November 3, 2009

The Lake County Board of County Commissioners met in regular session on Tuesday, November 3, 2009 at 9:00 a.m., in the Board of County Commissioners’ Meeting Room, Lake County Administration Building, Tavares, Florida.  Commissioners present at the meeting were:  Welton G. Cadwell, Chairman; Jennifer Hill, Vice Chairman; Jimmy Conner; Elaine Renick; and Linda Stewart.  Others present were:  Sanford A. “Sandy” Minkoff, County Manager (Interim); Melanie Marsh, Acting County Attorney; Wendy Taylor, Executive Office Manager, County Manager’s Office; Neil Kelly, Clerk of Court; Barbara F. Lehman, Chief Deputy Clerk, County Finance; and DeAnna Diggs, Deputy Clerk.


Commr. Cadwell requested a moment of silence for Mr. Ralph Hester, Groveland City Manager, who passed away, and led the Pledge of Allegiance.

Agenda update

Mr. Sandy Minkoff, County Manager (Interim), stated that he would like two items added to the Agenda. He commented that the first item of business was a letter that the Chairman wrote to the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) last week, and the other item pertained to the parking garage.

On a motion by Commr. Conner, seconded by Commr. Stewart, and carried unanimously by a 5-0 vote, the Board approved these items to be added to the Agenda.


Commr. Stewart stated that she had one correction to the September 1, 2009 minutes. She explained that on Page 5, Line 21, the phrase “equestrian trials” should be corrected to read “equestrian trails.”

On a motion by Commr. Renick, seconded by Commr. Conner, and carried unanimously by a 5-0 vote, the Board approved the Minutes of September 1, 2009 (Regular Meeting) as amended and October 5, 2009 (Special Meeting) as presented.


On a motion by Commr. Conner, seconded by Commr. Hill and carried unanimously by a 5-0 vote, the Board approved the Clerk of Courts’ Consent Agenda, Items 1 through 3, as follows:

List of Warrants

Request to acknowledge receipt of list of warrants paid prior to this meeting, pursuant to Chapter 136.06 (1) of the Florida Statutes, which shall be incorporated into the Minutes as attached Exhibit A and filed in the Board Support Division of the Clerk’s Office.

Southwest Florida Water Management District

Southwest Florida Water Management District fiscal year 2009-2010 budget, which was adopted by the Governing Board on September 29, 2009 pursuant to Section 373.536(6)(a)(1), Florida Statutes.

City of Eustis

City of Eustis’ Annual Budget for Fiscal year 2009-2010.


On a motion by Commr. Conner, seconded by Commr. Hill and carried unanimously by a 5-0 vote, the Board approved the County Manager’s Consent Agenda, Tabs 3 through 14, pulling Tabs 8 and 13 as follows:


Request for approval and authorization for the Chairman to execute the attached FY 2009-10 Computer Network Interlocal Agreement related to funding of the State’s Attorney technology support costs. Also approve quarterly payments to the State Attorney under this agreement.

Community Services

Request for approval and authorization for the Chairman of the Board of County Commissioners to sign the Agreement for annual grant funding between Lake County and LASER.

Employee Services

Request approval of the agreement amendment with Leesburg Regional Medical Center (LRMC) for inmate medical care/hospital services.

Growth Management

Request for the Board to approve and authorize the Chairman to sign the FY 2009-10 DCBG Agreement between the Altoona Charter School Inc. and the County in an amount not to exceed $75,000, allocating CDBG funds to replace/upgrade the electrical system and to direct the Growth Management Department to execute the agreement and oversee completion of the project as covered in the Scope of Services.


Request for the Board to (1) declare the items on the attached list surplus to County needs, (2) authorize the removal of all items on the attached list from the County’s official fixed asset inventory system records, and (3) authorize the Procurement Services Director or designee to sign vehicle titles.

Request for the Board to approve the purchase of a Portable Sorting Station for the use by the Department of Environmental Utilities, and the completion of an implementing purchase order within the Department of Procurement Services.

Public Resources

Notice of VolunteerLake’s participation in Disney’s “Give a Day. Get a Disney Day.” program.

Public Safety

Request from Lake County Public Safety Fire Rescue Division for approval for the update to the 1989 Mutual Aid Agreement for Fire and Rescue Services between Lake County and Seminole County.

Public Works

Request for approval and execution of an Encroachment Agreement with Florida Gas Transmission Company, LLC., for improvements relating to the C437/Wolf Branch Intersection Project.

Request for approval and authorization for Progress Energy to relocate their Transmission and Facilities at the intersection of CR 437 and Wolfbranch Road.

Request for approval and execution of the Purchase Agreements for Ralph Lamb, Valerie Lamb and Michael and Tammi Cook for utility easements needed for a sanitary sewer line for the Sheriff’s Fleet Maintenance Facility, located on Lake County BCC owned property, on McDonald Avenue in Eustis.


Request for the Board to approve the purchase of a Portable Sorting Station for the use by the Department of Environmental Utilities, and the completion of an implementing purchase order within the Department of Procurement Services.

Commr. Conner stated that he previously voted against the recycling program because he felt that the information presented to the Board was one-sided and resembled more of a sales pitch rather than an objective presentation. He commented that he had concerns about the first item that the Board approved being 20 percent over budget, and wanted to know if this was the only item over budget, or if the entire program numbers were going to be over budget.

Commr. Cadwell expressed that he firmly stands behind the proposed recycling program.

Commr. Conner questioned whether or not the idea of purchasing used equipment was an option.

Mr. Daryl Smith, Environmental Department Director, answered that the main objective when searching for equipment was that it meets the correct specifications.

Commr. Conner stated that he believed a more aggressive approach should be taken in purchasing used equipment in order to keep costs down. He commented that the majority of the recycling industry was getting out of the business and thought it was strange that the County was just entering.  He noted that because so many recycling businesses were getting out of the industry, there should be plenty of used equipment available.

Commr. Cadwell mentioned that in most cases by the time used equipment is available, it is no longer desirable.

Commr. Hill related that in the report provided used equipment was only $2,000 less than the new power source.

Commr. Renick stated that she shared Commr. Conner’s concerns about the recycling business, but noted that the Commission would like to try the idea even though it may fail. She expressed that she is always concerned when only one vendor is available.

Commr. Cadwell specified that it is important to examine how much money the program would cost the County and the effects on the waste flow.

Commr. Stewart mentioned that she also had concerns about the waste flow.

Commr. Conner commented that based on the data presented to the Board sixty days prior, the program cannot fail.  

On a motion by Commr Hill, seconded by Commr Stewart, and carried unanimously by a 4-1 vote, the Board approved the request for a Portable Sorting Station for use by the Department of Environmental Utilities, and the completion of an implementing purchase order within the Department of Procurement Services.

Commr. Conner voted “no”.

Public Works

Request for approval of a resolution authorizing the posting of “No Parking on Right of Way” signs on Roger Giles Rd. (7974) and CR 450 (7978) where North Lake Community Park fronts on both streets in the Umatilla area, Section 7 Township 18, Range 27.

Commr. Cadwell stated that although there is parking available at North Lake Community Park, citizens are parking on the roadway and signs need to be put up quickly since this project has been on hold for some time now. He expressed that the Board felt it would also be wise to incorporate some landscaping to cover the strip of road. 

On a motion by Commr. Conner, seconded by Commr. Hill, and carried unanimously by a 5-0 vote, the Board approved the request to post “No Parking on Right of Way” signs on Roger Giles Road.


On a motion by Commr. Hill, seconded by Commr. Renick, and carried unanimously by a 5-0 vote, the Board approved the County Attorney’s Consent Agenda, Tab 15 as follows:

Request for approval of termination of lease agreement between Lake County and the VFW Post 10474 for use of the county-owned building commonly referred to as the Mt. Plymouth Fire Station Community Building and transfer of the building to the Parks Division to be utilized as a community center for the community.


proclamation 2009-157 Lake county recycles day

Ms. Sharon Tatum, Public Education Specialist, stated that she was invited to Tavares Elementary School to provide information about the Recycling Program to help students understand how to take better care of the environment. She explained that last year a group of 1st graders asked the Board to proclaim November 15 as Lake County Recycles Day to coincide with the national celebration of America Recycles Day in order to bring it to the local level. She introduced Ms. Irwin’s 1st grade class who then asked the Board to proclaim November 15 as Lake County Recycles Day.

On a motion by Commr. Hill, seconded by Commr. Stewart, and carried unanimously by a 5-0 vote, the Board approved Proclamation 2009-157, declaring November 15, 2009 as Lake County Recycles Day.

employee awards

Ms. Susan Irby, Employee Services, presented the employee awards, commenting briefly about each employee’s service to the County.

five years

Tomye Armstrong, Animal Euthanasia Technician

Public Safety/Animal Services


Clinton Chapman, Fire Lieutenant/EMT (not present)

Public Safety/Fire Rescue


Michael Compton, Firefighter/EMT (not present)

Public Safety/Fire Rescue


Jason Fisher, Firefighter/Paramedic (not present)

Public Safety/Fire Rescue


Thomas Garner, Firefighter/EMT

Public Safety/Fire Rescue


Jack Garofono, Firefighter/Paramedic

Public Safety/Fire Rescue


Timothy Horschler, Animal Control Officer

Public Safety/Animal Services


Matthew Price, Firefighter/EMT

Public Safety/Fire Rescue


ten years

Kristopher Bush, Firefighter/EMT (not present)

Public Safety/Fire Rescue


Joshua Craine, Firefighter/EMT

Public Safety/Fire Rescue


Lavonia Drayton, Day Custodian

Facilities Development & Management/Maintenance Division


Kathy Edwards, Firefighter/EMT

Public Safety/Fire Rescue


Jacquelyn Friermood, Firefighter/EMT

Public Safety/Fire Rescue


Jeremy Hendrix, Fire Lieutenant/EMT

Public Safety/Fire Rescue


Rose Mary Lane, Day Custodian (not present)

Facilities Development & Management/Maintenance Division


Jeremy Searcy, Firefighter/EMT

Public Safety/Fire Rescue


fifteen years

Carol Boyle, Assessment Coordinator

Office of Budget


Mr. Minkoff explained that the appropriate department Director would present employee awards for employees with twenty or more years of service. He presented the following award commenting about the employee’s service to the County.

Twenty years

Quinnette Durkin, Property Manager/Legal Office Manager

County Attorney’s Office


Mr. Jim Stivender, Public Works Director, presented the following employee award commenting about the employee’s service to the County.

Thirty years

Deborah Butterworth, Equipment Operator III

Public Works/Road Operations Division


Ms. Irby presented the following awards commenting briefly about the employee’s service to the County.

employee of the quarter

Sam Short, Chief Maintenance Supervisor

Facilities Development & Management/ Maintenance Division


supervisor of the quarter

Bill Nicodem, Fleet Manager

Procurement Services/Fleet Management


t.e.a.m. award

Building Services Team:

Ron Allen, Senior Building Inspector

Jay Dagner, Chief Inspector,

Sheila Denoncourt, Senior Building Inspector

Robin Gutting, Fire Inspector

Tony Lopresto, Licensing Investigator

Jeff Sandy, Plans Examiner II

Tom Schmedes, Senior Building Inspector

Al Sikes, Chief Inspector


Energy Efficiency and conservation Block Grant Program

Ms. Dottie Keedy, Director of Economic Growth and Redevelopment, stated that she has been working with the consultants, community members, and County staff to develop a long-term strategy to help guide the expenditure of the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant (EECBG) Program that the County was awarded.

Mr. Julio Rovi, of The Cadmus Group, thanked the Board for the opportunity to present the summary report for the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Strategy (EECS) that has been prepared for Lake County. He noted that a Greenhouse Gas Inventory and Management Plan has been prepared as required by the Department of Energy (DOE) in order for the County to receive its $2.8 million allocation. He stated that the challenge in the request was that funds have to be applied in a way that creates the largest amount of jobs with particular emphasis to permanent jobs in Lake County. He mentioned that the two activities recommended for the County would provide a total of 122 jobs, with 69 being permanent positions. He noted that the goal is to enable the County to take advantage of subsequent funding opportunities available while meeting the requirements of having a base line for energy and greenhouse gases. He explained that benchmarking is the first recommended activity and this would give the County the ability to track and maintain energy consumption in its facilities, and to lead by example to show other businesses how energy efficiency can be measured and promoted to produce energy consumption while generating jobs. He expressed that the second recommended and most important activity is that $1.4 million of the awarded allocation be assigned for three types of revolving loans, and a program to spot short-term energy opportunities in Lake County facilities where a small amount of funding would stop a waste of energy of water very quickly. He noted that this activity is referred to as an energy efficiency activity by DOE, and is designed to create programs, manage them, and create the framework to promote better literacy about energy efficiency as well as increasing capacity among workers. He mentioned that the County has placed high importance on quality work so funds will be allocated to perform quality assurance to support the building inspection process to make sure both the residential and commercial retrofit work is permanently inspected to meet the County specifications. He recommended that changes be made to the transportation sector specifically related to the traffic signalization pilot type projects, and that resources be allocated for training to ensure that the new building codes updated by the State are not a barrier in encouraging the development and upgrading of facilities in the County. He noted that as a recipient of the recovery funds from the federal government, all counties in the State must meet the updated building codes. He mentioned that opportunities have been identified for the reduction of greenhouse gases by analyzing the County’s closed landfills and stated that the Cadmus Group believed that even though the landfills may not be releasing a large amount, they may still be releasing methane in quantities that are outside the regulatory mandates required for monitoring. He recommended that funds be allowed in the realm of renewable energy to capture opportunities may be forthcoming. He expressed that the County would be set up as a benchmark and those buildings using Energy Start Portfolio Manager would be tracked.

Commr. Cadwell asked Ms. Keedy if the target industry group has seen this presentation being they requested it.

Ms. Keedy answered “yes.” She explained that several members of that group participated in the Stakeholders’ Meeting and a draft has been sent to those members.

Mr. T.J. Fish, Executive Director of LSMPO, stated that the goal is to conduct outreach with stakeholders other than Lake County government. He commented that the final language was submitted to Lake County staff regarding additional text being inserted that would cover the regional context that the LSMPO has read. He reported that a special Stakeholder’s Meeting was held where a video was established and posted online along with a form. He commented that the Cadmus Group has addressed the County’s allocation and Lake County is the only local government in the tri-county area that is receiving allocation from DOE. He noted that the goal is to have the additional text in the document before it is delivered to DOE so that other local governments can utilize the document to show they are a part of these county-wide or regional programs. He specified that the City of Eustis and Sumter County are developing their own Evolutionary Designs of Complex Software and would be applying for State and Federal grants. He related that Lake County has the ability, after the allocation is spent, to find competitive land applications for any project except for lead transportation projects.

Commr. Cadwell questioned who would be parenting this program in-house.

Mr. Minkoff answered that it had been assigned to the Economic Growth and Redevelopment Department.

Commr. Cadwell stated that if this Agreement was approved today, there would still need to be some language adjusted at a later date.

Mr. Minkoff opined that if allowed ample time, the language could be corrected with the help of Mr. Fish.

Commr. Hill expressed that she did not want to change the allocation, but questioned whether an opportunity would now arise to separately apply for future grant money.

Mr. Minkoff answered that this opportunity is already available and the changes that Mr. Fish referred to would only aid in the application process.

Mr. Fish clarified that the State does not normally award grants for local projects without a regional context. He noted that grant agencies are searching for local municipalities that are part of a bigger project.

Commr. Renick commented that when this money was planned to be used on solar panels, she had reservations and voted that way but she thanked Mr. Rich Dunkel, a resident of Mount Dora, for discussing the whole issue with her. She noted that she always has reservations when hiring consultants but was pleased that the Board received what it had asked for: job growth and building the economy while concentrating on environmental conservation and being able to leverage those funds. She opined that she was impressed to see the traffic signalization, and very happy to see the goals and objectives that came out of this.

Commr. Hill stated that dollars are spread into a wider range than a single project. She remarked that she does not disagree with the expenditure and thanked the Cadmus Group for their due diligence. She questioned whether this would allow the County to apply for or earn energy credits. She expressed that the Governor has issued a State challenge where each County should be energy efficient to a certain percentage by a certain year. She asked if this gives the County the opportunity to raise that energy percentage efficiency.

Mr. Rovi replied “yes” and commented that these types of grants are designed to overcome barriers that keep the market from working on its own. He stated that energy efficiency is cost effective and economic conditions are preventing this from flourishing right now, so we have organized it to put the burden on the County and encourage them to be the example. He explained that benchmarking will help the County understand how it compares to its peers. He noted that Lake County should set aside money to pay for the incremental pieces that would otherwise not be paid from the savings of energy efficiency. He explained that the problem is being able to exceed the minimum and deciding where that money will come from.  He commented that designing a program for a million dollars to a small business would make the money immediately leveragable for the competitive rank, which enables the County to pursue mechanisms that allow them to find that enormous leveraging the grant allocation requires.

Commr. Cadwell mentioned that the benchmark set by the Governor will probably be indexed back to his approval rate.

Commr. Hill expressed that she had concerns about resolving this issue because it has been discussed in pieces. She thanked the different departments for their due diligence in trying to be energy efficient, and stated she believed all elements were in this package.

Mr. Rovi remarked that the package also included greenhouse gas. He commented that the closed landfills, which are not under a regulatory umbrella, are where the County may capture greenhouse gas emissions that are not required by law, which means that it goes directly into that greenhouse gas trade opportunity.

Commr. Conner questioned the deadline for a decision to be made regarding this issue.

Commr. Hill answered that the deadline is November 20, 2009.

Mr. Minkoff noted that if the Board does not give final approval today, the absolute last date to do so would be November 17, 2009.

Commr. Conner related that he would like to echo what Commr. Renick said about Mr. Dunkel and thanked the Chairman for referring this issue to the Economic Development Commission (EDC). He explained that their main focus was the job creation component and it was recommended a consultant be hired rather than put all of the money into one project. He stated that he was impressed with the $2.5 million dollar program which gives incentives to the individuals and small businesses to make their home or business more energy efficient, and noted that this was one of the few programs that would benefit the average citizen. He recommended that this issue be referred back to the EDC for review of these specific recommendations, and have it brought back to the Board in two weeks for a final decision.

Commr. Cadwell questioned when the next meeting would be.

Mr. Minkoff stated that a BCC Workshop had been scheduled for December 10, 2009 and the next BCC Regular Meeting would be December 17, 2009.

Commr. Cadwell replied that the EDC could present this information to the Board at the BCC Workshop on December 10, 2009.

Commr. Conner explained that he does not understand the difference of waiting one week as opposed to waiting two weeks. He expressed that he would like the EDC to mirror their original grant by taking the time to study this document which would aid the Board in obtaining the expertise of the business community thereby allowing them to make a smarter decision.

Commr. Cadwell asked Ms. Keedy if she believed that this document correctly displays the vision of the EDC.

Ms. Keedy stated that she believed the document does reflect EDC’s vision. She explained that Commr. Conner’s concerns are certainly valid but noted that the document overlaps and there are reasons to have training related directly to that incentive program. She clarified that this document must be submitted to DOE on December 20, 2009 with any changes.

Commr. Hill reported that she visited the University of Central Florida on a task force mission to discuss how this would break out and what the components were, and how it related to jobs.

Commr. Renick expressed that she was not opposed to waiting if it did not create a risk.  

Mr. Minkoff stated that there would not be time for excessive changes.

Commr. Conner noted that he had no objections to the EDC bringing the report back to the Board within seven days rather than fourteen. He commented that he would like the EDC to perform a final review to make sure that everything, up to the final step is correct, to make sure that if a new position was created, it was justified, given today’s economic climate.

Commr. Cadwell asked the name of the specific group that requested the Board to wait and do this?

Ms. Keedy answered that it was the Industry Cluster Committee.

Commr. Hill questioned whether the document could be amended at a later date if it was approved today.

On a motion by Commr. Conner, seconded by Commr. Stewart, and carried unanimously by a 5-0 vote, the Board asked the EDC Industry Cluster Committee to review the document and provide recommendations back to the Board.


community services

service funding agreement between lake county and lynx

On a motion by Commr. Hill, seconded by Commr. Renick, and carried unanimously by a 5-0 vote, the Board approved the Agreement with Lynx to continue the operations of Links 204 and 55 in South Lake County from October 1, 2009 through September 30, 2010.

conservation and compliance

Resolution 2009-158

Mr. Greg Welstead, Conservation and Compliance Director, stated that Commr. Renick requested a Resolution be prepared to support renewing funding for Florida Forever. He explained that a similar Resolution was approved in January 2007 to recognize that funding is no longer available due to funding restrictions. He expressed that he was requesting reinstatement of a portion of the funds.

Commr. Renick commented that this is to ensure when funds are available, the program will still be there, and to show citizens that the Board supports Florida Forever.

On a motion by Commr. Renick, seconded by Commr. Stewart, and carried unanimously by a 5-0 vote, the Board approved Resolution 2009-158, supporting renewed funding from the State for Florida Forever.

recess and reassembly

At 10:15 A.M., the Chairman announced that the Board would recess for ten minutes.

economic growth and redevelopment

agreement between Metro Orlando edc and Lake county

Mr. Ray Gilley, President of Metro-Orlando EDC, stated that at the end of the first four years, the EDC had multiple agreements with multiple government partners. He explained that the EDC has been working diligently with Lake County to execute the Transportation Improvement Programs (TIPS) report to help facilitate, lead, and create a Lake County Economic Advisory Committee. He mentioned that the EDC was pleased to hire Ms. Shelly Weidenhamer, Lake County Business Development Director, because of her experience and expertise in the role of economic development, which she gained from her previous position with the City of Winter Garden. He explained that the goal of the EDC is to bring together regional opportunities. He thanked the EDC Board of Directors, especially Ms. Meg Crofton, President of Walt Disney World, for the amount of time and energy she has placed in the EDC. He commented that Ms. Crofton is focused on helping the EDC be the best organization it can be in delivering economic development promise. He thanked Dr. Susan Moxley, Lake County School Superintendent, and Dr. Charles Mojock, President of Lake Sumter Community College, and others for devoting their time and energy and stated that these people are invaluable to the team. He commended Commr. Hill for attending numerous meetings for the EDC. He noted that the role of the EDC is to bring forth economic development opportunities, with twenty-one EDC projects being brought forward this past year. He mentioned that due to availability of business employment centers and other necessary economic development infrastructure in Lake County, it can only compete for a portion of those projects. He reported that the EDC is working with the Lake County Economic and Redevelopment office to locate the projects that Lake County visited regarding existing businesses because they are very critical to growth and expansion. He related that a few of the objectives were to expand to Metro Orlando, advertise nationally, initiate aggressive public relations programs, and invest in the EDC to join with the regional team of economic development, both the private and public sectors. He expressed that the long term success would rely on the continued commitment to invest in the infrastructure necessary to meet the needs of incoming and expanding businesses, as well as marketing.

Commr. Cadwell noted that the Board has never had a clear understanding of the relationship with the EDC. He questioned where the County would be if those boundaries dropped away.

Mr. Edd Holder, a member of the Metro-Orlando EDC, stated that the main objective of the EDC is to create jobs. He opined that when multiple generations stay in a community, a better sense of community is built, which is why the goal should be to keep the upcoming generations here in Lake County. He explained that the EDC was created as a regional endeavor, originally starting with four counties. He noted that many Lake County residents fill jobs created in other counties. He asked that the Board support the EDC contract. He commented that he agrees with the idea of having the contract more incentive based and stated that EDC employees have an incentive package in their compensation. He related that he disagreed with the idea to hire six people at $50,000 a year due to the fact that after the County paid out all expenses for the employees, only $30,000 would be left for employee salaries. He explained that Lake County needs trained professional economic development people to bring the jobs back to the communities of the County. He specified that the County is only paying 5 percent of the costs with 95 percent coming from somewhere else. He asked that the Board approve the EDC contract and deliver a message that Lake County is business friendly and wants companies and jobs.

Commr. Hill reported that she served as a liaison to the EDC. She thanked her mentors: Mr. Edd Holder, Mr. Rick Joyce, a member of the IDA and the EDC, and Mr. Bud Beucher, Tourist Development Council (TDC) Member and Central Florida Sports Commission Board Member, for helping her understand economic development. She expressed that Florida has a disadvantage because it is a sunshine state operating under a national sunshine law but working through Metro-Orlando, which gives the County the opportunity to compete on a national level without the restrictions of the Sunshine Laws. She explained that she had concerns about having a dollar per capita in the contract. She clarified that other counties are not structuring themselves this way and suggested that the dollar amount be reduced to $225,000 while $60,000 is added to the County’s economic development budget for local efforts. She noted that Lake County needs to be at the forefront with the Metro-Orlando EDC in order to execute trade missions.

Commr. Renick expressed that she did not feel secrecy was the issue regarding Niagra but that the individuals involved did not have the knowledge that Lake County had a water issue. She related that adding $60,000 to the economic development budget was not her idea because she suggested that $300,000 be used to hire two trained economic development people. She commented that her main goal is to implement a contract that best creates jobs and yields the highest return on the investment. She mentioned that she did not believe that Lake County was one of the frontrunners in the region, and believed that they needed to grow or create the jobs here rather than having County residents drive to other counties to occupy those positions. She opined that the concentration should be on Lake County and suggested that the EDC use the same marketing techniques as Metro-Orlando EDC but with the focus solely being Lake County.

Mr. Gilley replied that there are many different ways to approach economic development because no one size fits all in Lake County or the region. He stated that he agrees with Commr. Renick that Lake County should be the long-term focus to bring the economy and economy building to the individual community to create jobs close to where residents live. He noted that when individuals are searching for a job, they do so without regard to city or County boundary lines. He mentioned that if Lake County does not partner with the EDC, it would be competing against Metro-Orlando EDC and the expense would be much larger than the partnership with the EDC. He expressed that economic development is the full spectrum of economy building, retention retraction, and the partnership with some universities and other private sector partners that are going to remain on the economic plans so Lake County will have more opportunities available if they connect with a regional organization.

Commr. Renick replied that she would like to discuss the incentives if the Board approved the decision to partner with Metro-Orlando EDC.

Mr. Gilley expressed concern that the contract had been customized to focus on Lake County’s needs, and the task force committees have promoted Lake County as a top business destination for our region so the County would not want to compromise any of the other services. He mentioned that geography is most important and that clients are shown the full spectrum of the options available to them. He commented that Lake County has been given the opportunity to compete so it has to improve the product, keep improving on the business platform, and make strategic investments in things that are growing from within.

Commr. Renick pointed out that the Lake County Advisory Committee does not have to be under the Metro-Orlando EDC. She opined that problems have formed because Metro-Orlando does not operate under the Sunshine Law as Lake County does.

Mr. Gilley invited all Lake County citizens to participate on any of the committees.

Commr. Cadwell related that Board set that up to get a buy-in from the business community because they did not trust the Board at that time.

Commr. Conner opined that the business community is one vote away from not trusting the Board again.

Commr. Renick explained that the Board chose to not classify the EDC as a sunshine group so they would not be so limited in the business community and that should be addressed at a later date but stated the main issue today is the $300,000 for the contract.

Mr. Gilley commented that the EDC’s Board of Directors is very hard working and the private sector investors contribute funds to the EDC without ever receiving any direct benefit. He explained that the Board’s main objective is to make Metro-Orlando EDC the best possible EDC that they can be.

Commr. Stewart opined that she did not believe that the economic plan would be as successful without the EDC and the County could not afford to isolate themselves regionally by dropping out of the EDC or competing against them.  

Commr. Conner stated that the TIPs report explains the value of the Metro Orlando EDC and describes the national and international contacts that the group has. He expressed his appreciation for the positive attitude of the EDC and stated that eighty jobs will be created because of them. He opined that the County Commission and the EDC, through working with the business community, has made more progress than they have in the previous ten years, and remarked that he was a strong advocate of the EDC. He expressed his concern about the image that will be perceived by the business community if the Board approves an allocation for the EDC and then takes the allocation back when approving the budget. He expressed his appreciation for the success in creating jobs this year with the economy in this state due to Ms. Weidenhamer and Ms. Keedy’s efforts.

Commr. Renick stated that she believed the issue did not arise during the discussion about the budget because the Board was not aware that the EDC contract would be expiring. She commented that she would like to discuss the $1 per capita because it does not appear that other counties are doing this.

Commr. Hill stated that they are asking to remove the $1 per capita phrase.

Mr. Gilley replied that the $1 per capita is targeted through all of its governmental partners and although there are variations right now, efforts are being made to move all counties back to $1 per capita.

Commr. Hill expressed that she was looking to shift the monies to make sure that Lake County cooperates with Metro-Orlando EDC when they execute trade missions.

Commr. Cadwell noted that he believed the EDC should be funded at the rate requested and the trade missions could be brought back to the Board on an individual basis for approval.

Commr. Conner expressed his concern with the image of Lake County and stated he had reservations in creating more unnecessary image problems. He asked that the EDC communicate with the Commissioners better to give a clearer understanding of their progress.

Commr. Renick suggested that the EDC be a one-year contract.

Commr. Cadwell related that he believed a four-year contract displays the commitment that is being made with long-term economic development but stated that he did not believe the length of the contract should be a deciding factor. He commented that any new ideas could be presented to the Board.

Commr. Hill reported that she was not opposed to spending but was concerned about the dollar amount because she would like to see monies set aside to give Lake County’s own economic development every opportunity to participate with the Metro-Orlando EDC.

On a motion by Commr. Conner, seconded by Commr. Stewart, and carried unanimously by a 5-0 vote, the Board approved the Master Agreement for 2009-2013 between Metro Orlando Economic Development Commission and the Lake County Board of County Commissioners in the amount of $288,379.00.

Commr. Stewart remarked that she would like to thank the Board for this vote because it shows the business community their support.

growth management

impact and permit fee refund

Ms. Amye King, Growth Management, requested a release of fees to the Orway family for a home that was damaged by a tornado in 2007, and requested a waiver of the impact and building permit fees in the amount of $1,328.63.

On a motion by Commr. Conner, seconded by Commr. Hill, and carried unanimously by a 5-0 vote, the Board approved the refund of an impact fee and permit fee for a replacement manufactured home that was damaged by the Ground Hog’s Day tornado and approval of a budget transfer using General Fund Reserve for Operations funding.

public works

Resolution 2009-159

Mr. Stivender presented a map of designated areas for golf cart communities along with the streets associated with it, and the where the signs will be posted accordingly.

Commr Hill asked if this project would need to be approved by FDOT.

Mr. Stivender stated that the project does not cross FDOT.

Commr. Conner questioned whether there were any foreseen safety issues.

Mr. Stivender stated that there are always safety concerns with mixed traffic.

On a motion by Commr. Conner, seconded by Commr. Hill, and carried unanimously by a 5-0 vote, the Board approved Resolution 2009-159, designating County roads within the City of Tavares Community Redevelopment Area (CRA) as appropriate for golf cart signage and the operation of golf carts, in accordance with Section 15-15, Lake County Code.

list of stimulus projects

Mr. Stivender reported that his office was given two days to gather the documents needed to apply for a stimulus grant. He provided a copy to the Board of the list of projects submitted. He thanked the Operations Division for putting together the specifications for the four resurfacing jobs, the Engineering Department for the final touches in the design of Picciola Bridge, and any others who put the pieces together so that a whole package was submitted.

Commr. Cadwell stated that Mr. Dave Marsh, FDOT, District 5 Liaison, expressed what a joy it was to work with Mr. Stivender and his staff for their work quality and lack of unrealistic expectations.

Mr. Stivender noted that he requested any leftover money from the State or other counties to be allocated to Lake County. He reported that the County would be receiving bids for the stimulus projects on November 6, 2009.

On a motion by Commr. Hill, seconded by Commr. Conner, and carried unanimously by a 5-0 vote, the Board authorized the signature of the Chairman for a letter to FDOT.

other business

resolution 2009-160

Commr. Renick commented that all applicants are reappointments and stated that these applicants have attended regularly.

On a motion by Commr. Renick, seconded by Commr. Conner, and carried unanimously by a 5-0 vote, the Board approved Resolution 2009-160, reappointing George Rada, Kelly Pisciotta, Glorious Mitchell, Jose Rubio, Jr., and Jamie Hanja, to the Affordable Housing Advisory Committee.


Mr. Sandy Minkoff stated that he would like to address the issue regarding the parking garage. He explained that he was contacted with concerns about the hours the parking garage was open, and the amount of electricity being wasted by keeping the lights running constantly. He reported that there is no legal reason why the garage is open 24 hours and recommended that the parking garage close at 8:00 p.m. and open at 6:00 a.m. with it remaining closed on weekends.

Commr. Cadwell questioned the ability to leave the parking garage after it closes.

Mr. Minkoff related that signs would be posted to announce the new hours. He noted that an emergency station would be set up to assist any individual that has a problem.

Commr. Renick questioned the ability for pedestrians to leave the parking garage after it closes.

Mr. Minkoff replied that a pedestrian would be able to leave the garage.

Commr. Conner commented that the County will save approximately $80,000 a year by implementing the new parking garage hours.

Mr. Minkoff specified that the parking garage’s emergency lights will remain on but a majority of the lighting would be off after the new hours are implemented.

It was a consensus of the Board that the operating hours of the parking garage be changed. 


Commr. Hill expressed that she would like to have another retreat to complete the discussion regarding the Comprehensive Plan.

Mr. Minkoff clarified that a Board Retreat is scheduled for December 8, 2009 and that discussion could be added to the Agenda.  

Commr. Hill questioned if the process for hiring a new County Manager would be brought back before the Board.

Mr. Minkoff stated that issue would be presented to the Board on November 10, 2009 with options.


Proclamation 2009-161 – gis day

Commr. Stewart expressed her support for the Proclamation recognizing Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Day. She reported that GIS Day is sponsored by National Geographic Society, the Association of American Geographers, University Consortium for Geographic Information Science, the United Stated Geological Survey, the Library Congress, Sun Microsystems, Hewlett-Packard, and the Environmental Systems Research Institute (ESRI). She commented that GIS Day provides an international forum for users of Geographic Information Systems Technology to demonstrate real-world applications that are making a difference in our society, and more than 80 countries are going to be participating that day. She read the Proclamation to the Board.

On a motion by Commr. Stewart, seconded by Commr. Renick, and carried unanimously by a 5-0 vote, the Board approved Proclamation 2009-161, proclaiming November 18, 2009 as GIS Day.

ems acknowledement

Commr. Stewart reported that she was asked by Mr. Roy Hunter to acknowledge Mr. Terri Long, EMS for saving a 2-year old boy’s life on October 5, 2009, after he was kicked in the head by a horse.

Black bear scenic byway

Commr. Stewart thanked the Sherriff’s Department, Sherriff Borders, and Sergeant McCain for their support at the Black Bear Scenic Byway ribbon cutting ceremony, by posting signs announcing the event.


proclamation 2009-162 – hospice month

On a motion by Commr. Hill, seconded by Commr. Conner, and carried unanimously by a 5-0 vote, the Board approved Proclamation 2009-162, proclaiming the month of November 2009 as Hospice Month in Lake County.

state of the county

Commr. Cadwell stated that he would like to offer the opportunity for any Commissioner wanting to speak about their goals or achievements regarding the State of the County Meeting on November 17, 2009 at 9:00 a.m.  He asked that everyone in attendance bring a non-perishable food. He noted that all food collected would be donated to local food banks instead of having refreshments provided at the meeting.


Mr. Vance Jochim, a resident of Tavares who writes a blog called “Fiscal Rangers.com”, thanked the County for posting the EDC Contract presented earlier so that citizens are able to access the document. He stated that his intention was not to challenge the County’s accomplishments but, he has doubts about the contract in that there are no target results or specific performance measures. He suggested that the legal department, along with a risk manager, review the document to put performance measures in place because without them funds can be switched amongst each other.

Mr. Jochim stated that he recently attended a conference was held in California on medical tourism, which is a new and growing industry and opined that the County might consider medical tourism as a future target.  He reported that this entire industry is projected to improve by 35 percent per year.

Commr. Cadwell reported that there was an error on the Agenda and the November 5, 2009 Comprehensive Plan will be held in Cassia.

Commr. Renick clarified that the error has been corrected.

Ms. Peggy Belflower, resident of Lake County, commented that the EDC Contract would be clearer if a Statement of Understanding for Lake County Projects was included. She stated that without that document, it is unclear what EDC is hoping to accomplish. She asked that the Board request that EDC provide them with a copy of its Statement of Understanding along with its Annual Strategic Plan.

Ms. Marsh expressed that a Statement of Understanding was distributed to the Board as an attachment.

Mr. Minkoff explained that if his office would follow up on the issue to ensure that they have received all necessary documents.

Mr. Jon Pospisil stated that he was disturbed by the comment made by EDC regarding the potential opportunities for new businesses to come into Lake County. He opined that if the County has not completed all tasks to be ready to get new businesses, then funds would go to waste.


There being no further business to be brought to the attention of the Board, the meeting was adjourned at 12:00 p.m.



welton g. cadwell chairman