friday – february 26, 1965

The Board of County Commissioners met in special session on Friday, February 26, 1965, at 8:30 o’clock A.M. in the Commissioners’ Room in the Courthouse at Tavares for the purpose of designating Primary and Secondary Roads for the 1965-66 State Road Department Budget, and any other business which might be brought before the Board.

The meeting was called to order by the Chairman with the following preset:  Chairman Livingston, Commrs. Theus, Cowart, Dykes and Babb, Attorney Duncan and Clerk Owens.

Roads – State

Upon motion of Commr. Dykes, seconded by Commr. Cowart and carried, the following resolution was adopted designating Primary Roads in preferential order:

WHEREAS, the Board of County Commissioners of Lake County, Florida, has been requested by the State Road Department of the State of Florida to designate and request for the budget for the year beginning July 1, 1965 and ending June 30, 1966, PRIMARY ROADS to be constructed within said County during said period, and

WHEREAS, at a special meeting on February 26, 1965 the County Commissioners in said meeting designated the primary roads for construction in Lake County in preferential order;

NOW, THEREFORE, LET IT BE RESOLVED BY THE BOARD OF COUNTY COMMISSIONERS OF LAKE COUNTY, FLORIDA, that the State Road Department of the State of Florida be requested to construct in Lake County, Florida the following designated primary roads in the following order:

No. 1   - Four lane SR 19 with municipal section commencing at the intersection of SR 19 with SR 500 South of Eustis and extending North to the North city limits of Eustis, and including completion of full cloverleaf interchange at the intersection of SR 19 with SR 500.

No. 2   - Four lane SR 50 from East city limits of Clermont to the West city limits of Mascotte with municipal sections within Clermont, Groveland, and Mascotte.

No. 3   - Four lane SR 25 commencing at the North city limits of Mineola and extending Northerly to the South end of the present four lane project under construction South of Leesburg.

No. 4   - Widen and resurface SR 455 commencing at its intersection with SR 561 South of Astatula and running East and South through Ferndale and Montverde to (new) SR 50 (excepting portions resurfaced in the Town of Montverde).

No. 5   - Widen resurface SR 44 within the City of Eustis commencing at its intersection with SR 19 (Bay Street) and extending East to the East city limit of Eustis.

No. 6   - Widen and resurface SR 44 in the City of Leesburg (East Main Street) commencing at Lake Street and continuing East to intersection SR 500.  (Approximately 0.4 mile) (Right of way already acquired.)

No. 7   - Resurface SR 561 commencing at its intersection with SR 50 in the City of Clermont and running South to intersection with SR 33.

No. 8   - Four lane SR 19 from the North city limits of Eustis to the South city limits of Umatilla.

No. 9   - Four lane SR 46 from the Eastern Lake County Line Westerly to its intersection with SR 46-A.

No. 10 -Four lane SR 19 from its intersection with SR S 450 in the Northern portion of Umatilla (at present Atlantic Coast Line Railroad Depot) and running North to and beyond SR 42 in Altoona to the present end of Atlantic Coast Line Railroad right of way recently acquired by Lake County.

No. 11 - Four lane SR 19-A from the interchange of SR 10 and SR 500 South of Eustis and running Southerly and Easterly to intersect Old SR 500 and continuing on Old SR 500 to the South entrance of the Golden Triangle Shopping Center, including deceleration and acceleration lanes at said entrance.

No. 12 - Resurface Highland Avenue in the City of Mount Dora (Old SR 500) from Fifth Avenue in Mount Dora South to the Lake County Line.

No. 13 - Four lane SR 44 from its intersection with SR 19 North of Trout Run at the approximate North boundary of the City of Eustis and extending West through Fort Mason.

No. 14 - Request the Federal Highway Commission to designate as U.S. 23 the following highways in Florida:  Commence at the Southerly extremity of U.S. 23 in Jacksonville and continuing South on U.S. 17 to its intersection with SR 19 Northwest of Palatka and following SR 19 South to its intersection with SR 50 and SR 33 in Groveland, and continuing South on SR 33 to its intersection with Interstate 4 South of Polk City.

Roads – State

On motion of Commr. Theus, seconded by Commr. Babb and carried, the following resolution was adopted designating roads to be constructed from Secondary Road Funds:




WHEREAS, under Section 208.44 Florida Statutes, known as the “secondary Road Assistance Act of 1949” and Section 339.08 Florida Statutes, the State Road Department will receive 80% of the proceeds of this county’s pro-rata share of the Seventh Center gasoline tax, to be used as prescribed by regulations of the said Department within this County, as requested by resolution of this Board of County Commissioners and approved by the Department for one more of the following purposes:  Construction, reconstruction, maintenance and repair of State roads and bridges, the lease or purchase of bridges connecting State roads, the acquisition of rights of way for State roads, and the reduction of road and bridge indebtedness; and

WHEREAS, the State Road Department has requested this County Board to recommend the purpose for which, and the roads on which, this County’s 80% surplus gas tax and Federal Aid Secondary allocations should be spent for construction and improvement; and

WHEREAS, the State Road Department requires this information so that it may be considered in the preparation of the Annual Budget of the State Road Department; and

WHEREAS, this Board conferred with the State Road Department concerning the projects to be selected and the specifications with respect thereto,

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED THAT the State Road Department is hereby requested to use such funds for construction (including rights of way acquisition, surveys, plans maintenance, etc.) of the following roads:

No. 1   - Construct and pave streets, access roads and parking areas within the Lake-Sumter Junior College Campus between Tavares and Leesburg (on North side of SR 500, U.S. 441).  (Secondary Funds to supplement $39,000.00 allocated from primary funds for said purpose.)

No. 2   - Resurface Old SR 19 commencing at its intersection with SR 44 (at Diesem’s Corner) and extending North to its intersection with present SR 19 between Eustis and Umatilla.

No. 3   - Resurface Old SR 50 commencing at its intersection with SR 25 in Minneola and continuing East to the Orange County Line.

No. 4   - Resurface SR S 561-A, Job #11503-8602-02-41, extending from the South city limits of Clermont Southerly along the East shore of Lake Minnehaha and Southwesterly to intersect SR 561.  (Bridge over Palatlakaha River recently constructed by State Road Department.)

No. 5   - Construct and pave with primary type road 24’ wide, beginning at the intersection of SR S 468 with SR 44 run South to intersect South Street extended West from the City of Leesburg, thence turn East on South Street extended and continue to Station 65+00 according to State Road Department Right of Way Map (Casteen’s Grocery Store), thence continue East with municipal section, including sidewalks, to West city limits of Leesburg and continuing along South Street to intersect SR 25.

No. 6   - Grade, page and construct SR S 473 (Bassville Park Road a/k/a Haines Creek Road) commencing at its intersection with SR 500 West of Dead River, thence run North and West to intersect SR 44 (at Orange Bend).

No. 7   - Grade, pave and construct SR S 466 from the Lake-Sumter County Line and run East to intersect SR 500 in Lady Lake.

No. 8   - Widen and pave to 42’ SR S 33 (Dixie Avenue and Sumter Avenue) beginning at Euclid Avenue in Leesburg and extending Westerly to Twelfth Street, and then extending Westerly along Sumter Avenue to SR 25. (Right of way already acquired.)

No. 9   - Designate as secondary highway, grade and pave present clay surface road commencing at its intersection with SR S 44-A in Southwesterly quadrant of Section 18, Township 18-S, Range 27-E and run North (along the East boundary of Umatilla Airport) approximately 1.5 miles to SR S 450.  Also, pave Cassady Street extension Easterly from city limits of Umatilla to intersect said road.  (Approximately 0.5 mile)

No. 10 - Designate as secondary highway, grade, construct and surface present clay road commencing at its intersection with SR 561 in the Town of Astatula and extending East and Northeasterly to intersect SR S 448-A South of Lake Jem.

No. 11 - Widen and resurface within present right of way Citrus Avenue in Eustis from Northbound lane of proposed SR 19 (Grove Street) West to Southbound lane of proposed SR 19 (Bay Street) connecting with SR S 452.

No. 12 - Designate as secondary highway and resurface Woodward Avenue in Eustis commencing at Northbound lane of proposed SR 19 and run West to SR S 452 (Lakeshore Drive).

No. 13 - Resurface SR S 437 commencing at SR 46 in Sorrento and extending South to the Lake-Orange County Line.

No. 14 - Construct a bridge across Palatlakaha River on connecting road between SR 25 and SR 33, said road commencing at SR 25 in Section 1, Township 21, Range 24, and extending Westerly to SR 33.  Bridge to be located in Section 11, Township 21, Range 24 and will serve U.S. Experimental Station bordering the Palatlakaha River.

No. 15 - Resurface Silver Lake Road starting at SR S 449 at entrance to golf club house on the North side of Silver Lake and Extending Westerly, Southerly and Easterly to connect with existing SR S 449 on South side of Lake; also, access road on West side of Lake extending West to SR 44.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the methods and standards employed by the State Road Department for determination of major improvement features, including the specific alignment, the types and widths of pavement, and the Department’s standard specifications for construction are concurred in and approved by this Board.  It is requested:  That the Department will consider the projects in the order listed above insofar as practicable, but not to the extent of retarding the whole program; that the termini of the projects as described in the resolution and shown on the accompanying map, rather than any estimate of funds therefore, shall control the Department’s allocation of funds; that this resolution shall remain in effect throughout the year and that after the current year the recommendations of this resolution shall constitute a continuing improvement program for the County, unless changed by a subsequent annual resolution.

Bonds – roads

Clerk Owens reported he was advised by Tallahassee yesterday that the road bonds had been sold at a very low interest of 2.55 percent, and the money from same will be forthcoming in early March.

Condemnation proceedings

Commr. Dykes presented letter from the Southwest Florida Water Management District in which they advise that the owners of a dredge in Dora Canal have been advised not to proceed with any further dredging until proper permit has been filed and approved.  Motion was made by Commr. Dykes, seconded by Commr. Babb and carried, and a resolution adopted that the County secure by gift, purchase or condemnation the following described tract of land and that this area be designated as a public park:

A strip of land measured 170 feet on each side of the thread of the Dora Canal, said thread or center of Dora Canal being otherwise described as:  Commencing at the concrete bridge, a portion of State Road 19, as it crosses Dora Canal, and extending Northerly along the said thread or center of Dora Canal, to Lake Eustis; LESS those portions thereof heretofore acquired by Lake County for park purposes.


There being no further business to bring before the Board, the meeting adjourned.


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