friday – march 15, 1963

A public hearing called by the Board of County Commissioners for Friday, March 15, 1963, was held in the auditorium at the Agriculture Center at Tavares for the purpose of discussing State Health Department regulations at nine o’clock A.M. with thirty-one (31) persons present, (see list of names filed).

Chairman Dykes called the meeting to order and asked the legislative delegation, Dr. Hall and Attorney Duncan to sit at the speaker’s table.

Recommendations from the group assembled were as follows:

E. T. Hall -      1.  Have lots 80 x 125’ or a minimum of 10,000 sq. ft. with well and septic tank.  If more than 50 lots, provisions should be made for a water system or area set aside whereby installation could be made when 50 additional lots are sold and disposal plant be dispensed with for economic reasons.

                        2.  Have committee in the county to come up with some source and means for assurance to the developer that maintenance will be upheld through trust system or some other way.

Tom Sawyer – Get state regulation changed or disengage Lake County from the State Board of Health.

Howard Bozeman – Thinks we can live very well under Mr. Hall’s recommendations.  The central sewer disposal system should be done away with for the time being.

Marvin Folsom – Thinks we can live with Hall’s recommendations and thinks the sewerage plant system should be done away with.

Edwin Douglas – Thinks any new recommendations should be put in writing for everyone to see, and all recommendations should be on a county-wide basis.

C. E. Duncan  -  If we cannot live under the State program, we should try to live under it as far as we can economically and have it presented to the legislative delegation and arrive at an in-between plan.  Do not think we should do away with the County Health Department.  The best thing is to find a happy meeting ground by special act or exclusion to the act.

Robert S. Webb  -  The recommendations, if accepted, will do away with two zoning classifications.  We will have a complete overhaul of our regulations in order to meet this new ruling.

Gordon Hays –           1.  All existing platted subdivisions be completely excluded from new requirements.

                                    2.  Water treatment – Issue permits for the first 25 houses – Developer presents plans for central water treatment plant – issue permits up to 50 – first 50 (who have wells) with remainder.  Site for public well (approved by State Board of Health) to be shown on plat.

                                    3.  Sewerage Treatment – Issue permits for first 75 houses – developer presents plans for central sewerage treatment plant – issue permits up to 150 – plant to be in operation at this time – connect first 150 (who have septic tanks) with the remainder.  Site for sewer disposal plant (approved by State Board of Health) to be shown on plat.

                                    4.         Any lot in any subdivision meeting the above regulations shall comply with the lot size regulations of the Lake County Planning and Zoning Commission.

                                    5.         Any lot in any subdivision without central water treatment and/or central sewerage treatment plants (which does not meet the above regulations) shall be 20,000 square feet in area, and a minimum width of 100 feet, as required by Chapter Four of the Florida State Sanitary Code for installation of individual sewerage disposal facilities.

                                    6.         Instigate County-wide zoning to make the above effective.

                                    7.         In reference to water and sewerage treatment plants, the developer or owner shall furnish evidence as to operation, maintenance and supervision by themselves or their duly authorized agent, satisfactory to and approved by the State Board of Health and the Board of County Commissioners of Lake County.

In addition to the above recommendations, Carlisle Rogers, Cecil Theus, and Dalton Payne spoke on this problem.

Mr. Dykes appointed a committee namely:  E. T. Hall, Howard Bozeman, Robert S. Webb, R. O. Newman, George A. Williams, and Harry Mielke, to study this problem and arrive at a definite recommendation to present to the Board of County Commissioners at the next regular meeting.


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