MAY 6, 2003

            The Lake County Board of County Commissioners met in regular session on Tuesday, May 6, 2003, at 9:00 a.m., in the Board of County Commissioner’s Meeting Room, Lake County Administration Building, Tavares, Florida. Commissioners present at the meeting were: Debbie Stivender, Vice Chairman; Catherine C. Hanson; Jennifer Hill; and Robert A. Pool. Commissioners not present: Welton G. Cadwell, Chairman. Others present were: William A. “Bill” Neron, County Manager; Mr. Sanford (Sandy) A. Minkoff, County Attorney; Wendy Taylor, Executive Office Manager, Board of County Commissioner’s Office; James C. Watkins, Clerk of Courts; Barbara Lehman, Chief Deputy Clerk, County Finance; and Toni M. Riggs, Deputy Clerk.

            It was noted that Commr. Cadwell was attending a conference in Washington D.C. and would not be present for the meeting.


            Mr. Watkins gave the Invocation and led the Pledge of Allegiance.

            AGENDA UPDATE

            Mr. Bill Neron, County Manager, noted that the Board had before them an addendum to today’s agenda, with one consent item and one presentation. Mr. Neron requested that Tab 4, regarding RFP 03-036 - H. D. Robuck, Jr. be pulled from the agenda, with this item being rescheduled for the May 20, 2003 meeting; and Tab 15 regarding the revised Lake County Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan (CEMP) be pulled from the agenda, with this item being rescheduled for the May 13, 2003 meeting, because Commr. Cadwell wanted to be present for these items.

            Commr. Stivender requested that Tab 8 regarding the Proclamation for National Tourism Week be pulled and placed under her business.

            On a motion by Commr. Pool, seconded by Commr. Hanson and carried unanimously by a 4-0 vote, the Board approved the County Manager’s Consent Agenda, Tabs 3 through 28, pulling Tabs 4 and 8, as noted, and including Addendum No. 1, Item I. A. 1., as follows:

            Budget Transfer - Greater Groves MSBU

            Request from Budget and Administrative Services - Budget transfer - Greater Groves MSBU Fund, Department of Budget & Administrative Services, Budget Division, Assessments Section, in the amount of $27,000.00 is requested. Transfer $27,000.00 from Special Reserve to Contractual Services. The Board of Directors of the Greater Groves Homeowners' Association has submitted a request for additional funds from the Greater Groves MSBU reserve account for major renovations of the main entrance of the development. A transfer of funds is required from Special Reserve in order to fund these renovations. Funds available in Special Reserve.


            Budget Transfer - Nabors, Giblin & Nicerkson, P.A.


            Request from Budget and Administrative Services - Budget transfer – General Fund, Non-Departmental, in the amount of $1,552.00 is requested. Transfer $1,552.00 from Reserve for Operations to Professional Services. Funds needed for legal services performed and costs incurred by Nabors, Giblin & Nickerson, P.A., in preparing the material and participating in the annexation workshop with the Board of County Commissioners on December 3, 2002. Funds were not budgeted for these services and costs. Funds available in Reserve for Operations.


            Budget Transfer - Aquatic Plant Management


            Request from Budget and Administrative Services - Budget transfer – Aquatic Plant Management Fund, Department of Public Works, Special Services Division, Aquatic Plant Management Section, in the amount of $41,636.00 is requested. Transfer $41,636.00 from Reserve for Operations to Operating Supplies. Additional funds are needed in Operating Supplies to purchase more chemicals to control aquatic vegetation growth. Lake levels have risen due to rainfall, causing a rapid growth in aquatic vegetation. Funds available in Reserve for Operations. Funds left over from last fiscal year due to the drought situation were placed in Reserve for Operations.


            Budget Change Request - Capital Substitution/Fire Services Impact Fee


            Request from Budget and Administrative Services - Budget Change Request - Capital Substitution - Fire Services Impact Fee Trust Fund, Department of Public Safety, Fire Rescue Division, in the amount of $99,512.00 is requested. Transfer (substitute capital) $99,512.00 from Machinery & Equipment (new pumper) to Machinery & Equipment {refurbish two existing tankers ($86,044.00), purchase two positive pressure fans ($2,800.00) and light packages for three engines ($10,668.00)}. Funds are needed for the above expenditures. Funds were originally designated to purchase a new pumper. It was determined that refurbishing the two pumpers, and purchasing the pressure fans and light packages was a higher priority than the purchase of a new pumper.


            Budget Transfer - Community Services/Welfare


            Request from Budget and Administrative Services - Budget transfer – General Fund, Department of Community Services, Administration Division, Community Centers Section, in the amount of $25,000.00 is requested. Transfer $25,000.00 from Welfare – Hospital Services (HCRA) to Communications & Freight ($1,320.00), Utility Services ($12,700.00), Repair & Maintenance ($500.00), Office supplies ($9,480.00) and Operating Supplies ($1,000.00). Funds needed to support operating costs at new community centers such as monthly telephone costs, utilities, repair and maintenance (telephone installation), office supplies (refrigerator, microwave oven, tables, chairs, desk, office chairs, telephone), and operating supplies at the community centers in Paisley and Umatilla. Funds available in Welfare – Hospital Services (HCRA) at this time due to fewer eligible claims for payment under the Health Care Responsibility Act (HCRA). It is anticipated the fiscal year can be completed within budget after the reduction of the line item for this budget transfer.


            Resolution - Transportation Disadvantaged Fund/Grants


            Request from Budget and Administrative Services - Resolution 2003-68 to amend the Transportation Disadvantaged Fund in order to receive unanticipated revenue for Fiscal Year 2002/2003 in the amount of $40,000.00 from the Florida Department of Transportation Safety deposited into Traffic Safety Grant (Bus Wrap Traffic Safety Campaign Grant) and provide appropriations for the disbursement for Contractual Services ($32,000.00), Printing & Binding ($3,300.00), Promotional Activities ($4,000.00), and Office Supplies ($700.00).


            Check Request - Clerk’s Office/Criminal Court


            Request from Budget and Administrative Services for approval of Check Request (Direct Pay) from the Clerk’s Office for payment of Criminal Court costs for March 2003. The request exceeds the County Manager’s approval limit of $25,000.00. Total payment is for $34,912.00.


            Bid/Lake County Jail/Remodeling


            Request from Procurement Services for approval and authorization to award Bid #03-084 Door Remodeling for the Lake County Jail; encumber funds and authorize a contract, subject to the County Attorney approval, to the low bidder, Renditions, Winter Haven, Florida.


            Storage Space Contracts & Amendments/Storaway Self Storage of Tavares


            Request from Procurement Services for approval and authorization to encumber funds and execute the rental of storage space contracts and amendments, subject to the County Attorney approval, to Storaway Self Storage of Tavares, LLC for rental of records storage space for Records Management at $85.00 per month and the State Attorney’s Office at $154.00 per month, on a month to month basis and authorize continuous annual renewals to be executed by the County Manager.


            Bids/Pine Forest Park/Gibbs & Register, Inc.


            Request from Procurement Services for approval and authorization to award Bid #03-008 Construction of Pine Forest Park; encumber funds; and authorize a contract subject to the County Attorney approval, to low bidder Gibbs & Register, Inc.


            Addendum to Agreement/J.C.J. Family Partnership Ltd. - Postponement of Closing Date


            Request from Economic Development/Tourism for approval of the Second Addendum to Real Estate and Sales Agreement between Lake County and J.C.J. Family Partnership Ltd. to postpone the closing date of May 9 and close on or before July 31, 2003.


            Addendum to Agreement/W. Q. Investments - Postponement of Closing Date


            Request from Economic Development/Tourism for approval of the First Addendum to Real Estate and Sales Agreement between Lake County and W. Q. Investments, LLP to postpone the original closing date of May 9 to on or before December 31, 2003.


            Release of Fine - Thorp


            Request from Growth Management for approval and execution of a Release of Fine for property owned by Dale E. Thorp.


            Release of Fine - Hogarth


            Request from Growth Management for approval and execution of a Release of Fine for property owned by Russell F. and Yvonne A. Hogarth. 


            Release of Fine - Reed


            Request from Growth Management for approval and execution of a Release of Fine for property owned by Carl and Nettie Mae Reed.


            Developer’s Agreement - Leisure Communities, Ltd./Pennbrooke Fairways


            Request from Growth Management for approval to accept and execute a Developer’s Agreement with Leisure Communities, Ltd. to pull six building permits in Pennbrooke Fairways (Phase 2P) prior to the acceptance of the final plat.


            Satisfaction of Assessment Liens


            Request from Public Works for approval and authorization for the Chairman to execute Satisfaction of Assessment Liens for 23 road assessments, as follows:


            Assessment #              Name                                                  Date Paid


            685108                        Scott & Kathy Lenninger                   03/21/03

            687007                        Brenda A. Bumby                               03/04/03

            687009                        Earl J. Heisey                                     02/11/03

            687010                        Gladys J. Ault                                     02/07/03

            687014                        Richard E. Smith                                02/11/03

            687024                        Judson A. Cauthen, III, Trustee          02/19/03

            687027                        Dennis & Laura Sullivan                    02/19/03

            687028                        John B. Reid, Et Al                            03/21/03

            689036                        Elwood E. Brewer                              03/10/03

            689053                        Donald E. Brackett                             02/19/03

            691026                        Albert & Doris Broadway                  02/13/03

            694018                        Wanda Warner & Wilbur Spiker        03/06/03

            694028                        George Vincensi                                 03/06/03

            695002                        Glenda & Charles Clark, Trustee       03/03/03

            695003                        Harold Hargrove                                 02/18/03

            695004                        Alton M. Sheffield                             03/18/03

            695005                        J. W. & Thelma Whitaker                  03/26/03

            695007                        Roy & Margaret Kellam                     03/14/03

            695008                        Ruth S. Edgar                                     03/18/03

            695010                        Herbert & Judith Oleen                      03/31/03

            695015                        Jed & Jean Harden                             03/31/03

            695017                        Russell Mitchell                                 03/21/03

            695019                        Holiday Haven II Inc.                         03/19/03


            Road Projects/Bids/Gibbs & Register/Lakeshore Drive


            Request from Public Works for approval to award CR-452 (Lakeshore Drive) Widening & Resurfacing Phase II Project No. 2003-06, Bid No. 03-075, to Gibbs & Register, and to encumber and expend funds in the amount of $950,990.00 from the Sales Tax Fund – Commissioner District 3.


            Road Projects/Change Order/FDOT/US-27/441 Intersection


            Request from Public Works for approval and authorization to execute change order #2 to the CR-25 Widening & Resurfacing Project No. 2002-03 in the amount of $32,342.36 for (1) undercutting unsuitable material within the FDOT right-of-way, (2) credit for eliminating the milling within the FDOT right-of-way, construction of the southbound turn lane at the US-27/441 intersection, and associated work at the south intersection with CR-25, (3) work performed at night per FDOT permit requirements, (4) additional work relating to the south crossover removal, restoration, drainage and apron removal on CR-25 at the US-27/441 intersection, and (5) additional work relating to the revised construction plans dated February 13, 2003.


            Road Projects/Huffstetler Drive/May Drive/US-441


            Request from Public Works for approval and authorization to execute change order #6 to the Huffstetler Drive Phase II Construction Project No. 2002-11 in the amount of $46,693.00 for revisions to the signalization at the intersection of Huffstetler Drive/May Drive and US-441.


            Road Projects/North Hancock Road/Hook Street


            Request from Public Works for approval and authorization to execute change order #5 in the amount of $24,119.00 for emergency work to correct washouts onto the golf course adjacent to North Hancock Road and for improvements on South Hancock Road and at the intersection of Hook Street relating to the Hook Street Phase 1 Construction Project No. 2002-02.




            Request from Public Works for approval and execution of a Non-Exclusive Easement Deed within Lot 2 of the Lake County Central Park to provide legal access to property owned by Anthony & Brenda Lopresto.


            Deeds/Rights-of-Way, Roads & Easements


            Request from Public Works for approval to accept one Drainage Easement, one Non-Exclusive Easement Deed, four Statutory Quitclaim Deeds, seven Statutory Warranty Deeds, three Temporary Non-Exclusive Construction Easement Deeds and Perpetual Grading Easements, and one Temporary Non-Exclusive Easement Deed, as follows:


Drainage Easement


Stokes, Ruth V. (Trustee), Lake Emma Road, Rd#2119, ORB 2290 PG 233, Rd. Proj.


Non-Exclusive Easement Deed


Adams, John P. & Ann D. (Family Ltd. Part), S. Hancock Road, Rd#1254, ORB 2284 PG 2151, Rd. Pro


Statutory Quitclaim Deed


Wilkey, Dewey C. & Shirley A., CR 445A, Rd#9482, ORB 2286 PG 1267, Site Plan


Jones, Learney& Tamara D., Thoroughbread Trail, ORB 2286 PG 1264, Special Assessment


Boyer, William J. & Nancy W., Turkey Lake Road, Rd#2924, ORB 2292 PG 2428, Rd. Proj.


Versteegt, Ronald Dean & Janet L., Turkey Lake Road, Rd#2924, ORB 2284 PG 2143, Rd. Proj.


Statutory Warranty Deed


Rodriguez, Rolando, Citrus Tower Blvd., ORB 2292 PG 2431, Rd. Proj.


City of Clermont, Citrus Tower Blvd., ORB 2286 PG 1271, Rd. Proj.


Hubbard, Tony D. & Carey Judy, Citrus Tower Blvd., ORB 2290 PG 0236, Rd. Proj.


Bosserman, Kenneth E., Hook Street, ORB 2293 PG 1802, Rd. Proj.


Lee, Calvin, et al, Indigo Road, ORB 2287 PG 1549, Donation


Adams, John P. & Ann D. (Family Ltd. Part), S. Hancock Road, Rd#1254, ORB 2284 PG 2147, Rd. Proj.


Simpson, Robert L. (Trustee), Turkey Lake Rd., Rd#2924, ORB 2292 PG 2425, Rd. Proj.


            Road Projects/Bids/Lakeshore Drive


            Request from Public Works for approval to award CR-48 (Lakeshore Drive) Phase I Drainage Improvements Project No. 2003-08, Bid No. 03-073, to Professional Dirt Service, and to encumber and expend funds in the amount of $93,650.00 from the Gas Tax Fund – Commissioner District 3.


            Agreements/Resolutions/Roads/Lake Louisa Highland


            Request from Public Works for approval and authorization to release a Letter of Credit for Performance in the amount of $45,250.00; to accept a Letter of Credit for Maintenance in the amount of $31,600.00; accept a Developer’s Agreement for Maintenance of Improvements between Lake County and ADM3 Partners, Ltd., and execute Resolution 2003-70 accepting Via Capri Lane (County Road Number 0847E), Via Como Court (County Road Number 0847C) and Via Roma Circle (County Road Number 0847A) into the Country Road maintenance system all relating to the Lake Louisa Highland, Phase II subdivision. Subdivision consists of 39 lots – Commission District 2. 


            Letter of Credit/Spring Valley


            Request from Public Works for approval and authorization to release a Letter of Credit for Performance in the amount of $16,090.00 that was posted for Spring Valley, Phase 1 subdivision.


            Letter of Credit/Agreement/The Siena Home Corporation


            Request from Public Works for approval and authorization to accept the final plat, a Letter of Credit for Performance in the amount of $165,475.00 and a Developer’s Agreement for Construction of Improvements between Lake County and The Siena Home Corporation to be executed. Subdivision consists of 55 lots – Commission District 2.

            Fleet Maintenance


            Request from Public Works for approval to increase fuel surcharge, charged by Fleet Maintenance, to all customers from $0.01 to $0.02, effective October 1, 2003.


            Solid Waste/Covanta


            Request from Solid Waste Management for approval and authorization for the Chairman to execute all necessary documents, subject to County Attorney’s approval, authorizing a reduction in frequency in the performance of quarterly mercury emissions testing by Covanta over and above the testing required by state and federal regulatory agencies.


            ADDENDUM NO. 1


            LAKE MEADOWS


            Request from Public Works for approval and authorization to accept the final plat for Lake Meadows and all areas dedicated to the public as shown on the Lake Meadows plat. Subdivision consists of 3 lots - Commission District 5.



            On a motion by Commr. Hanson, seconded by Commr. Pool and carried unanimously by a 4-0 vote, the Board approved the Minutes of March 11, 2003, Regular Meeting, as presented.

            On a motion by Commr. Pool, seconded by Commr. Hill and carried unanimously by a 4-0 vote, the Board approved the Minutes of March 25, 2003, Regular Meeting, as presented.

            On a motion by Commr. Hanson, seconded by Commr. Pool and carried unanimously by a 4-0 vote, the Board approved the Minutes of April 1, 2003, Regular Meeting, as presented.

            On a motion by Commr. Hanson, seconded by Commr. Pool and carried unanimously by a 4-0 vote, the Board approved the Minutes of April 9, 2003, Special Meeting, Leadership Lake County, as presented.


            On a motion by Commr. Hanson, seconded by Commr. Pool and carried unanimously by a 4-0 vote, the Board approved the Clerk of Courts’ Consent Agenda, Items 1 through 12, as follows:

            Resolutions/Fringe Benefits/County Employees


            Request for approval for the Chairman and Clerk to sign corporate resolutions and other documents for various bank accounts which are needed for the investment of excess funds or the payment of fringe benefits for County employees.


            Bonds - Contractor


            Request to approve Contractor Bonds, as follows:




             926-06            Orange Petroleum, Inc.

            1378-03          A. Derrell Baugh d.b.a. Baugh’s Electric

            1922-03          Orin G. Cooper II/Mid-State Plumbing, Inc. (Plumbing)

            5880-03          Philip Boncore d.b.a. Boncore Electric

            6075-03          Lee Ashley (Irrigation)

            6076-03          Larry K. Dobson/Dobson’s Woods & Water, Inc. (Irrigation)

            6077-03          James Elzinga d.b.a. Elzinga Plumbing (Plumbing)

            6078-03          Daryl Carbaugh d.b.a. Carbaugh Construction, Inc.

            6079-03          Brad Hatcher (Landscape & Irrigation)


            List of Warrants


            Request to acknowledge receipt - List of warrants paid prior to this meeting, pursuant to Chapter 136 of the Florida Statutes, which shall be incorporated into the Minutes as attached Exhibit A and filed in the Board Support Division of the Clerk's Office.


            Revenue Traffic/Criminal Cases


            Request to acknowledge receipt - Monthly Distribution of Revenue Traffic/Criminal Cases for the Month Ending March 31, 2003. Disbursements made tot he Board: $165,219.55. Same period last year: $198,474.31.


            Florida Public Service Commission


            Request to acknowledge receipt of the following:


            Before the Florida Public Service Commission


Docket No. 020761-WU

Order No. PSC-03-0484-TRF-WU

Issued: April 14, 2003

In re: Request for approval of revisions to water tariff regarding individual metering of multi-family and multi-unit structures by Florida Water Services Corporation.

It is ORDERED by the Florida Public Service Commission that Florida Water Service’s proposed tariff change is denied. It is further

ORDERED that Commission staff shall conduct a workshop to explore the potential costs and benefits of adopting individual metering in newly constructed multi-unit and multi-family structures. It is further

ORDERED that the tariff shall not go into effect during the 21-day noticing period. Likewise, if a protest is filed, the tariff shall not go into effect during the time it takes to resolve the protest. If no protest is filed, this docket shall be closed upon the issuance of a Consummating Order.


            City of Tavares/Financial Statement/Community Redevelopment Agency


            Request to acknowledge receipt - Received from the City of Tavares, as required by Chapter 163.356(3)c of the Florida Statutes, a copy of the financial statement of the Community Redevelopment Agency for the City of Tavares for fiscal Year 2001-2002.


            U.S. Army Corps of Engineers/Basin Study/Withlacoochee River/Green Swamp


            Request to acknowledge receipt - Received from the Department of the Army - Planning Division, Environmental Branch - The Jacksonville District, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (Corps) has initiated a Basin Study to address the water management issues presented in the Expedited Reconnaissance Study for the Withlacoochee River Watershed and the Green Swamp.


Withlacoochee River Basin Governmental Workshop -

April 23, 2003

2:00-4:00 p.m.

Inglis Town Hall

W. Hwy. 40

Inglis, FL


            Ordinances/City of Leesburg


            Request to acknowledge receipt - Ordinances from the City of Leesburg, as follows:


Ordinance No. 03-32, annexing certain property owned by Benjamin F. Perry, III, and Tina R. Perry, said property consisting of approximately 5.23 acres and being generally located north of Sunnyside Drive, south of Fern Circle, east of Fern Drive, and west of Tomato Hill Road, lying in Section 30, Township 19 south, Range 25 east, Lake County, Florida, which is contiguous to the City limits of the City of Leesburg, Florida; providing that such annexed territory shall be rezoned from County R-1 (Rural Residential) to City A (Agricultural); and providing for an effective date (Ben Perry property). Passed and adopted at the regular meeting of the City Commission of the City of Leesburg, Florida, held on the 24th day of March, 2003.


Ordinance No. 03-35, annexing certain property owned by the City of Leesburg, Florida, said property consisting of approximately 686.16 acres and being generally located north of CR 470, east of the Florida Turnpike, and west of CR 33, lying in Section 9, 10, and 16, Township 20 south, Range 24 east, Lake County, Florida, which is contiguous to the City limits of the City of Leesburg, Florida; providing that such annexed territory shall be rezoned from County A (Agricultural) to City P (Public); and providing for an effective date (City of Leesburg former Platt Farms). Passed and adopted at the regular meeting of the City Commission of the City of Leesburg, Florida, held on the 24th day of March, 2003.


            SWFWMD/Annual Financial Report (CAFR)


            Request to acknowledge receipt - Received the Southwest Florida Water Management District’s Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR) for the fiscal year ended September 30, 2002. It has been posted to their Website at www.watermatters.org/busfin and is available for viewing and downloading. This posting is in compliance with sections 373.507 and 373.536(6), Florida Statutes, following adoption by their Governing Board.


            Also enclosed, as required, is a copy of the District’s Annual Local Government Financial Report, Fiscal Year 2001-2002.


            Annual Report/Water Authority


            Request to acknowledge receipt - FY 2001/02 Annual Report and Five Year Plan from the Board of Trustees of the Lake County Water Authority.


            U.S. Army Corps of Engineers/Basin Study/Public Hearings


            Request to acknowledge receipt - Announcement to Public from the Jacksonville District U.S. Army Corps of Engineers which has initiated a Basin Study to address the water management issues presented in the Expedited Reconnaissance Study for the Withlacoochee River Watershed and the Green Swamp. The first and second of four workshops to gather public input on problems, opportunities and solutions regarding the Withlacoochee River Basin will be held:


April 23, 2003, 6:00-8:30 pm, Inglis Town Hall, West Highway 40, Inglis, Florida


May 1, 2003, 6:00-8:00 pm, Citrus County Auditorium, Highway 41, Inverness, Florida


For more information a web page has been set up for the Withlacoochee Basin study at



            City of Eustis/Ordinances


            Request to acknowledge receipt - Received the following Annexation Ordinances from the City of Eustis, which were adopted by the Eustis City Commission on April 3, 2003 with an immediate effective date:


            Ordinance No. 03-24 - Vacant land - 71.42 +/- acre parcel on the north side of Pine Meadows Golf Couse Road, west of Rustwood Lane, as further described;

            Ordinance No. 03-31 - Vacant land - 239.9 +/- acre parcel on the northeast corner of CR 44 and Clear Lake Drive, as further described;

            Ordinance No. 03-33 - Vacant land - 186 +/- acre parcel located northwest and south of the Estes Road/County Road 44-A intersection, as further described;

            Ordinance No. 03-35 - Gaylord Annexation - service address for residence is 2015 East CR 44, Eustis - 180.4 +/- acre parcel on the north side of County Road 44, between State Road 19 and County Road 44A, as further described;

            Ordinance No. 03-37 - Vacant land - 19.83 +/- acre parcel located east of Hall Street, as further described;

            Ordinance No. 03-39 - Approximately 9.1 +/- Acres located at 19535 Eustis Airport Road, as further described;

            Ordinance No. 03-41 - Vacant land - 37 +/- acre parcel north and northwest of Clear Lake, as further described.





            Commr. Stivender presented certificates/plaques to the following individuals, as they were introduced by Mr. Michael Milanowski, Director of Human Resources:

            Presentation of Award to Employee with Five Years of Service


            Lorne “Mike” Bowers, Environmental Specialist, Growth Management/Water Resource Management


            Presentation of Award to Employee with Ten Years of Service


Diane C. Rousseau, Legal Office Associate, County Attorney’s Office


            Presentation of Award to Employees with Fifteen Years of Service


            Delores G. Collins, Office Associate II, Public Works/Road Operations/Maintenance Area III


            Cynthia D. Heffler, Customer Services Specialist III, Solid Waste/Fiscal Support Services


            Ruthann I. Padgett, Right-of-Way Agent, Public Works, Engineering


            Presentation of Award to Employee Retired on April 15, 2003


            David Bailey, Public Safety, Fire and Rescue


            Presentation of Supervisor of the Quarter


            Charlie Goen, MIS Coordinator/Division Director, Solid Waste Management Services, MIS/Scales and Residential Drop-Offs, MIS/Scales


            Presentation of Employee of the Quarter


            Mike Bowers, Environmental Specialist, Growth Management, Water Resource Management.


            Presentation of Workgroup Recognition


Connie Nicholson, Human Resources

Deann Schultz, Human Resources

Beverly Amerson, Human Resources

Melinda Harrison, Human Resources

Tom Rogers, Lake County Clerk’s Office


            Commr. Stivender recognized Ms. Toni M. Riggs, Senior Secretary/Deputy Clerk, who has been with the Clerk’s Office for 29 years.


            PUBLIC HEARING -



            Mr. Sandy Minkoff, County Attorney, placed the following proposed Ordinance on the floor, by title only, and noted that it would be Ordinance 2003-46, if approved by the Board:



            Mr. Tommy Leathers, Director of Code Enforcement, was present to discuss changes to the proposed Ordinance.

            Commr. Stivender opened the public hearing and called for public comment. There being none, the public hearing portion of the meeting was closed.

            On a motion by Commr. Pool, seconded by Commr. Hanson and carried unanimously by a 4-0 vote, the Board approved Ordinance 2003-46, Code Enforcement Orders of Fine, as read by title only.

            PRESENTATION -



            Mr. James C. Watkins, Clerk of the Circuit Court, stated that he would like to introduce the staff that puts together the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR) for the Clerk’s Office, Ms. Kristy Mullane, CPA, Accounting Director; Ms. Tracy Zeller, Senior Accountant; Mr. Steve Heitzner, Fixed Asset Accountant; Mr. Kevin McDonald, Senior Budget Analyst; Ms. Louise Kicklighter, Finance Support Specialist; Ms. Vicki Tubb, Senior Payroll Clerk; and Ms. Barbara Lehman, Chief Deputy Clerk, County Finance Department.

            Mr. John Vodenicker, Ernst & Young, appeared before the Board to present the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report for Fiscal Year Ended September 30, 2002. Mr. Vodenicker noted that the Board had received the CAFR earlier and he handed out benchmarking information this morning. He stated that the CAFR now complies with Governmental Accounting Standards Board (GASB) 34, which is a completely new financial reporting model that is required under the GASB Pronouncements, and he wanted to commend Mr. Watkins’ staff on putting this together. He stated that he would like to give the Board an overview of the new financial reporting, because it is different than the prior year.

            Mr. Vodenicker stated that he would like to read into the record the opinion from Page 15 of the CAFR:

“In our opinion, the financial statements referred to above present fairly, in all material respects, the respective financial position of the governmental activities, business-type activity, each major fund, and the aggregate remaining fund of lake county, Florida at September 30, 2002, and the respective changes in financial position and cash flows, where applicable, thereof and the respective budgetary comparison for the general fund and major special revenue funds for the year then ended in conformity with accounting principles generally accepted in the United States.”


            Mr. Vodenicker explained that there have been a number of changes and the County is now required to do a management discussion and analysis overview. The format provides them with current financial information as to what is in the CAFR, as well as forward budgetary thinking for the future. He explained that, under the old financial report, the Board really just got a snapshot of where they might be currently and the new format is more longer term. Now the County is depreciating all of the fixed assets and recording infrastructure as they go forward. The financials are on a full accrual basis, and they have a Statement of Net Assets, which is essentially the balance sheet that shows them what is short term and long term (Page 33 of the CAFR and Page 2 of the Financial Analysis). Mr. Vodenicker pointed out that the Financial Analysis that he presented to the Board is an overview, and they are consolidating all of the funds of the County rather than having all separate funds. The County’s total assets were about $240 million, and the liabilities were about $42 million, so the County has about $196 million in net assets. He pointed out that the $196 million is not all spendable and rather than expending the money for capital outlay in this format, they are put on this balance sheet and capitalized (Invested in capital assets - $106,324). This is the equity that they have in their fixed assets, but it is equity within the County government. Mr. Vodenicker stated that the Statement of Net Assets looks very strong. He continued to review the handout material noting that these schedules are the trend information on the County, on a per capita basis and, as the County is growing, to have positive increases in the revenue trends is a very good indicator. He stated that, under taxes, most of that increase is in the ad valorem area, however, when you look at the specific increase on the ad valorem, most of that is the assessment taxable valuations. He noted that the County did quite well this past year on increases in the federal and state grant programs, from $6.9 million to $9.76 million.

            Mr. Vodenicker referred to Page 5 of the Financial Analysis and stated that, under Expenditures, the County has been doing a lot of infrastructure and road projects this past year that has caused an increase in transportation, and the capital outlay went from $21 to $50 per capita. He noted that renovation of the First Union building, voting equipment, libraries, and a radio system were the major increases in the capital outlay.

            Mr. Vodenicker stated that each year they benchmark against some of the comparable counties around the area. On Page 8 of the Financial Analysis, it shows the total revenues within the government on a per capita basis, with Seminole County being the highest in total revenues, but Lake County is doing quite well in total revenues. He noted that the tax revenues are basically following the total revenues, as shown on the chart on Page 9 . He stated that Seminole County and Alachua County are higher, because their tax revenues on a per capita basis are much higher than Lake County. Mr. Vodenicker stated that Lake County is really closing the gap with Seminole County on a per capita basis on taxable assessed value, as shown by the chart on Page 10, Ad Valorem Taxable Assessed Value, which is very positive for Lake County. He stated that the chart, as shown on Page 13, Governmental Fund Types Public Safety Expenditures, includes the Sheriff, fire, and inspections and, at $244 per capita, Seminole County is lower than Lake County. On Page 14, Governmental Fund Types Debt Service Expenditures, Lake County did quite well with very low debt service expenditures, in relation to the other counties. On Page 15, Days Fund Balance Meets Total Expenditures, Lake County is in good shape with its fund balance in relation to its expenditures.

            Mr. Vodenicker stated that he wanted to conclude by saying that the County had a very positive year in their finances, and they ended the year in very good financial shape, with a clean audit.

            Commr. Hanson stated that she felt it was worth mentioning that, on Page 17 of the Financial Analysis, the County-Wide Long-Term Debt Outstanding is significantly lower than the other counties.

            Mr. Bill Neron, County Manager, explained that this chart will look even better since the County paid off one major outstanding bond issue this year, but again, at the Board’s direction, with low interest rates, they are going to see whether they can do some short term financing for some local option sales tax projects.


            Commr. Stivender stated that she was not present at the Blue Ribbon Committee (Committee) meeting on Friday, because her daughter was in labor. Her daughter had a baby girl, and they are all doing fine. Commr. Stivender stated that she did read in the paper that Commr. Cadwell had stated that anyone that wanted to speak on the report by the Committee could present public comment at today’s meeting. At this time, she opened the citizen question and comment period.

            Comments on the Blue Ribbon Committee’s Report

            Mr. Robert Curry, Seminole Springs, stated that he was here to speak on the issue of volunteerism, which was raised in the Blue Ribbon Committee’s report. Mr. Curry stated that he felt the Blue Ribbon Committee was correct in raising the issue of volunteerism as a place where the County could benefit from resources that they are not benefitting from now, however, he felt they were off the mark on some of their recommendations. Mr. Curry spoke about his volunteer management skills with the IRS, American Red Cross, Northern Virginia First Aid Core, Boy Scouts of America, and the National Association of Search and Rescue and stated that volunteers have personal objectives for volunteering and, to ignore those personal objectives is to instantly lose those volunteers. Mr. Curry stated that volunteers are primarily rewarded when they know they have made a difference, which is mainly from on the job feedback, not with awards or ceremonies. He referred to the statement made by the Blue Ribbon Committee about the County expanding ways to identify the County’s volunteers and stated that he agrees with this to some degree and, with service cores, you basically set up groups that do certain things together, they establish an identity, and most important they manage themselves, because volunteers know more about how to manage volunteers than employees do. The Blue Ribbon Committee also indicated that the County should encourage County staff to have a positive attitude of inclusiveness and define, welcome, and encourage participation, but they need to make them feel like they are making a difference. He has not personally signed up to be a volunteer in the County, but he has heard from other people that it is an extraordinarily difficult process to get through with the County. He has also heard that, when people volunteered, they were assigned to positions, and the County needs to talk to the people and find out why they came through the door in the first place and, if they cannot do that, then they need to have a liaison with other groups in the County to make use of their services, and to meet their personal objectives.

            Mr. Curry stated that he mostly objects to the following language in the report: “Based on these criteria, Departments should immediately review services to determine where expanded use of volunteers might be most effective, and forward to the County Manager their recommendation. Initial implementation should begin no later than October 1, 2003.” He explained that, if the County has existing programs, then they need to be nurtured but, if they do not, then they need to foster them before they do anything. Mr. Curry made the following recommendations:

            1.         Institutionalized paid management of volunteer groups is a primary cause of their failure, as mentioned. Read bureaucratic indifference. Volunteers understand why other volunteers are there. Make use of them in the management of their volunteer program.


            2.         Consider a mandatory high school public service program.


            3.         Do not drive pell-mell into a volunteer program. Grow it, provide for suggestions, talk to the existing volunteers and act on those suggestions.


            4.         Provide for strong program monitoring with a board that is staffed outside of the County employee area.


            Commr. Stivender stated that tomorrow night is the Volunteers Reception, and they would be glad to have Mr. Curry there. She stated that they have 75 volunteers right now and, as Mr. Curry was speaking, she took the opportunity to write down some of his comments that may help to improve their program. She stated that the Sheriff also has a very well established volunteer program, and he does exactly what Mr. Curry has said in terms of doing a specific job. She stated that Mr. Curry’s suggestions will be taken into consideration.

            Commr. Pool stated that he knows of one county that has thousands of volunteers that helped to offset the costs of government. He stated that it was a very unique system, and it is very easy to recognize the need but very hard to implement these types of programs. He asked Mr. Curry if he would be interested in trying to head up a volunteer program, because he seems to be very interested and very knowledgeable.

            Mr. Curry stated that people come to the programs with their own objectives. He stated that the Boy Scouts of America have a program called the Explorers, and the Sheriff’s Department, as well as Fire and Rescue, basically have people come through their programs who are dedicated to those services. Mr. Curry stated that this is a very good program, and it should be fostered.

            Commr. Hanson stated that the County has had volunteer programs forever but the benefits of volunteers are so much more than just financial. She stated that statistically volunteers live longer, but it is also a matter of having individuals from the community that actually understand the work of the government entity and are available to provide their suggestions for better ways of doing things, and many of these volunteers have tremendous expertise in all areas of a community. She stated that the County Manager has indicated that they will be looking at enhancing the volunteer program.

            Mr. Neron stated that he made a list of about 18 items during the Blue Ribbon Committee meeting, and he will be working with his staff on the items, as they get into the budget process.

            Mr. Roy Hunter stated that he is representing the Northeast Lake Chamber of Commerce. Mr. Hunter presented the Board members with a copy of his letter and stated that he would like to read it, at this time. In summary, his letter addressed the following: the possibility that more suggestions could have been made if a “blue collar” committee had been appointed; the need for impact fees to be charged on used homes and business sites; the need for the Property Appraiser to re-check property appraisal valuations particularly those properties with lakefront; the need for government to motivate volunteers; donations by Constitutional Officers either financial or through volunteerism; his disappointment for the dismissal of many competent County employees; the idea that they do not need to eliminate or reduce services in the areas of Lake Sumter EMS services, Veterans Services, Library Services, Childrens’ Services, Ag Extension Services, the County Museum, Risk Management, Growth Management, and Parks and Recreation; how costly it would be if the County pursued the idea of purchasing property for the South Lake Annex and its services; and the idea that the County does not need to spend money on parking lots, but perhaps on security at the Judicial Center.

            Commr. Stivender explained that the parking lot at the Judicial Center is a requirement by the City of Tavares.

            In response to Mr. Hunter’s comments about parks and recreation, Mr. Sandy Minkoff, County Attorney, explained that the grants are funded by sales tax, so they can only be used for governmentally owned property.

            Mr. Hunter stated that he was told that Northeast Lake Chamber of Commerce could not apply for the grants, and the County did not apply for them, and he feels that this is money that is slipping away from all of them.

            Commr. Stivender noted that staff would get with Mr. Hunter and provide him with the information he is requesting that pertains to the requirements for grants.

            Ms. Marian Hanson, District VFW Service Officer, and State appointed Commander for the American Legion, Eustis Post, addressed the Board to ask for their support for the Veterans Services (VA). Ms. Hanson stated that they have services, but they are so backed up in their scheduling that some veterans are waiting six to eight months for an appointment, unless there is an emergency. She stated that the County is going to have more veterans coming in from the Middle East, and Agent Orange does exist. She offered to help the County in any way that she could with veterans services.

            Ms. Joan McCall stated that she lives in the unincorporated area of the County, and she has been involved with the Childrens’ Commission before it was known by this title. Ms. McCall stated that she came away from the meeting (Blue Ribbon Committee) on Friday with very mixed emotions. She stated that she agrees with Mr. Hunter, that she did not see any blue collar representation on the Blue Ribbon panel. She felt that, because those folks constitute a sizable portion of the residents of this County, they should have had some representation and then some of the recommendations that came from that panel might have been different. She stated that she heard the discussion about volunteers at the Blue Ribbon Committee meeting and, while it was never overtly said on the part of the recommendations of that panel, she felt there was an underlying current that social services are not important. She was of the understanding that Childrens’ Services and Elder Affairs were going to be put together, but she feels that the needs and requirements are so different that it would not be beneficial to either one. She further stated that it was her understanding that the recommendations were based mostly on the numbers of the people being serviced. She wanted to point out to the Board that the amount of money that has been budgeted for many years has been less than one percent of the General Fund, and she questioned why the Blue Ribbon Committee did not address Animal Control, because the County still spends more money on dogs and cats than they do on children. She stressed how much this bothers her and stated that it will continue to bother her, and she will continue to remind the Board of this fact. Ms. McCall stated that there needs to be some balance and some equity. In regards to the issue of volunteerism, Ms. McCall stated that she is a volunteer, and she knows how difficult it is to get quality volunteers. She stated that there is no way that the paid staff people that are employed to work with the Childrens’ Commission could be replaced by volunteers who could manage the program and represent not only the Childrens’ Commission, but the Department of Community Affairs (DCA). Ms. McCall stated that she will be back for the budget hearings, because she intends to show the Board how many people are served. She stated that the veterans deserve a better break, and the panel report touched on some important areas, but then there were those that got singled out unfairly and dealt mostly with social services. She felt that Commr. Hanson had “hit the nail on the head” when she said that people have come to expect more from local government. She stated that what is happening in Tallahassee is a disgrace, and it is not a whole lot better in Washington, but she certainly hoped that, at the County level, they can do what is right whether it is politically popular or not.

            Commr. Hanson stated that this is just the beginning of what the Board will be going through for the next several months, and the big concern is the decreased dollars coming down from Washington, to the State, to the decreased revenues that the County will receive from other levels of government. She stated that they will still be mandated to provide the level of service that is needed and make tough choices.

            Commr. Pool stated that the County may also be requested to provide an enhanced level of service, not just a level of service, and it will be a difficult decision for them.

            Commr. Stivender stated that, since she was not at the Blue Ribbon Committee meeting on Friday, she did review the tapes, and one of her major questions is what is the “core mission” and who decides this because it appears throughout the report.

            Commr. Hanson explained that it was the Board’s understanding that the “core mission” is what is mandated by the State, or Federal government.

            Commr. Stivender stated that there were some good comments throughout the report including the comment that the methodology being used in the budgeting process was without justification, in other words, to automatically raise funds, and the comment about volunteerism, because this has been talked about for the last two years. Commr. Stivender stated that she read where the Committee had talked about some of the same issues that Commr. Hill has been concerned about and, when she was elected, she told the people that had elected her that she would watch their dollars, and they have all been watching the dollars. Commr. Stivender stated that the first item was fire services, and she brought this up when she was first elected, even before the County Manager was here, because she wanted to know why they could not consolidate EMS and fire, which would only make sense that they would save money. She stated that she is doing research on all funds that are being spent in these two areas, and she will come back with that information before they get into the budget, and she will show them how much money they can actually save by consolidating the two entities. She attended the grand opening of the Tavares Fire Station on Lane Park cutoff where the firefighters and EMS work together and the firefighters feel it is the best thing that the City Council has ever done. The cost to the City was $900,000 for the building and staff. She stated that there are other ways that the County can cut money and save so that those monies, as discussed by Ms. McCall and Mr. Hunter, will be there for community social services. She would like to have the County Manager go forward and look at what kind of savings they could have by consolidating those services, and she would like to see those numbers.

            Commr. Hanson stated that it never hurts to see the numbers and facts on an issue, and she believes that was one of the recommendations, to look at collaboration whether it be with the cities, or within their own responsibilities.

            Commr. Stivender stated that it would be looking at collaboration with the cities, towns, the County, their leaders, and EMS, at how more efficiently it can be done, and where they can save money, and it is her opinion that it will not hurt the service. She did not want to see them bother Veterans Services, or Childrens’ Services, which are doing an excellent job. She has more knowledge of Childrens’ Services, since she is now serving as the Board’s liaison to this committee.

            Commr. Hanson stated that the Childrens’ Services was set up to deal primarily with preventive services, with those kids that are at risk and, if they do not get attention, they will become an obligation of government and society, and the County will be in a more costly situation than dealing with the preventive measures today.

            Commr. Stivender stated that she believes the Ag Center does a great job, and she believes the museum is understaffed, and the director is doing a fine job of preserving their heritage.

            It was noted that the Board members who attended the Blue Ribbon Committee did get to hear comments made by the Constitutional Officers.

            Commr. Stivender stated that she did not believe they need a utility fee, because the people are already being charged too many fees.

            Mr. Tom Mitchell, Firefighter Local Union 3990, addressed the Board and noted that he is a Lake County employee. Mr. Mitchell noted that there are many firefighters in the audience, because they have been asking the question, where can the County save money, and how can they fix the budget for their area of service. He explained that they have been stating for years what the Blue Ribbon Committee just recently stated to the Board. Mr. Mitchell stated that the Commissioners could direct the County Manager to investigate the probabilities and possibilities of them consolidating with the ambulance service (Lake-Sumter EMS), because he has done this research before and he did an excellent job and, if they want to save money and give the taxpayers the best service possible in fire and emergency medical, then they need to consolidate them and put them in the stations and let them work together. He stated that, if Mr. Neron needs any help getting numbers, they can help get them, because they have been offering their help to the Board for years. At this time, Mr. Mitchell presented the Board members with a T-shirt, as worn by those firefighters attending the meeting.

            Commr. Stivender stated that she wanted to make it clear that her perception of combining the two does not mean they are getting rid of Mr. Jim Judge, Executive Director, Lake-Sumter Emergency Medical Services (EMS), or the County’s Fire Chief, but it is looking at how much money they can save by cohabiting together as one group.

            On a motion by Commr. Hanson, seconded by Commr. Pool and carried unanimously by a 4-0 vote, the Board approved to put the item on the agenda, to look at consolidating fire and EMS.

            Commr. Hanson made a motion that the Board direct the County Manager to look at the feasibility and the financial implications of consolidating fire services and EMS, and any other opportunities for cost savings.

            Commr. Pool seconded the motion for discussion. He stated that the key here is to communicate and coordinate both with the cities and the County on how they can not duplicate this level of service but enhance and improve for a more cost effective fire and EMS service.

            Commr. Hill stated that, for her, it is a timing issue, not that she would say that they cannot do the exercise but because the Chairman is not here, and he is the liaison to EMS, and this is a major decision. She further stated that the second fact is that they are going through an exercise at the present time for the impact fee on fire services and including fire services at a different level with the impact fee, and they are doing a master plan with fire services.

            Mr. Neron stated that there are several related items to fire. There is the special assessment study, and they have rescheduled that item for consideration by the Board on May 20, 2003. He explained that what the Board is asking will take longer than a 30 day period to accomplish because it has to be done very conscientiously and very thoroughly. There are a couple of questions, if the Board wants to move in this direction, as follows: do they look at just the County fire and Lake-Sumter EMS, or do they look at possible savings with the other cities because, if they add the other cities, it complicates the equation even further and this is not something that they will probably have done by the end of budget time. If he gets direction from the Board, Mr. Neron stated that he would like to lay out a game plan of how they would approach this and bring that back to the Board for approval.

            Commr. Hanson stated that Mr. Neron would be giving the Board an overview without all of the details, and without all of the actual “down to the penny” detail, but at least an overview of whether he believes there would be a potential for cost savings.

            Mr. Neron stated that he did this research about the second month he was here in Lake County, when The Villages issue came up for discussion. It will be a major data gathering but, when they look at the money being spent in the ad valorem taxation and the Municipal Service Benefit Unit (MSBU) for ambulance, Lake-Sumter EMS, and the $12 million being spent in the unincorporated area, and then there are ten or 12 cities that have their own fire departments, there will probably be $25 million to $30 million a year being spent by the taxpayers in this County for fire and EMS services. He stated that it will take a lot of time and coordination between parties, but staff can do it, if directed by the Board.

            Commr. Stivender stated that they look at so many other areas where they try to cut back employees, etc., and she feels this is a major area that needs to be reviewed. She stated that she knows that Commr. Cadwell is not here, but they are not approving anything other than having staff look at it, to see if it is more cost effective.

            Commr. Hill stated that she was looking at the legal issue, as far as impact fees are concerned because, if you marry the two, she questioned whether that would change the impact fee study and can they include fire as an impact fee when they are put together.

            Mr. Neron stated that the Impact Fee Advisory Committee should continue to review the fire impact fee, as they have it, and, if any changes are made in the future, they can adjust the impact fee at that time.

            Mr. Neron stated that he understood the motion to be that he will prepare a scope of work outlined as to how they would approach such a study, who it would include, and bring that back to the Board for approval before proceeding any further. He noted that staff will do their own data gathering and, if they need information from any other source, they will get it.

            Commr. Hanson stated that Mr. Neron may be going a step further than the Board wants to go at this time. She would rather see them look at an opinion of whether cost savings could be achieved instead of getting into that much detail.

            Commr. Pool asked that the Board not forget that, while cost is vitally important to the County’s future, they need to take a look at safety issues and, if they can enhance and bring the two together with a cost savings and enhancement of service, then that is the key to all of it.

            Mr. Neron stated that, as their Manager, he looks three to five years down the road, and staff will be talking to the Board in the next several weeks about this and, as the cities annex, the County is losing part of its revenue base, but they cannot make corresponding reductions in service. If they are really going to approach this research, from his viewpoint, they should not only look at the County’s relationship with Lake-Sumter EMS, as far as potential cost savings, but how they can better jointly plan with the cities. They are probably looking at a million dollars of revenue loss through The Villages and other annexations next fiscal year in their budget, but they cannot provide the level of service they need by saying they can cut a million dollars worth of expenses. They have all really got to work together and, to do that in 60 or 90 days, they are not going to get there, because these kind of things are time consuming and it takes some time and effort to end up with a product that is valid where everybody can at least agree to the numbers, maybe not the outcome. He noted that it has worked in other areas, but it is difficult.

            Mr. Mitchell stated that he appreciates the Board taking this action, and they will give Mr. Neron and the Board any information they get and help them in any way possible.

            Commr. Stivender called for a vote on the motion, which was passed unanimously by a 4-0 vote.

            Mr. Hunter addressed the Board and stated that there were two women who wanted to speak on the Blue Ribbon Committee report. In regards to the Lake-Sumter EMS issue, Mr. Hunter wanted to remind the Board that they need to remember “Lake-Sumter” because they would need to have a different agreement with Sumter County and, personally, he worked eight years to get an ambulance out to Paisley and, after Mr. Judge came on board, within three months he had them an around the clock ambulance for this area. If the Board merges these two services, they will probably lose the ambulance, because there is not going to be a paid fire station out there for two or three years. He asked that they let the fire department join EMS, because their leadership has been great.

            Ms. Beverly Wells stated that she lives in Deer Haven, and she volunteers. The items that caught her attention in the Blue Ribbon Committee’s report was the need for light industry, providing employment, and tax revenues without the need for services. She agrees that they desperately need to break the property cycle for many of their families, especially in Northeast Lake County, in the Paisley area. She stated that, when a business is looking for a place to locate, they are very cognizant of the area, in terms of their business, and their employees and families. She explained that people who have and provide high paying jobs want their children to be able to obtain comparable or better positions, and they are also attempting to improve their own skills and keep pace with the rapidly changing technology and conditions. They are also looking at schools, libraries, transportation, and recreation, and they need to have these opportunities available for them. She further stated that businesses also depend on local entities for information and services that they cannot profitably get for themselves, and the reference section of the libraries are a great asset to business. The library today has become a highly integrated information system, and it would be very difficult to replace highly trained staff with dependable volunteers who could deliver consistent service of that high caliber. She stated that training alone would be very costly. She stated that they need their libraries, as well as their parks and recreation, although she would question whether parks and recreation might be funded with some of the tourism tax. They also need transportation to be able to access these services and transportation is particularly needed for the elderly. Ms. Wells stated that they also need to keep the youth occupied and stimulated so they do not become a liability to the jail rather than a responsible taxpayer.

            Ms. Pat Congdon addressed the Board and stated that she respects the comments made earlier by Mr. Curry regarding volunteerism and asked whether the County was still considering a Citizens Academy.

            Commr. Hanson explained that last week Mr. Neron had indicated to her that this is still going to be a viable activity.

            Ms. Congdon explained that she is a Lake County volunteer and, she went through the complex process to complete the Lake County Government Employment and Volunteer application, as well as forms to volunteer at the Springs Creek Elementary, but she wanted to clarify that, at no time was any County employee anything but a facilitator that assisted her and others in getting on the job at the right time. She stated that the County has an excellent volunteer coordinator and should consider Mr. Curry’s knowledge in this field.

            Ms. Congdon addressed the question asked by Commr. Stivender regarding whether the Blue Ribbon Committee gave the Board a definition of “core mission” and stated that the Committee had indicated that it would have to do with Statutes, laws, or other mandates and, unless it met this criteria, then the Committee said nothing should be done, in terms of funding. She felt that, if there had been a blue collar committee, there may have been other recommendations. She felt that the Committee was lacking in its vision, because the library system is very much needed and, if the County cuts hours and staff and went back to volunteers, they will need to be specifically trained for the job, which would be very crucial to the system. She noted that the Constitutional Officers had indicated that they were willing to do their share to offset costs. She stated that ten percent of the Sheriff’s budget would give the County $3.7 million to fund human services, which she sees as the County’s mission. Ms. Congdon stated that the County’s tourism is good and people are coming to Lake County for many reasons, so parks and recreation are an investment. In regards to Animal Control, if the County had matched the dollars and approved this request when it was presented to the Board, the County would have stopped spending $300,000 a year on animals. She felt that a concerted effort could be made to come up with the necessary funds. She stated that, if the Constitutional Officers gave even five percent of their budget, it would help offset some of the funds needed for other areas of service. Ms. Congdon stated that finding fresh recruits is difficult and, if there are any new volunteers, she asked that they be sent to Altoona tomorrow night, because they are trying to start a Food Pantry there. She feels that the County needs a public relations person to help with recruiting. The County needs $3 million now, and she wondered if Mr. Bob McKee, Tax Collector, has ever been given the opportunity to collect overdue code violation fines. She would be willing to help collect these fines and she, as well as others who volunteer at libraries, are also willing to collect overdue fines on books. She stated that the County needs to approve to raise impact fees. She agreed with the comments made by the Committee in that submitting a budget with “enhancements” gives the wrong message. She knows that the homestead exemption is a law, but she feels it needs to be means tested. Ms. Betty Hensinger delivered a report “A Changing Face of Lake County” two years ago, and she suggested that the Board have her attend one of their retreats to help them focus on their vision. Ms. Congdon stated that Ms. Sarah LaMarche, Director of Budget and Administrative Services, has presented complex numbers in a user friendly format, as well as Ms. Wendy Breeden, Library Services Director, and that the County has an outstanding team of employees.

            OTHER BUSINESS


            Commr. Hanson stated that she has not yet received the recommendations to the vacant positions on the Environmental Protection Advisory Board, and she would like to postpone this item until the next meeting.



            Commr. Hill stated that the ceremony for Law Enforcement Month will be held next Tuesday, May 13, 2003, at noon, in front of the Judicial Center.

            On a motion by Commr. Hill, seconded by Commr. Hanson and carried unanimously by a 4-0 vote, the Board approved the request for approval and execution of Proclamation 2003-71 proclaiming May 2003 as Law Enforcement Month in Lake County.




            Commr. Hanson announced that September 6, 2003 is the tentative date for the Eustis Chamber of Commerce to welcome our troops home with a parade and a celebration. She talked to the County Manager’s Office about what part the County will play in the celebration. She felt it would make a lot of sense to join with Eustis in their celebration.

            It was noted that the County Manager will contact the appropriate parties to see what part the County can play in the event.



            Commr. Pool noted that the City of Mascotte held a Cinco de Mayo celebration over the weekend and many elected officials were in attendance.



            Commr. Hanson informed the Board that the hog roast was held in Sorrento for the Easter Seals and Camp Challenge and noted that this was another one of the volunteer activities that the Commissioners participate in that attributes to volunteerism and their donation to the County.



             Commr. Hanson read into the record Proclamation 2003-67 (approved 4-22-03) proclaiming May 7, 2003 as “National Day to Prevent Teen Pregnancy” and presented it to Gloria Boone of the Lake County Teen Prevention Task Force.

            Ms. Boone thanked the Board and stated that she would like to encourage them in this effort and encourage young people to go on line on the web site May 7, 2003 and take the quiz. She noted that the web site always has information, and they are constantly making an effort to make a difference in the lives of the young people they serve in this community.


            On a motion by Commr. Pool, seconded by Commr. Hill and carried unanimously by a 4-0 vote, the Board approved the request from Economic Development/Tourism for approval and signature on Proclamation 2003-69 designating May 10 through May 18, 2003 as National Tourism Week.




            Commr. Stivender informed the Board that the National Junior College Softball Tournament will start on May 15, 2003 in Clermont.


            Commr. Stivender thanked Mr. Greg Mihalic, Director of Economic Development/Tourism, and the Cultural Affairs Council, for putting together the book signing with Ms. Kate Dicamillo, the author of “Because of Winn-Dixie”. There were about 200 people in attendance, and two School Board members. She took the opportunity to explain to the School Board members and others that there are many, many areas where the County works with the School Board, not just in the area of impact fees.

            There being no further business to be brought to the attention of the Board, the meeting adjourned at 11:10 a.m.






                                                                                    WELTON G. CADWELL, CHAIRMAN ATTEST: