wednesday – april 17, 1968

The Board of County Commissioners met in special session on Wednesday, April 17, 1968 at 2:00 o’clock P.M. in the Commissioners’ Room in the Courthouse, Tavares, Florida, for the purpose of receiving bids for relocating an existing metal building located on the Fairground site in Eustis.

The meeting was called to order by the Chairman with the following being present:  Commissioner Babb, Chairman; Commissioners Theus, Cowart, Dykes and Windram.  Others present were Clerk Owens, Attorney Duncan, Engineer Hays and Deputy Clerk Norma H. Coven.


It now being the time advertised to receive bids for relocating metal Fairground building, the Clerk was instructed to open and tabulate the bids, whereupon, Clerk Owens reported receiving bids form the following:

Before the bids were opened, the Architect advised Konsler Steel Company and Glenn Y. Middleton are bidding as a joint venture.

                        Geiger-Jones Construction Co., Inc.               $8,366.00

                        The Graves Co. of Kissimmee, Inc.                  6,969.00

                        Glen Y. Middleton & Konsler Steel Co.          9,970.00

On motion of Commissioner Dykes, seconded by Commissioner Theus and carried, the low bid of The Graves Company of Kissimmee, Inc. was accepted as the best bid.


Dr. Robert C. Ingram of Dona vista appeared and volunteered to serve on the Lake County Pollution Control Board.  Dr. Ingram cited his interest and experience pertaining to the subject.  Attorney Duncan stated he has written letters to a number of interested citizens inquiring as to their willingness to serve on this Board.  Attorney Duncan further advised the Act is new and has never been tested, but it does give the Board much authority.

Later in the day the board considered the names of persons who volunteered to serve on the Pollution Control Board, and on motion of Commissioner Dykes, seconded by Commissioner Cowart and carried, the following were tentatively appointed to serve:

                        Roy J. Snell – Leesburg  

                        Robert C. Ingram – Dona Vista

                        Carol Floyd – Umatilla

                        William H. West – Minneola

                        E. T. Hall – Leesburg

                        Joseph Yazvac – Howey

                        Neal D. Huebsch – Eustis

Roads – county

Chairman Babb said Mrs. Steel in the Harbor Shores area advises the adjoining property owner is threatening to close the existing road into her property.  The Engineer was instructed to try to relocate the road.

Road maintenance – subdivisions

Commissioner Dykes instructed the Engineer to patch the streets in Tropical Shores Manor and Venetian Park.

Road & Bridge

Engineer Hays advised Jerry Dillard is unable to determine a price for the clay he has offered to sell the County.  Mr. Hays was instructed to notify him the County will move the overburden for the clay.

Zoning director

Clerk Owens read a letter from Gerald Dake urging the Board to attempt to persuade Robert S. Webb to remain as Lake County Planning & Zoning Director.  After discussing the feasibility of this request, Commissioners Dykes and Windram were authorized to offer Mr. Webb an annual salary of $9600. to remain in his present capacity.


On motion of Commissioner Dykes, seconded by Commissioner Cowart and carried, the Engineer was instructed to submit the applications of Elbert H. Foster and Eve Elizabeth Kennerly to the Department of Safety as prospective employees at the Motor Vehicle Inspection Stations.

Accounts allowed

On recommendation of the Engineer and on motion of Commissioner Dykes, seconded by Commissioner Theus and carried, the Board agreed to furnish shirts and emblems for the inspectors at the motor vehicle inspection stations.  Cost per employee per week will be $1.25, plus the cost of the emblems.

On motion of Commissioner Theus, seconded by Commissioner Cowart and carried, travel expenses were approved for Paul Milton and Katherine Write to attend annual Anti-Mosquito Control Association Conference in Naples on April 28 - May1.

There being no further business to bring before the Board, the meeting adjourned at 4:00 o’clock P.M.


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CLERK                                                                                   CHAIRMAN