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Miscellaneous Fees

Most fees may be paid by check, money order, or credit card. A 3.5% nonrefundable fee is charged by the financial service provider for each credit card transaction. If using a credit card, a photo I.D. which matches the name of the credit card holder must be presented at the time of the transaction. Payment should be made payable to Gary J. Cooney, Clerk of Court & Comptroller. In some cases, a credit card payment is not accepted.

Item Fee Amount
For making photocopies of any instrument in the public record not more than 14" x 8.5", per page $1.00
Larger than 14" x 8.5", per page $5.00
Verifying any instrument presented for certification prepared by someone other than the Clerk or Deputy Clerk, per page $3.50

Electronic Certified (eCertified) copies of Official Records:

  1. Service Fee
  2. Certification Fee
  3. Per page Fee


For copying of any instrument by other than photographic process, per page $6.00
Making copies of Plats: Sub-divisions, per page $5.00
Writing any paper other than herein specifically mentioned, same as copying, including signing and sealing $7.00
Certifying copies of any instrument in public records $2.00
Indexing each entry not recorded $1.00
Searches of records, for each year's search $2.00
For receiving money into Registry of Court:
  1. First $500
  2. Each subsequent $100
  3. Eminent Domain, per deposit

For approving bond $8.50
Tax Deed Sale, including application, preparation of tax deed, and disbursement of proceeds of sale other than excess proceeds $60.00
Disbursement of excess proceeds from Tax Deed Sales first $100 or fraction $10.00
Certificate of transfer of liens to security $20.00
Additional charge for each additional lien $10.00
Exemplified Certificates, including signing and sealing $7.00
Authenticated Certificates, including signing and sealing $7.00
For sealing any court file or expungement of any record $42.00
For receiving and disbursement all restitution payments $3.50
For only signing and sealing a subpoena for a witness $2.00
For issuing and filing a subpoena for a witness, not otherwise provided for herein (includes writing, preparing, signing and sealing) $7.00
For administering oath, attesting and sealing $3.50
For validating certificates, any authorized bonds, each $3.50
For issuing payoff statements for alimony/child support judgment $25.00
Dishonored check fee:
  • If face value does not exceed $50
  • If face value exceeds $50 but does not exceed $300
  • lf face value exceeds $300

$40.00 or 5% of the face amount of the check, whichever is greater.
For filing a petition to the Value Adjustment Board $15.00