JULY 11, 1973

The Board of County Commissioners of Lake County, Florida, convened in special session in the Commissioners’ Room, Courthouse, Tavares, Florida, on Wednesday, July 11, 1973, at 3:30 o’clock P.M. for the purpose of further considering budget requests and any other business brought before the Board.

The Chairman called the meeting to order with the following members present:  C. A. Deems, Chairman; James R. Carson, Jr., J. M. Hoskinson, Thomas J. Windram, and Glenn C. Burhans.  Also present were:  James C. Watkins, Clerk of Circuit Court; Christopher C. Ford, County Attorney; Doris Babb, Chief Fiscal Officer; and Norma H. Coven, Deputy Clerk.


Chairman Deems explained the Sheriff’s present budget requests include an additional 47 personnel.  Mr. Windram stated he feels action on the Sheriff’s budget will be very difficult without the Sheriff present or the Board being furnished with sufficient back-up information to warrant the requests.

Mr. Watkins explained that the Sheriff said he felt the requests spoke for themselves.  The Clerk reported he had Mr. J. C. Hunter call the Sheriff on Tuesday and requested him to give us two or three dates that would be convenient for him to appear before the Board to discuss his budget, and he informed Mr. Hunter this was not necessary that all he asked was a day’s notice, that he could meet with the Board anytime if given advance notice.  At the Boards’ instruction, Mr. Watkins called the Sheriff again on Tuesday afternoon and asked him to appear today and he said it was not convenient for him.  Mr. Watkins called him the second time at the Board’s direction and asked him to come before the Board to go over his budget requests on July 19th and he gave as his reason for not coming on the 19th, the fact that he was being inducted into the Kiwanis on that day.

A discussion followed concerning the Sheriff’s absence, after which the Board members considered the personnel request and made tentative changes to the request.

The Sheriff’s letter of June 11, 1973, requesting additional funds in the amount of $30,721.50 to cover food, care of prisoners, jail supplies and other jail expenses was considered, and on motion of Commr. Windram, seconded by Commr. Burhans and unanimously carried, a Resolution was adopted granting the transfer of $30,721.50 from Contingency in the General Revenue Fund, 1972-73 budget, to Expenses Other Than Salaries in the Sheriff’s budget.

The budget hearing recessed at 6:00 o’clock P.M. with the date of the next budget hearing to be scheduled at the next regular meeting of the Board.


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