JUNE 22, 1982

The Lake County Board of County Commissioners met in Special Session on Tuesday, June 22, 1982, at 9:00 A.M. in the County Commissioners' Meeting Room, Courthouse, Tavares, Florida. Commissioners present were: James R. Carson, Jr., Chairman; Thomas J. Windram; Claude E. Smoak, Jr.; C. A. "Lex" Deems; and Glenn C. Burhans. Also present were: Donald W. Smalt; Administrative Services Director; Bill LeHeup, Senior Clerk; and Cathy B. Roy, Secretary.


Ms. June Fuller, Director of Planning Committee of the newly chartered Lake/Sumter Alcoholism Programs, Inc., addressed the Board and informed them that this program had received their State Charter on June 4, 1982. Ms. Fuller stated those in the audience regarding this program were requesting funding previously allocated to Lake/Sumter Community Mental Health for their alcoholism program.

The representatives of Lake/Sumter Alcoholism Programs, Inc., were informed by the Board that State Law specified that the County fund to certain levels the alcohol program provided by Lake/Sumter Community Mental Health.

Mr. Bert Lacey, Director of Lake/Sumter Community Mental Health, addressed the Board stating that he would be happy to work with the representatives of this group.

The Board suggested that Lake/Sumter Alcoholism Programs, Inc. meet with representatives of Lake Sumter Alcoholism Program regarding the possibility of the new volunteer group working in conjunction with Lake/Sumter Community Mental Health.

Ms. Fuller stated that Lake/Sumter Alcoholism Programs, Inc., would like to be present for the June 29, 1982, workshop session and indicated that their group would work with Mr. Lacey prior to that meeting.


Commr. Deems questioned Mr. Lacey regarding the proposal previously received from The Honorable Ernest C. Aulls, Jr., regarding the implementation of a County Probation Office and how the TASC program would be affected by the implementation of a County Probation Office.

Mr. Lacey briefly described the operation of the TASC Program and informed the Board that he had met with Judge Milton regarding the proposed County Probation Office and stated that he had offered ideas regarding a joint office consisting of the County Probation staff working with the staff from the TASC program. Mr. Lacey stated that those working on the implementation of a County Probation Office were looking into various resources available to ascertain what services were presently available prior to making any decisions.

Commr . Windram suggested that both Mr. Lacey and Ms. Fuller pick up copies of the memorandum and report on the proposed County Probation Office.

Discussion occurred regarding the proposed budget requests for 1982-83, with the following tentative results:


Mosquito Control-Interfund Approved


Aquatic Weed-Interfund Approved


Landfill Fund-Interfund Approved


Nursing Home-Interfund Approved


Intra Governmental Transfers Approved

Clerk of Courts

Property Appraiser

Tax Collector

Sheriff-Sheriff's Salary

Clerk of Circuit Court Approved

Workers Compensation

Property Appraiser Approved

Workers Compensation

Tax Collector Approved

Workers Compensation

Building Maintenance Approved

Building Custodian Approved

Discussion occurred regarding the increase in contractural services under Building Maintenance and Mr. Smalt explained that the warranty on the new Courthouse complex had run out and maintenance contracts would have to be purchased on items in which the warranty was expiring.


Northwest Ambulance Approved

Mr. Robert Moore, Leesburg Regional Medical Center, addressed the Board and submitted a revised budget request for the Board's consideration.

Considerable discussion occurred regarding implementation of a higher fee schedule by each of the ambulance districts in order to attempt to operate the ambulance services on a user fee basis.

Discussion occurred regarding the intent of the Board during the negotiations regarding Leesburg Regional Medical Center's takeover of the administration of the ambulance service in that the Board would approve the same amount of funding ($275,000.00) as was allotted the City of Leesburg in their administration of the ambulance service.

Mr. Moore informed the Board that the ambulance service records would be set up in such a way that they would correspond with the County's Finance Department and that meetings with representatives of Leesburg Regional Center and the County's Finance Department would be held in the near future.


At 11:lO A.M. the Chairman announced that the meeting would recess until 1:30 P.M.. Mr. Bob Ray, Water Authority, addressed the Board and requested time on the afternoon agenda. Mr. Ray was asked to appear at 1:30 P.M. when the Board reconvened.


Mr. Bob Ray, Water Authority, addressed the Board stating that he wished them to be aware that at the next meeting of the Water Authority to be held July 7, 1982, that he planned to move that he be placed in the position of interim director of the Water Authority. Mr. Ray stated that he wished to address the Board next week in order to answer any questions of the Board.

Mr. Ray was informed by the Chairman that further discussion of this item should be postponed until after the study committee had made their recommendations to the County Commission.


Noel E. Griffin (County Jail) Approved


Soil Conservation Approved w/amendment

The Board directed that a letter be written to Soil Conservation that the request for a third vehicle was being denied: however, should they wish, the Board would be willing to correspond with the proper State Agency expressing support that a need existed for a four wheel drive vehicle to be utilized by the Soil Conservation Office in Lake County.

Intra-Governmental Transfer Approved

Clerk of Courts

Intra-Governmental Transfer Postponed


Intra-Governmental Transfer Postponed

Sheriff-Other Expenses

Intra-Governmental Transfer Postponed


Intra-Governmental Transfer Postponed


Medical Examiner Postponed

Contingency and Cash Carried Forward Approved

Fine and Forfeiture Fund

Contingency and Cash Carried Forward Approved

County Transportation Trust Fund

Road and Bridge-Repair/Construction Approved

Federal Revenue Sharing

Certificate of Indebtedness Approved

Certificate of Indebtedness Approved

Special Reserve

C.O.R. (County Buildings) Approved

C.Q.R. (County Home) Approved

Landfill-Local Approved

Discussion occurred regarding the equipment requests for the Landfill-Local and the possibility of contracting heavy equipment service. Discussion occurred regarding the possbility of bidding on each job (by cell) as required. The Board tentatively approved to keep this item in the budget; however, declined to specify at the present time specific equipment to be purchased.


Discussion occurred regarding the requests of the Leesburg Regional Medical Center (Northwest Ambulance District) and

Waterman Memorial Hospital (Northeast Ambulance District) for the 1982-83 fiscal year. After considerable discussion, the Board designated the Chairman to meet with administrators of the ambulance services regarding the implementation of a fee schedule based on the actual cost of an ambulance call. It was tentatively approved to budget $275,000.00 for the Northwest Ambulance District and $275,000.00 for the Northeast Ambulance District.


Commr. Windram stated he was asked to present a request from Sheriff Griffin to purchase ammunition and reloading supplies to be used in training in the amount of $2,334.75, in accordance with Lake County Ordinance 1982-l and Florida Statute 943.25 (8) (A).

On a motion by Commr. Windram, seconded by Commr. Deems and carried, the Board approved the purchase of said items from Shady Oak Shooting Supplies, Leesburg, Florida. Commr. Smoak declined voting due to the fact that this was a budget workshop and not a regular County Commission meeting.


Discussion occurred regarding a report received from Mr. Bob Ray, Water Authority, expressing his interpretation of the Legislative Act creating the Water Authority and amendments. No action was taken at this time.

There being no further business to be brought before the

Board, the meeting adjourned at 4:13 P.M.