monday – january 3, 1961

The Board of County Commissioners met in regular session in the County Commissioners room in the Courthouse at Tavares on Monday, January 9, 1961 at ten o’clock a.m., with the following present:  Chairman Theus; Commissioners Cowart, Babb, Dykes, and Simpson; Attorney Duncan; Clerk Owens; and Engineer Goodson.

The meeting was opened with prayer by Chairman Theus.

approval of minutes

On a motion by Commr. Simpson, seconded by Commr. Cowart and carried, the Minutes of December 5 were approved as read.

Notary public bonds

Clerk Owens reported that he has approved since the first meeting in December the following Notary Public Bonds with American Surety Company of New York:

Beatrice Stewart 12-21-60; Nick Matecko 12-27-60; and with

PAN AMERICAN SURETY COMPANY the following:  Grace K. MacDonald 12-12-60 and Jean Tootle 12-13-60.

The Board approved the Notary Public bond of Odell Stiefel, Box 102, Mascotte, with American Fire & Casualty Company.

pauper list

On a motion by Commr. Cowart, seconded by Commr. Babb and carried:

DISTRICT 1 – that Mrs. Dollie Kleman be added to the list for $40 per month c/o Mrs. W. M. Richardson, Wildwood; that Mrs. Maude Geerkin be increased to $40 per month, address c/o Mrs. A. R. Blakemore, 210 North Second Street, Leesburg; and that Dewey Collins be dropped from the list.

DISTRICT 2 – that Mrs. Emma Johnson for $40 per month be dropped from the list.

DISTRICT 3 – that Joe Abear c/o Mrs. W. M. Richardson, Wildwood, be added to the list for $40 per month.

DISTRICT 4 – that no changes be made.

DISTRICT 5 – that no changes be made.

On a motion by Commr. Babb, seconded by Commr. Cowart and carried, the bill of Johnson Funeral Home for the burial of Chester Smith, a negro male, in the amount of $150 was to be approved for payment.

bids for purchase of furnishings for home for aged

Notice having been advertised for the purchase of furnishings for the Home for the Aged, the following bids were received:


29 mattresses at a total price of                                                                     $793.00

with an 8 oz. cover, waterproof, delivery as requested


5 dozen blankets - $50.00 per dozen                                                              $250.00

composition 90% rayon, 6% acrilan-acrilic, 72”x90”, weight 3 ½ pounds

3 dozen bedspreads 90”x110” - $6.25 each                                                   $225.00

(alternate - 88” x 105” - $5.50 each)                                                             $198.00

100 yards white outing flannel – width 36”                                                  $  30.00

100 yards unbleached sheeting, width 39”                                                    $  25.00

29 innerspring mattresses, size 3’ x 6’8”, waterproof covers                       $1,044.00

Odor retardant treated, Simmons MBT-195, $36.00 each, fob home for the Aged – 2% net 30 days

HILL-ROM COMPANY, INC., Batesville, Indiana – Dunedin, Florida

29 Hill-Rom standard 3/ x 6/8 Syntilon covered red tag innerspring mattresses $47.96 each



29 mattresses – National at $29.40 each – total                                            $  852.60

BELK’S DEPARTMENT STORE, Leesburg           

5 dozen blankets @ $4.12 each                                                                      $  247.00

(composition:  88% rayon, 12% Acrilon-Acrilic 72x90 satin bound,

  weight 3 ½ pounds)

3 dozen bedspreads @ $6.18 each – size 72x108”                                        $  222.48

100 yards white outing flannel #36 cents yard                                              $    36.00

Weight 3.50, width 36”

100 yards unbleached sheeting @ 23 cents per yard                                     $    23.00

wt. 4.00  56x60 thread count 36” wide


5 dozen blankets $6.60 each

3 dozen bedspreads $2.95 each

100 yards white outing flannel .35 yard

100 yards unbleached sheeting .35 yard

29 mattresses $34.95 each

On a motion by Commr. Simpson, seconded by Commr. Dykes and carried, the bids on the furnishings as listed above for the Old Folks Home was referred to C. P. Goodson, County Engineer for checking.

Later, Mr. Goodson reported on the bids as follows:

MARTIN FURNITURE COMPANY – low on mattresses, 29 at total price of $793.00

ANDERSON SURGICAL SUPPLY COMPANY low on 5 dozen blankets        $250.00

            And 100 yards white outing flannel                                                         $  30.00

BELK’S DEPARTMENT STORE low on 100 yards unbleached sheeting         $  23.00

B. E. THOMPSON FURNITURE low on 3 dozen bedspreads $2.95 each          $106.20

On a motion by Commr. Dykes, seconded by Commr. Simpson and carried, the low bids as recommended by County Engineer Goodson and listed above for furnishings for the Home for the Aged was accepted.

public works and other matters

Myron M. Brown, Project Coordinator of South Florida Asphalt Company of Fort Lauderdale, appeared before the Board and offered the services of his company to pave the roads in this vicinity while they are working in Orange County.  The Board advised Mr. Brown at the present they do not have any roads to be worked.

Tom Talmadge of the School Board appeared before the Board re drainage around the Eustis colored school and the Eustis Vocational High School.  The Commissioners agreed to study this drainage problem and see what can be worked out.  This matter was referred to Mr. Simpson.

R. G. Breeden appeared before the Board re:  filing a plat on West Crooked Lake – will have to get a right of way.  He said he owns about 12 acres of land on West Crooked Lake and has had it surveyed and laid out as a subdivision, as bought it as such, but since the new Plat Law has gone into effect, do not have the proper right of way into the property.  He would like to know what to do in order to sell some of the property.  Mr. Duncan, attorney for the Board, stated the law at present requires at least a 50-foot access road before we can accept the Plat.  If you can get the City of Eustis to incorporate your property in the City, eliminating that part you have already sold, probably the City would accept a lesser footage for the road.

George Reedy appeared before the Board and presented four deeds to Lake County from Reedy, Miller, Ball, and Burhans for a 50-foot right of way on Road 44 East of Eustis in Section 4-19-27.  Mr. Simpson stated that Mr. Reedy was instructed to get the deeds; therefore, Mr. Simpson moved that the deeds be accepted, seconded by Mr. Dykes and carried.  Mr. Simpson stated that District #4 will go in and do the work now that the deeds have been accepted.  The deeds were checked by Mr. Duncan and were found OK.

Paul Reed, Tax Collector, appeared before the Board and presented a check in the amount of $44,351.49, excess fees for the year 1960, and stated that the School Board received a check for $12.358.89 this morning from him.  Mr. Reed also filed his Annual Report, which appears elsewhere in these minutes.

The Tax Collector requested that the Board have a wrought iron railing placed along the walk outside his office; also the steps on the west side are steep and need a railing.

On a motion by Commr. Dykes, seconded by Commr. Simpson and carried, Paul Reed and Charles Goodson, County Engineer, are to check the cost of placing a wrought iron railing along the walk and steps, and if this can be done for under one thousand dollars, the County will proceed with the work.


Mr. Reed stated he would like his office cleaned after working hours or before opening time in the morning.

Victor Bryant appeared before the Board and requested reimbursement for removal of fill dirt from his property for the city dump.  Mr. Duncan stated he thinks the proper procedure would be to determine the amount of land damaged.  The usual procedure would be to buy the land.  Mr. Theus said the Board should talk to Dr. Hall about this.  On a motion by Commr. Simpson, seconded by Commr. Dykes and carried, this matter was referred to Attorney Duncan for him to talk to Dr. Hall and arrive at some decision to be presented back to the Board.

plat of pomorosa in section 17-19-26

Tom Sawyer, Engineer, again presented this Plat with title policy #FE 3-6260 issued by Title & Trust Company of Florida to L. K. Pomeroy and Margaret S. Pomeroy, his wife, who are the same people who signed the Plat.  The title is good, subject to taxes and two mortgages.  Release of subordination of mortgage presented to be filed for record today.  The property abuts on US 441.  Letter from the Lake County Health Department stating the property is high enough for septic tanks.  On a motions by Commr. Dykes, seconded by Commr. Babb and carried, the Plat of Pomorosa Subdivision was accepted and approved.

plat of east lake harris estates in section 20-20-26 on sr 561 just north of the TOWN of astatula

Mr. Sawyer also presented the Plat of East Lake Harris Estates, a trailer lot subdivision.  The lots are small, but have been zoned.  A letter from the Lake County Health Department showing the property is suitable for septic tanks was filed.  Title Insurance Policy Y-883-177 issued by Lawyer’s Title Insurance Corp to East Lake Harris Estates, Inc. shows property subject to a mortgage – Alice W. Lockmiller – but partial release of the streets as shown on the Plat is filed.  On a motion by Commr. Dykes, seconded by Commr. Babb and carried, the Plat of East Lake Harris Estates was accepted and approved.

plat of pines subdivision in green coves subdivision

The Plat of the Pines Subdivision located in the Green Coves Subdivision in Sec. 25-19-25, with a letter from the Lake County Health Department stating the land apparently is suitable for septic tanks.  Title Policy #Y-883-051 issued by Lawyer’s Title Ins. Corp to Walter T. Moran and wife, Londa T. Moran, 1/3 interest; Ralph E. Grate 1/3 interest and Edward G. Budler 1/3 interest.  Title Policy #Y-138-878 issued by Lawyer’s Title Ins. Corp. to Walter T. Moran and Londa T. Moran, policies dated 3rd of April 1959 and 25th of October 1960 respectively, showing no mortgages on the property.    The Certificate issued by Inland Abstract & Guaranty Company refers to these lots, stating there has been no transfer of title since issuance of title.  The Title apparently is in the names to whom the policies are issued.  Mr. Duncan stated that Davidson Lane in the Subdivision is only 16 feet wide.  This matter has been previously brought to the attention of the County Commissioners showing this was in existence prior to the adoption of the new Plat law, and for that reason the County advised Mr. Moran it would accept the Plat on a hardship basis.  The Plat is now presented by T. O. Moorhead and Walter Moran; WHEREUPON, on a motion by Commr. Dykes, seconded by Commr. Cowart and carried, the Plat of the Pine Subdivision was accepted and approved on the hardship basis.

Commr. Dykes presented a check from C. P. Goodson in the amount of $936.54 for the sale of pipe purchased by the County and sold to people who have reimbursed the Board for same in said amount.  The Clerk was instructed to deposit this money as a current refund in this year’s budget to the Road & Bridge Fund.

lease on home for the aged

Mr. Duncan presented a lease between Lake County and Hubert G. Rikard on the Home for the Aged, said lease having been redrafted upon instructions of the Board at the last meeting.

Motion by Commr. Babb, seconded by Commr. Dykes and carried that the Chairman and Clerk be authorized to execute the lease between Lake County, a political Subdivision, and Hubert G. Rikard on Blocks F, G, and H, LESS the North 62.50 feet of the South 141.40 feet of the West 215.24 feet of Block F, ALL in East Leesburg, a subdivision in Block 57 of the City of Leesburg, according to the Plat thereof as recorded in Plat Book 1, page 69, public records of Lake County, Florida, for a monthly rental of $100 per month payable in advance, beginning with the first day of April 1961 and extending for the term of five years from said date.

recess and reassembly

The Board adjourned for lunch and reconvened at 1:30 p.m.

The Board was called to order by Chairman Theus.

deed from talley verneer company

A deed from Talley Verneer Company Inc. to Lake County conveying property in Section 15-19-24 for a County road right of way in District 1 was presented.  On a motion by Commr. Babb, seconded by Commr. Cowart and carried the deed was accepted for right of way and recorded.  No consideration. The deed was filed for record.

William Lacey and George McClure appeared before the Board re the dam that was recently erected on Mr. Lacey’s property in Little Everglades.  They stated the dam is right on the verge of being washed out and is dangerous.  Need more rip rap to keep the dam from washing out.  Mr. Lacey stated he was to give a deed for the location of the spillway, but he does not have enough information on this at present.  Mr. Goodson explained this matter.  Mr. Cowart stated he would look into this situation first thing in the morning.

Frank Howard and Joe White again appeared before the Board and urged the Board to enter an appearance in Tampa on February sixth.  Mr. Theus stated that the Board discussed this matter after you gentlemen left last Tuesday, and most of us were of the opinion that after we had taken action, we do not think we should reverse ourselves, as this would do more harm than good.  Mr. Howard did not think entering an appearance would do any harm.  Clerk Owens filed a Notice of Hearing to be held on February 6, 1961 at the Circuit Court Room No. 2, 3rd Floor, Hillsborough County Court House, Tampa, Florida, 9:30 a.m. February 6, 1961.

The bill of the State Association of County Commissioners dues in the amount of $425 was ordered tabled until the next meeting, and the Clerk is to investigate and see what amount was paid last year.

The bill of the Florida Board of Forestry for the Florida Forest Service was presented as follows:

Fire Control Assessment in the amount of $12,033.60.

Also filed was Receipts and Expenditures, Lake County Fire Unit, July 1, 1960 to June 30, 1961.

On a motion by Commr. Simpson, seconded by Commr. Dykes and carried, the bill for the Fire Control Assessment for Lake County in the amount of $12,033.60 was approved for payment.

hattie clapp property – lot 16, block 235, unser subdivision, mt. dora 80 x 140 ft.

Mr. Simpson presented a letter from Blanche J. Markert, Realtor, Mount Dora, submitting an offer to purchase said property for the sum of $1,500.  Mr. Simpson stated the property was appraised by two appraisers in Mount Dora on October 16, 1958 in the amount of $3,800, the land for $2,200, and house for $1,600.  Therefore, he thinks $1,500 is entirely out of line for the property, as it is worth more than that.  The house could be wrecked.  Suggest having a reappraisal.

On a motion by Commr. Simpson, seconded by Commr. Dykes and carried, the Clerk was authorized to notify Mrs. Markert that her offer to sell the property for $1,500 is not accepted and that the property be reappraised by the appraisers who appraised it before.

home demonstration building

Commr. Dykes said he talked to a party about tearing down the building, and he thinks he would be interested in doing it.

Mr. Goodson reported he has not worked out yet the matter of storing the pipe used in the Lady Lake project.

water for agricultural center

Mr. Owens reported he talked to Burke Chester about extending a pipe from his well to the Agricultural Center, and if they cannot work out something with him, can talk to the Lake Region Packing Association.  Mr. Chester said it is agreeable with him to tap on to his line and run the line to the building and use what water is needed.  Mr. Owens also stated he talked to Mr. Rosier, and he quoted $23.30 for 100 feet of pipe.  Mr. Goodson stated he thinks it will be about 5 or 6 hundred feet.  Discussion on putting down the pipe.  Mr. Goodson was instructed to phone the contractor and find out how much pipe is needed from Chester’s to the location of the Agricultural Center.  Prisoners can dig the ditch and lay the pipe.

Clerk Owens read a letter from C. E. Duncan enclosing a sketch of Ryan Brothers Road, which he did not need, showing the location of the road which has been closed by gate and fence.  Ryan Brothers advised they have advised the Sheriff that when the hunting season is over, the fence will be removed.  Meanwhile, they have given keys to all parties interested so they can use the present gate.

electricity for agricultural center

Mr. Goodson gave a report on the power lines.  Said Sumter Electric Cooperative, Inc. has a line at the site, but Florida Power would have to put in a line.  Mr. Theus and Mr. Dykes stated if the Florida Power is cheaper, should give it to them; they pay taxes and REA does not.  Clerk Owens was instructed to get in writing from Florida Power what the cost for connecting lines to the Agricultural Center would be and what the rates would be.

sewage disposal

A copy of a letter from Howell C. Hopson to L. T. Brennand, contractor re Change Order No. 1, which provides for an addition of $435 to the Contract and for an extension of time of 10 days.  Letter filed.

Don Kemp appeared before the Board re a mile of clay road into the Florida Citrus Research Foundation Station on Road No. 27 South.  He stated that he thought the road was to be built about 8 months ago.  Mr. Cowart stated he thinks can get started on this in about a week.  Have to get a deed.  Mr. Kemp stated he would see about getting the deed.  The federal government has a 99-year lease and need a deed or permit to build the road.  The Board agreed to build the road when the deed or permit is obtained.

Mr. Theus stated he met Mr. and Mrs. Hubbard in the Leesburg post office this morning before coming over here, and they said they have retained an attorney from Tampa.  Mr. Duncan stated when he talked to them, he advised them to get an attorney to represent them.

special acts for the coming legislature

Mr. Duncan stated the Board will have to decide which Acts we want and which we do not want.  A date should be set to review the Acts of Lake County; WHEREUPON ON A MOTION BY Commr. Simpson, seconded by Commr. Dykes and carried, the Board agreed to consider this matter at the called meeting on Friday, January 13, 1961.

discussion – comparison of pipe

The Board agreed that galvanized metal pipe would be the best for the County’s need.


On a motion by Commr. Cowart, seconded by Commr. Simpson and carried, the following Vouchers were approved for payment:

General Revenue Fund           #325 through 477

Road and Bridge Fund            #262 through 377

Fine & Forfeiture Fund          #36 through 52

State No. 2 Mosquito             #14 through 29

County Home                         #5 through 7

S. Lake Memo Hospital         #3

County Buildings                   #7 through 9

Juvenile Det. Home                #5 through 7

Agricultural Building             #3 through 5

juvenile court expenses

County Judge Milton advised the Board that Mrs. Geraldine F. Seiler, Chief Counselor of the Juvenile Court, is allowed an annual expense account of $1,500 until the arrival of the assistant counselors, when her travel expense will be reduced to $1,000 annually.  Mrs. Seiler has agreed to donate $500 of her expense account to be divided equally between the two new counselors, Mr. Winston Tate beginning January 16, 1961 and Mr. W. T. Mills beginning February 1, 1961.

On a motion by Commr. Babb, seconded by Commr. Dykes and carried, the Board approved the employment of Mrs. Geraldine Seiler as Chief Juvenile Counselor at an annual salary of $5,900 and travel expense account of $1,5000 until the two new assistant counselors go to work; then her expense account to be at $1,000 annually; approved the employment of Winston Tate as assistant counselor beginning January 16, 1961 at an annual salary of $5,300 plus an expense account annually of $1,250; and approval of the employment of W. T. Mills as assistant counselor beginning February 1, 1961 at an annual salary of $5,300 plus an expense account of $1,250.

County Judge Milton asked that the expense accounts of the Juvenile Counselors be paid in a lump sum monthly instead of on a mileage basis; WHEREUPON, on a motion by Commr. Simpson, seconded by Commr. Dykes and carried, Clerk Owens was instructed to prorate monthly the expense accounts of the Juvenile Counselors instead of paying them on a mileage basis.

zoning committee appointments

Commr. Babb reported he has appointed Mr. John Nelson of Umatilla as a member of the Zoning Committee in place of Mr. Emory Dillard, who did not wish to serve.  Mr. Herman Turner is also a member of the Committee and will continue to serve for the ensuing year.  Mr. Babb stated he would like to suggest the name of Mr. W. D. Collins to fill the vacancy on the Zoning Board Appeal Committee caused by the death of Mr. J. S. Allen, Sr. of Umatilla.  Mr. Duncan was instructed to write the Governor that Mr. Babb has suggested that Mr. W. D. Collins be appointed to fill the vacancy on the Zoning Board Appeal Committee.

Commr. Dykes stated the property owner who adjoins the Pioneer Building lots on the east has offered to sell this property to the County if we need it for a parking area.  At this time the Board took no action on the matter of purchasing the lots.

At the Board’s request, James Salter, janitor, appeared before the Board and was instructed as to some of his duties as janitor.

the following letters were filed with the board:

SRD to Owens acknowledging receipt of Resolution re access at 11th Avenue in Mount Dora

S.W. TB Hospital re discharge of Lillian Cubbage in D-1

Mrs. C. E. Shaw to Mr. Cross and Mr. Owens thanking them for assistance to the Historical Society.

annual report filed

The County Welfare Worker’s Annual Report and Report for December 1960 was filed.

county officials annual reports filed with the board as follows:

Lake County, W. Troy Hall, Jr. County Judge, Report of Receipts, Expenses and Net Income for the Year ending the 31st day of December, 1960, filed in Clerk’s Office Jan 3, 1961.  (This report can be found in detail on Page 263-265 in Minute Book 18, which has been notarized and signed by Henrietta S. Horner, County Judge of Lake County.)

Lake County Tax Collector Paul Reed, Report of Receipts, Expenses and Net Income for the year ending the 31st day of December, 1960.  (This report can be found in detail on Page 265-266 in Minute Book 18, which has been notarized and signed by Paul H. Reed.)



/s/ Frank E. Owens___                                                           /s/ O. M. Simpson__

CLERK                                                                                   CHAIRMAN