JULY 14, 1999

The Lake County Board of County Commissioners met in regular session on Tuesday, July 14, 1999, at 9:30 a.m., in the Board of County Commissioners' Meeting Room, Lake County Administration Building, Tavares, Florida. Commissioners present at the meeting were Welton G. Cadwell, Chairman; Catherine C. Hanson, Vice Chair; Robert A. Pool; Rhonda H. Gerber; and G. Richard Swartz, Jr. Others present were: Sue Whittle, County Manager; Sanford (Sandy) A. Minkoff, County Attorney; Wendy Taylor, Administrative Supervisor, Board of County Commissioners' Office; Barbara Lehman, Chief Deputy Clerk, County Finance; and Marlene S. Foran, Deputy Clerk.



Ms. Emogene Stegall, Supervisor of Elections, appeared before the Board to present an an overview of the tentative budget for Supervisor of Elections, in the amount of $920,591, for a -34% decrease for Fiscal Year 1999/2000. She stated that the elections scheduled for next year were the Presidential Preference Primary on March 14, 2000; First Presidential Primary on September 5, 2000; Second Presidential Primary on October 3, 2000; and General Election on November 7, 2000. She explained that Precinct 49 in the Lady Lake area, Precinct 67 in the Fruitland Park/Picciola area and Precinct 47 in South Lake County would be split in the coming year, which will result in the purchase of additional booths, elections supplies, and pole workers. Ms. Stegall briefly discussed the Capital Outlay Detail, as follows:


Those present from the Office of the Sheriff were as follows: George E. Knupp, Jr., Sheriff; Linda Carter, Comptroller; Major Gary Borders, Corrections; Major Jimmy Horner, Support Services; and Major Claude Gnann, Operations.

Sheriff George E. Knupp, Jr. appeared before the Board to present the Sheriff's Office budget for Fiscal Year 1999-2000 and distributed a copy of the Budget FY 1999/2000 booklet, and the Lake County Sheriff's Office Staff Study Manpower Projection booklet.

Sheriff Knupp briefly discussed the Combined Proposed Budget pie chart, as follows:

Sheriff Knupp explained that the contingency fund has remained the same this year; however, he would be requesting additional funding should the contingency fund be depleted due to unexpected Y2K problems. He stated that the proposed total general fund was $28,348,084, for a 5.4% increase over the current budget for Fiscal Year 1999/2000.

Sheriff Knupp provided an overview of the tentative budget for Law Enforcement, in the amount of $15,296,303, for an increase of 7.1% for Fiscal Year 1999/2000. He reviewed the Explanation of Increases/Decreases By Line Item for Law Enforcement. He noted that under Regular Salaries, two (2) Investigators for Child Abuse Cases have been included due to the Kayla McKean Bill which will result in the Sheriff's Office handling 200 child abuse cases per month.

In response to a question presented by Commr. Swartz, Sheriff Knupp explained that, in response to complaints regarding traffic concerns in problem areas, the Sheriff's Office puts a speed machine along the roadway for three (3) days and, after three (3) days, a marked patrol car begins to issues speeding tickets. He explained that new deputies are assigned to the existing zones so that there are two (2) deputies per zone, therefore, providing better coverage.

Commr. Gerber requested that the Sheriff encourage the Deputy Sheriffs to patrol areas in their zones that are problematic in the unincorporated area of Lake County.

Sheriff Knupp provided an overview of the tentative budget for Corrections, in the amount of $11,744,206, for an increase of 3.2% for Fiscal Year 1999/2000. He stated that it would be prudent to put money from the one cent sales tax in a reserve fund to be used in the future to build an additional POD when needed. He noted that there were 650 prisoners in the jail at this time.

Sheriff Knupp provided an overview of the tentative budget for Bailiffs, in the amount of $909,810, for an increase of 6.3% for Fiscal Year 1999/2000. He noted that, under Regular Salaries, one civilian position for the Control Room has been included in lieu of hiring an additional deputy sheriff when an additional Circuit Judge is appointed. He discussed the aviation section of the Sheriff's Office and the use of air craft to transport prisoners throughout the country. Commr. Cadwell requested that the Sheriff provide a presentation, for informational purposes, to the Board in the future regarding the use of air craft in the Sheriff's Office.

Sheriff Knupp provided an overview of the tentative budget for Minneola Contract For Law Enforcement, in the amount of $284,690, for a reduction of -3% for Fiscal Year 1999/2000 due to the retirement reduction and deputy sheriffs.

Sheriff Knupp provided an overview of the tentative budgets for School Crossing Guards/DRI Fund, in the amount of $31,860, for a decrease of 2.3% for Fiscal Year 1999/2000; and School Resource Officers, in the amount of $463,573, for an increase of 72% for Fiscal Year 1999/2000. He stated that the School Resource Officers budget represents a full partnership with the Sheriff's Office, the Board of County Commissioners, and the Lake County School Board working together to ensure a safe environment for our children. It was noted that the $463,573 for the School Resource Officers budget has not been included in the tentative budget.

Sheriff Knupp briefly discussed the estimated generated revenue for this fiscal year, as follows:

Total Estimated Revenue - $2,210,389

Sheriff Knupp discussed the Y2K Contingency and reiterated that he has added no additional funds in the Sheriff's budget to cover unexpected problems. He stated that the Board approved a budget transfer, in the amount of $220,000, from Personal Services to upgrade the Communications Center and noted that the upgrade would not be completed this fiscal year. He requested that said money be placed in a reserve account and made available for payment to the vendor when the installation of the equipment was completed prior to December 1999.


At 10:30 a.m., the Chairman announced that the Board would recess and reconvene at 10:45 a.m.


Mr. Mike Anderson, Senior Director, Facilities and Capital Improvements, appeared before the Board to present an overview of the tentative budget for Facilities and Capital Improvements, in the amount of $40,137,658, for a 14.32% increase for Fiscal Year 1999/2000. He stated that Facilities and Capital Improvements was comprised of Fairgrounds, Building Maintenance, Jail Maintenance, Parks Services, Custodial Services, Energy Management, and the Historical Museum. He stated that the mission statement for Facilities and Capital Improvements was to provide services that enhance the quality of life for the citizens of Lake County by developing safe, efficient, and well maintained facilities. He briefly discussed the Budget Highlights, Program Objectives by Division, and Departmental Benchmark and noted that there were three (3) new authorized positions and seven (7) new positions listed under Enhancements. He explained that the new Fifth Judicial Circuit morgue, listed under Administration, was a joint venture with Leesburg Regional Medical Center. He explained that the County was providing the land and the Medical Center was designing and constructing the morgue. He noted that the County has worked directly with the architect and with Leesburg Regional Medical Center as a partner to protect the budget. He explained that the Departmental Benchmark was Building Maintenance - Preventative Maintenance with an emphasis on shifting the priority for the use of man hour resources from emergency repair and non-maintenance activities to preventative or planned maintenance activities. He noted that Jacksonville Naval Air Station and last year's history was the benchmark with an objective of 70% of man-hour activities spent on preventative maintenance.

Mr. Anderson noted, under Department Summary, a General Fund Subtotal, in the amount of $4,852,028, for an increase of 5.72% which includes the three (3) new positions. He briefly discussed the department budget for Fairgrounds Operations, Building maintenance, Jail Maintenance, Parks Services, Custodial Services, Energy Management Services, Historical Museum, Parks and Recreation, Boating Improvements, and Capital Improvements. At this time, he briefly discussed performance measures, as follows:

Mr. Anderson briefly discussed the enhancements by department for Fiscal Year 2000 and noted, under Parks and Recreation, that there was no longer a need for the request for $60,000 for professional services for a regional park master plan due to the intent to hire a new director with park and master plan design expertise. He requested that the Board consider the request, under Historical Museum, for $8,600 for reprographic charges, and promotional activities. He noted that a museum without promotion becomes a stagnant display.

Commr. Cadwell suggested that consideration be given to promoting the museum through a continuing free community service promotional advertisement on a local television station or cablevision.

Mr. Anderson briefly discussed the Budget Detail for Boating Improvements, Capital Improvements Administration, Christopher C. Ford Central Park Fund (Fund 114), Fish Conservation Fund (Fund 119), Sales Tax Capital Projects (Fund 301) and Parks Capital Projects (Fund 302).

Commr. Hanson requested, under Capital Improvements Administration, that the building security guard, in the amount of $35,000, be funded out of the contingency fund.

Mr. Anderson discussed, under Fish Conservation Fund (Fund 119), the Summerall Park boat ramp and basin, in the amount of $45,000, and questioned if the ramp, located on the Dora Canal, was really necessary because of the close proximity of the boat ramps located on Lake Dora and Lake Eustis.

Commr. Swartz expressed concern with the low usage of the park and the limited parking spaces and requested that staff discuss the Summerall Park boat ramp and basin project with the City of Tavares and request input regarding usage.


Commr. Cadwell stated that he would be presenting, in two (2) weeks, alternatives for discussion and the Board's consideration regarding the Ogden-Martin Systems of Lake facility. He noted that this does not fit within the time frame for advertising an increase in the Solid Waste tipping fee. He stated that he would support moving forward with authorization for staff to move forward on the mail out notice of rate increase for one year. He stated that he has relayed to Ogden-Martin, during discussions, that the Board would be taking action if the negotiation process does not work.

Mr. Sandy Minkoff, County Attorney, informed the Board that the printer needs to begin the printing process by July 23, 1999, and the first class notices would be mailed on July 16, 1999.

Commr. Hanson expressed concern with moving forward with the printing of the first class notices and stated that she would not support an increase in tipping fees due to a lack of resolution of the renewed negotiations with Ogden Martin.

Discussion occurred regarding the negotiation process with Ogden-Martin and the need to increase the Solid Waste tipping fees. Commr. Swartz stated that, if Commr. Cadwell cannot accomplish satisfactory negotiations with Ogden-Martin within the next two (2) weeks, there will be a motion that will be made, regardless of the tipping fee issue, that begins the County down the road to accomplish what we want to accomplish. He stated that the first class notices need to be prepared to meet the County's obligations unless the Board determines today to breech the contract with Ogden-Martin Systems of Lake.

Commr. Swartz made a motion, which was seconded by Commr. Pool, to authorize staff to notice and advertise the necessary one (1) year increase of the Solid Waste tipping fees as they are needed under the County's current contractual obligations; and prepare to make an additional motion within two (2) weeks if negotiations with Ogden-Martin Systems of Lake are unsuccessful.

Commr. Pool stated that he understands what the Chairman was trying to accomplish in negotiations with Ogden Martin and understands Commr. Hanson's opposition to move forward with the printing process; however, it would not be responsible if the Board failed to have the notices ready for mailing with the understanding that in two (2) weeks information on the negotiation process would be available.

Commr. Cadwell stated that the talks with Ogden-Martin have been just talks, and he has conveyed that any thing that is brought forward to the Board will be exposed to the whole community via workshops, etc. to help the public understand any type of arrangement. He stated that January 1, 2000 would be the earliest that changes could be implemented.

The Chairman called for a vote on the motion, which carried by a 4 - 1 vote.

Commr. Hanson voted in opposition.



Commr. Swartz distributed information on two proposals for the Board's review and explained that he was proposing that the Board enact the Municipal Service Taxing Unit (MSTU) that was adopted in 1990 for stormwater and that the Board, in the upcoming budget year, levy .1 of a mill with the intent that the Board would increase it by .1 of a mill for five (5) years to generate money for stormwater projects, stormwater study and implementation. He further explained that this proposal calls for an average increase of $5.50, a very small sacrifice on behalf of the taxpayers in Lake County. He stated that using the MSTU would provide the County with the ability to clearly delineate on the tax bill that .1 of a mill was going for stormwater.

Commr. Swartz stated that he was further proposing that the Board use the same model for libraries. He stated that it was clear that the County could not maintain the status quo in libraries regardless of what the Board does if we plan to have any improvements in the system. He explained that the mill rate for libraries would depend on what level of service that the Board chooses. He stated that he was presenting the two (2) proposals for the Board's review and for consideration whether or not to take a very positive pro-active step on both stormwater and libraries.

Commr. Hanson noted that she would like discussion with the Lake County Water Authority regarding stormwater and noted that it was the Water Authority's responsibility and could very well be mandated by the public.

Commr. Pool stated that, if this issue goes to referendum, the Board will learn the public's position on stormwater. He stated that he was happy to review any and all plans to find the best alternative to deal with stormwater.

There being no further business to be brought to the attention of the Board, the meeting was adjourned at 12:25 p.m.

__________________________________ WELTON G. CADWELL, CHAIRMAN




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