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Records Management

The Records Management Division is responsible for many functions within the Clerk's Office. The primary Records Management functions are:

  • Records Storage Facility - The Records Storage Facility is an off-site facility that focuses on the retention and management of paper-based records.

    The Records Center is responsible for space availability inquires, transferring of inactive records, state general records assistance, disposition of records, and sound records management.

  • Mail Receiving Center - Centralized inter-office and postal services for county agencies.

The following is information relating to these functions:

Records Storage Facility
313 S. Bloxham Ave., Tavares, FL. 32778 – (352) 343-9770
Florida Statutes, s. 257.36 (5)(b) specifies it is the duty of each public agency to "establish and maintain an active and continuing program for the economical and efficient management of records."  It is the responsibility of the Records Storage Facility to retain and protect court and other public records until they have met retention requirements (As set forth by the Florida Rules of Judicial Administration and the State Bureau of Archives and Records Management) and have been destroyed.

The Records Storage Facility currently houses over 15,000 boxes of inactive and semi-active records. It provides cost effective storage and retrieval of  records, inventorying and tracking of records, and destroying of records which have met retention requirements.

The Records Storage Facility also offers a public research area to facilitate access to records stored within the facility. All records are open for public inspection except those specifically made exempt by Florida Statutes, laws, or court ruling.

Mail Receiving Center
313 S. Bloxham Ave., Tavares, FL 32778 – (352) 343-9413
The Mail Receiving Center provides centralized postal services for several county entities. These services include sorting, opening, inspecting, and delivering interoffice and incoming U.S. Mail, and metering all outgoing mail. All third-party deliveries, such as UPS and Fed EX, are delivered, opened, and inspected within this facility.


Records Management Resources
    Records Storage Facility
    313 S. Bloxham Ave., Tavares, FL 32778
    (352) 343-9770

    Mail Receiving Center
    313 S. Bloxham Ave., Tavares, FL 32778
    (352) 343-9413