JULY 22, 1999

The Lake County Board of County Commissioners met in special session on Tuesday, July 22, 1999, at 10:00 a.m., in the Board of County Commissioners' Meeting Room, Lake County Administration Building, Tavares, Florida. Commissioners present at the meeting were Welton G. Cadwell, Chairman (Commr. Cadwell departed the meeting at 10:40 a.m.); Catherine C. Hanson, Vice Chair; Robert A. Pool; Rhonda H. Gerber; and G. Richard Swartz, Jr. Others present were: Sue Whittle, County Manager; Sanford (Sandy) A. Minkoff, County Attorney; Wendy Taylor, Administrative Supervisor, Board of County Commissioners' Office; Barbara Lehman, Chief Deputy Clerk, County Finance; and Marlene S. Foran, Deputy Clerk.


Ms. Sarah LaMarche, Senior Director, Fiscal and Administrative Services, appeared before the Board and introduced Mr. Carl Hendrick, Consultant, CyberLynx, who was present to illustrate three options for the Lake County Homepage. She stated that the web page would be on the Internet in approximately six (6) weeks. Ms. Patti Michel, Community Outreach Development Coordinator, was also present.

Mr. Carl Hendrick, Consultant, CyberLynx, appeared before the Board as the web page designer to present the three (3) draft models illustrating different themes in terms of color, structure and philosophy for the Lake County web page. He discussed each model and illustrated each model using various fonts.

It was the direction of the Board to change the font on Model 3, delete the stars and to bring back to the Board the modified Model 3 along with Model 1 and Model 2 for further review.

Ms. Patti Michel, Community Outreach Development Coordinator, stated that the time frame for completion of the Lake County web page was sixty (60) days from the execution date of the contract which was July 9, 1999.


Mr. Tad Stone, Senior Director, Emergency Services, appeared before the Board to present an overview of the tentative budget for Emergency Services, in the amount of $16,468,914, for a 29.30% increase for Fiscal Year 1999/2000 for Animal Control - Field Operations, Animal Control - Shelter, Emergency Management, and Fire & Rescue. He distributed the final draft of the Lake County Fire & Rescue Strategic Plan Outline and explained that Emergency Services was developing a strategic plan that provides an idea of where we want to go and how we want to get there. He stated that the budget for Fiscal Year 1999/2000 reflects emphasis on rebuilding the infrastructure of the system during the next two (2) years. He explained that the philosophy on the purchase of equipment has been changed from customized equipment to the purchase of commercial based standard equipment greatly reducing the cost. He briefly discussed personnel issues relating to Fire and Rescue and explained that the original projections were to add twelve (12) new firefighter positions and to open two new stations in the area of Minneola and Altoona. He stated that those stations have been staffed with one (1) firefighter which has greatly reduced response times. He stated that the positions approved for next year will bring staffing up to two (2) firefighters per shift at all times. He stated that the six (6) positions that have been requested under enhancements will address the needs associated with the expansion of the Summer Bay fire station in South Lake County.

Commr. Pool expressed concern that the mutual aid agreement in lieu of a contract with Osceola County for fire service in South Lake County does not allow the residents to get the benefit of insurance discounts. He suggested that Lake County give consideration to a contract, providing personnel, providing a truck, or pay on a per call basis instead of duplicating services and building stations that are within five minutes of each other. He suggested that it would be more cost effective to work together and partner with neighboring counties and stated that it does not make sense to build duplicate fire stations, duplicate schools and duplicate recreation.

Mr. Stone explained that Osceola County has a single station with a limited response and that there are times when Osceola County has not been able to respond because of their own call loads. He stated that Lake County has a commitment to the community and substantial funds have been given to the County to build, develop and staff a station in that particular area. He stated that discussion has occurred with Osceola County about possibly moving a rescue unit into Lake County's new station.

In response to a question by Commr. Hanson, Mr. Stone explained that they were looking at the "standards of cover" in the strategic plan to identify the needed areas by type of response activity and the potential threat to losses. Mr. Stone stated, for the record, that although there was a need to provide response as quickly as possible, from a safety standpoint, the firefighting business was not a one (1) person job, and the primary goal was to build up the volunteer force. He stated that currently there were fifty-eight (58) firefighters and three (3) district fire chiefs. He stated that all allocated staffing has been hired and that the additional nine (9) firefighters were listed under the Enhanced Budget.

Mr. Stone noted, under Enhancements, a request for one (1) new Animal Control Officer for an evening and night shift which was currently being covered by overtime and on-call Animal Control Officers.


Commr. Cadwell departed the meeting at 10:40 a.m. for the remainder of the day.


Ms. Sarah LaMarche, Senior Director, Fiscal and Administrative Services, appeared before the Board to present an overview of the tentative budget for Fiscal and Administrative Services, in the amount of $8,859,388, for a 13.14% increase for Fiscal Year 1999/2000 for Budget, Assessments, Procurement Services, Reprographics, Risk Management, Computer Services and Geographic Information Services. She briefly discussed the Budget Highlights, Program Objectives by Division, and Departmental Benchmark and noted that the Benchmark was to successfully complete a two-year budget and receive the Government Finance Officers Associations (GFOA) award for a 2-year budget document. She noted that the City of Scottsdale, Arizona was the benchmark because the City of Scottsdale was paralleling Lake County approximately in growth, size and budget dollars.

Ms. LaMarche noted, under Budget Summary, a request for Computer Services for one-half position and explained that originally a computer technician was split between Public Works and the General Fund. She noted that Geographic Information Services (GIS) was adding two (2) staff members which will complete a three year recommendation.

Ms. LaMarche discussed the Liability Fund (Fund 520) and noted a decrease in fund balance due to higher worker's compensation claims and additional capital being added to the coverage. She discussed the Group Health (Fund 530) and stated that they were looking at an additional change in the way that Fund 530 was being funded which would be brought back to the Board in the near future.

At this time, Ms. LaMarche briefly discussed performance measures, as follows:

1. Budget - To process budget transfers, budget amendments, and agenda items within 24 hours 100% of the time and to effectively communicate budget information to all interested parties.

2. Assessments - To process Solid Waste file corrections within 7 days of receipt 100% of the time and to ensure the accuracy of each assessment roll.

3. Procurement Services - To process properly submitted purchase requisitions up to $5,000 in value within 5 working days 75% of the time and to decrease administrative costs of purchase orders for low dollar, high volume common use goods and services.

4. Reprographics - To generate cost savings to the County on all applicable copying in relation to prices that would be paid for outsourcing the copies.

5. Risk Management - To decrease the number and dollar amount of workers' compensation claims by 5% and to process 95% of the claims in 2 working days. To decrease the number and dollar amount of liability and property loss claims by 5% and process 95% of the clams within 5 working days.

6. Computer Services - To respond to 75% of trouble calls within 2 working days.

7. Geographic Information Services - To complete the structure addressing, the parcel layer (40%/80%), and the zoning layer (35%/70%).

Ms. LaMarche briefly discussed the enhancements by department for Fiscal Year 2000 and noted, under Budget, a request for a Budget Analyst, in the amount of $20,047, with the cost split with the County Outreach office for support staff, and a request for an Impact Fee Coordinator, in the amount of $60,000, to be split 1/3 each with School, Fire and Road Impact Fees. She noted, under Risk Management, a request for an Environmental Impairment Liability Policy in the amount of $50,000.

Ms. LaMarche directed the Board's attention to the Team Structure of GIS Division chart and the Team Structure of Lake County GIS chart and briefly discussed each chart.

Ms. LaMarche discussed the Fiscal Policy Statement - General Fund Reserves, of the Overview, and distributed an Analysis of Contributing Causes of Decrease In Beginning Fund Balance which addresses the on-going additional increases that have not occurred prior to this year, however, will be incurred in the future. She discussed the monthly expenditures for October and November compared with the current total revenue to meet those needs and explained that, as the beginning fund balance decreases and the contingency decreases, the County may have a short fall of funds to cover the expenditures until the property taxes become available in December. She stated that the Fiscal Policy Statement provides for a certain percent of operating expenditures to be in fund balance and the ultimate goal was for all reserves and two months of current revenues in the General Fund be at least 15 percent of annual general governmental operating expenditures. She stated that the General Fund Balance Analysis indicates that the County was meeting that goal at this time and that there would be a 15.5% reserve in the General Fund by Fiscal Year 2000/2001. She explained that they were proposing to increase the Economic Stabilization Reserve to a five (5%) percent minimum of the expenses or $3,200,000 for Fiscal Year 1999/2000.

Commr. Swartz questioned if the County has collected the additional fees from the Courts system, at which time, Mr. Sandy Minkoff, County Attorney, responded that the Courts facility fee collections started last year for a partial year. Commr. Swartz requested that a breakdown of revenue by line item be provided to the Board.


At 11:15 a.m., the Commr. Hanson announced that the Board would recess and reconvene at 11:30 a.m.


Mr. Fletcher Smith, Senior Director, Department of Community Services, appeared before the Board and introduced Ms. Nicie Parks, Human Services Coordinator; and Mr.  Anthony Deaton, Probation Director, new employees who were present in the audience. Mr. Smith presented an overview of the tentative budget for the Department of Community Services, in the amount of $10,607,361, for a 4.23% increase for Fiscal Year 1999/2000 for Administration, Citizens' Commission for Children, Human Services, Library Services, Veterans Services and Probation Services. He briefly discussed the Program Objectives by Division and Departmental Benchmark and explained that the Departmental Benchmark was to improve communications between the Department of Community Services staff, other county departmental staff and external customers. He noted that Universal Studios, in Orlando, Florida, was their benchmark partner.

Mr. Smith noted, under Department Summary, an increase in Affordable Housing, in the amount of 28.37%, and explained that the budget reflects a cash carried forward balance, in the amount of $2,801,652, for Fiscal Year 1999/2000. He stated that staff would provide clarification and a breakdown on funds received during the last three (3) years and the projected annual funds.

Mr. Smith briefly discussed the enhancements by department for Fiscal Year 2000 and noted, under Citizens' Commission for Children, a request for contractual services, in the amount of $5,000, for a consultant to provide professional audit of contractual agreements with agencies. He noted, under Section 8 Housing, a request for a Housing Intake Specialist, in the amount of $40,194, due to the monitoring of approximately 55 new additional vouchers that will be received from the City of Eustis resulting in an increased work load. He noted, under Library Services, a request for a Library Construction grant match, in the amount of $60,000, for Fruitland Park, Lady Lake, and Umatilla.

In response to a question presented by Commr. Gerber, Mr. Smith stated that the current level of funding for the TASC grant, under LifeStream Behavioral, was in the amount of $70,000. He noted that he would provide additional statistics for Commr. Gerber's review.


Ms. Sharon Farrell, Senior Director, Department of Growth Management, appeared before the Board to present an overview of the tentative budget for the Department of Growth Management, in the amount of $4,447,497, for a .08% increase for Fiscal Year 1999/2000. She briefly discussed the Budget Highlights, Program Objectives by Division and Departmental Benchmark and noted that the Departmental Benchmark was for Lake County to be recognized as a national leader in implementing "Sustainable Community" principles by Fiscal Year 2002.

Ms. Farrell briefly discussed the enhancements by department for Fiscal Year 2000 and noted, under Long Range Planning, a request for small area studies for Astor and Mount Plymouth in Fiscal Year 2000 and a small area study in unincorporated areas south of Hwy. 50 and East of Hwy. 27 in Fiscal Year 2001.

Commr. Hanson stated that there were several large parcels in Mount Plymouth that will be developed in the near future, and the County will need to look at the possible need for utilities in the area, and Astor is another area that needs to be looked at.

Ms. Farrell noted that staff was in the process of revisiting the fee schedule, doing a survey on fees, and performing in-house time and motion studies on the length of time it takes to go through the process and what it was costing the County to get a project through the process. She noted that the last increase in the fee schedule was in 1995.

Commr. Swartz discussed the Departmental Benchmark and stated that, if the Department of Growth Management was sincere in being recognized as a national leader in implementing "Sustainable Community" principles, the Board needs to be provided information on what that means because it was a significant departure from past by the Board in land development.

Ms. Farrell explained that the County became a charter member of the Florida Sustainable Communities Network in 1997, and the Network introduces a whole new planning concept of what is good for the community. She explained that some of the measurements for sustainability have already been started in Lake County as far as measuring performance. She stated that she would like invite some of the dynamic guest speakers that have spoken at the round table conferences to address the Board at future workshops.


Ms. Whittle noted that the next budget workshop was scheduled on July 23, 1999 at 9:00 a.m.

There being no further business to be brought to the attention of the Board, the meeting was adjourned at 12:15 p.m.

__________________________________ WELTON G. CADWELL, CHAIRMAN