OCTOBER 10, 1995

The Lake County Board of County Commissioners met in special session on Tuesday, October 10, 1995, at 7:00 p.m., in the Mount Dora Community Center, Mount Dora, Florida. Commissioners present at the meeting were: Rhonda H. Gerber, Chairman; Catherine C. Hanson and Welton G. Cadwell. William "Bill" H. Good, Vice Chairman; and G. Richard Swartz, Jr. were not present due to a prior commitment. Others present from the County were: Sue B. Whittle, County Manager; Sandy A. Minkoff, County Attorney; Paul Bergmann, Senior Director, Planning and Development Services; Jim Stivender, Jr., Director of Public Services; Wendy Breeden, Library Cordinator; and Marlene S. Foran, Deputy Clerk. Others present from the City of Mount Dora were: Bernice Brinson, City Manager; Jim Schuster, Finance Director; Robert Beaugrand, Director of Community Redevelopment; Mark Raggentine, Community Development Coordinator; Mary Montez, Executive Secretary to the City Manager and the Mayor; Rod Stroup, Public Works Director; Ed Spann, Fire Chief; Barbara Lipovich, Acting Librarian; and Norm Warren, Interim Police Chief.

Ms. Paulette Alexander, Mayor, City of Mount Dora, opened the Joint Townhall Meeting between the City of Mount Dora and Lake County, and introduced Commr. Catherine Hanson, District 4 Commissioner.

Commr. Hanson introduced Commr. Cadwell (District 5 Commissioner); and County staff who were present in the audience and noted that Commr. Rhonda Gerber (Chairman & District 1 Commissioner) would be arriving late.

Mayor Alexander introduced Councilman A.J. Bogart (District 4) and Councilman Leon Bibb (District 2).

It was noted that, in addition to the department heads and staff members, there were approximately 30 individuals from the local community present.

At this time, the Board members, the Mayor, and County and City staff responded to questions presented by individuals in the audience in regard to the following issues: A bicycle walk path along Morningside Drive and Old Eustis Road; implementation of impact fees; lift station for pumping Lake Gertrude; safety and health hazards associated with high water from Lake Gertrude; update on the proposed public transportation study to connect high density areas within the County; future development and business growth in Lake County; a sports complex; maintenance of railroad right-of-way along Old Highway 441; accessible funds to promote Mount Dora; directional signs to Mount Dora; Orlando Area Sports Commission; construction of a sidewalk from Limit Street to Old Eustis Road; and restroom and parking facilities in downtown Mount Dora.

Mr. Terry Wilson expressed appreciation to Commr. Hanson, Mayor Alexander and County and City staff for organizing the Joint Meeting between the County and the City of Mount Dora.

Commr. Hanson expressed her appreciation to the City of Mount Dora for hosting the Townhall meeting and to the audience for the constructive questions and comments.

Mayor Alexander expressed her appreciation to the Board and County staff and stated that the City of Mount Dora looks forward to continuing a good working relationship sharing in projects, and in the future of the County and the City of Mount Dora.

There being no further business to be brought to the attention of the Board, the meeting was adjourned at 8:30 p.m.