July 25, 1968

The Board of County Commissioners met in special session in the County Commissioners’ Room in the Courthouse in Tavares, Florida, on Thursday, July 25, 1968, at 9:00 a.m. to consider the advisability to repair an Allis-Chalmers front-end loader, County No. 2501.

The meeting was called to order with the following being present:  Commr. Babb, Chairman; Commr. Theus, Coward, Dykes, and Windram; Clerk Owens; and Engineer Hays.

road and bridge department

A discussion was held relative to repairing the front-end loader or trading it in on a new one.  Engineer Hays informed the Board the present machine was purchased in February 1965 at a cost of $23,800.  Approximate cost of repairs will be $3,500.

A motion was made by Commr. Windram, seconded by Commr. Dykes that the loader be repaired.  Whereupon, the Chairman called for a roll call vote with members of the Board voting as follows:

Commr. Theus                        Yes

Commr. Cowart          No

Commr. Dykes           Yes

Commr. Windram      Yes

Chairman Babb           No

The Chairman declared the motion carried.

There being no further business to bring before the Board, the meeting adjourned.


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