OCTOBER 19, 1995

The Lake County Board of County Commissioners met in special session on Thursday, October 19, 1995, at 9:00 a.m., Umatilla Community Center, Umatilla, Florida. Commissioners present at the meeting were: Rhonda H. Gerber, Chairman; William "Bill" H. Good, Vice Chairman; G. Richard Swartz; Catherine C. Hanson; and Welton G. Cadwell. Others present were: Sandy A. Minkoff, County Attorney; Sue B. Whittle, County Manager; Ava Kronz, BCC Office Manager; Paul Bergmann, Senior Director, Department of Planning & Development Services; Mike Anderson, Director of Facilities & Capital Improvements; Jim Stivender, Jr., Director of Public Services; Fletcher Smith, Director of Community Services; Craig Haun, Senior Director, Fire & Emergency Services; David Crowe, Acting Solid Waste Management Services Director; Alvin Jackson, Economic Development Coordinator; Sarah LaMarche, Budget Director; and Marlene S. Foran, Deputy Clerk.


Debut of Monthly Management Report

Ms. Sue Whittle, County Manager, distributed a Monthly Financial Report, dated September 1995, prepared by the Office of the Clerk of the Circuit Court, and explained that said report was the first of a monthly report in a management format on the County's financial and budget situation and captures the last two fiscal years.

Ms. Sarah LaMarche, Budget Director, explained that the Monthly Financial Report was comprised of a Summary Section, which presents summarized comparisons of year-to-date balances of the current fiscal year budget, and the actual results from the prior year; a Detail Section, which presents the results of the County's operations for the month of September and for the fiscal year-to-date; and an Analysis Section, which briefly explains the material fluctuations in revenues and expenditures from either the budgeted or the prior year's totals. At this time, she briefly discussed each section on a page by page basis and addressed questions and concerns presented by the Board. She noted that the Monthly Financial Report for the period ending September 30, 1995 reflects the adopted budget; however, in subsequent months would reflect the amended budget.

Commr. Swartz requested that an additional graph be prepared to illustrate the current year revenues and expenditures to indicate where the expenditures are relative to revenues.

Ms. LaMarche noted an error on page 17, under County Transportation Trust, and requested that "and Road Materials" be deleted.

Ms. Whittle explained that the Monthly Financial Report was a report for management purposes to provide a big picture look and assist in spotting problem areas and trends.


Ms. Whittle stated that staff was in the process of preparing a Five Year Capital Improvement Program that differs from the Capital Improvement Program in the Lake County Comprehensive Plan. At this time, two draft charts were distributed to the Board and staff. She stated that the Capital Improvement Program, when completed, would include every capital expenditure over $25,000.00 for operations of the Board and the Constitutional Officers and would detail their needs for a five year period of time. She explained that the second step would identify the funding sources and noted that the report before the Board and staff at this time was a draft which would change dramatically over the next few months.

Mr. Mike Anderson, Director of Facilities and Capital Improvements, presented an overview of the preliminary reports and explained that Ms. Sarah LaMarche, Budget Director, and Mr. Mark Knight, Senior Planner, Planning and Development Services, were instrumental in preparing said reports. At this time, he addressed questions and comments presented by the Board.


Ms. Whittle briefly discussed a proposed Multi-Year Operating Budget and explained that said budget could be done on a three year program forecast. She further explained that the department directors would present their Fiscal Year 1996-97 budgets for operations, and a two year projected budget by March 1996. She stated that this would be a planning and awareness exercise and that the projected numbers would be subject to change. She requested that the Board consider and set the financial policies for the Fiscal Year 1996-97 budget during the January Board Retreat. At this time, she addressed questions and comments presented by the Board. Ms. Whittle suggested that a budget workshop be scheduled in January with the Constitutional Officers after the Board has considered the financial policies for the next budget year, and noted that staff would be meeting with the Constitutional Officers in November.

It was the direction of the Board to inform the Constitutional Officers that the direction of the Board was to live within the historical growth and revenues for Fiscal Year 1996-97, and that their budgets should reflect same.


At 10:05 a.m., the Chairman announced that the Board would recess and reconvene at 10:25 a.m.


Ms. Whittle directed the Board's attention to the goals of the Board of County Commissioners for Fiscal Year 1995-96 that were adopted in April 1995. At this time, discussion occurred in regard to the status of each goal, as follows:


Wetlands Ordinance: Commr. Gerber provided a brief update on the Wetlands Ordinance and stated that a report would be available by December 1, 1995 from the Wetlands Ordinance Committee.

Commr. Swartz suggested that the County Attorney meet with St. Johns Water Management District and the Department of Environmental Protection to determine if there would be any consideration of delegation.

Clean Lakes Coalition: Mr. Paul Bergmann, Senior Direction, Planning and Development Services, directed that Board's attention to a memorandum, dated October 13, 1995, which had been distributed prior to the discussion this date. He briefly discussed accomplishments in regard to water quality, lake restoration efforts, and related issues specifically the Lake Apopka Upland Disposal Work Group established to study and design an upland disposal option in order to eliminate muck farm discharge.

Stormwater Management/Lake Restoration Effort: Mr. Jim Stivender, Jr., Director of Public Services, provided a brief update on Stormwater Management and reported that quarterly reports on stormwater have been prepared, and staff has been coordinating simultaneously with FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Act) and the cities. Discussion occurred in regard to options and funding sources for stormwater related issues, and the need for a master plan for stormwater. At this time, staff was directed to review the financial and legal aspects in regard to this issue. Mr. Stivender stated that a report would be made to the Board on November 14, 1995.

Commr. Hanson noted that St. John Water Management District was in the process of developing a workshop titled "Lake Talk" for the purpose of discussing lake restoration efforts.

Partnerships/Education: Ms. Whittle reported that progress has been made in regard to partnerships with the various organizations, boards and counties.

Commr. Good stated that it was important that the Board recognize, in terms of transportation needs, the need for an east/west transportation corridor. He stated that the Florida Intrastate Highway was considering Highway 40 as an east/west corridor; however, Volusia County has indicated the consideration of Highway 40 does not meet Volusia County's commercial needs. He stated that Lake County has an opportunity, regardless of what route was chosen, to have this serve as a catalyst to bring together the County Commissions from the Counties of Sumter, Marion, Volusia and Lake to stimulate dialogue in a visioning workshop or charette. Mr. Stivender reported that a workshop was scheduled on November 7, 1995 to discuss Metropolitan Planning Organization issues in Lake County and that the Department of Transportation would be present.

Commr. Cadwell reported that the League of Cities has formed a Tax Equity Committee for the purpose of looking at issues in regard to animal control, libraries, etc. He stated that the County Manager and himself would be meeting with the committee for the purpose of discussing priorities.

Ms. Whittle informed the Board that she meets on a quarterly basis with all of the County Manager's from surrounding counties; at which time Mr. Sandy Minkoff, County Attorney, indicated that he meets on a regular basis with the Counties of Orange, Osceola, Volusia, Brevard, Seminole to discuss general issues. Commr. Gerber requested that Ms. Whittle and Mr. Minkoff provide the Board with a summary of the above noted meetings. Ms. Whittle noted that Mr. Don Post, the newly hired Solid Waste Director, has been instrumental in setting up a regional solid waste director's group that he works with on a regular basis, and that Mr. David Crowe, Acting Solid Waste Management Services Director, has also been working with the counties and this provides an opportunity to look at the issues on a regional basis.


Mr. David Crowe, Acting Solid Waste Management Services Director, briefly discussed removal of special waste from the incinerator, and alternatives for clean waste. He addressed questions and concerns presented by the Board.


Commission Outreach: Ms. Ava Kronz, BCC Office Manager, provided a brief update on airing the Board meetings on television. She explained take it would take approximately eight (8) weeks to prepare a tape for airing on television and Lake Sumter Community College has indicated that they would not have the time available to assist with the editing process. A brief discussion occurred in regard to airing the Board meetings live, and additional equipment required for preparing the tapes for airing.

Discussion occurred in regard to Lake Sumter Community College Commissioner's Corner, and the feasibility of expanding the Commissioner's Corner to a call-in format. It was the decision of the Board to run the Commissioner's Corner programs on the monitors in the Lake County Administration Building during working hours.

Feedback from Public: Commr. Hanson encouraged the release of press releases on community issues; at which time Commr. Gerber suggested that the position of Assistant County Manager be a public relations position.

Ms. Whittle stated that the "suggestion boxes" were ready for distribution; at which time Mr. Anderson stated that the suggestion boxes would be located on the fifth floor, and second floor of the Administration Building, and at the Public Service Building. Ms. Whittle discussed improving customer relations and stated that consideration has been given to setting up a customer service booth to be staffed on the first day by the County Manager and once a month, thereafter, for a three hour period, and that the department directors, division directors, and key employees in the County would staff the booth at other times for the purpose of taking complaints and providing information to the public.

County Automation Systems/GIS: Chief Haun, Senior Director of Fire and Emergency Services, and member of the "Magic Team", stated that the "Magic Team" researched, and visited different sites to determine how other counties were addressing automation. He explained that, as a result of that research, the Team has prepared a report which addresses the fact that there was a need for automation such as computerization, E-mail, voice-mail, and networking of the computers. He stated that the recommendation of the Team was that the team concept be expanded to include employees that are technically oriented for certain areas within those boundaries to begin the process of inventorying what the County has, inventorying current and future needs, and putting together a package that would address details of automation and how it would mesh together for the County.

Work Place: Ms. Whittle reported that the Quality of Life Survey has been completed, and the results were expected in November. She stated that what the County does with the outcome of the study was crucial.

Ms. Whittle briefly discussed the provision of education and training and explained that the first series of classes through the University of Central Florida would be brought to the County beginning in January. She noted that the total cost would be $120.00 per employee by bring the classes to Lake County, and that the first series would be on management.

Fiscal Year 1995-96 budget to be presented at rollback: It was noted that this goal had been accomplished.


At 12:05 p.m., the Chairman announced that the Retreat would break for lunch and reconvene at 1:00 p.m.


Interlocals with the School Board: Mr. Alvin Jackson, Economic Development Coordinator, reported that the interlocal agreement with the Lake County School Board was in place. He suggested that, during the next quarterly meeting with the School Board, the business community be given the opportunity to discuss with the School Board and the Board of County Commissioners a concern in regard to labor readiness in Lake County as it relates to vocational education, and a concern that the Lake County Schools were not communicating with the business community.

Commr. Swartz suggested that the Industrial Development Authority form a mini task force to address the education issues as they relate to labor readiness, and bring forward a report to the Board.

Mr. Jackson questioned whether or not the School Board has appointed a staff person to work with the County. It was the direction of the Board to send a letter to the School Board in regard to the appointment of a staff person to work with the County. It was also the direction of the Board to request the Industrial Development Authority to review the issues of concern as they relate to labor readiness and suggest that the IDA address said issues with the Vocational Technical Advisory Board.

Decision on Fairgrounds/Expo Center: Mr. Anderson provided a brief update on the Fairgrounds/Expo Center and noted that a formal presentation on the merits of the relocation of the Fairgrounds/Expo Center would be made to the Board on November 14, 1995. He stated that the report prepared by Public Financial Management would not identify all of the potential reuses of the existing fairgrounds site.

Commr. Hanson explained that the concept was for a multi-purpose expo center and to move the fairgrounds to the facility would be an option available to the Board.

Decision on Sports Commission: It was noted that this goal has been accomplished.

Commr. Hanson requested that the Agricultural Museum be added as a goal.

Commr. Cadwell brought up for discussion whether or not the Board would be interested in pursuing, as a goal under Economic Development, the ad valorem tax exemption program through economic development. He explained that the cities and the Industrial Development Authority were addressing the issue of adding said program on the ballot during the next election cycle or March primary election. It was the consensus of the Board to add the ad valorem tax exemption program as a goal.


Citizens' Commission for Children: It was noted that the goals of funding Early Intervention and Parenting programs have been accomplished.

Mr. Fletcher Smith, Director, Department of Community Services, distributed a memorandum, dated September 13, 1995, in regard to the Goals and Accomplishments for Fiscal Year 1994-95, and explained that the overall goal of the Citizens' Commission for Children was to improve the quality of life for children and families in Lake County and to accomplish this goal, it was necessary to work more closely with the Board of County Commissioners in developing support for programs. He stated that the Citizens' Commission for Children would like to be given an idea of the type of funding available for sponsored programs next year.

It was the direction of the Board to encourage the Citizens' Commission for Children to prepare for a referendum, and to provide the Citizens' Commission with a set dollar amount of funding in January for the Fiscal Year 1996-97 budget year.

Sign and Fence Ordinances: Mr. Bergmann explained that staff was in the process of preparing a library of information in regard to a Sign and Fence Ordinance and would be preparing a draft in the near future.

Community Development Block Grants (CDBGs): Ms. Whittle stated that there has been concern with whether the Board would be able to successfully finish the Eustis Community Development Block Grant program.

At this time, Mr. Bergmann distributed a packet of information comprised of a copy of the Future Land Use Plan Map, aerial maps, parcel maps, and charts illustrating the time line for proposed action to be undertaken, and the costs associated with the Eustis and Mt. Plymouth CDBG programs. He briefly discussed the location, and the time lines for completion of said programs.

Mr. Minkoff informed the Board that the Eustis CDBG project may involve acquiring right-of-way through eminent domain due to the impossibility of locating property owners. Discussion occurred in regard to the importance of an evaluation and ranking process for future Community Development Block Grants.

Ms. Whittle clarified that the goal for Fiscal Year 1995-96 was to prepare for the Lake Mack, Lake Kathryn and Montclair Community Development Block Grants. She stated that, as a part of the long range planning, the County needs to identify, and show in the Capital Improvements programs, improvements in certain areas of the County, which puts the County at the top of the grants application list.

Arts Council: It was noted that this goal has been accomplished.

Rail/Trail Funding: It was noted that this goal has been accomplished.

Recreation: Commr. Cadwell briefly discussed the line item to defray operation costs and stated that a formula would be brought to the Board in the near future.

Long term plan on biking trails, tying in with parks, bed and breakfast, etc; systems throughout the County; and needs to enhance the bed tax: Mr. Stivender distributed a copy of the Report on Biking Trails in Lake County, dated October 19, 1995, and discussed the chart illustrating the number of participants and the number of events that were occurring in Lake County.

Commr. Hanson questioned at what point was the enhancement of the bed tax added to the Board's goal. It was noted that said goal would be removed from the goals.

At this time, Mr. Stivender distributed a chart illustrating the 1995-96 Sidewalk Projects and briefly discussed the proposed sidewalk program. Mr. Stivender discussed the enhancement of the beautification of Old Highway 441 approaching the City of Mount Dora, and the city's request for a sidewalk. He explained that the County would prepare a proposal to work with the railroad to enhance a wider area to protect the pedestrians, and maintain an improved flow of traffic.

Commr. Hanson suggested that the Board encourage preservation of historic homes and buildings that are outside of the city limits in the Land Development Regulations. She further suggested that the Tourism Study be added as a goal under Community Improvement, and that the Board also include as a goal a Social Summit structured similarly to the Economic Summit.

Crime/Juvenile Delinquency: Mr. Bergmann discussed the goal to promote affordable housing in Lake County and displayed a "facts" sheet on Habitat for Humanity. He stated that a total of 470 applications have been submitted through July 1995 and a total of 379 applications have been funded.

Commr. Hanson requested that displays also be made for Affordable Housing by Lake.

Commr. Good requested that the Board consider scheduling a mini conference on the larger concept of the affordability of housing in Lake County based on demographic statistics, available from the Regional Planning Council, that indicate a demographic shift in population of need and indicate that the County may have a need for facilities, such as Waterman Village at Mount Dora, to address the senior citizen population that do not require full nursing care. He stated that he has not had the opportunity to completed a full assessment of the statistics; however, this was an issue that would affect Lake County's affordable housing program in the future.


At 2:30 p.m., the Chairman announced that the Retreat would take a short recess.


Mr. Bergmann provided a brief update on the Comprehensive Plan and Land Development Regulations and discussed changes in FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Act) and items that would appear in the next Land Development Regulations amendment package.

Rural Road Surface Alternatives: Mr. Stivender distributed illustrations on the Standard Paving Section, and a Turn-A-Bout Detail, and explained that the Board had directed staff to look at lot splits on smaller than normal county roads. He explained that the draft Standard Paving Section was in the process of being refined and would be brought back to the Board at a later date. In response to a request from Commr. Hanson, Mr. Stivender stated that he would provide the front footage costs when this issue was brought back to the Board.

Mr. Stivender briefly discussed the Turn-A-Bout Detail and explained that the turn-a-bouts would be spaced approximately one quarter mile apart and would result in a savings of approximately fifty (50%) percent in construction costs.

Implementation of Impact Fees: Mr. Stivender distributed a Gas Tax Credit Worksheet on Road Impact Fees and briefly discussed the trends in gas tax revenue and CTT capital expenditures from 1989-90 to present.

Commr. Swartz informed the Board and staff that the Lake County Animal Control Ordinance Study Committee has prepared a final draft of the Animal Control Ordinance and would be scheduling a public hearing to provide the public the opportunity to appear before the committee for the purpose of providing input on said ordinance.


DARE: It was noted that this goal has been accomplished.

Support Sheriff within funding limits on programs in the schools: It was noted that this goal has been accomplished.

Support Sheriff's recommendation for deputies when funds are available: It was noted that this goal has been accomplished.

Evaluate use of Prelude as juvenile assessment facility: It was noted that Sheriff George Knupp, Jr. has indicated that this goal was not an option.

Ms. Whittle stated that Sheriff Knupp has proposed alterations to the design of the jail that would change the operation from a direct supervision to an indirect supervision system for Pod D. She stated that she has indicated to the Sheriff that a workshop meeting would be necessary between the Sheriff's staff and the Board to discuss this issue. She stated that Sheriff Knupp has indicated that he was close to being at full staff with corrections officers.

Commr. Swartz suggested that the Board consider requesting the Marshall Service to pay $62.00 per day per inmate in lieu of the current $52.00 per day, and that consideration be given to the Marshall Service providing funding to modify the facilities. He directed Mr. Anderson to prepare an estimate for the requested work on the changes to Pod D, and to discuss the funding for renovation of the jail with Sheriff Knupp.

Fire Level of Service: It was noted that this goal has been accomplished.


At this time, a copy of the Construction Plan Review, Record Plat Review and the Legend and Technical Review Process was distributed. Mr. Bergmann displayed a Development Review Process Comparison chart and explained that the old Technical Review Process took approximately two (2) months, or longer, depending on complications and that the new Technical Review Process would take one (1) to two (2) weeks providing the application was in order.

Mr. Stivender displayed charts illustrating the Record Plat Review and the Construction Plan Review process and discussed same. He explained that a two (2) week process for Board approval was the longest time frame involved, and that the recording process was one (1) week. Discussion occurred in regard to expediting the time frame for Board approval, and it was the decision of the Board to prepare the agenda item and withdraw said item from the Board Agenda if additional time was needed.

Discussion occurred in regard to an appropriate process in which to pursue the SR 19/US 27 Unified Site Plan; at which time Commr. Gerber stated that Mr. Carl Kehde, LUFNET, would be in Lake County in November to speak with each Commissioner individually.

Commr. Swartz stated that he has been told that Mr. Kehde had the ability and skills to bring the diverse groups together to

discuss the issues and design conceptually a unified site plan. He noted that the Comprehensive Plan states that Lake County would have a unified site plan before development occurs in the area of SR 19/US 27, and noted that the site plan could have flexibility and could be modified.

Commr. Gerber stated that Mr. Kehde has suggested that he be given the opportunity to talk with the largest parcel owners in the area on an individual basis to determine a feel for the project. She noted that there would be no charge for Mr. Kehde's services at this point in time.

Commr. Swartz stated that he would agree with Mr. Kehde's suggestion to meet with the largest property owners, and recommended that the Chairman represent the County as a land owner and assure the property owners that the Comprehensive Plan calls for a unified site plan, and that this was one approach at trying to reach that point. It was the decision of the Board that the County Manager would be the appropriate person to represent the County in said meetings.


Mr. Stivender discussed aquatic plant control funding and explained that the State of Florida was considering a proposition in the Legislative Package whereby CTT funds generated from the sale of gas for boats on lakes would be used for spraying aquatic weeds, and that the State would match County funds.


Ms. Whittle noted that the State of the County address was scheduled on October 25, 1995 at 6:00 p.m.

Commr. Cadwell brought up for discussion the need for a policy on Townhall Meetings and suggested that individual Commissioner meetings, that do not require the Board to be present, should be called District Meetings.

Ms. Whittle stated that the Retreat this date was to present a progress report on the Boards' goals for this year and to discuss budget issues relating to budget management through this year, and how to work on the issues that are required to happen next year. She stated that financial policies would be presented at the Retreat in January. She stated that staff has indicated to her that they would appreciate the opportunity, on a regular basis, to talk freely with the Commissioners about the direction in which the County was moving.

There being no further business to be brought to the attention of the Board, the meeting adjourned at 4:15 p.m.