MONDAY – july 19, 1965

The Board of County Commissioners met in regular session in the County Commissioners’ Room in the Courthouse at Tavares on Monday, July 19, 1965, at 9:00 o’clock A.M. for the purpose of hearing requests and complaints from the public in regard to the tentative budget for the fiscal year beginning October 1, 1965 and ending September 30, 1966, and such other matters as may be brought before the Board.

The Chairman called the meeting to order with the following present:  Chairman Livingston, Commrs. Theus, Dykes, and Babb; Clerk Owens; and Attorney Duncan.

budget – indigents

On motion of Commr. Theus seconded by Commr. Babb and carried, a Resolution was adopted regarding “Hospital Service for the Indigent,” whereby Lake County agrees to provide an item in the 1965-66 Budget known as “Lake County Indigent Hospitalization Fund” in the amount of $31,050, which amount is not less than 50˘ per capita of County funds based on the estimated population of the County for the current year.


Mr. T. C. Hanson appeared and asked the Board’s opinion of the authority of tax assessing boards created by the Legislature.  Attorney Duncan advised, “A man appointed by the Governor has the same standing and constitutional right of power as those elected by the people.”  The Attorney was instructed to secure an opinion from the Attorney General on this.

Letter from W. R. Copeland, President of Citizens Bank of Clermont, recommending to the Board that the Lake County Development Commission be supported by County tax assessments, was read and filed.

civil defense

Clerk Owens advised in accordance with the Merit System the salary of the secretary in the Civil Defense Office will be increased to $315.00 per month effective July 1, 1965 and to $330.00 per month effective November 1, 1965.

accounts allowed

Engineer Hays submitted two proposals for cabinet for aerial prints, whereupon on motion of Commr. Dykes seconded by Commr. Theus and carried, the low price from Bowen Supply Company in the amount of $185.00 per cabinet, or a unit price of $415.75 including top, base and two 5-drawer cabinets, was accepted.


Engineer Hays advised he has secured a price for holding the auction of surplus office equipment from three auctioneers:

            Kenny Pearce             -           $25.00

            Mitchell Fannin          -           10% or as low as anyone else

            Clarence Ensor           -           10%


On motion of Commr. Theus seconded by Commr. Dykes and carried, the Engineer was directed to have Mitchell Fannin handle the auction.

roads – county

On motion by Commr. Theus seconded by Commr. Dykes and carried, a Resolution was adopted amending Secondary Road requests by adding to the streets to be widened and resurfaced, the following portion of Dixie Avenue:

Commencing at the intersection of Sumter Avenue with Dixie Avenue and extending Southwesterly along Dixie Avenue to intersect Second Avenue and State Road 25 within the City Limits of Leesburg, all as appears from a Map of said additional portion of Dixie Avenue, attached hereto and made a part of this Resolution.


There being no further business to bring before the Board, the meeting adjourned at ten o’clock A.M.


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