JUNE 2, 1982

Thr Lake County Board of County Commissioners met in Special Session on Wednesday, June 2, 1982, at 9:OO A.M. in the Board of County Commissioners Meeting Room, Lake County Courthouse, Tavares, Florida. Present at the meeting were the following: James R. Carson, Jr., Chairman; Thomas J. Windram; Claude E. Smoak, Jr.; C. A. "Lex" Deems; Glenn C. Burhans. Others present were: Christopher C. Ford, County Attorney; Donald W. Smalt, Director of Administrative Services; and Cathy B. Roy, Secretary.


The Chairman recognized Noel E. Griffin, Jr., Lake County Sheriff, and his staff members present in order to present the Sheriff's Department budget requests for Fiscal Year 1982-83

Sheriff Griffin addressed the Board and provided each member with a handout delineating the relationship of the area city police departments and the Lake County Sheriff's Department in regard to the population and square miles covered. Sheriff Griffin explained graphs compiled by the Sheriff's Department delineating area salary ranges in other Counties and the salaries for the city police departments in Lake County.

Sheriff Griffin stated that this year's budget was compiled and being presented under new categories mandated by the State.

Sheriff Griffin discussed with the Board his hudget requests for Account 516 - Personal Services, Operating Expenses and Capital Outlay for Baliffs and expenses incurred from jurors. Total budget request for this item heing $40,937.00.

The second area of the requested budget to be discussed was Account 521 - Law Enforcement. Discussion occurred regarding area salary ranges for other Counties and City Police Departments.

Discussion occurred regarding a new policy Sheriff Griffin wishes to implement regarding overtime pay. Sheriff Griffin stated that an overtime item is in each category that he wishes to be implemented on the double twelve hour shift positions with a total overtime request for present positions under Law Enforcement being $70,627.00.

Sheriff Griffin stated that under the New Positions category he was requesting four additional road deputies, one additional warrant deputy, one additional civil deputy, one additional C.I.D. Investigator, one additional Vice Investigator, three additional clerks (one in warrants, one in civil and one in technical) and four additional dispatchers. Discussion occurred regarding the increase in calls received this year and Sheriff Griffin stated if additional personnel and equipment were not added that it might be necessary to refuse services to area cities requesting dispatch services.

Sheriff Griffin presented to the Board graphs indicating the number of civil papers served over the past years and the increase in the Civil Department. Sheriff Griffin also presented to the Board the increase in the number of Criminal Warrants served over the past few years. Discussion occurred regarding the fee for serving civil warrants set by the State.

Commr. Smoak questioned the distribution of the additional road deputies and Sheriff Griffin explained one deputy would be added per shift and stated that the zones might he made smaller.

Discussion occurred regarding Item #4541 Auto fleet insurance and the possibility of a combined group policy for elected officials. Commr. Carson stated that the Insurance Committee had been looking into this but as yet no action was imminent.

Commr. Carson requested a breakdown of Item #4943 - Criminal under Other Charges and Obligations. Sheriff Griffin stated that this item was for examinations on assaults and rape victims. Commr . Deems requested that Jo Moyer, Comptroller, supply copies of the invoices from the Medical Examiner to insure that no double payment was occuring hctwecn the Sheriff's Department and the County Finance Department.

Sheriff Griffin stated that $200,000.00 was heing requested to purchase twenty new vehicles based on discussion during last years budget sessions to replace one-third of the vehicles. Discussion occurred regarding how many vehicles were presently in use and the Board was informed that five vehicles had been totaled in accidents during the past year. It was stated that five vehicles had been ordered since March 30, 1982, and that there would he trade-in on each of the five being ordered.

Commr. Carson quesetioned whether or not the radio console owned by the County presently in use in Leesburg was compatible with the equipment at the Sheriff's Department should this console become surplus with the change in administration for the ambulance service to be effective next budget year. Sheriff Griffin stated that this console would he compatible with his present system.

Commr. Smoak stated that with the proposed starting salaries for the road deputies being requested he was concerned that the new salaries might bring the Sheriff's Department out of line with the starting salaries of the local city police departments and suggested that Sheriff Griffin might consider lowering the bottom side of the salary scale and consider raising the high side of the salary range to provide incentive for present employees to move up within the department. Sheriff Griffin stated that the local police department hired employees without as much experience and the Sheriff's Department required experienced road deputies. Sheriff Griffin also stated that the municipalities paid overtime which has not been available at the Sheriff's Department.

Sheriff Griffin presented to the Board at this time Account #523 which consisted of the Lake County Jail and personnel at the jail. Sheriff Griffin stated he was requesting twelve additional Correctional Officers for the jail, one Classification Officer, one Cook and one full-time LPN for a total of $247,831.00 for new personnel.

Discussion occurred regarding the possibility of a transfer station in Minneola and Sheriff Griffin stated that four of the twelve Correctional Officers requested would be used for this purpose. Further discussion occurred regarding the line items under Account #523. Total budget request for this Account being $1,326,034.00.

Discussion occur-rod regarding the Contingency request totaling $30,000.00 for the three activities or functions with total budget request heing $4,09O,Y54.00.

Sheriff Griffin stated this was the completion of his presentation and thanked Mr. James Watkins and Don Smalt for their cooperation in compiling the budget. Mr. Smalt stated that a computer printout of the budget request would bc forthcoming.

Discussion occurred regarding future plans for a detention facility. Commr . Smoak stated it was his feeling that a committee should be formed to study the alternatives available to the County regarding detention facilities. The Board discussed various new facilities built in the State recently and it was the contention of the Commission that the alternative of a medium security facility in the way of a work center should he investigated.

There being no further business to be brought to the attention of the Board, the meeting adjourned at 11:55 A.M.

James R. Carson, Jr., Chairman

James C. Watkins, Clerk