tuesDAY – JULY 1, 1969

The Board of County Commissioners of Lake County, Florida, reconvened in special session on Tuesday, July 1, 1969 at 1:00 o’clock in the afternoon in the Board Room in the Courthouse, Tavares, Florida, for further consideration of the budget and any other business which may be brought before the Board.

The meeting was called to order by the Chairman with the following members present:  Thomas J. Windram, Chairman; James R. Carson, Jr., J. M. Hoskinson, Alex J. Macdonell, and Kenneth VanAuken, all members of the Board.  Also present were County Attorney C. E. Duncan, Clerk of Circuit Court Frank E. Owens, and Deputy Clerk Norma H. Coven.

roads – state

Mr. Willard Peebles was present at the request of the Board relative to the road program for Lake County for the next five years.  Mr. Peebles advised the road construction as designated by the County’s $1,750,000 road bond request is as follows:

1971-72     SR 50 from Groveland to SR 561 – Construction Cost $935,000

1971-72     SR 19 from Groveland to Umatilla – Construction Cost $630,000

                                                                                    Right of Way Suit $185,706


1971-72     SR 33 and SR 50 in Mascotte to Groveland –Construction Cost $755,000


1971-72     SR 50 from SR 561 to SR 25 in Clermont – Construction Cost $390,000


1970-71     SR 25 North from Polk County line to Clermont – Construction Cost $1,500,000


1969-70     SR 25 through the City of Leesburg – Construction Cost $750,000


1972-73     SR 500-A from SR 500 to Dixie Ave. – Construction Cost $350,000

                                                                                    Right of Way $555,000


Chairman Windram stated Mr. Draper has contacted him as to whether or not Lake County wants to proceed with the request for the bond issue.  Mr. Peebles recommended that the Board attempt to secure $500,000 from the Secondary Trust Fund at 4-1/2% interest.  This money could be repaid at $100,000 per year and the County could program existing funds to purchase the right of way on SR 50.  The Chairman called for formal action of the Board; whereupon, Commissioner Macdonell moved for the adoption of a Resolution rescinding the Board’s action of August 6, 1968 and withdrawing request for $1,750,000 bond issue.  The motion was seconded by Commissioner VanAuken and unanimously carried.

On motion of Commissioner Carson seconded by Commissioner Hoskinson and carried, the Attorney was instructed to investigate the possibility of securing $500,000 from the Secondary Trust Fund at 4-1/2% interest for the purpose of acquiring rights of way.

Chairman Windram thanked Mr. Peebles for meeting with the Board and expressed the Board’s appreciation for his efforts concerning Lake County.  Mr. Peebles said as of today the State Road Department is replaced by the Department of Transportation and the decision of the five-man Board will now be the decision of one man.

laws and legislature

On motion of Commissioner Macdonell, the Board adopted a Resolution requesting the Governor to veto Senate Bill 1747 creating and incorporating a Special Tax District to be known as “The Northwest Lake County Hospital District.”  The motion was seconded by Commissioner VanAuken.  Commissioner Carson abstained.  The Chairman declared the motion carried on a majority vote.

The Clerk was instructed to request information from Alachua County and Hernando County with reference to the storing and hauling of voting machines.

After completing the tentative budget, the meeting adjourned.



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