The Board of County Commissioners met in called session in the County Commissioners’ Room in the Courthouse at Tavares Thursday, March 1, 1962, at 9:00 o’clock a.m. for the purpose of designating PRIMARY and SECONDARY ROADS FOR THE 1962-1963 State Road Department Budget, and such other business as may be brought before the Board, with the following present:  Chairman Simpson; Commissioners Theus, Cowart, Dykes, and Babb; Attorney Duncan; Clerk Owens; and County Engineer Givens.

The Board was called to order by Chairman Simpson.

The invocation was given by Commr. Theus.

Clerk Owens read a letter from Railway Express Agency, Inc., Jacksonville stating:  “The Railway Express Agency has filed application with Florida Railroad and Public Utilities Commission to close its office at Montverde, Florida.”


C. E. Duncan filed copy of letter from him to Inland Abstract & Title Company requesting that Title Policy be issued and delivered to Frank E. Owens, Clerk of the Board of County Commissioners.


Ed Baker, Deputy Supervisor of Registration, gave a report on the quotations of the County papers and the Orlando Sentinel on “Notice to Lake County Electors” as follows:  Mount Dora Topic - $120.00; Eustis Lake Region News $96.00; Tavares Citizen - $84.00; Daily Commercial - $168.00; Clermont-Groveland Press - $102.00; Orlando Sentinel - $110.  Mr. Duncan explained the new law re:  Authority to vote.  Every two years the Supervisor of Registration sends out cards and if the party receiving a card fails to return it, cannot vote.  Discussion as to which paper to publish the Notice.  It was suggested that the Notice be published in all of the papers in Lake County and the Orlando Sentinel, WHEREUPON, on motion of Commr. Cowart, seconded by Commr. Dykes and carried, Katherine Baker, Supervisor of Registration, was authorized to publish the NOTICE one time in each of the Lake County papers and the Orlando Sentinel, next Thursday, March 8, 1962.

Motion by Commr. Babb seconded by Commr. Theus and carried, that Atty. Duncan be authorized to negotiate with Clara M. Gee and husband Vernon E. Gee to purchase a 30-foot strip of land in Section 23-19-25 for right of way purposes at a cost of $1,350.00.


The name “NORRIS HALL” was suggested.


Engineer Givens reported he has two requests for dredging in Lake Harris - Meredith and Wilmon.  Motion by Commr. Babb seconded by Commr. Dykes and carried that the permits be approved.


After discussion on the ORDER of requests for Primary Roads, motion was made by Commr. Cowart seconded by Comr. Babb and carried, that the following Resolution be adopted:

WHEREAS, the Board of County Commissioners of Lake County, Florida, has been requested by the State Road Department of the State of Florida to designate and request for the budget for the year beginning July 1, 1962, through June 30, 1963, PRIMARY ROADS be constructed within said County during said period; and

WHEREAS, at a special meeting on March 1, 1962, the County Commissioners in said meeting designated the PRIMARY ROADS for construction in LAKE COUNTY in preferential order:

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED BY THE BOARD OF COUNTY COMMISSIONERS OF LAKE COUNTY, FLORIDA, that the State Road Department of the State of Florida be requested to construct in Lake County, Florida, the following designated PRIMARY ROADS in the following order:

1.     Construct – 4 lane – SR 500 from Eustis Interchange westerly through Tavares to Silver Lake Forks

2.     Construct additional safety zones on SR 25 and 500 North of Leesburg as follows:

a.      Establish a safety zone on East side of median at approximately Station 122.

b.     Establish a safety zone on East side of median at approximately Station 117.

c.      Establish a safety zone on East side of median between Stations 104 and 105.

d.     Enlarge safety zone on West side of median at Station 67.

e.      All according to road map for SR 25 and SR – 500, Section 1104-204.

f.      Provide 40-foot turning radius at intersection of SR 25 and SR 44.

3.     Widen and resurface SR 19, beginning at South end of S-445, run South to SR-42 (approximately 4.7 miles)

4.     Widen and resurface existing pavement on SR 19, each side of railroad – beginning at North city limits of City of Umatilla, run south to intersection of SR S-450 South of Umatilla. (No additional right of way required.)

5.     Construct Municipal Section on SR 19 – beginning at SR 44 North of Eustis run south to interchange at SR 500.

6.     Survey, locate and construct SR 19 – beginning at North city limits of City of Groveland, run south to the Lake-Sumter County line.  (Lake County will contribute on matching basis up to $300,000.00 out of Secondary Road money toward completion of this project)  (Refer to Item 3 Sec. Road requests.)

7.     Four-lane SR 50 from West city limits of Clermont to West city limits of Mascotte – with Municipal Section within city limits of Groveland.

8.     Four-lane SR 25 from Leesburg south to intersection of SR 19.

a.      Also four-lane SR 25 from north city limits of Minneola south to SR 50.  (200 foot right of way already acquired).

9.     Widen and resurface East Main Street in Leesburg (SR-44) from Lake Street East to intersection of SR 500 (approximately .4 mile) (right of way already acquired.)

10.  Widen and reconstruct SR 44 from east city limits of Eustis to intersection of S-44-A and SR 44 (LaRoe’s corner).

11.  Four-lane SR 46 from old SR 500 (Highlands Avenue in Mount Dora) East to Seminole County line.

12.  Widen and resurface SR 561 from SR 19 South of the City of Tavares to SR 25 at Lake Sheppard.

13.  Widen and resurface SR 455 from SR 561 South of Astatula through Ferndale and Montverde to new SR 50.

14.  Widen and resurface SR 450 – beginning approximately one mile West of SR 19 in Umatilla and continue westerly to Marion County line.  (Approx. 4 miles)

15.  Widen and resurface SR 42 beginning at SR 19, run West .8 miles to Marion County line.

16.  Four-lane SR 50 from Orange County line West to SR 25.

17.  Designate present U. S. 441 (SR 500) at its intersection with new SR 500 in Orange County and continue through Mount Dora and Tavares along the present route to intersect new SR 500 in Tavares as an Alternate Route and provide four-lane approaches at both intersections.

Meeting adjourned for lunch – reconvened at 1:30 p.m.


After discussion on the Order of Requests on SECONDARY ROADS, motion was made by Commr. Dykes seconded by Commr. Theus and carried, that the following Resolution be adopted:







YEAR 1962-1963                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   COUNTY LAKE

WHEREAS, under Section 208.44 Florida Statutes, known as the “Secondary Road Assistance Act of 1949” and Section 339.08 Florida Statutes, the State Road Department will receive 80% of the proceeds of this County’s pro-rata share of the Seventh Cent gasoline tax to be used as prescribed by regulations of the said Department within this County, as requested by Resolution of this Board of County Commissioners and approved by the Department for one or more of the following purposes:  Construction, reconstruction, maintenance and repair of State roads and bridges, the lease or purchase of bridges connecting State roads, the acquisition of rights of way for State roads and the reduction of road and bridge indebtedness; and

WHEREAS, the State Road Department has requested this County Board to recommend the purpose for which, and the roads on which, this County’s 80% surplus gas tax and Federal Aid Secondary allocations should be spent for construction and improvement; and

WHEREAS, the State Road Department requires this information so that it may be considered in the preparation of the Annual Budget of the State Road Department; and

WHEREAS, this Board conferred with the State Road Department concerning the projects to be selected and the specifications with respect thereto,

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the State Road Department is hereby requested to use such funds for construction (including rights of way acquisition, surveys, plans, maintenance, etc.) of the following roads:

1.     Grade, pave and construct Cherry Lake Road – S-478 – from SR 19 North and East to Section line between Sections 4 & 3, Township 22 S., R. 25 East.

2.     Grade, pave and construct Lake Unity road beginning at SR-466-A (known as Picciola Road) run north to intersect Eagle Nest Road.

3.     Survey, locate and construct extension of SR 19 – beginning at North city limits of Groveland, run southwest to Lake-Sumter County line.  (Matching inter-fund contributions not to exceed $300,000.00.  See Item 2 Primary Road Requests)

4.     Grade, pave and construct Palatlakaha River Bridge and approaches South of Lake Minnehaha on S-561-A.

5.     Widen and resurface Sinclair Avenue in Tavares from Ruby Street North to Alfred Street (SR 500); and resurface Sinclair Avenue North from SR 500 to SR 19.

6.     Construct an approach at intersection of 11th Avenue in Mount Dora and SR 500.

7.     Construct – Bridge with 12-foot clearance above high water level and a minimum horizontal clearance of 25 feet over canal connecting Eustis municipal marina with Lake Eustis on Eustis Lake Shore Drive to Tavares (S-452) Section 11506-1601.  Also construct approaches with side walk.

8.     Grade, pave and construct Bassville Park road from SR 500 North to SR 44.  (Approximately 4 miles)

9.     Resurface SR-448 from SR-561 East through Lake Jem to Orange County line.

10.  Survey and construct approximately four miles of road beginning at SR-33 in Okahumpka, run west to Sumter County line.

11.  Extend road S-466 East from Sumter County line to SR-500 in Lady Lake.

12.  Survey and construct a road beginning at the Northwest corner of S-44-A (Griffin Road), run West to S-468 (less than one mile).

13.  Widen to 42 feet SR-33 beginning at Euclid Avenue in Leesburg run west to 12th Street; and widen Sumter Street to 50 feet from 12th Street to SR 25.  (Right of way already acquired)

14.  Survey and construct S-433 from SR 46 to Orange County line, passing through Sections 30 and 31 in Township 19 S., Range 29 East.

15.  Resurface Dora Avenue in Tavares from Lake Dora North across old SR 500 and continue northerly and easterly to Eustis Interchange.

16.  Resurface Road S-25-A – beginning at South city limits of Leesburg, run westerly, southerly and southeasterly to SR 25.

17.  Grade, pave and construct a road from S-44A east of Umatilla via Umatilla Airport to S-450 approximately 2 miles.

18.  Construct a wayside park and boat ramp on SR 500, Federal Highway 441, at a point just west of the mouth of the Dora Canal on Lake Eustis.  (See Resolution adopted September 3, 1957).





/s/ FRANK E. OWENS______________                                                                                                                                                      /s/ O. M. SIMPSON____________

CLERK                                                                                                                                                                                                           CHAIRMAN