MONDAY – February 9, 1970

A regular meeting of the Board of County Commissioners of Lake County, Florida, was held in the Commissioners’ Room in the Courthouse, Tavares, Florida, at 9:00 o’clock A.M. on Monday, February 9, 1970, with the following members present: Commissioners James R. Carson, Jr., Chairman, Alex J. Macdonell, J. M. Hoskinson, Thomas J. Windram and Kenneth VanAuken.  Others present were Clerk of the Circuit Court Frank E. Owens and Deputy Clerk Norma H. Coven.

The meeting was called to order by the Chairman and the invocation was delivered by Mr. Windram and the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag was given.


On motion of Commr. Hoskinson seconded by Commr. Windram and carried, the minutes of the regular meeting of January 19th and special meeting of January 23rd were approved as submitted.


The following changes were approved to the present indigent list:


District No.

No Change







James Hall

John Cadler







E. G. Odom

Annie Lou Mickler









Susan Koran

Sallie Swearinger

Uriah Benyard

Sedalia Dozier








Walter Jasper



Chairman Carson initiated a discussion concerning a bill for ambulance service for transporting an indigent patient to the Tuberculosis Hospital in Tampa.  Clerk Owens advised there are no funds available for this charge and the contracts providing for ambulance service in the hospital districts are to cover such charges as this.  Chairman Carson requested Commissioners Windram and Macdonell to discuss such charges with the ambulance services.


Sheriff McCall appeared and at the request of the Board presented estimated cost to add two uniformed deputies to the Sheriff’s Department.  After reviewing the costs and determining that a minimum of $12,000 would be required to employ one deputy, the Chairman informed Sheriff McCall this matter will be taken under advisement.

Later in the day, Clerk Owens reported the necessary funds to amend the budget are available, whereupon, on motion of Commr. Macdonell seconded by Commr. Hoskinson and carried, the Clerk was authorized to amend the Fine and Forfeiture Fund as follows:

$12,000 from Cash Brought Forward to Item #34102, Salaries, Deputy Sheriffs’ & Assistants - $3500.00

To Item #34140, Expenses Other than Salaries - $8,500.00


laws and legislature

Ed Zagar and Capt. Carley Hall of the Game and Fresh Water Fish Commission appeared at the request of the Board with reference to penalizing fish poachers.  Capt. Hall advised the Game Commission has no jurisdiction over penalties and licensing and legislative act will be required to increase the penalties.  After further discussion, the Board instructed Attorney Duncan to prepare a local bill requiring a mandatory jail sentence for fish and game poachers after the third offense.

Clerk Owens presented copy of the new act creating a Tax Adjustment Board in place of the Equalization Board, which will be composed of three County Commissioners and two members of the Board of Public Instruction.  The Clerk was instructed to furnish copies of the law to the Board members.

The Clerk submitted notice from Senator Welborn Daniel that a public hearing will be held in the Courthouse on February 2, 1970, at five o’clock P.M. for the purpose of considering local legislation.


After reviewing the suggested rules of procedure in the introduction, reading, advertising and passage of enactment of ordinances, the Attorney was instructed to redraft the proposal as recommended by the Board.

planning and zoning

J. C. Watkins, County Planner, appeared and recommended that the Planning and Zoning Commission be split to implement the functions of the Commission.  Suggests that the Commissioners create a Planning Board with a minimum of three or four members and a Zoning Board consisting of five members with the municipalities, school board, county commission and private citizens being represented.  He was instructed to make his recommendation in writing for future consideration.

recess and reassembly

The Board recessed for lunch at twelve o’clock noon and reconvened at 1:30 o’clock P.M. to take up the remaining items of business.


The Board reviewed the County Engineer’s estimated costs to increase the present road building program by 50%, or a total of $216,061.03 for added personnel and equipment.  Clerk Owens informed the Board the anticipated cash balance in the Road and Bridge Fund was $291,000 while the actual cash brought forward is $393,809 and the Road and Bridge Fund can be amended by using the difference of $102,809.  On motion of Commr. Macdonell, seconded by Commr. Windram and carried, the Clerk was authorized to amend the Road and Bridge Fund as follows:

$102,000 from Cash Brought Forward to Item #85282, Purchase New Equipment - $50,000, and

To Item #85245, Road & Bridges Built by Contract - $52,000



On recommendation of the Engineer, a motion was made by Commr. Windram seconded by Commr. VanAuken that the salaries of the Road and Bridge employees be increased effective March 1, 1970, as follows:

            Rodmen                                  10%

            Others                                     5%

            Horace Cannon                       5%


The Chairman called for a roll call vote with members of the Board voting as follows:

                        Commissioner Macdonell      No

                        Commissioner Hoskinson      No

                        Commissioner Windram        Yes

                        Commissioner VanAuken      Yes

                        Chairman Carson                    Yes


The Chairman declared the motion carried.

            On motion of Commr. VanAuken seconded by Commr. Hoskinson and carried, the Board approved salary of $300.00 per month for secretary in the Veterans Service Office.

road and bridge department

On motion of Commr. Hoskinson seconded by Commr. Windram and carried, the Engineer was instructed to correct the drainage problem on the Athletic Field at the Leesburg High School.  The Clerk was instructed to notify the Board of Public Instruction that all future requests from the schools for repairs or maintenance to the grounds come from the School Board Office.  Commr. Macdonell stated he is opposed to this policy.

roads – state

Engineer Hays reported representatives from the Department of Transportation will be in the County on February 25, 26 and 27 relative to extending the 16-year road plan to a 20-year road plan.

accounts allowed

Request from the Lake County Chamber of Commerce for $2,083.33 for February was approved on motion of Commr. Hoskinson seconded by Commr. VanAuken and carried.

Travel expenses for J. W. Bryant to travel to the Veterans Administration in St. Petersburg on February 22nd and to Jacksonville on February 18th, were approved on motion of Commr. VanAuken seconded by Commr. Windram and carried.

On motion of Commr. VanAuken seconded by Commr. Hoskinson and carried, John Maurice Davis was authorized to attend Dancy Carburetion School in Tampa March 9th – 13th.

On motion of Commr. Windram seconded by Commr. Hoskinson and carried, the following vouchers were approved for payment:

General Revenue Fund                                     Nos.     686 – 915

Mosquito Control – State I                                           16 – 21

     State II                                                                      32 – 43

Auto Inspection Fund                                                   79 – 108

Fine and Forfeiture Fund                                              80 – 97

Road and Bridge Fund                                                  275 – 355

Capital Outlay Reserve – Health Clinic                       3

Northeast Lake County Hospital – Ambulance           7

Northwest Lake County Hospital                                 4

Northwest Lake County Hospital – Ambulance          7



Clerk Owens submitted a letter from the Southwest Florida Water Management District relative to the hyacinth problem in the Apopka-Beauclair Canal, advising that the District has constructed a hyacinth barrier and at the present time the canal is relatively clear and navigation through the canal is open.

Letter from the Southwest Florida Water Management District concerning the Board’s request to revise the established maximum high water level of Lake Minnehaha was submitted advising that the engineers are presently examining the situation and a report on same will be forthcoming.

The Clerk submitted replies from Senator Holland, Senator Gurney and Representative Gurney relative to the Chairman’s telegram concerning funds for the channelization of the Oklawaha River North of Moss Bluff Lock.

There being no further business to bring before the Board, the meeting adjourned at 4:00 o’clock P.M.


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