NOVEMBER 18, 1999

The Lake County Board of County Commissioners held a public meeting on Thursday, November 18, 1999, at 7:00 p.m., at the Pine Lakes Community Center, Pine Lakes, Florida. Commissioners present at the meeting were: Catherine C. Hanson (District 4); and Robert A. Pool (District 2). Others present were: Alvin B. Jackson, Deputy County Manager; James Mauney, Lake County Fire Chief; Leeland Shelton, Construction Inspection Supervisor, Department of Public Works; Lori Nicholson, Construction Program Coordinator, Department of Public Works; Gary Debo, Waste Management Facilities Director, Solid Waste Management Services; Kathleen Farner Thomas, Director of Operations, Solid Waste Management Services; Harry Edwards, Landfill Attendant Specialist, Solid Waste Management Services; David R. Crowe, Hazardous Waste Management Coordinator, Solid Waste Management Services; Robert Stevens, Parks and Recreation Manager; and Marlene S. Foran, Deputy Clerk.

Mr. James Todd, Pine Lakes Community Center, welcomed Commr. Hanson, Commr. Pool and County staff to the meeting.

It was noted that there were approximately 26 individuals from the local community present.

Commr. Hanson welcomed those present to the meeting and introduced Commr. Pool and County staff that were present. She provided a brief overview of the discussion for the evening.


Mr. Mike Anderson, Senior Director, Facilities and Capital Improvements, provided a brief history of the Pine Lakes Park/Drop-Off Station and discussed the options that were available on the site plan. He introduced Mr. Bob Stevens, Parks and Recreation Manager, who was present to discuss the conceptual design of the park and drop-off station. Mr. Stevens noted that he would be meeting with the Pine Lakes community to discuss the conceptual design. Mr. Gary Debo, Waste Management Facilities Director, presented photographs illustrating various drop-off station designs in other communities and briefly discussed the hours of operation for the present and the proposed drop-off station in the Pine Lakes area.


Mr. Jim Mauney, Lake County Fire Chief, discussed the various programs and special teams of the Lake County Fire Department including the volunteer program, personnel, equipment, First Response Mutual Aid with Volusia County, interlocal agreements with the municipalities, and the CERT Team. He presented a video documentary, prepared by Florida Power, illustrating the catastrophic damage that occurred by Hurricane Andrew and expressed concern with the damage that a major hurricane would cause in Lake County and how the County was prepare to handle such an occurrence.


At this time, Commr. Hanson, and County staff addressed questions and comments from those present in the audience pertaining to the local fire station, the need for a four-wheel drive ambulance, the fire damage to four structures in the Lake Mack area, the hours of operation for the drop-off station during Hurricane Floyd, skate boarding and in-line skating in the park, status of the Ogden Martin contract, homestead exemption and exemption for the disabled, and the total cost of the proposed Pine Lakes Park/Drop-Off Station.

In response to the question regarding a four-wheel drive ambulance, Chief Mauney stated that he would be requesting a four-wheel drive ambulance in the near future. He responded to the concern expressed regarding the loss of four structures in the Lake Mack area and stated that staff would run a data search and provide the requested information.

In response to the question regarding the hours of operation at the drop-off station, Ms. Kathleen Farner Thomas, Director of Waste Operations, noted that the closing of the drop-off station during Hurricane Floyd had been published in the newspaper and that the local community would be notified of future closings in advance to said closings.

There being no further questions and comments, the meeting was adjourned at 8:35 p.m.

__________________________________ WELTON G. CADWELL, CHAIRMAN




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