friday – may 12, 1961

The Board of County Commissioners met in special session in the County Commissioners room in the Courthouse at Tavares on Friday, May 12, 1961 at two o’clock p.m. for the purpose of receiving the report of the committee appointed to select someone to operate the Home for the Aged and to act thereon, and such other business as may be brought before the Board, with the following present:  Vice-Chairman Cowart, Commissioners Dykes, Simpson and Babb, Attorney Duncan, and Clerk Owens.  (Mr. Theus still unable to attend meetings.)  Also present were two members of the Committee, namely Mrs. Sudderth and Dr. Hall.    Mrs. Cox , the other member, not present.  Mr. Rikard was present.

The Board was called to order by Vice-Chairman Cowart.

Commr. Babb filed a check in amount of $255.43 from Loveridge Development for sale of pipe.

Mr. Sawyer appeared before the Board, representing Mr. Van R. Caskey and wife, and presented PLAT OF CASKEY’S COVE located in Section 35-18-26, together with Title Policy #FE 31989 issued by Title  & Trust Company of Florida on March 28, 1960, showing Van R. Caskey and wife Jessie Caskey are the owners and that there are no mortgages against the property, also a letter from Lake Abstract & Guaranty Company dated May 3, 1961, showing that there has been no changes in the title since the policy was issued.  Letter from Lake County Health Department stating land is high enough for use for septic tanks.  Mr. Duncan stated the Plat is acceptable as far as road requirements, WHEREUPON, on motion of Commr. Babb seconded by Commr. Dykes and carried, the Plat of Caskey’s Cove was accepted and approved.

road into yale retreat

Buddy Marshall appeared before the Board and stated the Engineer completed the survey on Marsh Memorial Park.  Mr. Ferran is out of town until Monday night and has not looked at it.  Mr. Marshall stated we are not going to interfere with any of the trees.  Clerk Owens asked if it is all right to instruct Buddy to go ahead with the road.  The Board members said as soon as Mr. Babb and Mr. Ferran investigate the location for the road, and if it is okay, Mr. Babb can tell Buddy to go ahead with the road.

Everett Huskey appeared before the Board and presented a sketch of proposed changes in location of County road in Section 33-17-28 near Paisley.  Said he owns 160 acres of land out there and the County road runs through his property, not dedicated a County right of way.  Checked with Mr. Goodson on several occasions about moving a portion of the road about 200 feet, back 250 or 300 feet and straighten it out, which would give Huskey 15 or 20 lake front lots.  Huskey to pay for this and is willing to deed Lake County 50-feet for right of way and willing to do anything to bring it up to County specifications.

Motion by Commr. Babb seconded by Commr. Dykes and carried, that Commr. Babb and Everett Huskey be authorized to build the road in good condition.  Mr. Huskey to furnish Mr. Duncan with description to prepare the deed.

home for the aged

Mr. Cowart announced that this meeting is called for the purpose of getting someone to run the Home for the Aged as Mr. Rikard resigned last Monday and the Board appointed a committee to investigate and recommend to the Board someone to run the Home.

Mrs. Sudderth, one of the committee members, introduced Mrs. Martha Root, who is interested in the operation of the Home in case everything can be worked out satisfactorily.  Commr. Cowart asked if the attorney has the release ready for Mr. Rikard.  Mr. Duncan said at present the Release is not ready.  Commr. Dykes said the Committee found a number of items in the Home that were purchased by Mr. Rikard that should be made a part of the Home, and it was agreed by the Committee that Mr. Rikard should be reimbursed for these particular items.

Commr. Dykes read the list of items as follows:

Ironing board and iron (Sunbeam) – cash                                $    29.77

Desk and Chair                                                                             146.21

Schick 3-speed razor (electric) cash                                              31.50

3 Electric wall clocks – cash                                                          25.00

Men hair dressing equipment – cash

    (comb, scissors, clippers)                                                          12.95

Florida Oxygen Service                                                                    

2-Hudson Humidifiers, 2 “H” Oxygen                                          39.69

Skippers Office Supply                                                                  18.02

Orlando Office Supply                                                                   15.20

Television Antenna                                                                        70.00

Files and setting up of office                                                       300.00

3 months at $200 per month receiving

   And placing equipment in building                                          600.00

Refund advance payment of County

   Lease month of May – 18 days @ $3.33 per day                       59.94



Motion of Commr. Babb seconded by Commr. Dykes and carried, that the Board accept the items per the list submitted as above by the Committee and that the Clerk be authorized to issue a warrant out of Capital Outlay Reserve (County Home) in the amount of $1348.28 to Hubert G. Rikard in payment of the items he purchased for the Home, etc.

Commr. Dykes read the list of items for which bills were presented – these bills were for food, printing, etc.  Mr. Simpson and Mr. Duncan added the bills.  Mrs. Root said she had looked in the food freezer and the pantry and was willing to buy what was there, but did not want to pay for what has been used.  After discussion on this, Mrs. Root said she would go ahead and take over the Home for operation and pay Mr. Rikard $1062.00.

Commr. Dykes stated that individual people turned over to Mr. Rikard as their banker cash money totaling the sum of $523.45. This money was counted by Commr. Dykes and Mr. Duncan and is to be given back to the people when they call for it.  This money was given to Mrs. Root.

Mrs. Root asked that some of the Board members come over and bring the bills and check the equipment.  The Board authorized Mr. Goodson to do this when he returns.

Discussion on what doctors will be available for the Home for Welfare patients.  This was held in abeyance until next Board meeting.

Mrs. Sudderth suggested that the $100.00 per month rent be waived for Mrs. Root.  Mrs. Root stated she would like to try the operation of the Home on a trial basis for six months, at the end of that time, the lease would be for two years.  Mr. Duncan suggested that Mrs. Root take a copy of the Rikard lease and study it.  A copy was not immediately available and Mr. Duncan said he would mail her one.

discussion on rikard bond

Clerk Owens advised the Board he has received no correspondence from any bonding company.

Motion by Commr. Dykes seconded by Commr. Babb and carried, that the Vice-Chairman and Clerk be authorized to execute a complete and full release of the lease heretofore entered into between Lake County and Hubert G. Rikard as of the 9th day of January 1961.

WHEREUPON, Commr. Simpson moved that Lake County enter into a Lease with Mrs. Martha Root for the operation of the Nursing Home located in Leesburg, Florida, for a term of 6 (six) months, which term shall be a trial basis, with provision for renewal or extension thereof upon mutual agreement of the parties; that the Lease shall include the same provisions as are included in the former Lease with Hubert Rikard, except as to changes as shall be mutually agreed upon and incorporated in a new Lease. The motion was seconded by Commr. Dykes and unanimously carried.

Clerk Owens advised the Board he has received a copy of State Road Department budget and has posted a copy in the courthouse.  Hearing will be held in Tallahassee on Thursday, May 25th.

agricultural center

Clerk Owens presented bill of Gregg-Gibson & Gregg in amount of $18,599.45.

Motion by Commr. Dykes seconded by Commr. Babb and carried that Clerk Owens be authorized to issue warrant in the amount of $18,599.45 to Gregg-Gibson & Gregg, Contractors, in payment of bill which has been certified by Robert Ford, Architect.

Status of Account Under this Contract is as Follows:

Original contract sum                                                   $101,736.00

Additions to date hereof                                                      1,065.00

Original sum plus additions                                           102,801.00

Total certified including amount of this Cert.                  86,996.70

Leaving not yet certified                                                   15,804.30


Letter from Security Columbian Banknote Company re shipment of 1250 - $1000 denomination Certificates of Indebtedness #1 to 1250 on May 3, 1961, filed with the Board.




/s/ Frank E. Owens___                                                                                                                                   /s/ O. M. Simpson__

CLERK                                                                                                                                                           CHAIRMAN