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Frequently Asked Questions

Traffic Civil

  • Are there other options available to me other than paying my ticket?
  • Can I elect to attend defensive driving school after I have paid my citation?
  • Can I change my mind after I elect to attend a driver improvement class?
  • Can I get an extension on my ticket?
  • I missed my court date, can I reschedule?
  • I've received a letter from Tallahassee; what do I do?
  • How can one elect to attend driver improvement school?
  • How do I pay my traffic ticket?
  • How do I request a court hearing?
  • What happens if the ticket is not paid timely?
  • What is the benefit of going to driver school?
  • What is a civil traffic infraction?
  • When is your next driving school class?
  • Who may make an election to attend driver improvement school?