friday – may 26, 1961

The Board of County Commissioners met in called session in the County Commissioners room in the Courthouse at Tavares on Friday, May 26, 1961 at ten o’clock a.m., for the purpose of receiving the report of County Engineer Goodson on the additional paving done by East Lake Paving Company under contract dated April 3, 1961 and such other matters as may be brought before the Board, with the following present:  Vice Chairman Cowart; Commissioners Babb, Dykes, and Simpson; Attorney Duncan; Clerk Owens; County Engineer Goodson; and Clerk Owens.

The Board was called to order by Vice Chairman Cowart.


Mr. Goodson, County Engineer, presented in writing an explanation of the overrun of quantity on contract dated April 3, 1961 between Lake County and the East Lake Paving Company as follows:


Estimated quantity 990 square yds. and leveling @ $0.56   -$554.40

Final measurement 765 sq. yds. Surfacing, 769 sq. yds leveling @ $.56       $859.04


Estimated quantity 2,430 sq. yds. @ $.56     -$1,360.80

Final measurement 2,880 sq. yds. @ $.56                                                     $1,612.80

Leveling to restore grade (see tickets), 2700 sq. yds. @ $.56                       $1,512.00


Estimated quantity 3,320 sq. yds. @ $.56     -$1,859.20

Final measurement 3,430 sq. yds. @ $.56                                                     $1,923.04

Item 4 – PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, FRUITLAND PARK                      

Item 1 overran a total of 544 square yards or $304.64.  This is due to an underrun in the area surfaced (990 sq. yds.), 765 sq. yds. or 225 sq. yds. or $126, and the leveling of which no estimate was made of 769 sq. yds. or $430.64.  Then 765 sq. yds. surfacing $428.40 plus the 769 sq. yds. of leveling of $431.64 equals the final pay item of $859.04.

Item 2 overran a total of 3,150 sq. yds. or -$1,764.  This is due to resurfacing 450 square yards more exposed base than was estimated at a cost of $252.  The leveling due to improper grading of the lot amounted to 2,700 square yards or -$1,512, making a total overrun of $1,764.

Item 3 overrun was a total of 114 square yards or $63.84.  This is due to the difference between the original estimated quantity and the final measurement.

WHEREUPON, on a motion by Commr. Dykes, seconded by Commr. Simpson and carried, Clerk Owens was authorized to issue a warrant to the East Lake Paving Company in the amount of $7,605.06 for the overrun in paving of the roads and parking lot as specified in the contract dated April 3, 1961 and that the explanation of this overrun be attached to the bill and made a part of the minutes as above set forth.

discussion on parking spaces in the pioneer parking lot

On a motion by Commr. Simpson, seconded by Commr. Babb and carried, the County Engineer was instructed to have the Pioneer Parking Lot marked for parking spaces.

$1,250,000 bond issue

Clerk Owens advised the Board that he had deposited all of the bond money in the First State Bank & Trust Company, Eustis, and needs authorization to issue warrants on the Capital Outlay Reserve Fund (County Buildings) for $450,000 to the Umatilla State Bank for deposit in the Capital Outlay Reserve Fund (County Buildings) and for $300,000 to the Bank of Tavares for deposit in the Capital Outlay Reserve Fund (County Buildings); also, authority to issue a warrant in the amount of $5,334.97, being accrued interest on the bonds, which is deposited in the First State Bank & Trust Company Bond Interest & Sinking Fund (County Buildings) to the Umatilla State Bank for deposit in the Bond Interest & Sinking Fund (County Buildings).

WHEREUPON, on a motion by Commr. Babb, seconded by Commr. Dykes and unanimously carried, Clerk Owens was authorized to issue the three warrants as set out above.


Judge Milton appeared before the Board and stated he is opposed to the County Judge’s offices being located on the fourth floor, as the plans for the renovation of the Courthouse now indicate, and said he would like to stay on the ground floor.  Mr. Duncan was instructed to make an appointment with Howell Hopson, architect, for discussion of the plans with Judge Milton, Mr. Duncan and Commr. Dykes.

Judge Milton advised that he should make requests to the Board for supplies before ordering same.

Commr. Dykes stated that he has several requests from the School Board to do work.  At the present have request for 15 or 30 loads of clay and a request for grading and claying the football field at the Negro School in Clermont and to clay the track at the high school in Clermont.  Mr. Dykes thinks if the Commissioners are going to do this work for the School Board, they should be compensated in some way for it.  When I do this work, am neglecting work needed somewhere else.  He suggested that this Board adopt a policy that the School Board at least pay for the gas and oil or get a couple of dump trucks from Camp Blanding.  There was no action taken.

On a motion by Commr. Dykes, seconded by Commr. Babb and carried, the bill of Lake Abstract & Guaranty Company in the amount of $380 for right of way search on SR 19, Section 11090-3502 (new location of SR 500) was approved and Attorney Duncan instructed to forward same to the State Road Department for payment.

Mr. Goodson, County Engineer, presented a bill from Royal Fences and Patios, Leesburg, in the amount of $247 for fabrication and installation of two 10 ½ foot double drive gates at the Old Folks Home in Leesburg and stated that the Leesburg Fire Department wanted the gates put in; WHEREUPON, on a motion by Commr. Babb, seconded by Commr. Simpson and carried, the bill was approved for payment.

discussion on bills in the legislature

Commr. Dykes read a copy of a telegram he sent to Senator J. A. Tar Boyd re:  the County objecting to a bill to pay $125 per month travel expense to the Circuit Judge.  He also read the answer to this wire from Welborn Daniel.

The Attorney was instructed to get a copy of the bill re:  allowance of travel expense to the Circuit Judge.  Mr. Owens was instructed to call Neal Huebsch, which he did, but he was out and word was left for him to come to the meeting and bring a copy of the Bill.  Later, Mr. Owens called Mr. Huebsch again, and he advised him he did not have a copy of the travel expense of the Circuit Judge Bill with him, but that it is a permissive bill and that Mr. Duncan knew what was in the Bill, as he was present in Tallahassee when it was discussed with Welborn Daniel and himself.  Mr. Huebsch told Mr. Owens that as soon as he finished with his meeting which was scheduled before he knew about the Board meeting, he would come to the Board meeting if it is still in session.

After further discussion on the Travel Expense Bill, Commr. Dykes made a motion that the Board adopt the following resolution, seconded by Commr. Babb, and on a roll call by Districts the vote was as follows:

No. 1 – absent; No. 2 – yes; No. 3 – Yes; No. 4 – Yes; No. 5 – Yes.


WHEREAS, it has been brought to the attention of the Board of County Commissioners that there is now pending in the Legislature a Bill providing for the payment of $125 per month for travel expense to the Circuit Judge in a County designated by population, but referring actually to Lake County, which is apparently a reenactment of a Bill enacted by the Legislature in 1959 providing for such travel expense to a Circuit Judge who has had at least ten years’ tenure, and that such Bill was passed to assist said Judge because of his infirmities, and

WHEREAS, the present Judge of said County has the good fortune not to be so afflicted, and the Board of County Commissioners feels that the passage of an Act for travel expense to one constitutional officer would not be fair unless such travel expense were allowed to other constitutional officers.

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED by the Board of County Commissioners of Lake County that the Legislative delegation from Lake County be requested to recall said Bill from the Governor’s office, if necessary and indefinitely postpone the same; or if said Bill is still pending in the Legislature, to indefinitely postpone the same.

Mr. Duncan was instructed to call the Legislative Delegation and tell them the above resolution has been adopted.

A pending Bill in the legislature proposing to grant to the respective counties in the state with the exception of Dade County, legislation under a “County Home Rule” theory was discussed; WHEREUPON, a motion was made by Commr. Dykes, seconded by Commr. Babb and carried that the Board of County Commissioners go on record as opposing the “County Home Rule Bill” in its present state and that Mr. C. E. Duncan, Attorney for the Board, so advise the Legislators.

discussion on a bill creating the south lake industrial & development authority

It was brought to the attention of the Board that Rep. Daniel has introduced this bill which proposes that the authority shall plan for and develop the natural beauty of the cypress-lined waterways, rivers and lakes, attraction of industry, commerce and agriculture, construction of buildings, plants, parks, and recreational facilities.  Seven members shall govern the authority who will be appointed by the Governor.

Mr. Duncan said he talked to Neal Huebsch about this Bill yesterday.  Mr. Dykes said he told Welborn Daniel the Board does not want to have anything to do with this Bill if it is a controversial issue.  Mr. Daniel told him “could iron all of this out.”  Mr. Cowart said Matt Guthrie had told him Daniel was going to bring this Bill up. Mr. Duncan said a resolution has been passed setting this land aside for park purposes and have swapped some of the land with Guthrie.  He also stated that Charles Roe appeared before the Board some time ago and stated that years ago his father owned the land and let it go for taxes in order that Lake County could acquire it.  No action was taken in regard to this Bill.

Mr. Neal Huebsch came to the meeting at this time and reported on what he has been doing in Tallahassee.  He said the Travel Expense Bill for the Circuit Judge is an enabling act.  He also explained the Industrial Park Bill.  Mr. Duncan said the Board should be sure it is not mandatory to the County.

At this time, Mr. Duncan tried to get in touch with Rep. Daniel re:  the Bill for travel expense for the Circuit Judge but could not reach him.  He talked to Daniel’s secretary and told her to deliver the message to Mr. Daniel that this Board has adopted a resolution opposing the Bill for the reason it is not fair to the other officials to single out one and not give to the others.  The Secretary said the Park Bill is not mandatory.

following filed with the board:

Copy of bill from Lake Abstract & Guaranty Company for R/W search on SR 19 – Sec 11090-3502 (new location of SR 500).  The original and 3 copies sent to SRD for payment.

Title Search on Job 11010-2502 (SR 500 through Leesburg SR 25 to SR 44) with copy of bill; original and 3 copies of bill mailed to SRD by Inland Abstract & Title Company

Title Search on R/W – Palatlakaha River Bridge at Lake Minnehaha (borrow pit, etc. with copy of bill); original and 3 copies of bill mailed to SRD by Inland.





/s/ Frank E. Owens___                                                           /s/ J. C. Cowart_

CLERK                                                                                   VICE CHAIRMAN