JANUARY 18, 1974

A special meeting of the Lake County Board of County Commissioners was called for 9:00 A.M., Friday, January 18, 1974, in the Commissioners’ Room, Courthouse, Tavares, Florida, for the purpose of discussing contract negotiations with the number one firm selected by the Board concerning the proposed Lake County Courthouse Complex, and any other business that may come before the Board.

The meeting was called to order by the Chairman with the following members present:  James R. Carson, Jr., Chairman; Thomas J. Windram, C. A. Deems, J. M. Hoskinson, and Glenn C. Burhans.  Others present:  James C. Watkins, Clerk; Christopher C. Ford, County Attorney; Keith Reeves, Consultant; and Norma Coven and Debby Potter, Deputies Clerk.


Mr. Deems reported the Road Superintendent has advised the Rockland blade purchase on the Crawler-Tractor is not available and in order to get delivery of the machine, he now recommends the machine be equipped with the angle blade which will reduce the cost $500.00.  Commr. Deems moved that the recommendation be accepted.  The motion was seconded by Commr. Hoskinson, and carried unanimously.


Mr. Reeves discussed with the Board the forms of contracts to be considered as a maximum fee contract and the standard form of contract between the owner and the architect.  Basic fee used by AIA today is 6.4%.

Mr. Jack Jones, Mr. Carl Gutmann and Mr. Richard Matz were present after the contract discussion.  Mr. Jones said their estimated total construction cost is $3,373,300.00, which does not include the Clerk of the Works for an estimated period of construction on one to tone and one-half years - $29,000 to $35,000, who would be on the project at all times.  Area involved is 45,782 sq. ft. including 2,282 sq. ft. addition to the Public Works Building.

Architects’ fee of $235,698.00 excluding soil borings, material testings, which will be supervised by the Architects and the borings and testing billed to the County.  The Clerk of the Works is included in the established fee with the individual’s qualification being mutually acceptable to the Board.  The above was approved on the motion of Commr. Hoskinson, seconded by Commr. Burhans, and carried unanimously.

Mr. Jones and Mr. Gutmann expressed gratitude in being selected to do the work and assured the Board members it will be a job they will be proud of in years to come.


On recommendation of the County Attorney and on motion of Commr. Deem, seconded by Commr. Burhans, and carried unanimously, the Clerk was authorized to obtain a copy of the transcript of the Three Rivers Project from the Court Reporter not to exceed $400.00.

There being no further business to bring before the Board, the meeting was adjourned at 12:50 P.M.




james r. carson, jr., chairman



James C. Watkins, Clerk