The Board of County Commissioners met in special session in the Commissioners’ Room in the Courthouse at Tavares on Wednesday, February 7, 1962, for the purpose of receiving and considering bids for the purchase of pipe to supply water to the Agriculture Center from the City of Tavares, and such other things as may be brought before the Board, with the following present: Chairman Simpson, Commrs. Cowart, Dykes, Clerk Owens and Engineer Givens.

The Board was called to order by the Chairman Simpson.

The invocation was given by Commr. Dykes.

agriculture center

Notice having been advertised for the purpose of pipe, the following bids were received:

            Meredith Corp. – Box 470, Orlando                                      $2,228.98

            Johns-Manville – 101 Marietta St., Atlanta 3, GA.               $2,145.36

            Davis Meter & Supply Co., Inc., Thomasville, GA

                                    No bid on 2350’ pipe

                        Item No. 1                               $12.06 each

                                       2                               $17.26 each

                                       3                                   1.56 each

                                       4                               $52.26 each


            Central Foundry Co. N. Y.

                        2350’ pipe @ $1.36 net per ft.

                                  Bends     7.84 each

                        Bullhead tee   13.44 net

                                  Plug       2.52 net


            Leonard W. Saine, P. O. Box 2104, Orlando

                         Each Universal end IBBM gate valves

                         & C. I. Boxes @ $62.00 each                 124.00


Motion by Commr. Cowart seconded by Commr. Dykes and carried, that the bid of Johns Manville, as above, the low bidder, in total amount of $2,145.36 f.o.b. Tavares be accepted.

bids on tractors

Engineer Givens gave an analysis on the bids of Hood Tractor Company and Hodges Equipment Company, which were the two low bids.  After discussion of the equipment motion was made by Commr. Babb seconded by Commr. Cowart and carried, that all bids on the tractors be rejected and that Clerk Owens be authorized to readvertise for bids, when it is determined if one or two tractors are needed.

RE:  purchase of equipment from CRENSHAW

Mr. Crenshaw appeared before the Board regarding his bid on the Hot Mix Asphalt Plant, Conveyor and Spreader.  He was advised that the Board on Monday accepted his bid under certain circumstances – whether or not can purchase the machines now and pay out of next year’s budget and pay down 10% now.  Mr. Crenshaw advised the Board that this proposition is most agreeable to him and he will put his acceptance in writing.  (The acceptance being as follows was filed later during the day.)

Orlando, Florida, February 7, 1962

Board of County Commissioners

Tavares, Florida


This is to advise that we agree to the Board’s acceptance of our bids dated December 20, 1961, both of which were submitted January 2, 1962.  Bids covered the furnishing of one Model 25 Hub Asphalt Mixer (gasoline powered), one 10-foot Hub.

Motion by Commr. Babb seconded by Commr. Cowart and carried, that the action of the Chairman and Clerk in approving the applications of the following persons for admittance to the T. B. Hospital be approved:  James O. Erickson, Ike Lane, Coy L. Strickland and Kinzie Mitchell.

Two letters from the Florida T. B. Hospital advised that Tomie (CM) Wilson was discharged with medical advice (no evidence of pulm. tb)  Also Ernest Max Wittig was discharged with medical advice.

COPY OF SAL EXECUTED AGREEMENT covering sewer main crossing under SAL & T&G tracks and R/W in Sinclair Avenue, Tavares, was filed with the Board.


            8 LETTERS FROM State Road Department:

                        Section 11010-2501-3501:  11090-2502-3502

                        Section 11010-3111

                        Section 11000 – Okahumpka westerly to Lake-Sumter Line

                        Section 11640-360, SR S-33 Dixie Avenue – Clark ditch

                        Section 11506-1601 – Bridge at Eustis Marine

                        Section 11110 – SR 44 E of Eustis

                        Section 11610 – Alexander Springs Road, Boat Ramp


Letter from Shoreline Dredging & Construction Co. Re:  Acquiring permit to dredge


Copy letter to Shoreline Dredging & Construction Co. from Owens Re:  Acquiring permit to dredge


Florida Industrial Commission – schedule of prevailing wage rates applicable to Ag. Center


Copy of letter from C. E. Duncan to H. T. Dykes enclosing letter from L. C. Bates, Sup.     SAL pertaining to request of Walter Thompson re:  RR Crossing S of Tavares




/S/ FRANK E. OWENS                                              /S/ O. M. SIMPSON              

Clerk                                                                           Chairman