JUNE 16, 1998

The Lake County Board of County Commissioners met in special session on Tuesday, June 16, 1998, at 12 noon, in the Multi-Purpose Building, Board Meeting Room, Lake Sumter Community College, Leesburg, Florida. Commissioners present at the meeting were: G. Richard Swartz, Jr., Chairman; William "Bill" H. Good; Rhonda H. Gerber; and Catherine C. Hanson. Others present were: Sue Whittle, County Manager; Valerie Fuchs, Assistant County Attorney; Toni M. Riggs, Deputy Clerk; Dr. Robert W. Westrick, LSCC President; Stephen G. Sewell, LSCC Foundation President; Herb Winemiller, LSCC Foundation Executive Director and Director of Institutional Advancement; J. Cecil Shumacker, Chairman, LSCC District Board of Trustees; and Dick Clark, Publicity and Promotional Assistant.

Lake-Sumter Community College - Leesburg Site

Dr. Westrick presented the Board with a handout depicting the Leesburg Campus site plan developed by Mr. John Dickerson, Architect, and stated that, in 1991-92, the property was expanded to approximately 114 acres. He noted that the buildings with dots were the current buildings, which have undergone much renovation. Dr. Westrick stated that there were plans on the books for redoing the gymnasium and making it into a Convocation Center, which will be named after State Representative Everett A. Kelly who has helped so much in developing the campus. He discussed the new facilities that will be added for softball and baseball, and the plans for a boardwalk along the waterway, with funding coming from available grants. Dr. Westrick stated that discussion has taken place regarding partnering with the County on the library. The LSCC program calls for 38,000 square feet, and if the County wants to join in on the planning, it could be expanded for the County's needs, and it could also be a site for the County's headquarters for its library system. Dr. Westrick feels it would be very positive for the community to have the tie in with the universities and community colleges, as well as other data bases, and it would take the taxpayers' dollars that extra mile. In the future, LSCC will be looking at plans for a 1,600 seat auditorium, which would also be tied into the community. Dr. Westrick noted that Okaloosa-Walton Community College has a 1,650 seat auditorium, and if this type of facility can be provided to this community in the next five years, it will offer a lot of opportunities for cultural arts activities on campus.

Lake-Sumter Community LSCC - Sumter Center

Dr. Westrick stated that Mr. Joe Parrish, an Attorney from West Palm Beach, donated 40 acres of land to LSCC. He stated that currently there are two buildings with classrooms, a small administrative building, and three portables on the site in Sumterville. Dr. Westrick stated that LSCC is currently in a partnership with the Sumter County Schools, and it is currently working with the County Commission, and their County Library System, to develop a new library/student services building. He stated that they should break ground in September of this year, with the facility being completed in about a year, and they hope to have it on line in the fall of 1999. Dr. Westrick noted that Sumter County was also looking at a multi-purpose facility, which would be labeled an auditorium, which could be used to congregate over 100 people, and this would be a community effort. All of the roads that were brought into the site were paid for by the County, and the County was helping LSCC by widening Road 528 to three lanes. The Sumter County people have been very supportive, and they were also looking at the possibility of doing some vo-tech in that area in the next two years.

Lake-Sumter Community LSCC - South Lake Center in Clermont

Dr. Westrick stated that Mr. Maury Carter, and his son Daryl, donated 67 acres for the site in Clermont, which is next to the new South Lake Hospital site, and the hospital has parcels that it will sell back to LSCC, over the next five years, without interest, so they are now partners with South Lake Hospital. He stated that discussion has taken place with UCF about partnering with LSCC, and now there is funding for UCF and LSCC for Phase 2, so now both Phase 1 and Phase 2 are funded. He stated that Phase 1 will start with the groundbreaking on Friday, for a 25,000 square foot facility, and the next facility will approximately 70,000 square feet and will be a joint use facility with UCF. He further stated that LSCC will provide the bookstore services for UCF, the library services, the registration services, support services (maintenance and custodial) on a contract basis, all in partnership with UCF. Dr. Westrick stated that UCF has discussed adding onto programs at LSCC, in the planning for the South Lake area, which would include the health programs. He noted that LSCC currently has UCF on the Leesburg campus for the bachelors, so they were talking about the masters level at the South Lake campus. Dr. Westrick stated that the triathlon, with its sports orientation, brought a tremendous amount of enthusiasm from UCF, because they have a sports medicine program. He stated that LSCC would have sports training the first two years, and UCF would have sports medicine for the last two years of a program. He noted that dormitories are also depicted for the future. Dr. Westrick stated that there has been recent discussions with the Rails to Trails group, and they will be bringing this into the plan, and there is also a plan for an amphitheatre in the future. He stated that Valencia College has some programmatic cooperative arrangements with UCF, but they were discussing the Kissimmee site. Dr. Westrick stated that LSCC was hoping to work with Universal Studios and Disney for a theater tech program, and they were not sure if it would be in conjunction with the site in South Lake, or in Leesburg.

Discussion occurred regarding the present auditorium, distance learning, the current four year programs that are available, the arrangement being developed with St. Leo to do elementary education, the resurgence of the athletics program, and possible uses for the old library. Dr. Westrick stated that LSCC was looking for a co-sponsor to put a fitness and wellness center behind the gymnasium.

Commr. Swartz stated that the Board wants to encourage discussions, from a library point of view, and he felt that the time was right to analyze how the County might partner with LSCC.

Dr. Westrick stated that LSCC was working with Cooper Library right now in a very positive way, and LSCC has a relationship with UCF so that, if the Board needs course work for the County's employees at the upper level, or graduate level, the Board can let them know, and they can work with UCF to bring the necessary course work on site.

Commr. Hanson suggested that Dr. Westrick make the same presentation, as the one made today, at a Board meeting, so it can be televised, because the business community needs to be made aware of the progress of the college, as well as what it has to offer the community. She appreciated LSCC making the presentation to the Board and suggested that it may also want to make a presentation to the Industrial Development Authority (IDA).


At 12:57 p.m., it was noted that Commr. Good left the meeting.

LSCC Annual Report

Mr. Sewell presented an annual report to the Board members and staff and noted that the Board of Trustees are appointed by the Governor, five from Lake County and four from Sumter County, and they oversee the Community College. The Foundation is created by Florida Statute, and much of the work of the Foundation has been to raise money for scholarships. Mr. Sewell explained the Foundation's primary fund raisers and stated that now it will be getting more serious about getting out into the businesses and retirement communities. He stated that, in one year, the Foundation went from having $2.5 million in assets to $3.6 million, and this has happened because of the cooperative effort being made by all. Mr. Sewell stated that there are more freshmen and sophomores attending the community college, because of economics, and even the athletes from Lake County and Sumter County are being offered scholarships, with hopes that they will stay here for four years, because of the additional programs that will be offered, and because LSCC will be providing more of the atmosphere that students enjoy. He stated that the people that are educated locally will stay here as adults and will fill the jobs and make the adult community better in Lake County.

Discussion occurred regarding the STARS program, which offers students in Middle School a full two year scholarship to LSCC. It was noted that the information about the program is generated to the principals in the schools.

Mr. Sewell stated that there are 28 community colleges in 67 counties, and LSCC is the number one college academically. He informed the Board that the Legislature has moved the vo-tech in five counties from being under the K through 12 School Board, to being under the community college in those particular areas.

Mr. Winemiller challenged the County by asking it to let LSCC know if there is anyone that might want to hear this presentation, so that they can extend an invitation to them.

Dr. Westrick stated that LSCC has just received notification of a grant that was funded for $190,000 each year for five years, and it is called "Talent Search". He further stated that LSCC has a Women's Program for single parents, a program tied to Workforce Development, and a Learning Center for anybody that needs remediation. Dr. Westrick noted that a beautification program has been put together by State Representative Kelly. He stated that LSCC needs to get information out to the public about it being the number one college. Dr. Westrick discussed the possibility of working with the City of Leesburg in the future, because of proposed incoming businesses, and the road connection between LSCC and the airport.

There being no further business to be brought forward to the Board, the meeting was adjourned at 1:20 p.m.