monday – july 24, 1961

The Board of County Commissioners met in adjourned session in the County Commissioners room in the Courthouse at Tavares on Monday, July 24, 1961 at ten o’clock a.m., for the purpose of reconsidering the Board’s request for postponement of the tax roll and such other matters as may be brought before the Board, with the following present:  Vice Chairman Cowart; Commissioners Babb, Dykes, and Simpson; Attorney Duncan; and Clerk Owens.  (Mr. Theus still absent due to illness, and County Engineer Goodson absent due to illness.)

The Board was called to order by Vice Chairman Cowart.

river forest unit one subdivision

Mr. Torti again appeared before the Board and presented this Plat with Title Policy #0G119637 issued by Levy and Levy attorneys of Palm Beach, Florida, for Lawyer’s Title & Guaranty Company, showing the title good except the mortgage held by Royal Park Estates in the sum of $95,600.  Mr. Duncan advised that the Board needs partial release of the streets, which Mr. Torti said he would obtain.  Letter from the Lake County Health Department stating, “Based on data of Donald McIntosh & Associates, these 60 lots are apparently suitable for septic tank installations.”  WHEREUPON, on a motion by Commr. Babb, seconded by Commr. Dykes and carried, the Plat of River Forest Unit One was accepted subject to the filing in the Clerk’s office a partial release of all streets.

issues regarding preparation of tax roll

Mr. Charles Pettis, Mr. Bill Gray, Mr. L. D. Gray, and Mr. Charles E. Gore appeared before the Board in the interest of what action the Board took in regard to reappraising on home sites.  Mr. Owens stated that Mr. Cassady did not see any reason for him to come to this meeting today, as his decision is as given Friday, and he is going ahead and preparing the tax roll, and that Hunnicutt & Associates are going ahead with reinvestigation of all complaints presented to them and will turn them over to Mr. Cassady, Tax Assessor.

Mr. B. C. Dodd from Seminole County appeared before the Board re Hunnicutt’s assessment on his property in Lake County and filed a letter of complaint. The Board advised Mr. Dodd that this letter would be filed with the complaints for the Equalization Board meeting.

 Mr. Owens advised the Board that C. V. Griffin called this morning and registered his protest of the revaluation by Hunnicutt.

Commr. Dykes stated that on July 18th this Board adopted a resolution requesting the Tax Assessor to delay the approval and acceptance of the appraisement of properties in Lake County, both real and personal, as prepared by Hunnicutt & Associates, Inc. until such time as the County Commissioners shall have a reasonable opportunity to consider all objections to increased valuations and the Taxpayers of Lake County have had an opportunity to review such increased valuations and present their objections if any to the Board of County Commissioners.  The members of this Board concurred that the Board should still stand by this resolution for the reason we are representing all of the taxpayers in Lake County; WHEREUPON, on a motion by Commr. Dykes, seconded by Commr. Simpson, the Board went on record as standing by the original resolution and on roll call by Districts the vote was as follows:  District No. 1, absent; District No. 2, yes; District No. 3, yes; District No. 4, yes; District No. 5, yes.  Therefore, the motion was unanimously carried.

furnishings and equipment for agricultural center

J. A. (Tar) Boyd appeared before the Board re the bids for furnishings and equipment for the Agricultural Center.  Mr. Boyd was advised that the Board relied upon the passage of an Act in the Legislature giving the authority to purchase this equipment and furnishings by borrowing money in advance of the 1961-1962 budget year.  However, this clause was inadvertently omitted from the Act.  Therefore, the Board was compelled to take this action and reject all bids.  Senator Boyd stated he did not know why the clause was omitted.  Mr. Duncan stated that the only way for the Board to do now is readvertise and take bids on the first of October.  Several of the Board members think the personnel should move into the new Agricultural Center now and use the old furniture until the Board is able to get the new furniture.  This Board is to assure them that as soon as the money is available, the new furniture will be bought.

discussion on the minimum foundation fund

Source of Revenues as follows:

1.     Sales tax revenue

2.     Gross farm products

3.     Automobile registration

4.     Gainful employment

5.     Public utilities

jury commission

Mr. Herbert Butler appeared before the Board and stated that a Jury Commission was created at the last session of the Legislature.  He requested that each member of the Board give consideration to the selection of two persons’ names from each district to be certified to the Governor for appointment to the Jury Commission.  One from each district will be selected.  Send the names to Mr. Owens, and he will send them to Mr. Butler.

D-2 – Mr. Cowart selected the following persons:  Mr. Lacey Thomas, Groveland and Mr. Lee Howard, Leesburg.

D-5 – Mr. Babb selected the following persons:  Mr. Emery Dillard, Eustis and Mr. Harold L. McCown, Umatilla.

Other Commissioners are to send in names later.


There being no further business, the meeting adjourned to Thursday, July 27 at ten a.m.


/s/ Frank E. Owens___                                                           /s/ J. C. Cowart_

CLERK                                                                                   VICE CHAIRMAN