wednesday – march 17, 1971

The Board of County Commissioners of Lake County, Florida, met in special session in the Commissioners’ Room, Courthouse, Tavares, Florida, on Wednesday, March 17, 1971, at 9:30 a.m. for the purpose of considering primary and secondary road requests for the next five (5) years (1971-72 through 1975-76), and any other business which might be brought before the Board.

The Chairman called the meeting to order with the following members present:  J. M. Hoskinson, Chairman; James R. Carson, Jr.; C. A. Deems; Thomas J. Windram; and Kenneth VanAuken.  Also present were: Frank E. Owens, Clerk of the Circuit Court and Norma H. Coven, Deputy Clerk.

roads – state

The members reviewed the requests submitted by the various municipalities on March 1, 1971 together with the information furnished by the Department of Transportation, including secondary funds that will be available over the years for right of way acquisition.  After careful deliberations, the Board instructed the Clerk to prepare a tentative schedule for both primary and secondary roads to be further considered and approved by the Board on March 29, 1971.

On request from Commr. Windram, the Clerk was instructed to request from the Department of Transportation a copy of the survey and location map of the proposed State Road 452-A from State Road 19 North to Trout Lake, and East to State Road 44-A.

Roads – county

On motion of Commr. Deems, seconded by Commr. Carson and carried, the Board approved the following projects to be added to the Road and Bridge program:

1.     Resurface access streets to the Planetarium in Howey.  Present condition of pavement is poor with cracks and pot holes.

2.     WLBE Radio Road, County #5-5433, resurface existing pavement to Radio Station.  Construct new base and pave existing clay road for approximately 2.7 miles.

3.     Austin Merritt Road, County #2-2650 and #2-2704, acquire right of way, construct new base and pave existing clay road.

4.     Youth Camp Road, County #2-2503, acquire right of way, construct new base and pave existing clay road.

5.     Lane Park Cutoff, County #3-3342, surface existing clay road.

6.     Hancock Road, County #3-1255, surface existing clay road.


public health

James N. Kulpan, Administrator of Waterman Memorial Hospital, appeared concerning the Lake-Sumter Community Mental Health Center, and explained the Center is operated by a Board of Trustees of not less than nine (9) or more than twenty-five (25) members, one of whom must be a member of the Board of County Commissioners of Lake or Sumter counties.  Mr. Windram is recommended to serve from Lake County.

Mr. Kulpan explained the Center needs the counties’ approval, as well as approval of the first Board of Trustees.  On motion of Commr. Carson, seconded by Commr. VanAuken and carried, the Board designated the Lake-Sumter Community Mental Health Center as the agency to handle the mental health program for Lake and Sumter counties, as provided in Chapter 70-109, Laws of Florida, and endorsed Mr. Windram to serve on the Board of Trustees.  The Board will name a Board of Trustees at a later date.

Maps and plats

Chairman Hoskinson advised the Plat of Wekiva River Acres was approved by the former County Engineer subject to drainage changes.  The owner wants to make the improvements before bringing the Plat to the Board for approval and acceptance.  Will the Board accept Mr. Norton’s approval of the Plat and final construction plans?  He was instructed to notify the owner the Board will accept Mr. Norton’s written recommendations for approval of the final plans, after the improvements have been made.

accounts allowed

On motion of Commr. Windram, seconded by Commr. Deems and carried, the Board approved two additional trunk lines and a key system to the telephones in the Pollution Control Office.

There being no further business to bring before the Board, the meeting adjourned at 1:45 p.m.



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