FEBRUARY 11, 1992

            The Lake County Board of County Commissioners met in regular session on Tuesday, February 11, 1992, at 9:00 a.m., in the Board of County Commissioner's Meeting Room, Lake County Courthouse, Tavares, Florida. Commissioners present at the meeting were: Michael J. Bakich, Chairman; C. W. "Chick" Gregg; Don Bailey (arrived at 10:00 a.m.); Richard Swartz; and Catherine Hanson. Others present were: Annette Star Lustgarten, County Attorney; Mike Anderson, Interim County Manager; Ava Kronz, Assistant to the County Manager; James C. Watkins, Clerk; Robert K. McKee, Chief Deputy Clerk; and Sandra Carter, Deputy Clerk.

            Mr. Watkins gave the Invocation and the Pledge of Allegiance was led by Commr. Gregg.


            On a motion by Commr. Gregg, seconded by Commr. Swartz and carried unanimously, the Board approved the Minutes of October 29, 1991 (Special Meeting), as presented (with clarification made in the spelling of a word).

            On a motion by Commr. Hanson, seconded by Commr. Gregg and carried unanimously, the Board approved the Minutes of January 14, 1992 (Regular Meeting), as presented (with clarification made in the spelling of a proper name).


            On a motion by Commr. Gregg, seconded by Commr. Hanson and carried unanimously, the Board approved the following requests:

            Accounts Allowed

            Request for payment of Warrant No. 146503 through Warrant No. 146744, for the following accounts:

County Transportation Trust                          County Fire Control

General Revenue                                            Miscellaneous/Gas Fund

Landfills                                                         Animal Shelter Trust Fund

Mosquito Control                                           Commissary Trust Fund

Resort & Development Fund Tax                  Emergency 911 Fund

Section 8                                                         Builders Escrow

Capital Outlay                                                Countywide Library

Fish Conservation                                           Aquatic Weed

Criminal Justice Trust Fund

            Bonds - Contractor

            Request for approval of the following Contractor Bonds:


 112-92            Wittig Equipment Co., Inc. (Electrical)

 671-92            Quinton Downing Aluminum

1212-92          Tommy J. Duncan d/b/a Duncan Company

1428-92          Robert T. Key d/b/a Key Electric

1622-92          Kenneth N. Anderson d/b/a Ken Anderson, Inc.

1774-92          Oscar Burton d/b/a Burton Plumbing

1796-92          Richard A. Olin d/b/a Old Time Masonry

1878-92          Roger Wilder d/b/a Wilder Plumbing

3061-92          Harry T. Stanley, Jr. (Aluminum)

4064-92          Gregory O. Thomas (Building)

4483-92          Alan Saunders (Building)

4563-92          Wm. L. Heffner d/b/a Control Comfort Service (Mechanical)

4690-92          David Labagh d/b/a Candler Wood Works, Inc.

4790-92          Steven Perry d/b/a A-One Electric

4882-92          Copeland Electric, Inc.

4917-92          Richard Horn d/b/a R & R Electrical Allstar

4921-92          Larry E. Helman, Sr. d/b/a Harden-West Electric

4967-92          James York d/b/a Pelican Marine Enterprises, Inc. (General)

4973-92          Marco Polo Builders

4994-92          Doyle Starling (Plumbing and Irrigation)

5041-92          Scott Maassen d/b/a Hawkeye Plumbing Company, Inc.

5042-92          Rutherford Miniard

5044-92          Bob Tsacrios d/b/a Bob Tsacrios Plumbing

5045-92          Jay Dameron d/b/a Environmental Air & Electric (A/C)

5046-92          Mike Orem (Residential)

5047-92          Jim Bader (General Residential)

5050-92          Lawrence E. Tift, Jr. (Electrical)

5051-92          Charlie H. McAlpin d/b/a Florida Electric & Controls

5052-92          LGC, Inc. d/b/a L. B. Electric

5053-92          Anthony J. Prando d/b/a A. J. Electric

5054-92          Glenn E. Prickett (Master Electrical)

5054-92          Glenn E. Prickett (Class B Air Conditioning)

5055-92          Gerald S. Smith d/b/a Steve's Electric, Inc.

5056-92          John P. McCarey (Residential)

5057-92          Innes H. Irwin d/b/a Irwin Contracting, Inc. (General)

5058-92          Eddie L. Gardner d/b/a Celsius Control (Mechanical)

5059-92          James L. Nussbaumer & South Lake Electric & Const. Co.

5060-92          H. Neil Hill and Hill Roofing Company

5061-92          M & M Construction Management Corporation (Carpentry/Residential)

5062-92          Rainbow Plumbing & Mechanics, Inc.

5064-92          William T. Nolan (Roofing)

5065-92          R. L. Keith Enterprises, Inc. (Roofing)

5066-92          Charles M. Newcomb (Heating & Air Conditioning)

5067-92          Donald Bailey d/b/a Hi-Tech Construction, Inc. (Electrical)

5068-92          Hicks Electric, Inc.

5069-92          Jody MacLaughlin d/b/a AAA Electric

5070-92          Gary Sorensen (Electrical)

5071-92          Arctic Air Heating & Cooling (Mechanical)

4478-93          Kenneth Young d/b/a Young Brothers Construction and Young's Electric

5063-93          Leo C. Smith (Electrical)


 105-91            James R. Horst

 148-91            Jack Nichols Blakemore

 599-91            Boatwright Electric

 990-91            Cone Roofing of Lake County, Inc.

1597-91          Heritage Construction

1881-91          Timothy R. Reilly

4168-91          Michael G. Gillespie

4205-91          Blue Ribbon Plumbing, Inc.

4526-91          Orvin L. Thompson

4797-91          Bryan L. Williams

4824-91          Kenneth A. Hill d/b/a Hills Aluminum

4865-91          Albert Roberge

4893-91          D A P Electric Corporation

4896-91          Rich Anderson Plumbing, Inc.

4926-91          Leon Williams

4961-91          Peterson Electric

4971-91          Energize Electrical, Inc.

5007-91          Donald L. Hanchar

1806-93          Kenneth Nesselrotte


4691-92          Jerry R. Blackford

            Accounts Allowed/Courts-Judges

            Request for approval of Satisfaction of Judgment for David Alan Nachbaur, Juvenile, Hugo Nachbaur and Della Nachbaur, Parents, in the amount of $50.00 - Case No. 82-79-CJ.


            Mr. Mike Anderson, Interim County Manager, informed the Board that Ms. Eleanor Anderson, Executive Director of Administrative Services-Budget, had been granted a leave of absence (effective as of February 7, 1992) and that during her leave Ms. LeEster Koranteng, currently Personnel Assistant (due to her previous experience in a county budget office) has been assigned the responsibility of coordinating the Management and Budget Office, with the title of Budget Director (effective as of February 10, 1992). He stated that Ms. Koranteng will continue to have responsibility for some of the major projects in Personnel, in addition to her newly assigned duties and responsibilities. He stated that Ms. Lois Martin, Personnel Director, and Ms. Koranteng will jointly attend agenda review meetings, Board of County Commissioner's meetings, and any other such meetings that the Executive Director of Administrative Services-Budget would attend, noting that he felt this was necessary, in order to have both individuals knowledgeable during the coming months. He stated that Mr. Gerry Jacobs, Risk Manager, and Mr. Doug Conway, Interim Purchasing Director, will attend agenda review meetings and Board of County Commissioner's meetings, as well, and discuss any of the items that deal with their particular departments. He stated that he will retain the overall responsibility for the Administrative Services-Budget department, with the assistance of Ms. Koranteng and Ms. Martin. He requested that Ms. Koranteng be granted the position classification of Budget Director, at a pay grade of 909, with signatory authority of a division director, during this interim period. He stated that this is a new position classification, however, does not create a new position. He stated that Ms. Koranteng's total salary will continue to be paid out of Personnel, with adjustments made at mid-year.

            On a motion by Commr. Swartz, seconded by Commr. Hanson and carried unanimously, the Board approved a request by the Interim County Manager, Mike Anderson, that the Board recognize a position classification of Budget Director for Ms. LeEster Koranteng, at pay grade 909, with signatory authority of a division director, during the interim period that the Executive Director of Administrative Services-Budget, Ms. Eleanor Anderson, is on leave of absence, as alluded to above.


            On a motion by Commr. Gregg, seconded by Commr. Hanson and carried unanimously, the Board approved the following requests:

            Administrative Services-Budget/Budgets

            Request for approval of specifications, quotes, encumbering funds previously authorized, payments to be made, and other services that do not require bids or quotes, as follows:

(2) Award Bid and Encumber Funds


DEPARTMENT/DIVISION              DESCRIPTION OF ITEM                             AMOUNT

(1) Corrections -                     Recommend that bid

    Infrastructure                       #037-445-092 be awarded

    Sales Tax                             to the following 6 vendors

    Construction Bond            in the best interest of Lake

                                                County and procuring lowest

                                                qualified bidder.


                                                            1) Ken Whitsett, Inc.                                      $ 659.13

                                                               Awarded 12 items. 

                                                            2) Merit Fasteners, Corp.                                $ 344.00

                                                               Awarded 3 items.

                                                            3) Tool Warehouse, Inc.                                 $1,763.49

                                                               Awarded 10 items.

                                                            4) A.A. Casey                                                 $ 481.27

                                                               Awarded 12 items.

                                                            5) Sears Industrial Sales                                 $1,830.04

                                                               Awarded 10 items.

                                                            6) Mid West Shop Supplies                            $ 511.91

                                                               Awarded 6 items.

                                                                                                Bid Total         $5,589.84


(2) Corrections-                      Mutual Wholesale Comp./                              $72,000.00

    Food Services                      Low bidder for staple foods

                                                for jail March 1, 1992 thru

                                                June 30, 1992 at an est.

                                                 cost of $18,000.00 per month.

                                                Bid # 019-387-092-1.


(3) Corrections-                      C & P Food Service/                                       $72,000.00

    Food Services                      For meat and related items

                                                for the jail March 1, 1992

                                                thru June 30, 1992 at an est.

                                                cost of $18,000.00 per month.

                                                Bid # 020-387-092-1.

(3) Approve Quotations and Encumber Funds


All goods or services from $1000 to $5999 require written quotes. (Department heads Authorized up to $1000 for approval in accordance with current procedures adopted by the Board and Authorized by County Manager.)


DEPARTMENT /DIVISION             DESCRIPTION OF ITEM                             AMOUNT


(1) Corrections-                      Buttleman's Sport Center/                                          $3,895.45

                                                 Sports equipment purchased

                                                with inmate welfare fund.


(2) Environmental                  Masters Communications/                                          $1,700.00

    Services-                              (2) Midland #70-375C radios.

    Mosquito Mgt.                     Budget substitution #92-0050.

                                                Radios are to replace ones

                                                for which we are no longer

                                                able to get replacement parts.


(3) Health and                         10-8 Fire Equipment/                                                 $1,026.00

    General Svc.-                       (3) 1 1/2" Akron turbo-jet

    Fire Svc.                              nozzles. Stations 98,91 & 92.


(4) Health and                         Safety Equipment Comp./                                          $1,800.00

    General Svc.-                       (2) Aluminized flash suits.

    Fire Svc./                             Replace items used in

    Haz. Mat.                             chemical fire.


(5) Public Works-                   Vulcan Signs/                                                             $4,725.80

    Traffic Opr.                         Traffic materials for the

                                                Lake County Sign Shop.

                                                Low Bid.


(6) Corrections-                      Global Industrial/                                                       $1,305.94

    Infrastructure                       Low bid, Flammable storage

    Sales Tax                             cabinets model #784185. To

    Const. Bond                         store chemicals at new

                                                corrections facility.


(7) Corrections-                      Pacific Concepts, Inc./                                                $3,191.00

    Infrastructure                       Low bid, racking system for

    Sales Tax                             property storage room at

    Const. Bond                         new corrections facility.

(4) Encumber Funds Previously Authorized


DEPARTMENT /DIVISION             DESCRIPTION OF ITEM                             AMOUNT


(1) Administrative                  Ernie Morris Ent./                                                       $1,230.13

    Svc. - Personnel                   (2) Lateral file cabinets.

                                                Annual County Bid

                                                # 003-618-092.


(2) Public Works-                   Han Cor Drainage Systems/                                       $7,627.00

    Road Opr.                          Polyethylene pipe and

                                                couplings for Lakeshore

                                                Drive project in Yalaha.

                                                Annual County Bid

                                                # 005-235-092.

(5) Approve Other Payments and Encumber Funds


DEPARTMENT /DIVISION             DESCRIPTION OF ITEM                             AMOUNT


(1) Health and                         Change order to Sparky's                                            $2,615.00

    General Svc.-                       Fire Equipment. To cover                                           P.O. Total

    Fire Svc.                              enhanced inspections,

                                                repairs, maintenance, and

                                                recharges etc... for fire

                                                protection office, all fire

                                                stations and on all

                                                apparatus. Original P.O.

                                                amount: $200.00. Increased

                                                amount to be $2,415.00.


(2) Environmental                  Goodyear Comm. Tire Svc./                                      $1,579.60

    Services -                           For new tires and tubes

    Landfill                                for fifth wheel. Property

                                                # 13617/J #5056. State

                                                contract # 863-000-92-1.

(6) Approve Services That Do Not Require Bid or Quotes and Encumber Funds


DEPARTMENT /DIVISION             DESCRIPTION OF ITEM                             AMOUNT


(1) Corrections-                      Waterman Medical Center/                                        $4,478.46

    Medical                                Inmate medical care.


(2) Corrections-                      Doctor John Poser/                                                     $1,050.00

    Medical                                Inmate medical care.


(3) Environmental                  Public Financial                                                          $5,720.82

    Svc. - Solid                          Management, Inc./

    & Hazardous                        Financial advisory svc.

    Waste                                   provided in connection

                                                with solid waste interim

                                                financing project and resource

                                                recovery vendor negotiations.

                                                Cont. # P-402 approved on

                                                August 21, 1990.


(4) Health and                         Liberty Mutual Ins. Co./                                             $32,921.00

    General Svc.-                       Workers comp. insurance for

    Fire Svc.                          Lake County Consol. Fire Svc.

                                                to be processed by Risk Mgt.

(7) Lease of Office Space and Encumber Funds


DEPARTMENT /DIVISION             DESCRIPTION OF ITEM                             AMOUNT


(1) Health and                         David & Marilyn Weiss/                                            $12,090.00

    General Svc.                        For lease of office space

                                                at 201 W. Main Street,

                                                Tavares. October 1, 1991

                                                thru September 30, 1992 for

                                                Public Health unit W.I.C.

                                                Pro-rated with County Attorney.


(2) County                              David & Marilyn Weiss/                                             $19,830.00

    Attorney                              For lease of office space

                                                at 201 W. Main Street,

                                                Tavares. October 1, 1991 thru

                                                September 30, 1992 for County

                                                Attorney. Pro-rated with Public

                                                Health unit W.I.C.

            Accounts Allowed/Budgets/Budget Transfers

            Health & General Services

            Request for transfer of funds to various departments, as follows:

            Fund:              County Fire Control

            Department:    Health & General Services

            Division:         Public Safety

            From:              Operating Expenses 

            To:                  Personal Services

            Amount:         $21,981.00

            Fund:              General

            Department:    Legislative Office

            Division:         County Attorney

            From:              Contingency

            To:                  Operating Expenses

            Amount:         $4,958.00

            Request to post and fill the vacant position for Executive Director of Health & General Services - Pay Grade 990-00, with starting salary of $48,750.00.

            Deeds/Rights-of-way, Roads & Easements

            Request to accept the following Non-Exclusive Easement Deeds:

            Large Lot Waiver

            Meyel Haack, District 2

            Ross VanDellen, District 4

            Accounts Allowed/Subdivisions

            Request to release an Irrevocable Letter of Credit, in the amount of $359,350.20, for Plantation at Leesburg, Magnolia Point, for an additional 78 lots (District 2).



            On a motion by Commr. Swartz, seconded by Commr. Hanson and carried unanimously, the Board approved the Budget Calendar for FY 1992-93, as presented by the Interim County Manager, Mike Anderson.


            Mr. Mike Anderson, Interim County Manager, explained this request, noting that the County's contract for the external auditing firm of Ernst & Young expires when the 1991 FY audit is complete and submitted, and the Board now has the option of either selecting an Audit Selection Committee to look into a new company or to continue the services of Ernst & Young.

            Ms. Annette Star Lustgarten, County Attorney, informed the Board that the committee is set up by the Florida Statutes, noting that she had sent the County Manager a memo regarding same and had copied the Board members, as well. She stated that the Constitutional Officers are on the selection committee, as well as one member of the Board of County Commissioners (or a designee) and that they are required to go through an entire Request for Proposal (RFP) process, which consists of preparing an RFP, sending it out, doing the initial interviews and presentations, and then making a recommendation of three (3) firms to the Board of County Commissioners, for consideration. The Board then has the option of requesting additional presentations or accepting the recommendation of the committee.

            On a motion by Commr. Swartz, seconded by Commr. Hanson and carried unanimously, the Board approved a request to appoint an Audit Selection Committee (members of which are set up by the Florida Statutes) to initiate the process of selecting an auditing firm for FY 92-93, due to the fact that the County's contract with the auditing firm of Ernst & Young expires when the 1991 audit is completed, and to place the Chairman of the Board of County Commissioners on said committee, representing the Board.

            Commr. Swartz stated that this is not an indication of dissatisfaction with Ernst & Young, but that, periodically, the Board needs to go through this process. He then encouraged Ernst & Young to make application to maintain said services.

            Mr. Bob McKee, Chief Deputy Clerk, interjected that, if, in fact, the selection committee feels that seeking bids for the audit services is necessary, everyone needs to be extremely cautious in the timing of it, due to the fact that going with a new auditing firm is not something one wants to do while going through an overall financial conversion process, and the Board needs to be very sensitive to that.


            Mr. Mike Anderson, Interim County Manager, explained this request, stating that it was in response to a recent request by the Board (at the retreat held at at Lakeside Inn in Mt. Dora) that a freeze be put on all capital expenditures. He referred to a report which had been prepared by staff indicating what has actually been budgeted, what the County has actually committed to, and what balance still remains for purchasing purposes. He stated that a committee has been formed (comprised of different department members) to look at the computer hardware and software applications to see if it is compatible with the overall county system, and to come back to the Board (in early March) with recommendations. He stated that they would like to batch all requests for computer equipment together and submit them as one lump sum, with the endorsement of this committee, to make sure that everything is fair and proper. He stated that they would also like to establish a $1,000.00 line item expenditure for department directors, to allow them to operate within their departments, rather than having them bring everything back to the Board for approval.

            On a motion by Commr. Swartz, seconded by Commr. Gregg and carried unanimously, the Board approved a request that authorization be given to department directors to approve expenditures up to $1,000.00 (excluding computer equipment and software) thereby enabling them to operate within their departments and make purchases up to said amount, rather than having them bring every expenditure back to the Board for approval.


            Mr. Mike Anderson, Interim County Manager, explained this request.

            On a motion by Commr. Gregg, seconded by Commr. Hanson and carried unanimously, the Board approved a request by Capital Improvements to go with Option 1 (submitted in memo to the Board) for assigning new telephone numbers for the new Criminal Justice Facility, which means that an employee that relocates to the new Jail or Courts Building will have a 4000 series phone number assigned to them, and the 9000 series numbers will remain with the existing facilities.


            On a motion by Commr. Hanson, seconded by Commr. Gregg and carried unanimously, the Board approved a request by the Lake County Department of Corrections to submit grant application for job training and placement services and authorized proper signatures on same, to be submitted to the Private Industry Council of Volusia, Lake, and Flagler Counties.


            Mr. Don Findell, Executive Director of Environmental Services, explained this request, noting that said request would actually have to go before the Board of Zoning Appeals, rather than the Board of County Commissioners, therefore, requested that the Board approve the Silvicultural Plan, contingent upon the Board of Zoning Appeals' approval of the wetlands alteration.

            Commr. Swartz clarified the fact that under the Conditions, he would like language to be inserted stating that the applicant will adhere to the fourth handout included within the packet that had been submitted to the Board, being the Protection Plan for Designated Wildlife Species, and generate some strategy and protection plans for the designated wildlife area that has been found on the property in question.

            Mr. Joseph Fechtel (present in the audience) stated that he had no problem with meeting that condition.

            On a motion by Commr. Hanson, seconded by Commr. Gregg and carried unanimously, the Board approved a request from Mr. Joseph Fechtel for approval of a Silvicultural Plan in the Wekiva River Protection Area, to selectively harvest timber in approximately 3,519 acres of hydric hammock wetlands, with conditions as stated.


            STATE AGENCIES

            Ms. Allison Thall, Health & General Services Coordinator, explained this request.

            On a motion by Commr. Swartz, seconded by Commr. Gregg and carried unanimously, the Board appointed Ms. Catherine Hanson to act as liaison commissioner for the Board, to actively participate in discussions regarding the reorganization of the Florida Department of Health & Rehabilitative Services.



            Mr. John Swanson, Executive Director of Planning & Development, explained this request.

            On a motion by Commr. Gregg, seconded by Commr. Swartz and carried unanimously, the Board approved a request for authorization to execute an agreement between Lake County and Shamrock Development Corporation of Lake County, Inc., relating to the issuance of building permits while platting is in progress, to allow no more than four (4) permits to be issued prior to recording the Silver Lake Forest, Phase II, final plat (41 lots in District 1).



            Ms. Annette Star Lustgarten, County Attorney, informed the Board (for informational purposes) that she will be updating the Board on all litigation that the County is presently involved with, by the end of this week.



            On a motion by Commr. Swartz, seconded by Commr. Gregg and carried unanimously, the Board approved ratification of financial items which needed to be paid prior to this Board Meeting.


            A brief discussion occurred regarding this request.

            On a motion by Commr. Gregg, seconded by Commr. Swartz and carried unanimously, the Board approved the appointment of Commr. Hanson to the Lake County Affordable Housing Task Force, representing the Board of County Commissioners.

            Discussion occurred regarding the remaining members to be appointed to the said committee, at which time Commr. Swartz stated that, regarding the lower income citizen advocate representative, the County might want to contact the Lake Community Action Agency, the Habitat for Humanity, or some agency like that and request their help in locating someone to act in that capacity.

            Mr. Mark Knight, Planning Department, appeared before the Board and stated that he had requested Ms. Teresa Dunham, Section 8 Housing, to help locate someone to act in the capacity of the lower income citizen advocate representative, and that she is presently looking into the matter and will be getting back to him as soon as possible regarding same.

            On a motion by Commr. Swartz, seconded by Commr. Gregg and carried unanimously, the Board approved appointments to the Lake County Affordable Housing Task Force, as follows:

            Jackie Putnal, representing the Lake County Board of Realtors

            James Dean, representing the Farmers Home Administration

            Lee Hokr, representing the Lake County League of Cities

            Ruth Pelham, from the Lake County Community Action Agency, representing the not-for-profit low income housing provider

            Mike Cox, from First Federal, representing the financial institutions servicing Lake County

            Mark Ricker, from Habitat for Humanity, as the citizen advocate representative



            A brief discussion occurred regarding appointments to the Lake County Solid Waste Study Committee, at which time it was requested that action regarding said appointments be postponed until the Board Meeting scheduled for Tuesday, February 18, 1992.


            At 9:30 a.m. the Chairman announced that the Board would recess until 10:00 a.m., for a public hearing pertaining to the County's application to the Community Development Block Grant.


            Mr. Mark Knight, Planner III, Planning Department, explained this request.

            On a motion by Commr. Swartz, seconded by Commr. Bailey and carried unanimously, the Board authorized staff to submit application for the 1992 Community Development Block Grant (CDBG), Neighborhood Revitalization Program for the Stuckey and Yalaha communities, as well as approved the transmittal letter and a letter of certification regarding same, and a letter to the East Central Florida Regional Planning Council, notifying them of Lake County's intent to apply for CDBG funds.



            Commr. Bailey was not present during this workshop session.

            Mr. John Swanson, Executive Director of Planning & Development, appeared before the Board stating that a public hearing has been scheduled for May 5, 1992, for the purpose of further discussing the Land Development Regulations (LDRs), and one for May 19, 1992, for the purpose of adopting the LDRs. He stated that the final workshop meeting for the Board will be on April 14, 1992, after which staff will make noted changes to the LDRs and have a copy to the Board by April 21, 1992, in order to allow them sufficient time to review said changes.

            Regarding the concurrency management issue, Mr. Swanson discussed the matter of a test fee, stating that staff has prepared a low, medium, and high range and attached a dollar amount to them, as follows: $23.00 for a subdivision up to 52 units (low); $205.00 for a subdivision comprising 52 to 500 units (medium); and $405.00 for a subdivision comprising 500 units on up (high). He stated that the fees are based on how much time will be spent by individuals preparing the tests, noting that the dollar amount comes from the high and low salary of each particular category in each division. He stated that said amounts were averaged to come up with a figure and then a 30% overhead was added on. He noted that a number of variables would play into the final figure.

            Discussion occurred regarding the LDRs, at which time the following was noted:

            That the definition for Buffer was deleted from Page II-8. Commr. Swartz requested staff to come up with a buffer definition that is consistent with the Comprehensive Plan. It was the consensus of the Board to do so.

            That the definition for Curb Radius had been deleted from Page II-15 and would remain as such, as it is felt that it is not necessary.

            That the definition for Designated Species had been deleted from Page II-15 and a new one added. It was noted that the new definition meets the requirements of the Comprehensive Plan and that all designated species had been included, whereas the previous definition had separated them into several categories.

            That all the definitions for Development Order that had been deleted would be put back in and made consistent with one another.

            That all agreed with what had been inserted for the definition of Feeder/Distributor Road, noting that it was in compliance with what had been stated in the Comprehensive Plan.

            That the definition of General Development of Traffic on Page II-28 and of Hydroperiod on Page II-30 was deleted and would remain so.

            That the definition of Kennel was inserted on Page II-32. Ms. Annette Star Lustgarten, County Attorney, informed the Board that, as it is currently designated in the body of the Code, it is now identified as Commercial Kennel/Veterinarian Clinic, noting that veterinarian clinic has been put into one category and kennel into another, and that the definition for kennel that is presently in the LDRs has had the word commercial deleted from it. She referred to the chart that pertains to what uses are permitted in what zoning districts, noting that it has now been changed to require a CUP for a kennel, regardless of whether it is for a private or a commercial one. She suggested that the County create, in Chapter 3 (where the types of uses permitted in various categories are mentioned), standards for a veterinarian clinic and for a kennel. It was noted that if five (5) or more dogs or six (6) or more cats are involved, it is considered a kennel.

            After further discussion regarding the issue of kennels, Ms. Lustgarten, County Attorney, stated that the matter could be looked at more closely, before a final decision is made regarding it, noting that there are four sections of the Code that need to be changed regarding kennels.

            Staff was requested to come back with a definition for Corner Lot and Double Frontage Lot, if they are not defined elsewhere, or if it is found that they do not need to be defined.

            That the definition of Open Space is not consistent with the Comprehensive Plan and needs to be amended to be consistent with Page VIII-10 of the Plan.

            That the word paved would be deleted from the title and body of the definition of Paved Ground Surface Area and would then be inserted back into the LDRs.

            Commr. Swartz requested staff to meet with him concerning the definition given for Wellfield Protection Area.

            That the definition of C-3 Employment Center District, on Page III-5, is consistent with the Board of County Commissioner's direction that was sent to the Department of Community Affairs, and that staff is following said direction.

            That Commercial Kennel, on Page III-10, will address and contain the appropriate definition given for kennel in Chapter II, as discussed previously.

            That staff will bring their findings regarding Agricultural-Industrial, on Page III-3 (of which a space has been reserved for same), back to the Board at a later date.

            That the numbers that follow the "Rs", in the categories listed on Page III-4, will indicate what densities are permitted in the various districts that are listed.

            That a new category has been created on Page III-5, being the RV Recreational Vehicle Park, which will make it easier for the Zoning Department to process cases pertaining to same.

            That CFD, on Page III-6, is now used instead of PFD, which is a broader definition.

            That the table on Page III-8 has been revised, which makes it a little easier to understand.

            That Plant Nurseries, listed in the chart on Page III-19, will be permitted in the RR zoning district, as a conditional use, if it consists of five or more acres - it will not be a permitted use if the lot in question is smaller than five acres, even with a conditional use.

            That the definition of Non-Intensive Agricultural, on Page III-10, will be brought back to the Board at a later date, for further discussion.

            That under the category of Multi-Family, in the chart listed on Page III-19, a conditional use will be inserted in all commercial zoning districts, as well as in the RP district.

            That Medical Services is allowed in an RP zoning district, even though it did not show it as such in the chart on Page III-20, and that Consumer Services and Laundry is permitted in the C-3 zoning district, which it did not show in said chart.

            That Travel Trailer Parks should be stricken from the chart on Page III-21 and RV Parks inserted in its place.

            That all conditional uses and permitted uses should be stricken from the chart on Page III-22, for categories Church and Day Care Center, except for the commercial and CFD districts, which will remain the same; that conditional uses should be stricken from said chart for the category Club Private or County for all the residential districts and permitted use inserted in the CFD district; that conditional use will be stricken from the ER zoning district for the category Riding Stable or Academy and permitted use inserted in the CFD district; and that permitted use will be inserted in the CFD district for the category Hunting and Fishing Resorts and conditional use will remain in the districts listed.

            That under the Key to Conditions in Table of Permitted and Conditional Uses, on Page III-23, under Condition No. 1. Keeping of Livestock for General Agricultural, Non-Intensive Agriculture, and Horse-Breeding Farms, the following language should be inserted at the end of the first sentence after the word boundary "of property owned by others". Staff was directed to research the issue of the setback requirement and bring a recommendation back to the Board at a later date.

            That a category for Multi-Family be added to the Conditions on Page III-23.

            That the setback requirement under the Conditions for Riding Stables or Academies was changed from 200' to 100'.

            That the runway setback requirement under the Condition for Airport be consistent with the Comprehensive Plan.

            That language pertaining to Commercial Kennel/Veterinarian Clinic will be incorporated and addressed in one place under the Conditions, noting that for kennels staff will probably have to address certain standards pertaining to noise, odors, etc.

            That under the Condition Requirements for New Development, on Page III-27, under the definition for Special Accessory Use, Planning and Zoning Commission should be replaced with Board of County Commissioners.

            That under the Condition Lots of Record, on Page III-28, language would be extended to include metes and bounds and platted lots, and that it would be addressed in the vested section of Chapter I. It was noted that the language for Lots of Record contained on this page is different than what is currently in the Code, and that one would have to meet the requirement for central water and sewer, or would have to have central water and meet the State criteria for septic.

            That under the Condition Density, on Page III-29, under the definition of Generally, it excludes natural open water bodies, and that this needs to be defined.

            Staff was directed to come back to the Board with a recommendation concerning the word gross site area versus base site area, under the Conditions Floor Area Ratio, on Page III-29, under the definition for Calculating Floor Area Ratio and Impervious Surface Ratio.

            That under the Conditions Setbacks, on Page III-30, under the definition Minimum Setbacks on Side and Rear Yards, the section that the Board had previously agreed upon, regarding a platted subdivision or development, that the setbacks in existence at the time that the development went into affect would apply.

            That language contained in the second paragraph, in the table on Page III-31, pertaining to a 25' setback from the right-of-way easement, should be clarified as to what types of roads the setback would pertain to, and that under RMRP of said chart, where it states to see Section 3.02.07, said section should indicate that ISR and FAR should apply.

            That under the Condition Bulk Regulations for the RMRP District, on Page III-32, under Item 2, the language "to any adjacent mobile home or accessory structure", which had been deleted, will be re-inserted.

            That it should be noted, for clarification, that the Urban Area Residential Density Chart, on Page III-35, does not apply in the Wekiva.

            Staff was requested to take a few of the County's recent developments (such as Highland Lakes), put them through the point system, and come back to the Board with their findings.


            At 3:05 p.m., the Chairman announced that the Board would take a brief recess. The meeting reconvened at 3:25 p.m.


            The Chairman, Commr. Bakich, noted that further discussion regarding the LDRs would be postponed until a later date.

            Staff was requested to have the changes alluded to this date back to the Board, for review, in approximately two weeks and to make said changes available to the public, as well.

            At this time, Mr. Swanson requested, and received, approval of the following workshop meetings, for the purpose of further discussing the LDRs:

            Tuesday, March 3, 1992 @ 1:30 p.m.

            Tuesday, March 10, 1992 @ 1:30 p.m.

            Tuesday, March 31, 1992 @ 1:30 p.m.

            There being no further business to be brought to the attention of the Board, the meeting adjourned at 3:40 p.m.



                                                                                    MICHAEL J. BAKICH, CHAIRMAN