MONDAY – JUNE 30, 1969

A special meeting of the Board of County Commissioners of Lake County, Florida, met in special session in the Board Room on Monday, June 30, 1969 at 1:00 o’clock P.M. for the purpose of considering subdivision regulations and any other matters which may be brought before the Board.

Chairman Windram called the meeting to order with the following members present:  Thomas J. Windram, Chairman; Commissioners James R. Carson, Jr., Alex J. Macdonell, J. M. Hoskinson and Kenneth VanAuken.  Others present were Clerk of Circuit Court Frank E. Owens, County Attorney C. E. Duncan, and Deputy Clerk Norma Coven.

county employees

James W. Bryant appeared and presented letter to the Chairman from Mrs. Julia Hoverstock requesting leave of absence for July and August.  Mr. Bryant stated it is Mrs. Hoverstock’s intention to retire at the end of March, 1970, and it will be necessary to train a replacement for her job.  It will be impossible to release her for the two months unless a replacement is available.

On motion of Commissioner Hoskinson seconded by Commissioner VanAuken and unanimously carried, Mr. Bryant was authorized to handle this office matter to the best of his ability.

On motion of Commissioner Carson seconded by Commissioner Macdonell and unanimously carried, the Board approved the employment of Charles Henry Lewis effective July 10, 1969 at a monthly salary of $300.00 to work at the Surplus Commodity Warehouse.


Clerk Owens advised the matching funds will be discontinued as of July 1, 1969 but the law gives back 55% of the net amount received from intangible taxes, amounting to approximately $156,400.00 which will be considered in the 1969-1970 budget, although the money will not be received until next year.

Commissioner Carson moved that the Board meet July 1, 1969 at 1:00 o’clock P.M. to consider the tentative budget for the Fiscal Year 1969-70.  The motion as seconded by Commissioner Hoskinson and carried.

Clerk Owens also advised the law requires the Leesburg General Hospital to submit a budget to the Board when making request for millage.  He has directed to request this information from the Hospital together with audit report of prior years’ operation.

Commissioner Hoskinson informed the Board the Pollution Control Board members are not happy with the manner in which the budget requests for their board was handled.  Members of the Board want to appear before this body before the final budget is adopted.  He will notify the parties interested to appear on July 1.

bonds – road

Chairman Windram reported he has received a call from Mr. Draper relative to the Board’s preliminary request to finance a $1,750,000 road bond issue.  Members asked if the roads listed on the request can be changed.  Attorney Duncan said this would probably delay the issue approximately six months.  The Clerk was instructed to contact Mr. Willard Peebles and ask him to meet with the Board on this subject tomorrow.

At this time the meeting recessed to the Circuit Court Room

planning and zoning

It now being the time advertised to hold a public hearing to consider Subdivision Regulations, the Chairman called for interested persons to be heard at this time.

The following persons appeared before the Board in objection to the proposed regulations:

                        Bill Rees

                        Lee Howard


Rufus Pace appeared in support of the regulations as a “preliminary start.”

On recommendation of the Planning and Zoning Commission and on motion of Commissioner Carson seconded by Commissioner Hoskinson and unanimously carried, a Resolution was adopted approving the subdivision Regulations effective August 1, 1969.

At this time the meeting recessed to the Commissioners’ Room.


Mr. Watkins advised the members of the Regional Planning Council are considering reducing the per capita tax to five cents for the next budget year.  Commissioner Hoskinson recommended that the funds budgeted stand for the time being, as the amount can be decreased at a later date.

Commissioner Hoskinson asked Mr. Owens if it is possible to receive an itemized budget from the Health Department.  Mr. Owens said Dr. Hall has advised when the budget is available he will submit same to the Board.

building department

The Planning Director was requested to make recommendation to the Board for deleting painting permit from the Building Codes and Regulations.

The meeting recessed to July 1, 1969 at 1:00 P.M.


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