may 20, 1974

The Board of County Commissioners convened in special session for a Public DRI Hearing on Villeron XIII and Oxford Estates on Monday, May 20, 1974 at 10:00 a.m. in the Commissioners’ Room of the Courthouse, Tavares, Florida.  Present were James R. Carson, Jr., Chairman; C.A. Deems; Thomas J. Windram; Glenn C. Burhans; and J.M. Hoskinson.  Others present were:  James C. Watkins, Clerk; Christopher C. Ford, County Attorney; Michael Willett, Planning Director; and Andrea Gambrell, Deputy Clerk.

The Invocation and Pledge of Allegiance were led by the Chairman, James R. Carson, Jr.

planning and zoning

Michael Willett appeared before the Board and stated that this was a Public Hearing to consider the East Central Florida Regional Planning Council’s report.  He also stated that all regulations with regard to advertising this Public Hearing had been met.

Mr. Nick Jones, Architect, appeared before the Board to make his presentation.  Points of discussion were Local Concerns, Community Facilities, Emergency Services, Ambulance Service, Fire Service, Roads and Recreation.

Mr. Joseph Flynn, Planning Consultant, appeared before the Board to answer any questions regarding the development of Villeron XIII.

Mr. and Mrs. George Conn appeared before the Board in opposition to this development.  Points of concern on their part were the sewage system, classification of the homes, completion of the development, and the tax assessment.

In its report, the Planning Department stated that it felt that the developer’s proposals were too general and vague at this time to be given a final approval and that the developer supply additional detailed information on the untried marketing concept, unapproved sewer plant, and the solid waste disposal plan.

The Board requested the County Attorney’s advice with regard to the decision it had to make on this project’s classification as a DRI.  Christopher C. Ford stated that it would be legal to continue the DRI hearing until May 21, 1974 at 2:00 p.m. or as soon thereafter as possible.

On a motion by Commr. Windram, seconded by Commr. Deems and carried unanimously, the Board approved the continuance of this DRI hearing until May 21, 1974 and that any further continuance of same will be announced at that time.

recess and reassembly

The meeting adjourned for lunch.  The Chairman announced that the public and press were invited to join the Commissioners for lunch at the Fiesta Restaurant on a Dutch-treat basis.

planning and zoning

Michael Willett, Planning Director, appeared before the Board and stated that the CUP for Oxford Estates was approved three years ago.  Christopher C. Ford, County Attorney, stated that the State since the time of the approval of the CUP has declared it a DRI, and since the State has denied their letter of vested rights, Oxford Estates must go through the entire DRI process.

Mr. Kenneth Armstrong, Chairman of Oxford Estates, appeared before the Board.  He stated that Oxford Estates bought the property in question after Aldersgate encountered problems in its development.

The recommendations of the East Central Florida Regional Planning Council were reviewed and the following conditions were adopted with regards to this DRI:

1.     The shoreline of the retention ponds maintains a slope of 2 ˝ to 1.  In addition, lake areas on the site be allowed to fluctuate naturally.

2.     The system of discharge of stormwater runoff be coordinated with the developer, Lake County Water Authority, and Pollution Control Department, and it will be subject to the approval of the County Engineer.

3.     There will be central water, and the development will be equipped with fire hydrants.

4.     The development will include at least a 30-acre park.

5.     The acceleration and deceleration lanes shall be built according to the regulations of the DOT.

6.     The developer will not apply for exemption from ad valorem taxes.

Christopher C. Ford, County Attorney, stated that these conditions may be incorporated in the Development Order and that an amendment to the CUP may be drawn to include the same.

No one appeared in opposition to this DRI.  On a motion by Commr. Hoskinson, seconded by Commr. Burhans and carried, the Board approved that the Development Order for DRI #674-21 be issued subject to the conditions as outlined above and subject to the final approval of the County Attorney.  Commr. Windram and Commr. Deems voted “no.”

There being no further business to bring before the Board, the meeting was adjourned at 3:35 p.m.




james r. carson, jr., chairman



James C. Watkins, Clerk