FRIday – SEPTEMBER 14, 1962

The Board of County Commissioners met in special session in the County Commissioners’ Room in the Courthouse at Tavares on Friday, September 14, 1962, at ten o’clock a.m. for the purpose of receiving bids on a pick-up truck for District One, and such other matters as may be brought before the Board, with the following present:  Vice-Chairman Cowart, Commissioners Theus, and Babb; Attorney Duncan; and Clerk Owens.  Commissioners Dykes and Chairman Simpson were absent:

The Board was called to order by Vice-Chairman Cowart.

purchase of pickup truck for district one


Notice to bidders for the purchase of a pickup truck for District No. One was read by Clerk Owens and the following bids were received:

Hodges Equipment Company, P. O. Box 1020 – Leesburg

            1 – new International Model C-102 Pickup

                        Less Excise Tax – delivered                                      $1,847.03

                        Less trade-in of 1958 GMC Pickup truck

                           S#101-PS-8396A                                                          652.83

               Trade price immediate delivery---------------------            $1,194.20


Eustis Motor Company, Drawer 1, Eustis

            1 – new 1963 Ford 1/2 ton pickup – taking in trade

                        1958 GMC pickup truck for a net difference

                        of ------------------------------------------------             $1,133.86


Boast Motors, Inc., 1330 N. Blvd. W., Leesburg

            1 – 1963 Dodge, D-100 Pickup                                              $2,120.80

                        Less allowance for a 958 GMC pickup                           930.80

                 Net balance delivered------------------------------              $1,190.00


Butler Chevrolet Company, Inc. – Magnolia, Leesburg

            1 – 1963 Chevrolet Pick-up truck, Model C-1404

                        Selling price                                                               $2,111.75

                  Less federal tax                                                                     149.00


            Less GMC 1958 pickup truck trade in                                        988.75

                                                Difference--------------------               $   974.00

Jungle Auto Service – P. O. Box 1100, Leesburg

            1 – 1962 GMC Model 1001, Net, tax exempt,

                        Price in exchange for 1958 GMC pickup---              $1,100.00


Motion by Commr. Theus seconded by Commr. Babb and concurred by Vice-Chairman Cowart, that the low bid of Butler Chevrolet Company, Inc., in the amount of a net difference of $974.00 be accepted.

J. Otis Butler, salesman, was present and advised the Board delivery will made this month if possible.

Inland Abstract & title Company

Inland Abstract & Title Company erecting a sign on County owned land in Section 20-19-25, lying on the Easterly side of U. S. Highway 441 was discussed.

Clerk Owens read a letter from this Company which enclosed a check for $50.00 donation for this privilege.

Motion by Commr. Theus seconded by Commr. Babb and concurred by Vice-Chairman Cowart that the request for the erection of the sign be granted.

payment of certificates of indebtedness

Clerk Owens advised the Board that payment on the principal and interest of these Certificates is due October 1, 1962 – Interest $17,431.25 and principal $55,000.00 – making a total of $72,431.25 due, WHEREUPON, on motion of Commr. Theus seconded by Commr. Babb and concurred by Vice-Chairman Cowart, Clerk Owens was authorized to issue warrant in amount of $72,431.25 on Bond Interest & Sinking Fund (County Buildings) to Bankers Trust Company of New York, for interest and principal due on October 1, 1962 on Certificates of Indebtedness issued for the construction of the Jail and Sheriff’s Department and also the remodeling of the Courthouse.

There being no further business to come before the Board, the meeting adjourned.



/s/ FRANK E. OWENS                                                          /s/ O. M. SIMPSON

CLERK                                                                                   CHAIRMAN