september 12, 1974

The Lake County Board of County Commissioners convened in special session on Thursday, September 12, 1974 in the Commissionersí Room, Courthouse, Tavares, Florida, at 9:00 a.m. to discuss the Emergency Medical Services Plan for Lake County.† Present were: Glenn C. Burhans, Vice Chairman; Thomas J. Windram, C.A. Deems, J. M. Hoskinson.† Others present were:† James C. Watkins, Clerk; Christopher C. Ford, County Attorney; and Andrea Gambrell, Deputy Clerk.

Absent was James R. Carson, Jr., who was out of town.

public health

Doctor Richard Langley, Chairman of the Emergency Medical Services Council appeared before the Board to discuss and obtain approval of the Project Application for the Emergency Medical Services Plan in order to obtain State funds for its operation.

Christopher C. Ford, County Attorney, reviewed the instructions from the Department of Health and Rehabilitative Services on the procedure to draw up the Emergency Medical Services Project Application.

The main point of concern was the $145,000.00 in matching funds by the Board of County Commissioners.† Mr. Ford stated that he didnít believe that the Board wished to make such a commitment and that he would like to have the language read that there would be matching funds of $145,000.00 through local funds.† Another point of discussion was the requirement that proof be submitted with the application that the State would not be responsible for any liability or claim with regards to this operation.† Mr. Ford stated that he would dictate a letter stating that all three ambulance services carry Liability Insurance which would relieve the State from any liability or claim.

Discussion was held with regard to informing the Hospital Districts that these funds were being applied for and that matching funds would be required and that Lake County has not budgeted for such matching funds in the 1974-1975 Fiscal Year.† The Board requested the Clerk to contact each Hospital District and inform them of the situation.

On a motion by Commr. Windram seconded by Commr. Deems and carried unanimously by those present, the Board approved the Lake County Emergency Medical Services Plan as submitted by the Emergency Medical Council and amended by the Board of County Commissioners, letters to the Hospitals informing them of the matching funds needed, a letter to the State regarding liability insurance, and approval for the Vice-Chairman to sign the grant application for the Emergency Medical Services of Lake County.

Commr. Burhans presented to the Board a letter from the East Central Florida Comprehensive Health Planning Council requesting a $0.05 per capita be levied to finance its operation.† Commr. Windram stated that there was a Regional Planning Council already established and that if they were being negligent in the area of medical services something should be done about it rather than set up an entire operation for this purpose.† Commr. Hoskinson stated that the Orange County Comprehensive Planning Council was a private agency and that it was privately funded.† At this time the Clerk stated that possibly the Emergency Medical Services Council could be the reviewing agent for medical grants.

The Board requested that a letter be written to the East Central Florida Regional Comprehensive Health Planning Council stating that the Board has not received encouragement from the local providers and would prefer that those in the medical field request support before further consideration is given to this matter.

There being no further business be brought before the Board, the meeting was adjourned at 11:35 A.M.




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