JULY 15, 1993

The Lake County Board of County Commissioners met in special session on Thursday, July 15, 1993, at 9:00 a.m., in the Board of County Commissioner's Meeting Room, Lake County Administration Building, Tavares, Florida. Commissioners present at the meeting were: G. Richard Swartz, Jr., Chairman; Catherine Hanson, Vice Chairman; Rhonda H. Gerber; Don Bailey; and Welton G. Cadwell. Others present were: Annette Star Lustgarten, County Attorney; Peter F. Wahl, County Manager; Ava Kronz, BCC Office Manager; Barbara Lehman, Chief Deputy, Finance & Audit Department; and Toni M. Riggs, Deputy Clerk.

The Chairman, Commr. Swartz, opened the meeting.


It was noted that the following individuals were in attendance to provide statistical information, and to answer questions, during the budget workshop: Ms. Lois Martin, Director of Human Resources; Ms. Eleanor Anderson, Director, Office of Budget; Ms. Mary Scott, Ms. Pat Land, Ms. Debbie Tinis, and Ms. Loretta Hale, Budget Analysts, Office of Budget.


Mr. Pete Wahl, County Manager, informed the Board that are no requests for additional personnel, or capital equipment, in his proposed budget. He explained that the increase in Line Item 120, Regular Salaries, reflects the additional position approved at mid-year. This allowed for a minus one (1) position in the Purchasing Department.

Mr. Wahl suggested pulling all of Line Item 400, Travel and Per Diem, from each budget and consolidating it, and having all travel approved out of a single source, in order to control the travel.


Discussion occurred regarding the proposed budget for the Board Operations Section. It was noted that there were no new positions.

Mr. Wahl discussed Page 10, Line Item 400, Travel and Per Diem, in the amount of $7,300.00, and Line Item 410, Communications, in the amount of $9,000.00. Commr. Swartz stated that a policy is being developed for phones, which will include phones being utilized by staff. Mr. Wahl clarified that the base rate for a car phone is $15.00 per month.

Mr. Bruce Thorburn, Emergency 9-1-1 Coordinator, Interim Director of Information Services, addressed the issue of car phones.

Discussion occurred regarding Page 14, the Administrative Services Division Administrative Support Program. It was noted that Line Item 340, Contractual Services, in the amount of $42,000.00, pertains to indigent court cases. Mr. Wahl stated that this budget also includes most of the general operation activity for the County, for example insurance. After further discussion, staff was directed to move these funds into Capital Improvements.

Commr. Swartz discussed the issue of the County having a consistent policy to charge for copies. Ms. Annette Star Lustgarten, County Attorney, informed the Board that the County has an existing resolution, which requires a charge for copies.

The Board directed the County Manager and County Attorney to review the policy relating to charging for copies.


Ms. Annette Star Lustgarten, County Attorney, reviewed the proposed budget, and stated that there are no requests being made capital expenditures, or additional personnel. The increases in the budget are based on the personnel changes made at mid-year. At this time, she discussed, in detail, the other line items within the proposed budget.

Discussion occurred regarding the attorney's fees being paid out of the Planning Department's budget, in regards to the Comprehensive Plan. At this time, Ms. Anderson stated that she 778778will provide the Board with a recap of all legal fees.


Ms. Eleanor Anderson, Director, Office of Budget, discussed the proposed budget, and stated that the Board had approved, at mid-year, one permanent part-time position, to be brought back to the Board for a full-time position. The additional costs to make this a permanent position will be in the amount of $4,698.00. It was noted that this was the only change within the personnel area.

Ms. Anderson discussed Page 5, Line Item 400, Travel and Per Diem, and stated that an additional $3,000.00 was added, in order for the employees to attend the conferences and seminars for on-site training on the new software modifications. An additional $3,200.00 was added to Line Item 340, Contractual Services, for the software modifications.

Ms. Anderson discussed a leased copier, which was removed from the budget, with the understanding that the County will be considering copiers countywide, and a central copy room. She stated that a request had been made for two (2) PCs, with Mr. Wahl ranking one as a priority #1, and the other as a priority #2. This request will be funded out of infrastructure sales tax money.

Ms. Kelly Soucy, Purchasing Manager, was present to explain the bid that is going out for maintenance on an "as needed basis/hourly rate", for all office equipment.

Commr. Swartz requested that, during the interim period, Mr. Wahl contact New Age Technology to come in and show several of the County maintenance employees how to change the major parts in the equipment.


Ms. Kelly Soucy, Purchasing Manager, was present to discuss the proposed budget for the Office of Purchasing. Ms. Soucy stated that, upon the recommendations made by the County Manager, the budget reflects a total reduction in the amount of $21,124.00. At this time, she reviewed the line items in this budget with the Board.


Mr. Bruce Thorburn, Emergency 9-1-1 Coordinator, Interim Director of Information Services, was present to discuss the proposed budget for the Information Services/Telecommunications Division.

Ms. Debbie Tinis, Budget Analyst, provided an explanation of the proposed figures on Page 14, Revenue and Appropriation Summary by Fund. She stated that 30% of Mr. Thorburn's salary is coming out of the General Fund, and 70% is remaining in Fund 124, Emergency 9-1-1. It was noted that the Cable Coordinator position remains vacant.

Ms. Anderson addressed Page 4 and explained that the figures have been pro-rated for the operational costs for all departments, which provides a charge back system, and allows for a net figure of zero (0).

Discussion occurred regarding Page 11, the Other Information Services Section, with Mr. Thorburn explaining the new section in the budget. Mr. Wahl stated that, with the new Federal Communications Commission (FCC) changes in cablevision, this budget has been estimated. He further stated that a meeting has been scheduled for staff to meet with the cities, in order to determine whether they would be interested in sharing some of the costs through a centralized countywide cable system.

Ms. Anderson discussed the revenue received by the County for cablevision. Ms. Lustgarten stated that the cable ordinance that was adopted by the Board, which does not necessarily apply to the existing franchise agreements, clearly indicates that there are no exceptions, and that the County will receive all gross revenues. Mr. Thorburn discussed the terms of the cablevision agreement.

Mr. Wahl stated that several recommendations will be brought back to the Board regarding the cablevision issue. Commr. Swartz requested that staff review the gross revenues, and bring back recommendations regarding this issue, and to determine what will be required from the cablevision franchises.

Mr. Thorburn reviewed the proposed budget for the E9-1-1 Section, and reviewed the detailed line items on Pages 18-22. He stated that he is working with the County Attorney on ways to possibly reduce the 911 tandem charges by approximately $80,000.00.


Mr. Dave Warren, Director of Tourist Development, was present to discuss the proposed budget. Ms. Debbie Tinis, Budget Analyst, reviewed the revenue sources for this office. It was noted that there were no personnel changes.

Mr. Warren discussed the volunteer program being developed for the Lake County Welcome Center.

Mr. Warren expressed his concerns with the amount of $33,393.00 being established as the indirect costs for the Office of Tourism.


At 10:25 a.m., the Chairman announced that the Board would take a short break.


Mr. Russ Geisey, Director, County Agriculture Extension Service, was present to discuss the proposed budget. It was noted that the County Manager had recommended that the staff remain in its current status.

Mr. Wahl stated that, after further discussion, he was recommending the purchase of one (1) computer and one (1) laser printer, in the amount of $3,850.00, using the infrastructure sales tax.

Mr. Geisey discussed Line Item 400, Travel and Per Diem, and also the need for one additional vehicle.

There were no questions regarding the proposed budget for the Soil - Water Conservation Section.



Ms. Lois Martin, Director of Human Resources, was present to discuss the proposed budget for the Personnel Section. Ms. Martin pointed out that a section had been developed for Labor Relations.

Ms. Martin discussed Page 9, Line Item 310, Professional Services, and stated that a request had been made for $50,000.00, due to the Classification and Compensation Study. Mr. Wahl discussed splitting this study over a two year period. It was noted that the last study was prepared in 1989.

Mr. Wahl stated that he is recommending the computer system indicated in Line Item 640, Capital Outlay, which will be purchased with the infrastructure sales tax. The costs will be shared with the Risk Management Division.

Mr. Wayne Hamilton, Risk Manager, explained Page 25, Line Item 562, Claims Payments, in the Comprehensive Section for the Risk Management Division. It was noted that the County Manager is recommending $700,000.00.

Ms. Martin discussed Page 30, the Group Insurance Section. At this time, Mr. Hamilton provided the Board additional information regarding the Self-Insurance Employee Group, which included a request for consideration of recommendations that would help control the cost of claims while bringing the plan in line with the industry. Included in the material was information regarding a Preferred Provider Organization (PPO). Mr. Wahl stated that he will come back with estimates for generated revenue, if such a program (PPO) was put into place. He stated that most proprietary corporations have gone to either higher deductibles, or employee contributions. Mr. Hamilton stated that the proposed benefits outlined in the memorandum dated July 15, 1993, were taken from studies that have been conducted on public entities.

The Board members expressed their thoughts on the proposed recommendations for group insurance, with Commr. Bailey suggesting that staff look at this issue closely and speak with other constitutional officers for their reaction on the proposals being presented.

Mr. Wahl was directed by the Board to look at every issue being presented by Mr. Hamilton in his memorandums, in terms of employee insurance and PPO, and to come back to the Board with an analysis.

Ms. Martin presented information regarding the Volunteer Program being developed by Mr. Fletcher Smith, Director of Community Services, and the request being made for $2,045.00, which will be coming out of the Personnel budget.


At 12:05 p.m., the Chairman announced that the Board would recess for lunch, and reconvene at 1:00 p.m.


Capital Improvements Division

Facilities Management Division


Mr. Mike Anderson, Director of Facilities and Capital Improvements, was present to discuss the proposed budget. Also present was Mr. Doug Conway, Facilities and Capital Improvements Coordinator, and Mr. Bob McCullough, Energy Management Supervisor. Mr. Anderson provided the Board with additional handout material, which consisted of an Infrastructure Sale Tax Revenue Flow Chart for FY 93-94, and charts of the Capital Improvements Projects, and the Renovation Projects. He stated that the charts reflect those cost accounts that depend 100% on the infrastructure sales tax revenue.

Ms. Eleanor Anderson, Director, Office of Budget, presented an explanation of the funds that have been established for the Department of Facilities and Capital Improvements, as reflected on Page 1, Revenue and Appropriation Summary by Fund.

Mr. Anderson stated that a pay back schedule will have to be established for the Tourist Development Council's (TDC) funds and the County Transportation Trust (CTT) funds, which have been borrowed by the Industrial Development Authority (IDA).

Discussion occurred regarding Pages 2-6, the Budget Priorities established for the Fiscal Year 1993-1994. Mr. Anderson stated that Page 12 reflects the renovation crew, which consists of three (3) individuals. Mr. Wahl stated that he is recommending that these individuals be approved. They will be with the County for the life of the renovation project, and will then be eliminated.

Mr. Anderson discussed Page 16, the Industrial Park Section, and stated that he has not come back formally to the Board for concurrence on this proposal, but it has been suggested to the Industrial Development Authority (IDA). Mr. Anderson stated that, until additional parcels are sold at the Lake County Central Park, there is very limited cash flow associated with the project. He discussed the infrastructure in this area, and stated his concerns with the property not having more of the water system (fire hydrants, fire system, etc.) in place. Mr. Anderson suggested channeling some of the money that is available to complete the infrastructure for Phase I, and to begin some of Phase II, in order to make the marketing easier for the Central Park. This can be coordinated with the development taking place in this area by American Hotel.

Discussion continued regarding the line items within the Industrial Park Section, the Interfund Transfers Section, the Infrastructure Sales Tax Revenue Program, and the Debt Service Program.

An explanation was presented by staff on the line items within the Old Jail Renovation Section, the Historic Courthouse Renovation Section, the Round Courthouse Renovation Section, and the General Government Buildings Section. Mr. Anderson discussed Page 35, Line Item 630, Improvements Other Than Buildings, in the amount of $202,000.00, and stated that this is the contribution towards the Parks and Recreation Fund. Discussion continued regarding other sections of the Capital Improvements Division, and the Facilities Management Division.

Discussion occurred regarding Page 50, the Financial Appropriation Summary for the Building Custodians Section. It was noted on Page 54, in the Energy Management Section, a request was being made for one (1) Maintenance Specialist II. Mr. McCullough provided an explanation as to the duties that will be performed by this individual.

The Board referred to Page 64, the Financial Appropriation Summary for the Fairground Operations, which reflected a total Fairground Operation in the amount of $225,218.00.

Mr. Wahl stated that a recap of figures will be developed and presented to the Board. He then addressed the issue of the electric utility fee, and recommended that staff consider this issue again as a revenue source. Commr. Swartz suggested that staff expend a minimal amount of energy to get more information that would compare a property tax increase versus a utility fee.

Discussion occurred regarding action taken by other counties regarding this issue. It was noted that three non-charter counties have implemented a fee, and that there is an existing challenge being made by Escambia County on this issue.

Commr. Hanson requested that Ms. Anderson provide the Board with updated information regarding the State mandated costs. She stated that she spoke to Mr. Havill, Property Appraiser, regarding the assessments that are off the rolls based on State land purchases.

Mr. Wahl stated that he would provide the Board with a recap of the discussion that occurred today.

There being no further business to be brought to the attention of the Board, the meeting adjourned at 2:15 p.m.