FEBRUARY 8, 1994

The Lake County Board of County Commissioners met in special session on Tuesday, February 8, 1994, at 9:00 a.m., in the Conference Room at the Lake County Agricultural Center, Tavares, Florida. Commissioners present at the meeting were: Catherine C. Hanson, Chairman; Welton G. Cadwell, Vice Chairman; Rhonda H. Gerber; Don Bailey; and Richard Swartz. Others present were: Frank Gaylord, Interim County Attorney; Peter F. Wahl, County Manager; Mike Anderson, Director of Facilities & Capital Improvements; Paul Bergmann, Director of Planning & Development; Eleanor Anderson, Director, Office of Budget; Dave Warren, Tourist Development Director; Ava Kronz, BCC Office Manager; Craig Haun, Fire Chief, Fire and Emergency Services; Alvin Jackson, Economic Development Coordinator; Russ Giesey, Director, County Agriculture Extension Service; Bruce Thorburn, Emergency 911 Coordinator/Interim Director of Information Services; Jim Barker, Director of Environmental Management; Mark Knight, Chief Planner, Planning Division; Kelly Soucy, Purchasing Manager; Fletcher Smith, Director of Community Services; Greg Stubbs, Coordinator, One Stop Permitting Center; Don Griffey, Director of Engineering; and Toni M. Riggs, Deputy Clerk.

Commr. Hanson opened the meeting and stated that this was the second Retreat Meeting this year, and a recap of last year's meetings. She stated that those present had before them the results of last months Board Retreat, the comments that staff had submitted relating to the Vision Statements, and the 1994 Tentative Priorities, which were established at the last Retreat Meeting.

Chief Craig Haun stated that his employees reflected a positive response to the Board looking at the future through both the Vision Statements and the 1994 Tentative Priorities. Chief Haun explained the views expressed to him by his employees on the issues of streamlining government, utilizing employee ideas, employee morale, and on the question of loyalty to the employees, and whether they are valued as much as citizens.

Mr. Paul Bergmann reviewed his memorandum, which questioned the term "accountability" under Value Statements. A suggestion was made to change the words in the Directness comment from "without subterfuge" to "appropriately and with tact".

Commr. Gerber discussed an article entitled "Reassigning Responsibility", that addressed the term "accountability" and holding someone accountable without him being given authority. She stated that the authority is placed at the higher levels in government, and this may be an issue that the Board and staff may need to address.

Mr. Fletcher Smith addressed his memorandum, which indicated that he circulated, to his employees, the Goals for 1993, and the 1994 Tentative Priorities, and stated that he received good comments back from his employees. Some of the input received back, in relation to the goals, included a suggestion to build community based partnerships where the County would assist in funding programs that have a lot of merit, and building partnerships with schools and churches. Under Tentative Priorities, comments included holding the line on taxes, but if the County is going to be provide services, the residents should be prepared to pay for them, with the costs being distributed to those who receive the benefits. Mr. Smith discussed the comments received on employee morale, and stated that morale seems to be positive. He addressed further comments received, which included cleaning up the lakes as a priority; economic development making a difference in the employment rate, and to the reduction of crime; and breaking the cycle of dependency (welfare).

Ms. Ava Kronz informed the Board that the information from the Board Office was compiled by those within the office. It was noted that they felt the key to morale issues involved communication.

Commr. Hanson addressed the 1994 Tentative Priorities, 1. Economic Development. She stated that e. Education Element should be a major aspect of the Economic Development Element, but not separate in this regards, because it will be difficult to develop an Education Element, if it is not what the School Board wants. She stated that this really needed to be addressed by the School Board. She further stated that the County needed to encourage any vocational training, or anything that is job related, and recognize that education is critical to bringing jobs into the County.

Mr. Alvin Jackson stated that one of the goals and objectives should be to work and establish a relationship with the school system, and to get them involved with the process of developing an Education Element, which coordinates with the Economic Development Element.

Commr. Bailey stated that the Board will be addressing education and job training under the Economic Development Element, but as the Board proceeds, and the School Board is brought in as a "partner", it will be up to the School Board to initiate the Education Element.

Commr. Swartz stated that it was always the intention that the school system would do the Education Element, and the School Board agreed several years ago to begin working on it. The County had indicated that it would provide some technical assistance, from a planning perspective, not education planning, but land use planning from the Comprehensive Plan. He stated that the Board needs to go back to the School Board and encourage them to begin working on this issue again. He stated that this is a key element to the Comprehensive Plan, and it shows how Lake County is planning for education.

Commr. Hanson stated that it should be noted, under e. Education Element, that the Board will support, or encourage, the School Board on the development of the Element, but it will not be a goal for the Board to accomplish in 1994.

Discussion occurred regarding 2. Streamlining Government and those items that were listed under this heading. It was determined that items j. through m. could be added to i. Management Style. Commr. Hanson discussed the idea, which was presented at the Retreat Meeting last year, for a survey to be conducted to determine what services the people want and what they would be willing to pay for. It was then noted that items g. Total Quality Management, and h. System Approach, could be placed under item a. Kitchen Cabinet Recommendation.

Commr. Cadwell stated that he felt items g. Total Quality Management, h. System Approach, and i. Management Style could remain as individual items under Streamlining Government.

Discussion occurred regarding l. Employee Friendly System, with Commr. Swartz explaining that this would involve a management style where employees feel like their ideas and efforts are welcomed and encouraged, and not a system where employees hesitate to come forward.

Discussion occurred regarding 3. Environmental Protection. Commr. Hanson suggested changing (1) Possibility of a grant, to (1) Utilization of Grants.

Commr. Bailey discussed the issue of cleaning up lakes and questioned the use of the infrastructure sales tax. Mr. Wahl stated that the tax could not be used, unless a particular capital facility or structure would be used in conjunction with the effort. He further stated that the only prohibition would be the operation costs.

Commr. Bailey reminded the Board that a lot of these items listed under Environmental Protection should be collaborative efforts and partnerships between the County and the different agencies and committees. Commr. Bailey stated that, if the County is going to be involved with some of the programs, he does not want this to be an excuse for some of the groups, or the State, to withdraw some of the funding just because of the County's involvement.

Commr. Swartz explained that the St. Johns River Water Management District (SJRWMD) has put more money into Lake County than any of the other counties in their district. This Board has to decide whether or not it is going to be an active partner in cleaning up the lakes and creating the economic stimulus that SJRWMD can create aside from their recreational benefit, because they are a tremendous economic resource.

Commr. Hanson informed the Board that she will be going with Mr. Giesey, through the Extension Service, to the University of Florida for a discussion on grants, which have been available to the coastal areas for clean up, but not for the interior part of the State. She stated that this will give her and Mr. Geisey the opportunity to see what is available through grants, and to work on collaborative efforts with the committees and agencies listed under Environmental Protection.

Discussion occurred regarding 4. Crime. Commr. Hanson suggested making this into two different areas, as follows: Focus on Juvenile Delinquency, and all other areas listed being placed under this as prevention of juvenile delinquency; Other Crime, and adding to continue efforts to lease the jail space. She stated that Community Resource Officers would be an area of prevention, and the Board should encourage the Sheriff to continue to work on this matter, and the Board should also support the Sheriff's recommendations for needed deputies within funding limits.

Discussion occurred regarding the position that the Board is taking on the Crime issue. It was noted that the direction that will be taken by the Board will not be enforcement, but prevention.

Ms. Eleanor Anderson suggested combining Crime/Juvenile Delinquency for the heading, and listing all other issues under this heading, including prevention and partnership.

It was clarified by Mr. Alvin Jackson that the County will basically be pro-active and take the leadership in encouraging these types of partnerships, not necessarily as the sole players.

Discussion occurred regarding 5. Health, with the following suggestion being made by Commr. Hanson: a. We Care Program, (1) Shared funding with collaborative effort.

Discussion occurred regarding 6. Comp Plan/LDRs, with Commr. Hanson adding the following: b. Building flexibility - economic impact. After further discussion of the suggested language for b., it was noted that the language offered by Commr. Hanson would not be included.

Commr. Bailey addressed the 1994 Tentative Priorities and suggested that these be considered as more of a long-term venture for the Board, for possibly three to five years. After some discussion, it was suggested that a list be made for the items that could be accomplished in a one year period of time. Commr. Hanson stated that she would establish a time frame for each priority, as listed, and report back to the Board and staff.

Commr. Bailey stated that the Board needs to be more pro-active on the issues being brought down from the State level, and that information received from the Association of County Commissioners should be placed on the Board's agenda, in order to keep the Board updated on State issues affecting the County. It was noted that Mr. Wahl would coordinate this request with staff.


At 10:10 a.m., the Chairman announced that the Board would recess for ten (10) minutes.


Discussion occurred regarding the Vision Statement established by the Board last year. Commr. Bailey referred to the phrase "diverse citizenry", and stated that he would prefer the term "resident".

Mr. Bruce Thorburn suggested that the vision "provide a quality of life", which would include citizens, residents, and visitors.

Commr. Bailey stated that, even though they are visitors, they should be identified as residents.

Commr. Hanson directed the Board and staff to the Mission Statement provided by Leesburg Regional Medical Center, which indicated "needs of the people we serve".

Commr. Gerber made a motion, which was seconded by Commr. Swartz, to leave the Vision Statement as it was originally written by the Board.

Discussion occurred regarding the wording offered by Commr. Bailey, who explained that people like to have the feeling of living in the County, and therefore, "resident" would be a more appropriate term.

The Chairman called for a vote on the motion, which was carried.


Discussion occurred regarding the Mission Statement that was established by the Board last year. A suggestion was made to change "population" to "residents", but discussion occurred regarding the need to keep the Mission Statement consistent with the Vision Statement, which would then read "diverse citizenry". Commr. Hanson stated that the Board and staff may want to include in the Mission Statement the concept of collaborative efforts and partnerships in government. It was noted that "innovative approach" would address this issue. Another word addressed by the Board was "dreams".

At this time, many suggestions were made by the Board members and staff, as to the language in the Mission Statement, with the following action being taken:

On a motion by Mike Anderson, seconded by Craig Haun and carried, the Board and staff approved to drop the following language from the Mission Statement: "Using all of our resources in a responsible manner will allow Lake County's diverse population to move from dreams to reality."

Commr. Cadwell made a motion, which was seconded by Craig Haun, to include the following language in the Mission Statement: "Lake County Government will provide leadership and services".

Under discussion, Commr. Swartz stated that he did not feel that this language should be modified, and that a lot of thought went into the development of this statement.

The Chairman called for a vote on the motion, which was denied.

Commr. Gerber made a motion, which was seconded by Commr. Bailey, to approve the Mission Statement, as presented today.

Under discussion, Commr. Swartz suggested that the following language be included in the Mission Statement: "Leadership and utilization of all of our resources in a responsible manner."

The Chairman called for a vote on the motion to approve the Mission Statement, and the motion was carried.


Mr. Wahl addressed the Values from the Leesburg Regional Medical Center, which uses the "bullet" approach, and suggested that this approach be incorporated into the first 6-7 sentences in the first three paragraphs of the Value Statements. He stated that this would give a format that would be workable.

Commr. Swartz suggested that a sub-committee be put together to take these items, which are before the Board and were developed by the different groups, and put them into language, to bring back to the Board at the next Retreat Meeting.

Commr. Hanson stated that, because there was a consensus of the Board for a sub-committee, the following individuals were appointed: Commr. Gerber, Alvin Jackson, Paul Bergmann, Russ Geisey, Craig Haun, and Ava Kronz as the coordinating Chairman. She requested that the information be placed in some type of form, with it being sent to the Commissioners and Directors for comments.


It was noted that the Eustis Washington parade would be held Saturday, March 12, 1994.

Mr. Wahl stated that the scheduled workshop at 11:00 a.m., February 10, 1994, with Bruce McClendon from Orange County, would be rescheduled.

There being no further business to be brought to the attention of the Board, the meeting adjourned at 11:06 a.m.