MONDAY – April 29, 1968

The Board of County Commissioners met in special session in the County Commissioners’ Room in the Courthouse, Tavares, Florida, on Monday, April 29, 1968 at 9:00 o’clock A.M. for the purpose of receiving bids on cash registers for the motor vehicle inspection stations, and any other business which might be brought before the Board.

The meeting was called to order by the Chairman with the following members present:  Chairman Babb; Commissioners Theus, Cowart, Dykes and Windram, Clerk Owens and Deputy Clerk Norma Coven.

The invocation was given by Mr. Theus.


It now being the time advertised to receive bids on three electric cash registers, the Chairman instructed the Clerk to open and tabulate the bids, whereupon Clerk Owens reported receiving bids from the following:

International Cash Register Company


$ 525.00 each

Victor Business Machines Corp.


   481.00 each

National Cash Register


   545.28 each




On motion of Commissioner Cowart, seconded by Commissioner Theus and carried, the bids were referred to the Engineer for study and recommendation to the Board.

municipal corporations (accounts)

Clerk Owens presented a copy of a letter from the City Manager of the City of Leesburg instructing the City Clerk and Auditor to credit Lake County for cost of improvements on Child Street in the amount of $630.00.

County employees

On motion of Commissioner Theus, seconded by Commissioner Dykes and carried, the Board approved overtime pay for the Superintendent and Matron of the Juvenile Shelter.

Licenses & permits

Bond for carrying firearms for Ira A. Gates was approved on motion of Commissioner Theus, seconded by Commissioner Cowart and carried.


The Clerk presented a letter of complaint signed by Noel E. Griffin, Jr. complaining that the Sheriff is using county equipment and property to advertise his political campaign.  The letter was referred to the County Attorney.

Commissioner Dykes said he has received several complaints regarding the dump site at Lady Lake.  Mr. Dykes said he will contact Paul Milton relative to posting signs of the hours the caretaker is on duty and that nothing shall be removed from the dump without the caretaker’s permission.


On motion of Commissioner Dykes, seconded by Commissioner Cowart and carried, the Board authorized that the concrete posts in Summerall Park be cleaned by the prison crew.

Planning & Zoning

Fred Kramer, Al Rehbaum and Mr. Nash of the Planning & Zoning Commission appeared with reference to the Board employing a Director to replace Bob Webb.  Mr. Kramer advised there is a meeting in San Francisco on May 5th and it is possible qualified persons interested in moving to Florida will be at this meeting.  Mr. Don Greer of the Orange County Planning Department will attend the meeting and he is willing to investigate any interested and qualified persons.  On motion of Commissioner Theus, seconded by Commissioner Dykes and carried, the Board authorized Mr. Greer to interview interested applicants.

On recommendation of the Planning & Zoning Commission, the Board appointed MRs. Julia Schaal to serve as Deputy Planning & Zoning Director during the interim period of Mr. Webb’s resignation and the employment of a new Director.

Roads – county

Mrs. H. G. Brownsburger of Mount Plymouth appeared and presented a written petition signed by residents on County Road 4-3987, requesting that “thru trucks” be prohibited on the road from SR 46 to SR 435.  Commissioner Windram agreed to investigate this request with the County Engineer.


Petition to the W. T. Edwards Tuberculosis Hospital for William Youmans was approved no motion of Commissioner Theus, seconded by Commissioner Dykes and carried.

Accounts allowed

On motion of Commissioner Dykes, seconded by Commissioner Cowart and carried, the Board approved purchase of a plaque to be erected on the property located on the Apopka Canal, which was given to the County by the Women’s Club.

Commodity warehouse

The Honorable Richard C. Fellows, County Commissioner, Volusia County, and Mr. Robert Hunter of the Daytona Beach News Journal, were present and the Chairman announced that they are here to view our surplus commodity program.  After the meeting, Chairman Babb conducted a tour of the surplus commodity warehouse for the benefit of the gentlemen from Volusia County.

There being no further business to bring before the Board, the meeting adjourned at 10:30 o’clock A.M.


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