Wednesday – july 28, 1971

The Board of County Commissioners of Lake County, Florida, convened in special session in the County Commissioners’ Room in the Courthouse, Tavares, Florida, on Wednesday, July 28, 1971, at 9:30 a.m. for the purpose of considering the Budget for the next fiscal year, and any other business which may be brought before the Board.

The following were present:  J. M. Hoskinson, Chairman; James R. Carson, Jr.; C. A. Deems; Thomas J. Windram; and Kenneth VanAuken.  Also present were:  Christopher C. Ford, County Attorney; Fred M. Harpster, County Engineer; J. C. Watkins, Planning Director; Frank E. Owens, Clerk of the Circuit Court; and Norma H. Coven, Deputy Clerk.

The meeting was called to order by the Chairman.

roads – state

Mr. Al Davis of the Department of Transportation appeared, relative to new legislation concerning the distribution of the Seventh Cent Gas Tax.  He explained that the new law gives the counties the additional 80 percent share of the gas tax, and in returning the monies, the Department is also returning the Secondary Road System to the County for maintenance.  The Department may enter into a contract with the County to continue to do the maintenance, provided the counties do not lose Federal funds currently received for the maintenance of the roads.  The roads must be maintained to Federal standards.  The Federal Government will have the right to withhold all Federal funds from the County.  The County will retain the 5th and 6th cent in the Secondary Account; the 7th cent is being removed.  The 5th and 6th cent is set aside for right of way acquisition and construction of roads.  The Department is ready to take over the entire maintenance on annual contract basis expiring June 30th each year.  The Department will take over all the roads or none.  Maintenance includes all operations to keep the roads in passable condition.  The estimated maintenance cost for Lake County is:

            October 1, 1971 to June 30, 1972      $100,000.00

            July 1, 1972 to June 30, 1973             $145,000.00


The Department will require that funds budgeted for the first three months be placed in an escrow account on October 1 of each year, to be used by the Department in maintaining the roads.

On motion of Commr. Carson, seconded by Commr. Deems and carried, contract with the Department of Transportation was approved, subject to approval of the County Engineer and County Attorney, authorizing the Department to continue maintenance of the secondary roads at an approximate cost of $100,000.00 per year, and authorizing an escrow account in the amount of $35,000.00 as of October 1, 1971.

public health

Clerk Owens presented warning notice from the State Department of Air and Water Pollution Control, citing Lake County as being in violation of Chapter 17-2 (1) (a) and (b) of the Florida Administrative Code at the Lady Lake Landfill, and giving the County until August 10, 1971 to notify the State of its intention of complying with the regulations, plans for abatement, and schedule for implementation of same.  The Clerk was instructed to reply to the letter that Lake County is earnestly trying to correct the situation, and will cooperate with the Department to the fullest extent.

Commr. Windram reported he has visited the Charlotte County Landfill and inspected same.  There is a full time attendant on duty from 7:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. and a full time operator on duty from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.  The attendant receives $100.00 per week, and the operator is paid a slightly higher wage.

suits affecting county

Attorney Ford discussed the suit brought against the County by Silver Sand, and asked the Board’s direction in defending the suit.  It is his feeling the Board could get involved in an expensive law suit, but he does feel the suit is defensible, and possibly could be settled if the County would allow a CUP to be granted.  The trouble lies in the fact that both professional boards recommended one course of action, and the County denied the CUP.  Feel testimony can be produced that sand mining is harmful to an area and its values.  Looking at it from an overall standpoint, the judge may feel it was reasonable to deny the permit.

County employees

On motion of Commr. Windram, seconded by Commr. Carson and carried, the Board approved the employment of Lacey Louise Bowsky to the position of part-time stenographer in the Soil Conservation Service Office, to replace Sara G. Harden, at the same salary.


At this time, the Board continued its consideration of the budget for the fiscal year 1971-72, and on motion of Commr. Deems, seconded by Commr. Windram and carried, the tentative budget was adopted, and the Clerk was authorized to publish same in The Daily Commercial on August 10, 1971.

There being no further business to bring before the Board, the meeting adjourned.



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