MONDAY – february 21, 1966

The Board of County Commissioners met in special session in the Commissioners’ Room in the Courthouse in Tavares Monday, February 21, 1966, at 9:00 o’clock A.M. for the purpose of hearing requests for secondary and primary road projects for the 1966-67 State Road Department budget and such other business as may be brought before the Board.

The meeting was called to order by the Chairman with the following members present:  Chairman Theus, Commrs. Cowart, Dykes, Livingston and Babb; Clerk Owens, and Engineer Hays.  Attorney Duncan was present until 9:30 a.m.

Chairman Theus announced the requests will be heard in accordance with the schedule prepared by the Clerk.  Clermont and Minneola being first on the schedule and Groveland and Mascotte second, had no representation, the Chairman asked if there is any other business to be conducted.

public health

On motion of Commr. Dykes seconded by Commr. Babb and carried, a Resolution was adopted prohibiting dumping of trash and garbage on South Dora Boulevard in Lake Dora South Subdivision.

On motion of Commr. Babb, seconded by Commr. Livingston and carried, a Resolution was adopted requesting Golden Gem Growers, Inc. and Florida Food Products, Inc. to install proper filtering equipment and such other equipment which may be necessary for the purpose of eliminating the practice of emptying waste from their plants into Lake Yale so that such waste material when processed will be purified to the extent that it will not be objectionable as a contaminating agent to the waters of Lake Yale.

county property

On recommendation of the Engineer and on motion of Commr. Babb seconded by Commr. Dykes and carried, the Board authorized that “No Dumping” signs be erected in all clay pits in order to help control the nematode infestation.

roads – county

Chairman Theus advised in the near future he will have one or two roads in his District to add to the long range plan of acquiring rights of way, which was approved at the last regular meeting.

On motion of Commr. Dykes seconded by Commr. Livingston and carried, a Resolution was adopted prohibiting trucks on County Road located approximately 1800 feet South of the junction of SR 19 and SR 561.

roads – state

Commr. Livingston stated he has been contacted by L. L. Polk, Gulf Distributor, to request the Board to allow his trucks on the Eustis-Tavares Lakeshore Drive (SR 452) when making deliveries to Mount Dora and Tavares.  The Board members concurring, the Chairman advised if one exception is made more will be requested.  Mr. Polk’s request was denied.


Tavares   –      Mayor Irving Burleigh and Clerk John Rapalje appeared and presented letter and map requesting black-topping on Druid Place and Anderson Drive between Dora Ave. (Old SR 19) and Old SR 500; and resurfacing New Hampshire Avenue between SR 500 and Givens Street; also, blacktop Givens Street between Sinclair Avenue and New Hampshire Avenue.  Tavares also endorsed the recent request of Ferndale for the reconstruction of SR 455 from Montverde to Ferndale.

Mt. Dora -       J. P. Turner, City Council President, appeared with a delegation of seventeen (17) Mount Dora citizens and presented letter requesting four-laning of acceleration and deceleration lanes at the Golden Triangle Shopping Center on SR 500 overpass South of Eustis; four-laning of SR 46 from SR 500 to intersection of I-4 at Sanford; and widen and resurface Highland Street from Fifth Avenue to the South city limits.

Eustis -            Mayor-Commissioner Verdual Hamlin, Jr. and City Manager R. M. Hendrick appeared with a delegation of three other city officials and presented letter requesting the following primary roads:

                      1. (a)  Four-laning of SR 44 (Orange Ave.), from SR 19 (Bay St.) East to intersect with the newly constructed highway near Haselton Avenue.

                           (b)   Four-laning of SR 19 from the North city limits of Eustis to the South city limits of Umatilla.

                      2.         Four-lane SR 44 with municipal section from the intersection of SR 19 and SR 44 at the North city limits West to the vicinity of Florida Food Products, Inc.

                      3.         Expand the intersection of SR 19 and SR 500 to full cloverleaf.

                      4.         Rebuild and widen SR 455 in and near Montverde.

                      5.         Four-lane SR 19 from Umatilla, beginning at the intersection of SR 450 and SR 19 to the intersection of SR 42 and SR 19 at Altoona.

                      6.         Four-lane SR 19 (Bay St.) with municipal section from the North city limits of Eustis to Herrick Avenue to intersect with four-lane highway now under construction.


Eustis requested the following Secondary Roads:

1.               Designate Grove Street as a secondary road from Badger Avenue South to intersect with SR 19 and widen and rebuild same.

2.               Installation of pedestrian crossover near Taylor Street on SR 19.

3.               Construct, rebuild and widen Kurt Street from SR 500 to intersect with SR 19.

4.               Designate Lakeview Avenue from the intersection of SR 19 East to the intersection of East Crooked Lake Drive and East Crooked Lake Drive Southeast to SR 500, as secondary, widen and rebuild same.

5.               Designate Haselton Street as a secondary road from SR 44 to E. Crooked Lake Drive and rebuild same.

6.               Install automatic signals at the Atlantic Coast Line Railroad crossings on Lakeshore Drive and Woodward Avenue.

Eustis – Other:

1.               Designate SR 19 from Jacksonville to Tampa as U. S. 23.

2.               Install sidewalks on South side of Lakeshore Drive from Eustis Street to Stevens Avenue and on the North side from Grove Street to Jackson Street.

Lady Lake –

D. M. Buckner appeared and presented petition signed by eleven (11) residents of Lake Ella Road requesting that this road be resurfaced from the present black top to the County Line, approximately one mile.  Chairman Theus advised this is a County Road, extension of Shirley Lake Road, and he plans to resurface same this year.

Leesburg –

Pat Thomas, City Manager, appeared with three other Leesburg officials and presented the following requests together with maps and pictures:

1.     Construct north-south street from N. Boulevard to Dixie Avenue with 80’ right of way.

2.     Widen and improve the turn radius of intersection of Main Street (SR 44) and 14th Street (SR 25), and widen and improve SR 25 South from Sunshine Avenue to Dixie Avenue.

3.     Widen and resurface Main Street (SR 44) from Lake Street East.

4.     Four-lane SR 44 from I-75 to Leesburg.

Fruitland Park –

Mayor LeRoy Stout and Earl Dover, Councilman appeared and presented three Resolutions requesting the following:

1.     Construct and install sidewalks on South side of Miller Street from West town limits to Dixie Avenue, and construct and install sidewalks on the West side of Dixie Avenue South from Miller Street to the South town limits; also, improve and repair drain at the intersection of Dixie Avenue and Berckman Street, and four-lane SR 25 through Lake County.

Umatilla –

Wm. Kicklighter appeared with delegation of five Umatilla citizens and presented requests for the following:

1.   Four-lane SR 19 from the South city limits to North terminus of SR 19 at Eustis.

2.   Four-lane SR 19 from SR 450 north to SR 42.

3.   Construct road from SR 19 in Umatilla East to East Lake along South edge of lake through Saltsdale community to SR 439.

Clermont –

                        Mayor BonJorn and Attorney Richard Langley appeared at 11:40 A.M. and requested that SR 25 be four-laned through Lake County; that SR 50 be four-laned from the East county line to Mascotte; that SR 561 be reconstructed from SR 33 to SR 25; and resurface the Lake Louisa Road.

Montverde &

Ferndale   -


                        Chas. L. Merritt of Ferndale and W. O. McQuaig and Mayor B. B. Osgood of Montverde appeared and requested widening and resurfacing of SR 455 from Montverde to Ferndale.

Representative W. H. Reedy was present during this meeting and each of the above road requests was endorsed by Mr. Reedy as being vital and necessary to the growth and development of Lake County.

Chairman Theus presented letter from the Lake County Development Commission recommending the four-laning of the following roads:  SR 25 though Lake County; SR 44 from Leesburg West to the West Coast; SR 50 East to West Coast; SR 19 and SR 33 from Palatka to I-4 and designated as U.S. 23.

There being no further business to bring before the Board, the meeting adjourned at 12:10 o’clock P.M.


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