wednesday – february 27, 1963

The Board of County Commissioners met in special session in the County Commissioners’ Room in the Courthouse at Tavares on Wednesday, February 27, 1963, at nine o’clock A.M. for the purpose of hearing Secondary and Primary road requests from the various cities and towns in the county, and such other matters as may be brought before the Board, with the following present:  Chairman Dykes, Commissioners Theus, Cowart, Livingston and Babb; Attorney Duncan, Clerk Owens and Engineer Hays.

At nine o’clock A.M. there being no one present from the City of Clermont, Clerk Owens read two Resolutions adopted by the City Council of Clermont requesting that –

No. 1 –            SR 56, extending south from the Western boundary of the city limits of Clermont, to State Road 33, be resurfaced.

No. 2 -             Old State Road 50, extending East from SR 25, U.S. 27, to the Orange County line, be resurfaced.

Clerk Owens announced that Mr. Joe BonJorn, Mayor of Clermont, had called this morning and advised him that the officials of the City of Clermont were busy this morning and could not attend this meeting and asked the Board’s support on their requests.


No one appearing for the City of Groveland, Clerk Owens read a letter from E. L. Puryear, Mayor, requesting the four-laning of Highway 50 from the Lake-Orange County Line West to the Town of Mascotte.


No one appearing from the Town of Minneola, Clerk Owens read a letter from Hamp Walker, Mayor, requesting the resurfacing of old SR 50, extending East from U. S. 27 to the Orange County line.

Also, that SR 561 extending from the Western boundary to the City of Clermont to SR 33, be resurfaced.


Mr. Fred Thomas, Mayor of the Town of Mascotte, was present.  Clerk Owens read a letter from the Town of Mascotte in which the four-laning of SR 50 from the Orange County line West to Mascotte be given top priority.

At ten o’clock A.M. a delegation of 15 persons from the Town of Umatilla appeared.  Mr. C. S. Stephens, Jr., President of the Town Council, was the spokesman for the group.  He presented detailed brochure containing resolutions, etc. to each member of the Board in which they strongly urge the widening and resurfacing of SR 19 through the corporate limits of the Town of Umatilla.

At 10:30 A.M. a delegation of 12 persons from the City of Eustis appeared with Mr. Paul Brown as spokesman – their requests being as follows:


1.         Four-laning of SR 19 (Bay Street), with municipal section from Haselton Heights south to the Eustis Interchange.

2.         Rebuild SR 44 (Orange Ave.) from SR 19 (Bay Street) east to SR 44A (LaRoe’s Corner).

3.         Four-laning SR 44 with municipal section from the intersection of SR 44 and SR 19 (Trout Run) west to the vicinity of Florida Foods, Inc.

4.         Acquiring right of way and expanding intersection of SR 19 and US 441 (Eustis Interchange) to full cloverleaf.


1.         Rebuild Lakeshore Drive to provide adequate access road from SR 19 to US 441.

2.         Construct east relief highway from the intersection of SR 44 and SR 44A (LaRoe’s Corner) south to US 441.

3.         Consideration should be given for the construction of a north relief highway from SR 44A at Schrieffer Corner West to the vicinity of the intersection of SR 19 and SR 44 (Trout Run).


1.         Construct wayside park on land owned by the City of Eustis accessible to Lake Eustis in the Lakeshore Drive area.

2.         Lighting of the intersection of SR 19 and US 441 (Eustis Interchange).

Letter from the Eustis Chamber of Chamber endorsing the city’s request filed.

At 11 o’clock A.M. Mayor E. I. Burleigh of the city of Tavares appeared and stated that Tavares has no primary requests, but wishes to thank the Board for what has been done and what is now under construction – especially the overpass on SR 500.  Mr. Burleigh said the City of Tavares would most likely request assistance in traffic control at the intersection of SR 500 and Orange Avenue when the construction is completed.  He further stated that Tavares endorses the request from the City of Eustis in rebuilding SR 44; also the resurfacing of SR 561.

At 11:30 A. M. a delegation of six persons from the City of Mount Dora appeared with James P. Turner, Councilman, as the spokesman, and the following requests were made:

1.         Widen and rebuild SR 46 from old SR 500 (Highland Avenue in Mount Dora) East to Seminole County Line.

2.         Designate present US 441 (SR 500) at its intersection with new SR 500 in Orange County and continue through Mount Dora and Tavares along the present route to intersect new SR 500 in Tavares as an Alternate Route, and provide four-lane approaches at both intersections.

3.         Retread Alternate US 441 (SR 500) from McDonald Street in Mount Dora to intersection of SR 19 and SR 500 at Mount Dora city limits, install deceleration lanes for traffic entering Golden Triangle Shopping Center, and acceleration lanes for west-bound traffic leaving South exits of said Shopping Center.

Mr. Turner stated that they think the third request is the most important.

The Chairman advised the delegation that the budget hearing will be on March 7th in Deland at four o’clock P.M. and urged them to be present if possible.


Meeting reconvened at 1:30 P.M.

At 1:30 P.M. Mr. M. W. Thomas, City Manager of the City of Leesburg, appeared in behalf of the City of Leesburg with the following requests:

1.         Widen Sumter Street from Euclid Avenue west to intersect 14th Street (Highway 27).

2.         Improve South Street beyond the city limits west to the north to tie in with the improved road now serving Fruitland Park.

3.         Widen East Main Street from the city limits West to Lake Street.

4.         Four Lane U.S. 27 south of Leesburg to Polk County Line.

Mr. Thomas filed maps on these requests.

fruitland park

At 2:00 P.M. Mr. Earl Dover, Mayor of Fruitland Park, appeared but only requested the paving of city streets.  Mr. Theus advised Mr. Dover we are only considering state roads today.

Mr. Kent Marshall of Fruitland Park requested that the Pine Ridge Dairy road be surfaced.

lady lake

At 2:15 P.M. there being no one present representing Lady Lake, Mr. Theus said he would again ask that SR 466 from the Sumter County line to U.S. 27 be resurfaced.


There being no one present from Howey, the Astatula delegation was heard at 2:30 P.M.  Mayor Stockdale was spokesman for the delegation of five persons.  Resurfacing SR 561 was their primary request.


At 2:45 P.M. a delegation of three persons from Montverde appeared with Mayor Osgood as spokesman, and the following requests:

1.         Resurface SR 455.

2.         Resurface SR 561.

Having heard all the road requests, it was agreed by the members that Tuesday, March 5, 1963 at ten o’clock A.M. would be set as the date to prepare budget on primary and secondary road requests.

Commr. Livingston reported that Judge Milton has a case in his Court where the person involved has to be sent by ambulance to Chattahoochee and wants to know how this should be handled.  Motion by Commr. Babb, seconded by Commr. Cowart, and carried that the patient be transferred to Chattahoochee by an ambulance service from District No. 5 and expense of same be charged to District No. 5.


There being no further business to bring before the Board, the meeting adjourned at 4:00 o’clock P.M.


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