bishop and carried, that the following Resolution be adopted:

WHEREAS, it has been brought to the attention of the County Commissioners that a disastrous condition exists near the Town of Lady Lake because of the excessive high waters and excessive rains during the past two years and that such condition is destroying adjoining properties and is creating health hazards in that area; and

WHEREAS, the Board of County Commissioners have concluded that it is essential that steps be taken for the removal of such excessive high waters in order to remove as much of the health hazard as possible, and stop the excessive damage caused by such high waters in that area; and

WHEREAS, it appears that the best immediate remedy for that purpose is the acquisition of pumps and pipelines sufficient in size and power to pump water from Lake Silva and the immediate area into Lake Griffin, the cost of which has been determined by acceptance of bids (the lowest and best for the purposes required) in the total sum of $75,273.80; and

WHEREAS, the excessive water in the area mentioned is due in part to the construction of State Road 500 by the channeling of water from distances far removed from Lake Silva into said lake, and the State Road Department has agreed to bear a part of the expense for the removal of water from said area;

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED by the Board of County Commissioners of Lake County, Florida, that the State Road Department be requested because of the emergency conditions existing just South of the center of Lady Lake, pay for Primary Funds one-half of the total above set forth and that the State Road Department be requested to pay from Secondary Funds due Lake County the remaining half of such costs.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the State Road Board be requested to share and pay the cost of operation of said pump and pipeline in the same proportion as above set forth.

Mr. Goodson stated the Board needs an easement across the property belonging to Mrs. Pete Sullen.  Mr. Zabor said she is a friend of Mr. Theus and him and do not think there would be any trouble to get the easement.  Mr. Zabor was asked to contact Mrs. Sullen and Mr. Theus about this.  (Easement for pipeline)

discussion on little everglades

A delegation from the vicinity of Little Everglades was present.

Representative Welborn Daniels asked the Board to consider Shepherd Lake and Lady Lake as a package deal.  Mr. Bishop made a plea for emergency standpoint to get the water off of U. S. 27.  D. M. Hardee said water is all round his house on Lake Shepherd.  Six or 8 families there with water around their houses.  Mr. McClure said it is not our intent to flood Mr. Jones or anyone else.  Mr. Haynie believes the whole problem is at the other end.  So far as Little Everglades is concerned, if the County will clean out the ditch and maintain it, it is very simple.  Mr. Jones said there is  property damage in the Little Everglades.  Trees standing in water.  Mr. McClure said so far as cleaning out the ditch that is no problem.  We want the water in Little Everglades at normal levels.  Mr. Daniels said there is a difference of opinion as to what water levels should be.  It looks like Mr. Haynie would accept Mr. McClure’s offer.  Mr. Jones said the property owners do not want the water in the Little Everglades.  Howard Hansen said when U. S. 27 was put through, the water was low.

discussion on obstructions in the ditch

Mr. Haynie stated all we want is that the water goes on into Lake Harris.  There are obstructions on Lacey’s property.  Mr. Roberts said it is flood stage now and water is in his groves.  Jack Hooten said the people there are in bad shape and it should be put in a state of emergency – put the burden on the County Commissioners.  If cannot get through the Little Everglades, there is the Palatlakaha.  Mrs. Campbell said she has trees that went through the 1895 freeze, but they are standing in water now and some of them will die.  Mr. McClure filed a letter from H. O. Peters, Surveyor, showing water levels.

discussion on opening up the ditch

George McClure, representative of Libby, McNeill & Libby, agreed to clean out the ditch on their property but does not want the flow changed.  Mr. Jones said Mr. Lacey should clean it on his property.  Mr. Cross asked if could dig the ditch wider, but not deeper.  Mr. McClure said he could talk to Mr. Lacy and have the trees in the ditch moved.  if we cannot come to an agreement on this, we could loan the County 8-inch pipe.  Mr. Daniels asked the Chairman to appoint a committee to go look the situation over.  Mr. Cross appointed Mr. Cowart and Mr. Bishop and asked if Mr. Jones and Mr. McClure would go with them.  They agreed to meet at 3:30 p.m. today at the Power Station.   Mr. Wakefield was present, but had no comments.



/s/ Frank E. Owens                                                                 /s/ Fred Cross           

CLERK                                                                                   CHAIRMAN